Altea Markets

When you visit altea, you can’t help but notice all the beautifully handcrafted items for sale at its many street markets. The markets are set up in various parts of the city and they all have a different feel. If you’re looking for a more authentic experience with a taste of the culture, then head to the Mercat Central. If you’re looking for a more modern feel with a lot of shopping options, then head to the shops at the bottom of Palamos Street. Regardless of which market you choose, you’ll enjoy browsing the stalls and picking up a souvenir or two.

Altea Beach Apartments

Beach Apartments in ALtea are lovely and luxurious coastal retreats, inviting guests to experience the peace and serenity of the Mediterranean. Its rustic and traditional style welcomes visitors with a true Spanish flair. It is situated in the picturesque town of Altea, only 30 minutes from Alicante Airport and close to some of the most enticing beaches such as Altea, El Portacle and El Arenal. Set in a tranquil and peaceful location on the Mediterranean coast on the Costa Blanca, this elegant Apartment accommodation is only a short walk from the beach and the resort’s many attractions including restaurants and entertainment venues.

Golf Holiday in Altea

Altea is a golfer’s haven that has almost everything to make a golf-mad visitor sing in delight. It has plenty of tourist attractions and curiosities to keep the family amused, and some awesome golf courses to appreciate under the warm Mediterranean sun.The excellent views – from mountain ranges to the very clear blue of the Mediterranean Sea – on all corners of the Course may make it difficult to focus. Dazzling views are a distraction that you just have to adjust with when golfing in Altea.To fully appreciate your Altea holiday it is advisable that you rent a vehicle with air conditioning, and one that is spacious enough to satisfy both the family and the golf clubs.

Playa del Albir(Albir beach) of Altea – Amazing pebble beach with blue flag in Altea, Spain

Altea, the amazing coastal town of Spain is one among the calm and most captivating holidaying city/town in Spain with unadulterated ‘holiday vibes’ and attractions filled across to let you enjoy a splendid vacation with your family/friends. One of the beautiful beach to visit in Altea is Playa del Albir, a vibrant ‘holiday’ attraction and a prestigious blue flagged beach of Altea in Spain. Playa del Albir(Albir beach) is located only 6 kilometre south & away from Altea’s main centre and it shows a ‘semi-urban’ development with lots of amenities around and near by and that’s why both tourists & people of Altea loves this beach, always. With deep-blue crystalline water & a unique & beautiful pebble shore, the Playa del Albir(Albir beach) is not only a comfortable beach but also picturesque one that could make anyone to ‘fall in love with first sight’ when arrive to spend ‘beach day’ in Altea. You can enjoy a lot of swimming and sunbath in Playa del Albir(Albir beach) and also it has got one of the perfect promenade that offers various and almost all types of facilities like cafés, restaurants, beach bars, showers, changing rooms, parking, shops to rent umbrellas & sunbeds and many more shops & facilities that’ll make your day more comfortable and happier. Do visit Playa del Albir(Albir beach) which is one of the family-friendly beach suitable for both adults & kids and completely safe, amenities-filled to enjoy ‘beach day’, when holidaying in Altea.

Playa de Levante(Llevant Beach) of Altea – Perfect urban beach on Spain’s coastline

Altea, the amazing coastal town in Spain is such a beautiful holidaying destination with natural resort town ambience with sizzling attractions to visit and enjoy ‘coastal town holiday’ with family/friends/(or) as honeymoon couples. One of the most popular, perfect urban beach in Altea which is suitable for swimming, sunbath, watersports, shops with tourists’ aspects is Playa de Levante(Llevant Beach), a most happening beach in Altea, Spain. From the main town’s centre of Altea, you shall reach Playa de Levante(Llevant Beach) by travelling 10 kilometre towards south-east, following the directions. With turquoise crystalline waters and white sandy shore which is lengthy and spacious, the Llevant Beach is one of the best suitable beach for people of all ages and possessing all kinds of tourists’ amenities and lifeguard services near by, to facilitate everyone. The long promenade at the back of Llevant Beach consists of the shops to rent umbrellas & sunbeds, cafés, seafront restaurants, beach bars, and beautiful broadwalks to enjoy leisurely, when in Altea. Playa de Levante(Llevant Beach) possess warm weather and it’s so comfortable for families, women and kids, because of the cleanliness and liveliness it possess and you can’t miss enjoy a beach day here, when holidaying in Altea.

Mercat Municipal d’ALTEA – Filled with Spanish’s liveliness, at the ‘heart of Altea’

Altea, a coastal town in Spain is one of the favorite holiday city for many across the world and it’s located in Spain’s Alicante. Tourists/People fly to Altea to spend their holidays happily with family/friends, due to the presence of rich climate, interesting destinations and sizzling ambience. One of the simple and lively destination with complete ‘Altea yeild and made’ products, and you shall definitely visit when you’re in Altea is Mercat Municipal d’ALTEA, a popular market located in ‘heart of Altea’. You can reach Mercat Municipal d’ALTEA by walking just less than half-a-kilometre, following the directions. Sticking to Altea as well as Spain’s rich cultural heritage and habits, Mercat Municipal d’ALTEA consists of various typical Spanish food stalls serving delicious Spanish cuisines, dishes, and clothing, handicrafts that represent ‘Spanish’ and there are also stalls for fresh fruits, vegetables, meat(especially fish!) and authentic sweets, savouries & more. Do visit Mercat Municipal d’ALTEA, which is definitely one of the popular & authentic market to visit and enjoy liveliness that functions from morning to noon, while holidaying in Altea.

