COP26 Summit Accommodation in Glasgow

COP26, a global climate event will be held in Glasgow later this year. Scotland’s main city Glasgow is getting ready to host this event and expecting to welcome people from across the globe. Hotels, apartments, guest houses and bandb’s in the city are expecting good business during this time.Apart from hotels, there are plenty of self catering short term rentals are available in the city. Many serviced apartments in Glasgow are already booked for the event. If you are still looking for last minute bookings for the november event then visit our site to book a self catering apartment online.

Glasgow Tower in Glasgow Science Centre – Tallest building that rotates at 360 degree in Scotland

Glasgow, the amazing port city of Scotland as well as the popular holiday city welcomes tourists from various nations throughout the year with marvel of attractions, warm climate and picturesque ambience it possess. A most popular viewpoint and familiar tourists’ attraction of Glasgow city is ‘Glasgow Tower’, a 417 feet high free-standing observation tower which is located on south-bank of Glasgow’s River Clyde. From Glasgow’s main city centre, you shall reach Glasgow Tower by travelling just 3 mile towards River Clyde’s bank and the tower is formerly addressed as ‘Millinennium Tower’. People also call it as ‘Glasgow Science Centre Tower’, since, it’s a part of Glasgow Science Centre. The construction of Glasgow Tower was completed during the year 2001 and since then and till date, the Glasgow tower is the tallest building in entire Scotland and of course, in Glasgow. Do you know? Not only a tallest building in Scotland, the Glasgow Tower also holds a Guinness World Record for which the whole structure of the building is capable of rotating 360 degrees. One who visits Glasgow city (or) Glasgow Science Centre should definitely go up on ‘Glasgow Tower’ to experience and enjoy the panoramic views of beautiful Glasgow city.

Go for a fun-filled treasure hunt in Glasgow – Virus Safe Outdoor Glasgow Treasure Hunt on June 20,2021

Glasgow-Treasure Hunt

Glasgow, the beautiful Scotland city is well-known for the holidaying aspects it possess and that’s why people arrive here with family/friends to spend their holidays happily and peacefully. If you’re a fan of puzzle solving and would like to go on ‘treasure hunt’ when in Glasgow, then here’s a interesting event called ‘Virus Safe Outdoor Glasgow Treasure Hunt’, which takes place on June 20,2021(Sunday) and presented by The Great Game Treasure Hunts in Glasgow. Virus Safe Outdoor Glasgow Treasure Hunt(also called ‘The Great Game Glasgow’) is such a fun-filled, interactive treasure hunt experience, which you shall do on your own time from 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM on June 20, 2021(Sunday) in Glasgow. The Great Game Glasgow treasure hunt event follows, COVID-19 restrictions and safety guidelines properly and it shall take you around Glasgow city’s popular landmarks along with some briefing of their history and also popular viewpoints and finally ends up in pub to celebrate the completion. You’ll be provided with a treasure map, compass and clues to find your way along the route and finally will reveal location of your treasure – a great pub! With challenging puzzles, exploring famous landmarks & viewpoints of Glasgow, ‘The Great Game Glasgow’ treasure hunt event is such a interesting holidaying activity to make you ‘Sunday’ as ‘Funday’ in Glasgow, Scotland. The Great Game Glasgow will book a table for you at the pub and you’ll also receive a 20% discount on your bill at the pub. Make sure you have 1 member(at least) along with you to play the treasure hunt, since, it’s a ‘team sport’ and you can check for ticket prices, availability and buy tickets at (or) can ask your queries at If you’re in Glasgow this weekend, do take part in this treasure hunt to make your Sunday filled with joy, a lots of sightseeing of Glasgow and ends up happily at pub in Glasgow.

Victoria Park Pond in Glasgow – Amazing 19th century park in Glasgow

Glasgow, the beautiful city in Scotland is one of the popular city which is most visited by tourists across the world to spend their holidays with family/friends. A popular, peaceful, picturesque and family-friendly destination(park) in Glasgow to visit and admire is Victoria Park Pond, a massive 50 acre lush green park with pond which opened during the year 1887 in Glasgow. From Glasgow’s main city centre you can reach Victoria Park Pond by travelling 5 mile towards west, following the directions. With lush green lawn, trees, gardens that fills the ambience with fresh aroma, the Victoria Park Pond consists of pond with mini islands, beautiful flowering gardens, children’s play area, tennis and basketball courts for adults & teens, a war memorial, four-dial miniature lamp post clock, donated by William Gordon Oswald in 1888 and much more to excite people of all ages. Do visit Victoria Park Pond along with family and kids, to spend leisure time in a picturesque natural ambience, while holidaying in Glasgow.

Barshaw Park in Glasgow – Massive park with golf course, boating pond and many attractions in Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow, the fantastic holidaying city in Scotland possess beautiful attractions and it’s also naturally gifted with picturesque atmosphere that provide excellent holidaying experience to you and your family/friends. A massive and interesting recreational parkland and garden to visit in Glasgow is Barshaw Park, a 55 acre massive green space which opened during the year 1921 in Paisley, Scotland. From Glasgow’s city centre, you can reach Barshaw Park by travelling around 9.5 miles in the west, following the directions towards Paisley. Barshaw Park in Glasgow is suitable for people of all ages, since, it possess attractions which’ll be loved by both adults and kids who visit the park. In Barshaw Park, you have golf course, a pond which allows boating & pedalos, bmx track, Barshaw mansion, miniature railway (or) model railway, swing parks, children’s play area and the picturesque & pleasant gardens with rich flora which adds more beauty to park’s ambience and these gardens are walled, and that’s why people call them as ‘Walled Garden of Barshaw Park’. Do visit Barshaw Park, which will offer leisure time individually and as a whole to your family, while holidaying in Glasgow.

