Soothing spa in Santorini-Visit the Fish Spa Kangal Wellness Centre in Santorini

Santorini, the beautiful island in Greece offers lot of beautiful attractions to visit and do offers many holidaying activities which can replenish your mind and body, when you’re in Santorini. One such beautiful exotic spa technique in Santorini to pleasure your mind and body which is also healthy is the popular Fish Spa Kangal Wellness Centre, located in the heart of Thera(Fira)-Santorini’s capital. Fish Spa Kangal Wellness Centre-As the name depicts, the safe and toothless Kangal fish will eat the dead skin from your feet, which acts a micro massage but yield huge pleasure, and they also offer gentle massage including Icththyotherapy. People who visits Fira suggest that visiting the authentic Fish Spa Kangal Wellness Centre is one of the best way to spend time for your wellness, when you’re holidaying in Santorini.

Santorini’s special-Hot Springs in Santorini

Santorini, the Greek island is packed with most beautiful attractions that possess picturesque views, and also have amazing holiday rentals such as villas, resorts, beachfront villas that let you have great holidaying in Santorini. One unique beauty that Santorini island possess and you shall never miss experiencing it is the ‘hot springs of Santorini’, which is formed by the presence of volcanos and volcanic eruptions in the island of Santorini. The best and prominent place to enjoy ‘hot springs of Santorini’ is Nea Kameni(also called as ‘Santorini volcano), a tiny volcanic islet in Santorini. You can reach Nea Kameni only by getting into boats (or) ferries, which depart from Fira’s Old Port (or) Athinios Port in Santorini. The hot springs is one of the thing, that we can term as ‘Santorini Special’ easily and you shall never miss this healthy and interesting springs when you’re holidaying in Santorini.

Traditional Emporio village in Santorini-Make your holidaying in Santorini’s beautiful village

Santorini, the Greek island have lot of attractions and choosing the right holiday rentals for stay with your family and friends will make your ‘Santorini holiday’ the best. One of the traditional and picturesque village you shall visit in Santorini island is the Emporio village, largest village in Santorini situated in the lowlands of Profitis Ilias mountain in Santorini. You can reach the Emporio village by traveling 10 kilometres towards south from Santorini’s capital-Fira(Thera). You’ll find Emporio village beautiful and impressive with well-built houses, yards in traditional Santorini style and the traditional & authentic ‘Santorini touch’ can be felt in the way houses were built and in the chapels, and also in the cafés, bars, taverns with delicious dishes and wines. Emporio village is filled with luxury hotels, holiday resorts and holiday villas without disturbing the authenticity of this Santorini village. Never miss the Gavrilos hills, Tower of Nimborio(watch tower) and medieval castle Kasteli when you’re in Emporio village and you shall reach the amazing Perissa beach which is 4 kilometres away from Emporio. You can make your complete holidaying in Emporio, if you wish to keep yourselves away from urban areas and enjoy holidaying with privacy when you’re in Santorini.

Caldera beach in Santorini-Unspoilt natural beauty of Santorini

Santorini, the beautiful Greek island is one of the most loved island in Greece with many beautiful destinations, beaches and holiday villas to visit and enjoy holidaying with your family and friends. If you’re looking for a beach day (i.e.) less-crowded and surrounded by unspoilt nature, then you shall drive to the Caldera beach located in southern-most west of Santorini island. You shall reach the south of Santorini by traveling nearly 11 kilometres from Fira(Thera)-Santorini’s capital and can identify the Caldera beach in the north of Akrotiri, a picturesque village in Santorini. Caldera beach looks so beautiful with crystalline water touching the pebbled sea-shore all the time and a limited set of taverns and shops available nearby the beach. But, when you need other amenities you shall move inside Akrotiri. You can swim and sunbath a lot in Caldera beach without much crowd, noisy ambience but in a calm, peaceful ambience all the day. Do visit this secluded and tranquil beauty if you’re looking for a good, natural beach when you’re in Santorini.

Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral- Iconic white-washed cathedral in Fira, Santorini

Santorini, the beautiful Greek island offers immaculate joy & attractions when it comes to holidaying and that’s why people from various parts flock to Santorini to spend their vacation with family & friends. If you take a look at the historical landmark destinations in Santorini to visit: You’ll be amazed by the beautiful, picturesque views they possess with the rich ‘old town’ touch and the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral in Santorini is definitely one. When you’re in Fira(Thera)-Santorini’s capital, you can’t miss Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral, because, it’s located right at the heart of Fira city’s centre. The Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral was built during 1827 and gives a beautiful view to Santorini’s popular Nea Kameni volcano. Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral looks so beautiful with whitewashed walls, bell towers and mosaic used architectures. Do kick start your ‘Santorini holiday’ by visiting Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral, since, it’s definitely one ‘not to miss’ destination in Santorini.

