Manchester – Central Library

The Manchester Central Library is an excellent place to visit while in the city. Back in 2010, the library was closed due to refurbishment. It was reopened in 2014 and now the incredible piece of architecture is a must-see. Whether you are looking to spend some quiet hours in Manchester or you are there to explore, you can’t go wrong with a major attraction like the Central Library.

Manchester – Manchester Museum

Containing both unique collections and one of the world’s oldest artifacts, the Manchester Museum is a perfect place to check out during your visitation to the city. Including archeology, ancient Egypt, and natural history, there is something for everybody to enjoy and discover. Accessible by visitors at an approachable price, this museum takes place as a must-visit location in Manchester. 

Manchester – Chetham’s Library

Created and opened to visitation almost about 4 centuries ago, this library contains a large part of England’s literal wealth. Explore the thousands of books, writings, and even foreign containings that will definitely amaze you. An interesting fact is that this library has once been used for the studies of Karl Marx himself, which you will be able to learn about too.

Manchester – The National Football Museum

If you’re willing to learn everything about the history of the Manchester football clubs, the national football museum is the place you will have to visit. With a range of interactive exhibits, this place is no doubt a pit stop for everyone who is chiefly interested in football. Learn about worldwide famous clubs such as Manchester United and Manchester City and see legendary football artifacts from events that happened long ago.

Manchester – John Rylands Library

The John Rylands’s library, located in the University of Manchester, is well-known for its detailed and magnificent architecture. The containing rare books and manuscript library, has taken 10 years to build and has been finally opened to visitation in the distant 1900. Amongst the rich collection of the library, you can find a fragment of Geoffrey Chaucer’s writings such a “The Canterbury Tales” manuscript.

Manchester – Heaton Park

Heaton Park is Europe’s biggest public green space, spanning a massive 600 acres. The park is a great place to spend a day with a picnic, enjoying the sunshine, or exploring nature. There are also a number of attractions in the park making it a wonderful day out. Visit the park’s Animal Centre built around original stables from

Manchester – Science and Industry Museum

If you’re a science fan you should definitely visit Manchester’s rich industrial legacy and explore the excellent museum. With many old-time industry crafts and forgotten science-related objects, this museum will amaze you with its contents. The large collection of locomotives, steam engines, and original factory machinery, can explain the story of the city by themselves.

Manchester – Chinatown

Concentrated on a wide selection of restaurants, businesses, and bakeries the Chinatown in Manchester is reputedly Europe’s largest. If you happen to be in Manchester city during the Chinese New Year you can be a part of the great celebration access the center. Visiting Chinatown during any time of the year is an excellent adventure that you cannot miss.

Manchester – Art Admiration

If you are planning to visit Manchester, make sure to take a short tour and visit Whitworth Art Gallery and Manchester Art Gallery. Visiting both galleries has been a common tourist path in Manchester where you will find many big art pieces by Dale Grimshaw. You can purchase tickets for each of the galleries or buy a ticket for both where you get a discount, making it the preferred choice.

Manchester – Warehouse Project

One of the most celebrated night time adventures in Manchester would be the Warehouse Project that you can’t miss. The warehouse is located beneath the Manchester Piccadilly station. The clubbing environment has proven its specialty throughout the years and grew into one of the most popular tourist destinations. If you are ready to throw some shapes, do not hesitate to take a night out.