Gentle beauty of Rhodes-Gennadi beach in Rhodes

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Rhodes the beautiful Greek island is one best holiday destination island with lot of attractions, holiday villas and resorts that can make your stay and holidays in Rhodes as ‘BEST!’. Rhodes have great coastline accomplished by amazing beaches and coastal attractions and one such beautiful beach located in south of Rhodes island is the Gennadi beach located in coastal village called Gennadi which is 60 kilometres away from Rhodes town(capital of Rhodes). Gennadi beach is a lengthy, secluded, beautiful beach with compact sandy shore filled with pebbles and they’re really popular for the amazing beach parties held here, which can be said as the best beach parties you’ll find in Rhodes. You can enjoy a lot of swimming in crystalline waters, water sporting with lifeguard services, taverns, cafés and restaurants and also tourists’ amenities like showers, toilets, sun loungers for rent available at the Gennadi beach in Rhodes.

Kathara beach in Rhodes-Perfect beach in Rhodes

Rhodes, the beautiful island of Greece have bunch of attractions to visit and amazing holiday villas in Rhodes to stay and enjoy a great holiday with family & friends. Rhodes have many beaches that suits perfectly for family, kids and adults & Kathara beach is such a beach located 13 kilometres away from Rhodes Town, capital of Rhodes. You can reach the Kathara beach by travelling 13 kilometres towards south-east coastline from Rhodes town and can also find famous destination of Rhodes called Faliraki nearby the Kathara beach in Rhodes island. You’ll find Kathara beach beautiful with stretching sandy shore, crystalline waters(since, ‘Kathara’ means ‘clean’ in Greece) and also shallow which is surrounded by hard rock cliffs forming natural pools suitable for children. You can find all the tourists’ amenities nearby the Kathara beach, though located near the famous Faliraki, the Kathara beach doesn’t gets crowded much and remains a tranquil but beautiful, tourist amenities filled beach suitable for all who visits in the island of Rhodes.

Visit ‘Rhodes Church of Annunciation’ in Rhodes

Rhodes, the Greek island have many beautiful attractions and you can also find amazing holiday villas and holiday resorts in Rhodes, which let you to enjoy a perfect holidaying with your family, kids and friends in Rhodes. One of the beautiful architecture and holy place to visit in Rhodes town is the popular ‘Rhodes Church of Annunciation’ in Rhodes. When you’re in Rhodes Town, capital of Rhodes island you can reach ‘Rhodes Church of Annunciation’ by just traveling from 2-3 kilometres from the city centre. The Rhodes Church of Annunciation was built during 1920s and it’s built in the way of being adjacent to the great historical landmark and architecture Palace of Grand Master in Rhodes. Rhodes Church of Annunciation looks so beautiful with medieval touch and stands out as one of the best example of medieval gothic architecture in Rhodes.

Street of the Knights of Rhodes-Most admired medieval attraction in ‘Old Town’ of Rhodes

Rhodes island have infinite natural beauty put as one and you can also find amazing holiday villas in Rhodes, which altogether let you enjoy a great holidaying in Rhodes. When you’re in Rhodes, you shall visit the ‘Old Town of Rhodes’ definitely and there hides important and historically rich landmarks which you must not miss in Rhodes. One such beautiful part of ‘Old Town of Rhodes‘ is the popular ‘Street of the Knights of Rhodes’. A visit to ‘Old Town of Rhodes’ get interesting when you take guided tours, since, you’ll able to get connected more when you were explained the details. The Street of the Knights of Rhodes which runs for about 600 metre long is an beautiful, most-medieval cobble paved street that leads to the Palace of Grand Masters‘ from the central square of the ‘Old Town of Rhodes’. The ‘Street of the Knights of Rhodes’ belongs to 16th century and represents the 7 continents, countries, and rulers from the statues, sculptures which is spread across the street. ‘Street of the Knights of Rhodes’ highlights the medieval times of Rhodes’ architecture and history to present times and remains as one of the best part to look and admire till date in ‘Old Town of Rhodes’.

