Visit the Prado Museum(Museo del Prado) in Madrid-Largest collection of European arts in Madrid

Madrid-Spain’s capital have many beautiful attractions to visit and amazing holiday villas which let you enjoy a complete holiday with privacy and joy with your friends and family. One of the most important arts museum located in Madrid’s heart is the popular Prado Museum(Museo del Prado) and officially known as Museo Nacional del Prado, an important national arts museum of Spain. From Madrid’s main city centre you can reach Prado Museum by travelling just less than 3 kilometres. You can spot the most finest collections of European arts which dates from 12th-20th centuries, with a great toast of Spanish art collections too. If you’re interested in admiring the art and cultural side of Spain and Europe then you shall definitely visit the beautiful Prado Museum established during the year 1819 in Paseo del Prado, Madrid.

Plaza de Santa Ana in Madrid-Popular square in Madrid

Madrid, the beautiful capital of Spain is filled with attractions to visit and do have amazing holiday villas, resorts to stay and enjoy a great holidaying in Madrid with family and friends. One of the best place to admire Madrid’s liveliness and shall be definitely visited while holidaying in Madrid is the popular Plaza de Santa Ana, a famous town square in Madrid which is located in Madrid’s heart. Yes! From Madrid’s city centre you can reach Plaza de Santa Ana by travelling just 2 kilometres. Plaza de Santa Ana in Madrid looks so beautiful with architectures, monuments and statues built & belong during the 17th century and also a great series of Spain’s traditional Tapas bars, cafés, restaurants and many shops(mostly owned & run by locals of Madrid, where you can shop products that are ‘Spanish’, both traditionally & culturally). You can see locals playing music and tourists’ of Madrid flocking in cafés which makes Plaza de Santa Ana, as more beautiful & lively spot in Madrid.

Real Jardín Botánico, Madrid-18th century Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid

Madrid, the beautiful capital of Spain is filled with marvelous attractions to visit and amazing holiday villas to stay, to enjoy the best holiday with your family and friends in Madrid city. One of the pleasant destination you must visit when you’re in Madrid and will definitely love when you visit is the famous Real Jardín Botánico(Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid), a massive botanical garden in Madrid, Spain. The Real Jardín Botánico(Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid) is not only famous for being massive garden in Madrid with more than 9000 plants and flowers, 1500 trees, 12 beautiful and tiny fountains, five greenhouses it have today but being the oldest and ancient botanical garden of Madrid, since it was opened during the year 1755(18th century) and stands beautiful until now. Real Jardín Botánico(Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid) looks beautiful and charming with verdurous ambience that is set in 18th century buildings, benches, statues and the entire architectural style of the garden, which makes it completely ‘Classic!’. Don’t miss the Real Jardín Botánico(Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid), as it’s a beautiful, calm destination to take family and kids and also when you want to get the complete ‘Madrid essence’, when you’re holidaying in Madrid.

Visit Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid-Real Madrid’s home in Madrid

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium-Madrid
Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

Madrid, the stunning capital of Spain is a satisfying holiday destination with marvel of attractions to visit and rejoice well by accommodating at the amazing holiday resorts and villas in Madrid with family, friends. If you’re a football fan and also you love ‘Real Madrid’ then you shouldn’t miss visiting the magnificent Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid. You can reach the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium by travelling 10 kilometres towards north-east following the signs from Madrid’s main city centre. The construction of Santiago Bernabéu Stadium took place from 1944 to 1947 and it was opened with ‘Real Madrid’ match during the year 1947. Since, then and until now, Santiago Bernabéu Stadium is recognized as the proud home stadium of Real Madrid Football Club. In spite of being a football fan or not, do visit this stunning Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, when you’re holidaying in Madrid.

Madrid’s El Rastro-Traditional market in Madrid

Madrid, Spain’s capital have many beautiful attractions to visit and the amazing holiday villas, resorts you find in Madrid will make your accommodation comfort and fully serviced, which let you enjoy your holidaying in Madrid. If you want walk-in, purchase, eat things which is totally ‘Spanish’, then you must wait for a Sunday to occur and when it’s Sunday get out your holiday villas/holiday resorts to reach the El Rastro, a traditional flea market which held every Sunday in Madrid. From the main city centre of Madrid, you shall reach the El Rastro market by traveling just 2.5 kilometres towards south, following the navigations. You shall find great variety of shops in El Rastro which are mostly local made and establishes the true essence of ‘Spain’ via clothes, food stalls, snacks, gift shops, handicrafts, shoes, and a lot of antique shops related to Spanish’s tradition and culture much. Do visit El Rastro in Madrid, to feel the typical Spanish vibes in Spain’s capital, Madrid.

Puerta del Sol square in Madrid-Heart of the beautiful Madrid city, Spain

Oso y Madroño(Madrid’s official symbol)

Madrid-Spain’s capital have many beautiful attractions to visit and amazing holiday villas which let you enjoy a complete holiday with privacy and joy with your friends and family. One of the ‘Most-Madrid’ lively & beautiful destination to visit in this Spain’s capital city is the Puerta del Sol, a famous public square with elegance. You can never miss the Puerta del Sol square in Madrid, since it’s the city’s centre and located exactly at the heart of Madrid. Puerta del Sol evolved into a public square from the walls of Madrid, which surrounded and protected to the entrance to the city during the 15th century. You can find the famous clock in the Casa de Correos building, the official headquarters of the Madrid regional government at present at Puerta del Sol square in Madrid. You’ll find a stone slab over the pavement in which it’s written ‘ Casa de Correos 0 kilometre’, the starting point of all roads in Spain. You can also find the famous Oso y Madroño(statue of a bear nuzzling a strawberry tree-Madrid’s official symbol) in Calle Alcalá(Madrid’s longest street) across the Puerta del Sol square in Madrid. Do visit and click pictures at Puerta del Sol square, which will mark your ‘the moment’ of holidaying in Madrid.