Glasgow’s Grand Ole Opry – Popular ‘Old fashioned’ club in Glasgow

Glasgow in Scotland is a beautiful city with so many attractions, picturesque viewpoints, rich climate and many more to visit and that makes you to spend holidays in leisure and happiness along with family/friends in Glasgow city. A interesting destination to visit in Glasgow where you can enjoy drinks, dine with ambience filled with old-fashioned country music performed live by band is Glasgow’s Grand Ole Opry, a popular Country & Western club which was opened during the year 1974 in Glasgow city. You can reach Glasgow’s Grand Ole Opry by travelling 3 mile by following the directions, from the main city centre of Glasgow, Scotland. Make sure you visit Glasgow’s Grand Ole Opry during Friday/Saturday/Sunday, because the bands across UK come here and perform only during these 3 days of week and they perform delightful country music, as well as dressed in traditional Western attire which makes the ambience completely ‘unique and adorable’. With a seating capacity of 450 over 3 levels, Glasgow’s Grand Ole Opry consists of 2 dance floors, authentic Saloon bar, and Chuck Wagon eatery which serves delicious dishes to taste and feel ‘Scottish’ when you visit this club in Glasgow. Do visit Glasgow’s Grand Ole Opry to enjoy country music from a live band along with best dishes and drinks in ‘old fashioned’ atmosphere which is favorite for both locals and tourists of Glasgow.

Mugdock Country Park of Glasgow – Pleasant visit into Glasgow’s countryside

Glasgow, the beautiful Scotland city is one of the most loved and visited holiday destination in Scotland with many tourists’ attractions to visit and also there are amazing holiday serviced apartments in Glasgow with full-fledged services and providing excellent privacy to you and your people. A beautiful country park in Glasgow that is family-friendly, picturesque and takes you close to Glasgow’s beautiful country side is Mugdock Country Park, a park with 14th, 19th century castles & castle ruins, a gallowhill, a moot hill and a Gothic Revival mansion in Glasgow. From Glasgow’s main city centre, you can reach Mugdock Country Park by travelling 8 mile towards north, following the directions. If you want to peek into a little natural reserve with wildlife, explore captivating country side, historical sites, enjoy leisure walks in verdurous, peaceful ambience, while holidaying in Glasgow, then your one stop solution is definitely Mugdock Country Park in Glasgow. Do visit, Mugdock Country Park which is a popular tourists’ attraction with gifted verdurous ambience, while holidaying in the city of Glasgow.

Snow Factor in Glasgow – Ski, play, eat, drink in snow-filled ambience in Glasgow

One of the popular and fun-filled holidaying destination in Glasgow to take your family, kids and also friends(with whomever you’re holidaying with in Glasgow!) is Snow Factor, a indoor Ski resort in Glasgow, Scotland. From Glasgow’s main city centre, you can reach Snow Factor by travelling 7.8 mile, following the directions. In Snow Factor of Glasgow you have attractions and playful, fun activities such as ice-climbing wall, snowboarding and of course, a lot of skiing with proper guidance and safety measures. For adults, there is also a bar available inside Snow Factor and there is also a café and restaurant to sit, relax and dine while watching (your) people playing in snow. Though, they’ve been closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, people & tourists of Glasgow believe that ‘ Snow Factor’ will re-open soon. Visiting Snow Factor is one of the best and popular holidaying activity which you shouldn’t miss, while holidaying in Glasgow.

Glasgow Green in Glasgow city, Scotland – Go green and calm, while holidaying in Glasgow

One of the beautiful green space with natural beauty, verdurous ambience and soothing atmosphere and shall be definitely visited while holidaying in Glasgow is Glasgow Green, a public park set beautifully on the bank of River Clyde which located 2.3 mile away and south to Glasgow’s main centre. Glasgow Green was established during 15th century in Glasgow, Scotland and it’s oldest park of the Glasgow city. In this massive green space, you can also few important monuments, architectures of Glasgow such as Nelson’s monument, St. Andrew’s Suspension Bridge, People’s Palace, McLennan Arch, picturesque Tidal Weir, and beautiful fountains and many more attractions. Do visit Glasgow Green, where you’ll be clicking the ‘iconic Glasgow moments’ with beautiful ambience & backdrops, while holidaying in Glasgow.

Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery of Glasgow – Visit Scotland’s Oldest museum in Glasgow

In Glasgow city there are museums and art galleries which you should definitely visit and one among them is the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, a museum dedicated to William Hunter(a Scottish anatomist and physician from 18th century). The Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery is the oldest museum of entire Scotland and this is definitely a ‘worthy reason’ to visit it, when you’re holidaying in Glasgow. You can reach the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery from Glasgow’s main city centre by travelling 2 mile, following the directions. You can now spot Hunterian Museum, Hunterian Art Gallery, the Zoology Museum, the Anatomy Museum and the Mackintosh House in the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery of Glasgow. If you’re a science enthusiast (or) your kid is, then do visit Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, when you’re holidaying in Glasgow.