Adega do Cantor, a popular winery of Albufeira – Wine tasting tour in tranquil ambience at Albufeira

Albufeira, the beautiful coastal city in Portugal is one of the most loved holidaying city that welcomes tourists, throughout the year & it’s also been a part of Portugal’s most popular and happening holidaying region ‘Algarve’. Albufeira offers a lot of holidaying activities and attractions to enjoy, experience and one such popular attraction to visit is Adega do Cantor, a popular winery of Albufeira. From the main town centre of Albufeira, you can reach Adega do Cantor by travelling 7 kilometre towards north, following the directions. With picturesque ambience, lush green vineyard surrounded by rich aroma, the Adega do Cantor is a beautiful winery by appearance and you’ll find it extra-ordinary when you taste their delicious wines and servings/cuisines based on Portuguese. You and your people will be taken for guided tours to look around vineyard followed by ‘wine tasting’ and the destination is totally ‘family friendly’. You should definitely visit Adega do Cantor of Albufeira to taste some good wine with Portuguese sides set in picturesque & peaceful ambience, while holidaying in Albufeira.

Urbanização Parque da Corcovada(Corcovada Park Urbanization) in Albufeira – Posh ambience to spend leisure time in Albufeira

Albufeira, the beautiful coastal town in Portugal’s south and also a part of popular Algarve region, possess a natural resort town ambience with soothing attractions and features, for which people/tourists from various places land here to spend their holidays with family/friends. If you wish to take a look at the urban beauty phase of Albufeira accompanied by lot of shopping, eating, enjoying and experiencing ‘Portugal’ completely, then you shall definitely visit Urbanização Parque da Corcovada(Corcovada Park Urbanization), a popular & perfect urban park in Albufeira. From the main town’s centre of Albufeira, you shall reach Corcovada Park Urbanization by travelling 3 kilometre towards east, following the directions. With lot of modern residential buildings, kids’ park, shops, cafés and restaurants, the Corcovada Park Urbanization is a happening, urban neighbourhood of Albufeira with posh ambience. You can find a wide range of cafés, restaurants and various shops with International brands lining around Corcovada Park Urbanization and there are also entertainment factors for both kids and adults to enjoy their time here. Corcovada Park Urbanization will look so stylish and cool which you can’t leave before clicking enough pictures to boast about your ‘Albufeira holidays’

Zebra Safari Tours in Albufeira – Go on both 4×4 Jeep Safari and Boat tours in Albufeira

Albufeira, the exquisite coastal city of Portugal which is located inside Algarve(geographically!) and shares a good range of attractions, beaches and much more, which let people to spend their holidays happily with family/friends in Albufeira. A popular and family-friendly tourists’ attraction in Albufeira which you can’t miss while holidaying in Albufeira is Zebra Safari Tours, a amazing safari tour and an exciting holidaying activity in Albufeira. You can reach Zebra Safari Tours’ base by travelling 3 kilometre towards east, following the directions. Zebra Safari Tours takes you to various destinations based on your packages to both Algarve and Albufeira villages, landscapes, historical heritage and lots & lots of fun activities such as: boat rides, bikes, Jet Ski, Kayaking, Diving, Mountain climbing, Bird watching, Nature watching, Whale watching, paintball, visiting caves, paragliding and many more to keep you and your family’s/friends’ joy up during your guided tours with Zebra Safari Tours in Albufeira. You can check more details about their guided tours and packages in Zebra Safari Tours’ official website: If you’re looking for a great mix between jeep safari and a boat tour together, then Zebra Safari Tours will definitely get your through a fine holidaying experience with lots of amusements and activities in Albufeira.