Rhodes Pefki beach-Good secluded beach with amenities in Rhodes

Rhodes, the largest Dodecanese Greek island is definitely a large pull of tourists towards Greece to enjoy holidaying with beautiful attractions across the Rhodes island and the sophisticated services with picturesque, luxurious ambience in holiday villas, beachfront villas in Rhodes which enhances your holiday at Rhodes. You have many beautiful beaches spread across the Rhodes island and one such beach spotted at the south-east coastline of Rhodes is the Pefki beach, a neat & calm beach in Rhodes. You can reach Pefki beach by traveling 50 kilometres towards south-east coastline from Rhodes town, main town of the island. Pefki beach is secluded and beautiful with soft sand, turquoise crystalline water and pebble-filled shoreline with narrow paths. You can find all the amenities to spend a perfect beach day and beach holidaying in Pefki, as you can find taverns with beachfront views, shops to rent umbrellas & sunbeds, snack bars, cafés, beach bars, restaurants with fresh seafood delicacies and also holiday beachfront villas with spectacular services. If you’re looking for a calm & secluded beach holiday in Rhodes, do visit the Pefki beach in Rhodes.

Palace of Grand Masters in Rhodes-Must visit this medieval beauty in Rhodes

 Palace of Grand Masters-Rhodes
Palace of Grand Masters in Rhodes

Rhodes, the beautiful Greek island have lots of attractions to visit and amazing holiday villas to stay and enjoy a great holiday in Rhodes with family and friends. Though Rhodes island have many beautiful beaches to relax and vibe, there are old town treasure like castles, streets, architectures which are perfectly preserved to convey the rich cultural history of Greece’s Rhodes time by time and generations by generations. One such beautiful place to visit in Old Town of Rhodes is the famous Palace of Grand Masters in Rhodes. You can find the Palace of Grand Masters in Rhodes at the end of popular ‘Street of the Knights’ in Rhodes’ Old town. Palace of Grand Masters in Rhodes is a beautiful architecture belonging to 14th century and a classic display of medieval times. Despite of being residence to Governor(in Medieval times), the Palace of Grand Masters in Rhodes was initially started construction as a dedicated temple to Sun God(Helios). Palace of Grand Masters have massive 158 rooms in total but only 24 are open to public and visitors. But, each of the 24 rooms will amaze you by the antique furnitures, sculptures, carpets, colored marbles, and classified rooms such as waiting room, ballroom for dance, music room for music, reception hall along with the magnificent Medusa mosaic. You must definitely visit Palace of Grand Masters in Rhodes: if you’re interested in exploring the ancient architectures of Rhodes, if you’re interested about ‘Old Town/Old Palaces’, and if you’re in Rhodes island, because, the ‘Palace of Grand Masters’ is one iconic attraction in Rhodes.

Akti Miaouli beach in Rhodes City-Most perfect urban beach in Rhodes island

Rhodes beach
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Rhodes island in Greece is one of the best holidaying destination as it’s acknowledged as one of the natural resort island in Greece that attracts and accommodate thousands of tourists throughout the year. Rhodes island have many beaches whereas few of them are exquisite in all aspects and one among them is the Akti Miaouli beach in the northern-most coastline of Rhodes. Being located just 3 kilometres away from Rhodes City-Capital of Rhodes, the Akti Miaouli in Rhodes have the aspects to enjoy a beach day and at the same time a good beach holiday by accommodating in the beachfront villas with adorable views and round the clock services. Akti Miaouli beach looks so beautiful with turquoise crystalline water and grey pebble shore also being sandy at times. You have plenty of restaurants, hotels, cafés, beach bars, shops to rent umbrellas & sunbeds, and also changing rooms, showers, toilets available at the Akti Miaouli beach in Rhodes; which makes it one of the complete and perfect urban beach in Rhodes city and also in the entire Rhodes island. Since, the Akti Miaouli beach is located very close to the capital of Rhodes island you can find many holiday villas, luxury hotels, resorts, beachfront resorts & beachfront villas near the Akti Miaouli beach in Rhodes.

