Adventures in Kauai

Planning a trip to Kauai? Here are 100 adventures to help you plan your perfect vacation. Visit Waimea Canyon during the day to enjoy the beautiful waterfalls, lush vegetation, and serene view. That evening, head to the Thomas Guide Stadium for a Kauai Islanders baseball game. The Kauai Islanders are the only pro baseball team in the United States to play on an island. Visit the Museum of Kauai at the McBryde Garden for a glimpse of history, including an exhibit on King Kamehameha I. Who doesn’t love a great beach day? The best beaches are found at Tunnels Beach, Waimea Bay and Zandler’s Cove.

Kauai Vacation

Can you imagine a place where the sea and the mountains meet and you can indulge in romanticism and adventure? Kauai is such a place and is also the sixth largest island of USA. Kauai is known for its grandeur and natural beauty and is an ultimate paradise on earth. You can enjoy many activities on this beautiful island. Kauai is a magical place and if you are planning to visit this beautiful island then you should look out for the best resorts and hotels in this island.