Praia do Poço Velho of Albufeira – Secluded beauty of Albufeira, Portugal

Albufeira, the beautiful coastal town of Portugal located inside the Algarve region of Portugal and Albufeira developed itself as a splendid holidaying destination with sizzling coastline & many other exquisite attractions to visit and enjoy holidaying in a warm climate and picturesque ambience with family/friends. One of the beautiful and tranquil beach to visit in Albufeira is Praia do Poço Velho, a secluded beach surrounded by cliffs and to reach which you’ve to walk down a wooden staircase from parking on the top of cliff in Albufeira. From Albufeira’s main town, you can reach Praia do Poço Velho by travelling 12 kilometre on the east, following the directions. Praia do Poço Velho is a great choice to make, when you want to escape from crowds and wanted a ‘peaceful and picturesque’ beach day, while holidaying in Albufeira. With turquoise crystalline waters, fine sandy shore to relax and being surrounded by cliffs which contributes to tranquility: Praia do Poço Velho s definitely a ‘beauty of Albufeira’ with less-crowd, calm and picturesque ambience that favor you and your family/friends a good beach day in Albufeira. Due to it’s tranquility, you can find only limited amenities like café, restaurants, shops to rent umbrellas & sunbeds near Praia do Poço Velho but definitely not negligible. If you want a less-crowded beach featuring the characteristics of a good beach, then you should definitely head to Praia do Poço Velho of Albufeira.

Balbina Beach(Praia da Balbina) of Albufeira – Hidden beach with unspoilt nature in Albufeira

Albufeira, the exquisite coastal city of Portugal’s south is a natural and beautiful resort region with beaches, viewpoints and many more attractions with family-friendly ambience, warm climate and you can find best holiday villas in Albufeira with full-fledged services and utmost privacy, which will let your enjoy holidaying with friends/family. One of the beautiful beach of Albufeira to visit and enjoy is Balbina Beach(Praia da Balbina) which is located 8 kilometre away and west to Albufeira’s main city centre. People of Albufeira commonly address ‘Balbina Beach’ as ‘secret beach’, because of the crystalline waters, fine sandy shore is well-surrounded by rock cliffs and that make it appear more like a ‘bay’, than a beach and to reach it after a little hiking, make visit to ‘Balbina Beach’ more adventurous and unique in Albufeira. Due to it’s tranquility, Balbina Beach lacks tourists’ amenities and facilities, so, it’s better to backpack food, drinks and other necessities before visiting this Albufeira beach. Not suitable for families, but people who loves nature and needs little adventure while holidaying in Albufeira shouldn’t miss Balbina beach of Albufeira.

Praia da Balaia of Albufeira – Beautiful cove with ‘blue flag’ in Albufeira

Albufeira, a part of Algarve region in Portugal’s south is a beautiful coastal town that possess beautiful attractions to visit and you’ve amazing holiday villas, beachfront villas & also luxury villas in Albufeira with private pool which offer round the clock services and let you enjoy great holidaying with family and friends. A small secluded beach in Albufeira with picturesque & natural ambience and shall be definitely visited while holidaying in Albufeira is Praia da Balaia, a lovely and clean beach which is located 4.4 kilometre away and east from Albufeira’s main city centre. Being surrounded by rock cliffs, Praia da Balaia is actually a natural cove with clean waters, yellow sandy shore/beach and shall be reached by walking down the wooden stairs(Be careful, since, they were damaged due to natural calamities!) from parking in cliff top, since, Praia da Balaia is formed naturally by the low rock cliffs in Albufeira’s coastline. Due to factors like size of the beach and access, Praia da Balaia(Leste beach) isn’t visited much by tourists, thus, remains a secluded, tranquil beach with less-crowd in Albufeira. But, you’ve good tourist amenities(limited) such as café, seafront restaurants, and a bar available near by Praia da Balaia of Alubfeira. Though small, it’s good for both kids and adults, holds the prestigiou ‘blue flag’ for it’s cleanliness and amenities it possess and you can prefer it visiting Praia da Balaia(Leste beach) of Alubfeira for a good beach day, either you’re with family (or) friends (or) as couple, while holidaying in Albufeira.

