Valencia Bike Tour

A fantastic cycle tour from the city to the beach. It is a nice experience to see the city on your own leisure. This cycle tour has a guide and he leads the way and guide you through the cycling paths of the city. Slow and relaxing but the same time fun. The bike tour has normally 8 people and guide, so no crowd and the guide will explain you things on the go. Sometime stop in an interesting spot to brief the history of the place. Water bottle, suncream, alcoholic beverages and face mask are provided for your ride. The single tour cost 30 euros for adults.

L’Oceanografic Valencia

L’Oceanografic is an oceanarium located on the dry Turia watercourse bed to the southeast of the town center of Valencia, Spain.Completely different marine
habitats are represented.It was launched on 14 February 2003. The Oceanografic of the town of Arts and Sciences is that the largest aquarium in Europe and contains representatives of the world’s main marine ecosystems. Every building is known with the subsequent aquatic environments which are Mediterranean, Temperate and Tropical Seas, Oceans, the Antarctic, the Arctic, Islands, as well as the Dolphinarium. The Underwater building and the access building that welcomes visitors stand out spectacular roofs designd by Felix Candela.

Land of Formula 1


Valencia is the third largest city in Spain with a population of approximately one million inhabitants. During the summer-months it is heavily visited by tourists and if you want to spend holidays at the beach with fantastic possibilities for any kind of sports like golf, diving, cycling, tennis. Valencia’s position as one of the most dynamic cities in Spain with a mix of old and new buildings. It’s a great place to hang out and plenty of places to eat. In recent years, important international sports events like the America’s Cup and the Formula 1 Grand Prix are conducted in valencia.

Top 3 things to visit at Valencia


Valencia, the beautiful port city of Spain is one of the most loved holiday destination with fascinating attractions. Valencia is a cocktail of variant beauties such as; home of Spain’s arts and science, historic buildings, old towns, restaurants, cafes and bars along with art galleries. Along with Valencia’s warm weather, you must miss visiting these places in Valencia. Beaches being the main attraction of Valencia, Nova Tabarca is the crown to Valencia’s beaches. Nova Tabarca have dramatic views, amazing coastlines with beach bars, restaurants and clubs. Next to the beaches, you must visit river Turia which is a sight to three beautiful tower bridges that glorifies 15th century styled architectures. Next to these ancient tower bridges you must head to amazing Cathedral de Valencia which is located in Old qaurter of Valencia that represents Roman Empire and Valencia history. These three places are those things you cannot miss at Valenica during your trip.

Spain’s delight: Valencia


Spain is the home of beautiful cities that are enriched in attracting tourists from various parts of the world. Most of the cities in Spain are acknowledged for their touch of modern lifestyle merged with the old and ancient architectures. Most of the cities which are functioning till date were preserved from the old times of the country. One of the beautiful city in Spain is Valencia:the third largest city with versatile qualities to attract tourists. Valencia have exquisite beaches, amazing architectures, vast food markets, enjoyable boat trips, hand-painted ceramic tiles to purchase, peppy nightlife and busy functioning port for enhancing trade. The city touches both the types of climatic conditions such as hot summer and mid-range cold in winters. However, the Mediterranean sea surrounding the region promises a good catch of humidity in the atmosphere throughout the year. Valencia was founded in Roman period 138 B.C which makes it the oldest city in Spain. Valencia offers you to take a look at wide marine living creatures and also land-living organism in their natural habitats. For exploring the marine creatures you must visit L’Oceanogràfi: one of the largest aquarium in Spain and for a peek into land living wild animals you must visit Valencia Bioparc: one of the best zoo park in Spain. Have you ever walked into Orange garden and admired it aroma? In Valencia you can find orange trees grown over the streets which fills the city with aroma of orange. The citrus groves grown near Costa del Azahar is rich in orange trees which made it to gain its nickname ‘Orange Blossom Coast’.