Madrid’s Faunia – Spectacular combo of zoo and garden in Spain’s Madrid

Madrid, the amazing capital of Spain is one of the most famous city across the world and always been a popular holidaying destination in ‘Tourism world’ with bunch of attractions that welcomes tourists with family/friends, throughout the year. A popular-most and massive attraction which you shouldn’t miss while holidaying in Madrid is Faunia, a beautiful combo of both zoo and botanical garden together in Spain’s Madrid. Faunia was opened to public during the year 2001 and from then to now, it’s been popular as well as a satisfying, family-friendly tourists’ attraction and also massive of being spread about 35 acres in Madrid city, From Madird’s main city centre, you shall reach Faunia by travelling 10 kilometre towards east, following the directions. In Faunia, you can watch and enjoy about 4000 animals belonging to 500 different types of species under their natural habitat and some of them are rare and nearing extinct & been safeguarded by the management of Faunia to save the species. Since, Faunia is a botanical garden too, it houses many types of rare plants and trees species and also beautiful flowering plants which decorates ‘Faunia’ naturally and make it more appealing when visitors arrive here in Madrid city. If you’re looking for a family-friendly destination and a destination that could excite both adults and kids, then you should definitely visit Faunia of Spain’s Madrid.

Parque Europa in Madrid – Amazing park with attractions and entertainment in Madrid, Spain

Madrid, the beautiful capital of Spain is one of the most popular as well as most visited holidaying city in Spain which welcomes tourists from various parts across the world, throughout the year. A iconic park in Madrid city which is popular, perfect ‘family friendly’ destination which can’t be missed while sightseeing in Madrid is Parque Europa Torrejon De Ardoz, a urban park which is located 27 kilometre away and east to Madrid’s main city centre. Parque Europa Torrejon De Ardoz popularly known as ‘Parque Europa’ is the largest park in Madrid city which is vast spread for about 233,000 square metres, and consists of nearly 18 most emblematic European monuments located in various major cities of Europe and also other attractions & facilities such as; multi-adventure areas, a cybernetic fountain(which puts on an incredible water, light and sound show), picnic areas, and restaurants to sit back and relax. There are also many family attractions such as zip wire, a boating lake, archery, trampolines, pony rides, and a laser tag maze to enjoy your day at ‘Parque Europa’ the best, while holidaying in Madrid.

El Capricho Park(Parque de El Capricho) of Madrid city – English-styled garden in Spanish city

Madrid, the energetic city of Spain which also happens to be Spain’s capital is undoubtedly ‘one of the best holidaying city of Spain’ which welcomes tourists throughout the year, since, there are many number of attractions and likable qualities about ‘Madrid city’ that let you enjoy holidays with family/friends. One of the popular and picturesque destination to visit in Madrid city is El Capricho Park(Parque de El Capricho) which was established during the year 1787 María Josefa Pimentel, Duchess of Osuna on her own estate. From Madrid’s city centre, you can reach El Capricho Park by travelling 14 kilometre towards east, following the directions. With 18th century architectural style and ‘English’ influence, El Capricho Park consists a high number of picturesque and interesting attractions such as: a hermit’s house, a temple to Bacchu, a beautiful lake with swans and ducks, a maze, pavilions, hermitages, fountains, squares and the palace of the dukes. El Capricho Park is such a beautiful English-styled garden that highlights nature and natural beauty and created in a brilliant way in Madrid city and make sure you plan to visit El Capricho Park during weekends and public holidays, since, El Capricho Park remains closed on regular weekdays. Do visit El Capricho Park to feel the nature’ beauty speaking ‘English’ in Spain, while holidaying in Madrid, Spain.

Cibeles Fountain of Madrid – Iconic, neo-classical architecture and popular viewpoint in Madrid

Cibeles Fountain in Madrid

Madrid, the beautiful capital city of Spain is filled with attractions to visit and you can also find amazing holiday villas in Madrid to stay and enjoy a great holidaying with family and friends. One of the most popular viewpoint in Madrid with rich history and architectural style and shall be definitely visited when you’re holidaying in Madrid is Cibeles Fountain, a 18th century fountain in Madrid. Though built during 18th century, Cibeles Fountain is now, considered as iconic architecture of Madrid with so much popularity, and also seen as symbol of Madrid city. Cibeles Fountain is one of the best example of neo-classical architecture in Madrid city that possess a stoned sculpture which weighs about 10,000 kilos and was inaugurated during the year 1782(18th century) in Madrid. The sculpture that is seen in Cibeles Fountain is based and mythical stories as well as Madrid’s past history and do take a guided tour to know more about this beautiful and majestic destination in Madrid. Do visit and click pictures at Cibeles Fountain of Madrid without which your holidaying in definitely ‘Incomplete’ in Madrid.

Bishop’s Chapel in Madrid – Historical chapel to visit in Madrid, Spain

If you’re interested in visiting historical monuments of Madrid when you’re in Madrid city then you shall definitely visit Chapel of Our Lady & of St John Lateran (Bishop’s Chapel), a chapel built during 16th century in Madrid. From the main city centre of Madrid you shall reach the Bishop’s Chapel(Chapel of the Bishop, Madrid) by travelling 4 kilometre in west, following the directions. The Chapel of Our Lady & of St John Lateran (Bishop’s Chapel) is built amazingly by blending Gothic and Renaissance style of architectures and definitely a notable ‘historical monument’ with the ‘classic touch’ of medieval centuries to visit and admire, when you’re holidaying in Madrid. There amazing holiday villas in Madrid with round the clock services, picturesque ambience to stay and enjoy a great holidaying with family and friends.