El Retiro Park(Parque del Buen Retiro) in Madrid-Large & beautiful park in Madrid

Madrid, Spain’s capital is one of the best holidaying destination in Spain with marvelous attractions to visit and rejoice yourselves with your family and friends. One iconic destination you must take your family/friends and spend a great time is the popular El Retiro Park(Parque del Buen Retiro), a largest park in Madrid, Spain. El Retiro Park(Parque del Buen Retiro) is also known as ‘Retiro Park’ & ‘El Retiro’ by the locals of Madrid, which meas “Park of the Pleasant Retreat” in English. You’ll definitely agree that, the El Retiro Park have got the most suitable name for it, while you visit the park. El Retiro Park is vast and widespread for about 350 acres and belongs to the 17th century, since it was created during the year 1680. You can reach the El Retiro Park(Buen Retiro Park) by traveling nearly 4 kilometres towards the edge of Madrid city from it’s city centre. Buen Retiro Park looks so beautiful and magnificent with gardens, fountains, monuments, art galleries, impressive statues, sculptures, a wooded palace called Crystal Palace(Palacio de Cristal), a pleasant & massive lake called ‘Estanque’ in which you can enjoy boat ride and most importantly with lively, peaceful ambience. Don’t miss this unique & beautiful Buen Retiro Park when you’re in Madrid.

Royal Palace of Madrid-Don’t miss this royal attraction in Madrid

Royal Palace of Madrid
Royal Palace of Madrid

Madrid, the astounding capital of Spain have lots of attractions to visit and also have amazing holiday villas, holiday apartments with round the clock services to enjoy great holidaying in Madrid. One of the royal destination to visit along with your family, kids, friends and a must visit place for history, architecture enthusiasts in Madrid is the popular Royal Palace of Madrid, also known as Palacio Real de Madrid(Spanish). The Royal Palace of Madrid is located close to Madrid’s main city and it can be reached by traveling just 1.5 kilometres from main city centre of Madrid. As the name depicts, the Royal Palace of Madrid is the official residence of Spanish royal family which occupies a vast 1, 450, 000 sq. ft of floor space which makes it one of largest functioning royal place in entire Europe and the palace consists about 3, 418 rooms. Royal Palace of Madrid was built between the year 1735-1755 and it belong to 18th century which we can admire well in the Baroque, Classicism architecture style, the palace was built. You can take guided tours available at the entrance of the palace to know more interesting history about the Royal Palace of Madrid.

Madrid’s Plaza Mayor-Oldest square in Madrid, Spain

Plaza Mayor-Madrid

Madrid, the beautiful capital of Spain have many beautiful attractions to visit and amazing holiday villas to make a stay that shall let you enjoy an interesting holiday in Spain’s Madrid with your friends and family for sure. One beautiful and historical landmark you can’t skip visiting in Madrid is the popular Plaza Mayor located right in the heart of Madrid city of Spain. Plaza Mayor means the ‘Main Square’ in English and it happens to be important and oldest square in Madrid which looks stylish and classic surrounded by 3-story buildings with lengthy plaza. You have lot of restaurants, various shops, cafés functioning near the Plaza Mayor and the locals of Madrid make it view more beautiful which will make you say ‘Loving this Plaza Mayor! This is totally Spanish!’. Plaza Mayor in Madrid have seen great history of Madrid & Spain, since the 15th century and you can see that clearly in the ancient architectures, sculptures found in this Madrid’s ‘Main Square’. Visiting Plaza Mayor, admiring the ambience with a coffee is one of the best way to begin your holidaying in Madrid.

Nightlife of Madrid


Being Spain’s central capital, Madrid is one of the beautiful city that have an amazing blend of arts, culture, historical architectures that have been preserved till these modern times. The Mediterranean’s breeze flowing into the land contributes to the cold-humidity climate that Madrid enjoys throughout the year. Madrid have so many beautiful attractions packed inside and that’s what makes people to fell in love with this awesome city. One of the foremost characteristic that Madrid exhibit is the sizzling nightlife the city boasts. While many other destinations have an great nightlife too, they end up by 3am whereas the Madrid parties goes on till dawn. You can hit any restaurants, cafes, bars at any time of the night at any time of the year; hence they’re always open till morning. Madrid is also one of the safest city in Spain and that makes you to enjoy your vacation’s nightlife without any fear. Nightlife of Madrid also varies between several districts as each one of them have their own style of music, cuisines and parties. Few of the districts that are classified based on their nightlife are Huertas, La Latina, Chueca, Lavapies, Arguelles-Moncloa and Malasaña o zona de Fuencarral. Huertas have Irish pubs and blasting pop music whereas bars and nightclubs in La Latina are built in terrace that gives a beautiful view of city from top. Lavapies have an multicultural scenario and prices are quite cheap than other districts. If you’re looking for a musical night then Arguelles-Moncloa is the district for you whereas Malasaña o zona de Fuencarral is a place for rock and roll music.