Beautiful medieval attraction in Rhodes-Agios Fanourios(St. Fanourios) chapel in Rhodes

Rhodes, the Greek island have many beautiful attracting destinations whereas you can also find amazing holiday villas and holiday resorts in Rhodes, which makes you to enjoy a perfect holidaying in Rhodes island with your family, kids and friends. One of the subtle beauty you’ll notice in Rhodes island is the destinations, churches & old town with medieval and ancient influence that tell the rich, cultural history of Rhodes. One such historically rich attraction which is located just 5 kilometres away and north from the Rhodes’ main city is the Church Agios Fanourios (a.k.a) St. Fanourios. The streets in which Church Agios Fanourios(St. Fanourios) is located, the appearance of the church, the interior architecture and everything your eyes see and heart feel will have a beautiful connection to medieval times of the Rhodes island in a gentle way. According to the archaeological found, Agios Fanourios(St. Fanourios) chapel belongs to 13th century and you’ll feel it definitely while you enter inside the chapel. If you want to feel the rich medieval history and picturesque ‘old town’ ambience in Rhodes island, then Church Agios Fanourios(St. Fanourios) is one of the best and easy access destination in Rhodes.

Beautiful Kolymbia(Kolympia) beach in Rhodes island

Rhodes, the beautiful Greek island is one of the most loved island of Greece, which welcome thousands of tourists/travelers throughout the year with indefinite beauty. One of the foremost reason that makes people to flock to Rhodes is the amazing beaches present and found in Rhodes island. One such beautiful beach to plan your perfect beach day in Rhodes is the Kolymbia beach located in the east coastline of Rhodes island. You can reach the Kolymbia(Kolympia) beach by traveling nearly 25 kilometres towards Kolympia coastal village on the east coast from the main city of Rhodes island. One of the big and beautiful asset of Kolympia beach and village is the refreshing, amazing holiday villas, beachfront villas, hotels with exquisite views, full-fledged services in Rhodes are found here and you can definitely prefer one. Kolymbia beach is one of the best beach in Rhodes to experience the dramatic views along with excellent climate, ambience, swimming, sunbath, and many water sports with lifeguard services & especially, suits well to kids. You shall also find seafood restaurants, cafés, beach bars and the amenities like showers, toilets, shops to rents sunlougers(umbrellas & sunbeds as well), parking and easily available transport services. Kolymbia beach is surrounded by eucalyptus avenue and you can feel the fresh aroma in the air and have shallow waters and also clean gravel-sand beach for nearly 2 kilometres. You can also find a open sandy bay at the southern part of Kolymbia beach, due to the presence of huge rock cliffs bordering it comfortably. You can also find a popular village with amazing beach & amusement park in Rhodes near the Kolymbia village called the Faliraki village. Kolymbia beach must be definitely be in your ‘Must-To-Do’ list, when you travel for holidaying in Rhodes.

Kritinia Castle in Rhodes

Rhodes, the iconic Greek island is one of the best holidaying destination with beautiful attractions and welcomes many tourists from various parts across the world. When you’re in Rhodes island, your holidaying is incomplete without few beaches, popular castles, old towns and Kritinia Castle is definitely one such destination to visit in Rhodes. Kritinia Castle(Locals say ‘Kastello’) is a old Venetian castle which belongs to the 16th century and built dramatically on a hill in Kritinia, a village located on the western coastal line of Rhodes.. Kritinia Castle on the hill is nearly 131 metres above the sea level and you can enjoy the most exciting panoramic views of the Aegean sea from here. You can fins few protected rooms, Saint John chapel and amazing 16th century wall paintings inside of the Kritinia Castle in Rhodes. To know more about the rich history and stories of Kritinia Castle, you can take guided tours from the entrance of the castle. You can reach Kritinia Castle by traveling nearly 49 kilometres towards Kritinia village from the Rhodes city, a main city in Rhodes island. Though, the traveling time is consumed, your visit to Kritinia Castle will definitely worth your time, when you’re in Rhodes.