Parque Warner Madrid – Never miss this best ‘family-friendly’ theme park in Madrid

Madrid, Spain’s exquisite capital is filled with attractions to visit and you can also find amazing holiday resorts, villas in Madrid to stay and enjoy a great holidaying with family and friends. One of the Madrid’s special, which you can’t miss when you’re holidaying in Madrid city is the popular Parque Warner Madrid, a massive theme park (or) an amusement park of Madrid with movie themes inside (or) can be said as the park of ‘Warner Bros. Movie World Madrid’. From the main city centre of Madrid you can reach the ‘Parque Warner Madrid’ by travelling 27 kilometre towards south-east, following the directions. With many roller coasters, dry games, interactive shows, musical shows, the Parque Warner Madrid offers a lot and there are also rides & games in the names of world famous characters such as Batman, Superman, and also you can notice that, the amusement park have the themes and appearances based on Looney tunes, Hanna Barbera, Scooby-Doo and many DC Comics characters. It will be really a pleasure for parents to watch their kids enjoying at Cartoon Village, a popular attraction of Parque Warner Madrid. There are also cafés and restaurants to sit back, relax and there is something beautiful for both kids and adults to enjoy when they visit Parque Warner Madrid.

Campo del Moro of Madrid – Romantic English-style garden of Madrid

One of the beautiful landscape and urban park to visit in Madrid is Campo del Moro, a beautiful English-style garden built with romantic concept of nature as per the idea of Queen Maria Cristina during the second-half of 19th century. From Madrid’s main city centre, you shall reach Campo del Moro by travelling 3 kilometre following the directions. Being set on a higher altitude, the Campo del Moro offers great panoramic views and also possess a green tapestry surrounded by monumental fountains(two neoclassical fountains: the Fountain of the Tritons and Palace of the Shells). Campo del Moro of Madrid is a picturesque garden with good ample and romantic ambience and you shouldn’t miss visiting it, when you’re holidaying in Madrid. As a good holiday destination, Madrid possess a lot of attractions and there are spectacular holiday villas in Madrid to stay and enjoy holidays.

Puerta de Alcalá in Madrid – Visit the amazing 5-arched gateway in Madrid

Madrid, Spain’s exquisite capital is filled with attractions to visit and you can also find amazing holiday resorts, villas in Madrid to stay and enjoy a great holidaying with family and friends. There are many beautiful and historical landmarks which are not only beautiful but iconic and adds more value to your sightseeing in Madrid city of Spain. The popular Puerta de Alcalá, an amazing Neo-classical 5-arched triumphal gateway which is located less than 4 kilometres away from the main city centre of Madrid, is a amazing medieval, historical landmark to visit in Madrid. With beautiful whitewashed structure, built with granite during 18th century and surrounded by beautiful flora, the Puerta de Alcalá is a picturesque destination with rich architecture & appearance to visit in Madrid and it’s one of the popular ‘photo’ spot in Madrid city during evening and nights, as they get lighten up and looks more beautiful & majestic. Do visit this beautiful gateway and do click pictures at this iconic ‘Madrid’ tourist spot, when you’re holidaying in Madrid.

Egypt’s ancient ‘Temple of Debod’ in Madrid – Interesting & unique historical landmark in Madrid

When you’re sightseeing in Madrid you can’t miss the amazing & historical landmark in Madrid called ‘Temple of Debod’, an ancient Egyptian temple located near Plaza de España, a popular square in Madrid. You can reach the ‘Temple of Debod’ by travelling nearly 5 kilometres following the navigations from Madrid’s main city centre. Visiting ‘Temple of Debod’, an ancient temple built during 200 BC in ‘Ancient Egyptian’ architectural style in a modern city like Madrid, is definitely a unique experience than ‘sightseeing’ when you’re holidaying in Madrid. Though, built in 200 BC, the ‘Temple of Debod’ was spotted in Madrid city only from 20th century as it was gifted by Egyptian government to Madrid and then got replaced- rebuilt stone by stone in it’s current location in Madrid city and opened to public since 1972. Do visit the ‘Temple of Debod’ to know about the amazing history it carries and also to look at the ancient & magnificent views of ancient monument, when you’re holidaying in Madrid.

Visit the ‘Museum of Illusions’ in Madrid – Interesting optical illusions world in Madrid

Madrid’s interesting destination(museum) to visit during ‘Madrid holidaying’ is the popular ‘Museum of Illusions‘ located in heart of Madrid city (i.e.) just 1.5 kilometres away from main city centre of Madrid city. The ‘Museum of Illusions’ of Madrid is a delight to visit and experience, as it suits people of all ages, since, the excitement it gives is ‘equal’ and none can’t resist from loving those interesting & interactive optical illusion experience given by this museum in Madrid city. There are many attractions in Museum of Illusions in Madrid which will make your visit more interesting, such as; the Infinite Room, the Anti-Gravity Room, the Vortex Tunnel, the Room of Ames, the Leaning Room, the Intelligent Games Room and the Hall of Dilemmas. There is also a shop where you can buy wooden puzzles, 80 dilemma games and educational & interactive games for your children. Do visit this interesting optical illusions world with your family and especially kids & teen love will love the visit, when you’re holidaying in Madrid.