Eros beach in Santorini-Romantic ‘beach day’ in Santorini for couples

Santorini, the most picturesque Greek island surrounded by Aegean Sea is one of the rich, luxurious holidaying destination, since, you have numerous attractions to visit and can enjoy a ‘well-spent’ holiday with family, friends in Greece’s Santorini island. One of the beautiful, secluded, less-crowded beach to reach out in Santorini’s south coastline is the Eros beach, which happens to be the continuation of Vlychada(Vlichada) beach which is nearly 10 kilometres away from Santorini’s capital-Fira(Thera). Eros beach in Santorini is small but beautiful beach with crystalline water and pebble-filled shore surrounded by white-brown cliffs which are the natural result of the waves hitting them continually over all these years. You have amenities like cafés, bars & lounge beach bars with music, restaurants with stunning beachfront views and also shops to rent umbrellas & sun loungers nearby the Eros beach in Santorini. One of the romantic spot for couples in Santorini is definitely the Eros beach as the seafront restaurants at evening with lights, music and cuisine is the best experience you shall enjoy with your partner in Santorini.

Domaine Sigalas in Santorini-Exciting wine tasting and dining in Santorini

Domaine Sigalas

Santorini, the exciting Greek island surrounded by the Aegean sea is beautiful place to relax and vibe a perfect holiday filled with beaches, old towns to visit and stunning holiday villas with perfect services, picturesque views to accommodate during holiday in Santorini. If you love wine and wine tasting and you’re an adult you just can’t skip a visit to Domaine Sigalas, a popular Greek vineyard found in located in Oia while you’re spending your holiday in Santorini. Domaine Sigalas is a well-known, authentic and antique winery in Santorini which makes and exports wine with typical, traditional touch of Santorini. You’ve restaurant, café operating in the middle of vineyard and you’ll love the ambience of lush green Greek vineyard and the moment of sipping wine sitting in a restaurant surrounded by vineyard. You can reach the Domaine Sigalas by traveling 12 kilometres towards northern tip of Santorini from Fira(Thera)-Santorini’s capital. You can chose your ‘Wine Tasting Tours’ to Domaine Sigalas according to your preference, as there are many organized by the Domaine Sigalas itself and other touring agencies in Santorini.

Exomitis beach in Santorini-Serene beauty of Santorini

Santorini, the Greek island have incredibly beautiful attractions that will make you fell in love, when you’re holidaying in Santorini. You can find many beautiful beaches in this beautiful Greek island and one such treasure of Santorini with dramatic views and tranquil ambience is the Exomitis beach, which is located 13 kilometres to the south of Fira(Thera), Santorini’s capital. Exomitis beach isn’t completely an individual beach of Santorini but the extension and the ending part of the vast Perrisa beach of Santorini. Exomitis beach is calm, secluded and it’s really spacious to accommodate the sunbeds, umbrellas of the people who hop into Exomitis beach in Santorini for a ‘beach day’. You have medium level of basic amenities available behind the beach and if you need more you need to get to coastal villages and towns in Santorini nearby this Exomitis beach. But, people still chose Exomitis beach in Santorini because of the peaceful ambience and picturesque views which can be enjoyed with less crowd & some privacy during your holidaying in Santorini.

Beautiful Greek chapel in Santorini-Panagia Platsani of Santorini

Santorini, the beautiful Greek island surrounded by Aegean sea is an beautiful tourist destination in Greece that welcome thousands of tourists throughout the year. More than beaches and volcanic landscapes, the beautiful Santorini island have many historically rich chapels with picturesque views which you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Santorini. One such beautiful Greek church to visit in Santorini island is the Panagia Platsani church located in the Oia coastal village at the north west tip of Santorini. Panagia Platsani church looks so beautiful with white walls, an impressive bell tower with many bells whereas the interior of the chapel/church looks so beautiful with golden color and offers classical touch to Panagia Platsani church in Santorini. When you’re Oia you get to visit many beautiful, picturesque viewpoints like Panagia Platsani church and don’t forget to visit the popular Castle of Oia in Santorini.

Mesa Pigadia beach in Santorini-Perfect serene beach in Santorini

Santorini, the most beautiful Greek island is the treasure of Greek surrounded by the Aegean sea with alluring attractions such as traditional old towns, exquisite beaches and many other interesting destinations. One of the beautiful beach to enjoy a great beach day in Santorini is the beautiful Mesa Pigadia beach located in the south-western coastal line of Santorini. You can reach the mesmerizing Mesa Pigadia beach by traveling 14 kilometres towards the south-west-most coastline of Santorini from Santorini’s main city. The south-west of Santorini have iconic and famous destinations of Santorini such as the Red beach, the Akrotiri and nearby them the tranquil Mesa Pigadia beach with dramatic views and peaceful ambience. Though Mesa Pigadia beach is small, the beach will attract you much with it’s natural beautiful additions such as; turquoise crystalline waters, calm atmosphere, good wind, pebble coastal shore surrounded by cliffs and flora. Mesa Pigadia beach offers a great beach day to everyone who visits and you shall visit the beautiful Akrotiri village and lighthouse nearby the Mesa Pigadia beach, which is another popular destination which can’t be missed when you’re holidaying in Santorini.