Praia do Castelo(Castle beach) of Albufeira – Blue-flagged beach in Albufeira

Albufeira, beautiful coastal town in Portugal’s south consists a lot of attractions such as beaches, family-friendly destinations, popular viewpoints, to visit, enjoy and there are holiday villas, beachfront villas in Albufeira and also luxury villas in Albufeira with private pool that’ll let you enjoy great holidaying with family and friends. A beautiful beach in Albufeira which is close to Sesmarias(amazing village resort region in Albufeira) is the popular Praia do Castelo(Castle beach). From Albufeira’s main city centre, you shall reach Praia do Castelo(Castle Beach) by travelling 8 kilometre towards south-west coastline, following the directions. Do you know? Praia do Castelo(Castle Beach) is one of the prestigious blue-flagged beach in Albufeira and Algarve, for the cleanliness, tourists’ amenities and swimming conditions it possess, and that eventually ends in a perfect ‘beach day’, when you visit Castle Beach of Albufeira. With golden sandy beach, and connecting many coves and small beaches along it’s coastline, Castle Beach of Albufeira is one of the picturesque beach surrounded by stretching rock cliffs and you can find ruins of 16th century watchtower at access point of beach and it’s reason for the Praia do Castelo to get it’s name. You’ve good tourists’ facilities at the back of beach and there is also lifeguard services available to ensure your safety during your beach day in Albufeira. Do visit Praia do Castelo, which is suitable for all ages with picturesque views and don’t miss it, when you’re holidaying in Albufeira.

Praia dos Aveiros of Albufeira – Small, secluded, blue flag beach in Albufeira

Albufeira’s beautiful, secluded and can be said almost as ‘hidden gem of Albufeira’ and shall be visited when you’re holidaying in Albufeira is Praia dos Aveiros, which is located 3.5 kilometre away and east to Albufeira’s main city centre. More than a beach, the Praia dos Aveiros is more of a small cove with golden sandy shore which is surrounded by rock cliffs on back and on the either sides. The rocky formations on the sides forms natural pools which are shallow and clean, and that’s more suitable for families and kids who arrive at Praia dos Aveiros of Albufeira. Though small in size, Praia dos Aveiros is one of the prestigious ‘blue-flagged’ beach in Albufeira for the cleanliness, maintenance and the support it extends for the visitors & tourists who arrives at the beach to enjoy a good ‘beach day’, during their holidaying in Albufeira. Praia dos Aveiros do possess tourists amenities, since, being a holder of a ‘blue flag’ but in limited and small numbers, as the beach will receive only less crowd due to it’s tranquil nature and small size. If you’re looking for a beach day with facilities but less-crowd, then you shall visit Praia dos Aveiros of Albufeira.

Riviera Café of Albufeira – Taste the authentic Portugal style in Albufeira

Albufeira, a beautiful part of Algarve is definitely a good holiday destination in Portugal with packed attractions and there are holiday rentals in Albufeira available at luxury & economy budget and choosing the holiday villas in Albufeira will let you enjoy holidays with your people with privacy. One of best café to stop and eat, when you’re holidaying in Albufeira is the popular Riviera café and you can reach it by walking few hundred metres from Albufeira’s city centre. Riviera of Albufeira serves the best coffee & custard tarts, which is most popular in Albufeira region and they also serve the traditionally prepared Portuguese pastries which let you enjoy the authentic taste of Portugal. Cakes, sweets, savories, tarts & desserts are also included in delicious servings of Riviera and you can also go there to have typical Portguese-styled breakfast and lunch, when you’re in Albufeira. If you were able to get a table at balcony, then you shall enjoy evening coffee by watching beautiful sunset and ocean front views from Riviera of Albufeira.

Don’t miss lunch at Iguana Café of Albufeira – Amazing café at terrace overlooking Albufeira’s beach

Albufeira, beautiful coastal town in Portugal’s south(also a part of Algarve) possess beautiful attractions and the spectacular holiday villas, beachfront villas & private beach villas in Albufeira will let you enjoy great holidaying with family and friends. There are many beautiful, authentic and popular Portuguese restaurants in Albufeira, and one among them is the Iguana Café, an amazing seafront café & restaurant located just 3 kilometre away and south from Albufeira’s main city centre. Iguana Café is set over a terrace that overlooks the sea, which makes it one of the most picturesque seafront café (or) restaurant in Albufeira. Iguana Café excels in both Portuguese & Mediterranean cuisine and tapas(Tapas here, belong to typical Portugal style of Tapas!). You also have good range of drinks and multi-cuisines available here and you can dine while gazing at the beautiful beachfront views of Albufeira and ‘old town’ in the region, makes the café more unique and beautiful. If you’re planning to visit Iguana Café, plan for morning (or) lunch, since, they’re not available for dinner. But, do visit Iguana Café to enjoy a delicious lunch along with spectacular views of sea, while holidaying in Albufeira.