Sierra de Bernia y Ferre of Altea – Amazing hiking trail to get along with nature in Altea

Altea, the simple and beautiful coastal town of Spain and also a part of popular Costa Blanca which possess a beautiful Mediterranean coast is one of the most loved and visited holiday destination in Spain. If you would like to go for hiking/walking trails in Altea and would love to spend a day off from busy & crowded beaches, viewpoints and historical landmarks/architectures of Altea and get along with nature for a while, then you should think about visiting Sierra de Bernia y Ferrer, the popular hiking area with mountainous ranges, lush green ambience in Altea. From the main city centre of Altea, you shall reach Sierra de Bernia y Ferrer by travelling 28 kilometre, following the directions. Being, the most popular hiking trail of Altea, Sierra de Bernia y Ferrer is a worthy hiking trail surrounded by lush green ambience, fresh air, scenic views, site of Roman ruins and a trail that takes 3-4 hours to complete. Do wear grippy shoes, and also backpack food, drinks, water and your neccessities, while you hike to Sierra de Bernia y Ferrer of Altea and if you’re not a admirer of natural scenery before, you’ll definitely love after hiking this trail, when holidaying in Altea.

Miss Fiesta Events’ Breakfast with Our Princess & Guests” in La Foccacia, Altea – Dress up your kids for this beautiful event in Altea on June 5, 2021

Altea the beautiful coastal city of Spain doesn’t only possess attractions to visit along with family & kids but there are interesting events that’ll take place in Altea with amazing concepts, family-friendly ambience, affordable and accessible from Altea’s city centre. One such beautiful event which is gonna take place in Altea on June 5,2021 is “Miss Fiesta Events’ Breakfast with Our Princesses & Guests” in La Foccacia, a beautiful Italian-styled garden restaurant which located 6 kilometre away and west to the main city centre of Altea, Spain. If you’re with family and kids on Altea for next weekend then you shall definitely plan your visit to the spectacular breakfast event at La Foccacia on next Saturday(June 5,2021) morning. Especially, kids will love this event, because, you can dress-up your kid(s) as their favorite character and you’ll be greeted by event’s Beautiful Princesses & Guests and they’ll also play, entertain your kid(s) as you take your table for a Fabulous Character Breakfast. While your kid(s) play, sing dance with Princesses & Guests, you can relax, dine in the beautiful and calm ambience of La Foccacia in Altea. You can pre-book and ask details for pricing and availability at Do visit this beautiful Breakfast event, which’ll give your weekend a beautiful start next week and your kid(s) immense joy and also suitable for adults, when you’re in Altea.

Watch El mundo de fantasía in Altea – Beautiful show for kids and people of all ages in Altea

Altea, the beautiful coastal city of Spain located in popular Alicante province, is such a interesting holiday destination/city with so much of attractions that let you enjoy a fun-filled holidays and provides amazing holidaying experience with family/friends in Altea. If you’re in Altea during this last week of May,2021 and you’re with family, kids (or) friends, then you shall definitely be excited about ‘El mundo de fantasía’, a popular musical performance show which will open the doors of imagination and port you to a ‘Fantasy world’ for 75 minutes. ‘El mundo de fantasía’ shows mainly focus on ‘children’ as ‘audience’ and they’ve been doing it great since 2017 from their International tours and yes, it’s going to be performed in Palau de Altea theatre in Altea,Spain on May 30, 2021 and Palau de Altea is only less than a kilometre away from Altea’s main centre . Though, focus on ‘child audience’, the ‘El mundo de fantasía’ is definitely a show for people of all ages and well suitable for kids and families, and people can enjoy watching & listening to the musical performances, live voices, 10 dancers perform together to give you joy and make you feel the ‘fantasy world’. Do grab the tickets for ‘El mundo de fantasía’ show for May 30,2021 in Altea which is absolutely ‘worth’, while in Altea.

Playa de Cap Blanch(Cap Blanch) of Altea – Perfect ‘Blue Flag’ beach of Altea, Spain

Altea, the exquisite part of popular Costa Blanca in Spain possess picturesque and lovable attractions which you can visit, enjoy and vibe along with your family/friends on ‘Altea holidays’. Altea promises to be a good ‘holiday destination’ of Spain, since, you can find amazing holiday villas, beachfront villas in Altea with full-flegded services and promote privacy that will let you enjoy holidaying in Altea. A popular, beautiful of Altea which you shall visit to enjoy a good ‘beach day’ while holidaying in Altea is Playa de Cap Blanch(Cap Blanch) and popularly addressed as ‘Cap Blanc’ of Altea, Spain. From Altea’s main city cente, Playa de Cap Blanch shall be reached by travelling 3 kilometre over Altea’s south-east coastline. Do you know? Playa de Cap Blanch is one among the prestigious ‘Blue Flag’ beach in Altea for the amazing beauty, tidy & lenghty and good availability of amenities such as showers, toilets, walkways for disabled and many. Cap Blanch of Altea possess a urban-developed ambience and you can see that in the beautiful promenade lined by palm tree and also filled with cafés, beach bars, restaurants and shops to rent parasols, sunloungers. With crystalline waters, fine sandy shore with warm climate and carrying ‘urban’ look and living on it; Playa de Cap Blanch is definitely a good beach for people of all ages and that needs to be visited and enjoy, while holidaying in Altea.