Rhodes in December

December is the perfect time of the year to get away. With holiday excitement in the air, it can be hard to resist the temptation to escape for a winter getaway. There are many warm destinations to consider, but one of the most popular places is Rhodes, Greece. Known for being one of the world’s most beautiful islands, Rhodes includes scenic shorelines, dazzling sunsets, whitewashed villages, clear waters, abundant seafood, and beautiful sunsets. The island also offers fantastic shopping, with boutiques mainly in the city of Rhodes. So if you are looking for a way to get out of the cold, Rhodes is a perfect destination.

Rhodes Self-catering accommodation

Rhodes Self-catering accommodation is a great way to enjoy your holiday in the beautiful island of Rhodes, Greece. Self-catering offers a cheaper form of holiday in a nice and cozy villa with a fully equipped kitchen. Catering in a villa is cheaper than doing it in hotel because you can buy ingredients in the nearest supermarket. Furthermore, there are three ways to enjoy your holiday in Rhodes: You can cook your own food everyday – You can cook your own food by preparing it in the villa’s kitchen. There are also supermarkets that are open 7 days out of 7, which make it easy for you to buy ingredients.

Rhodes Holiday Homes

Rhodes Holiday Homes provides a variety of homes for travelers to experience Greece in a more relaxed way. The staff creates a welcoming environment by providing comfortable amenities and a memorable experience for their guests. Starting from the moment a guest arrives, they are treated to a warm greeting and a plate of delicious food, crafted with fresh ingredients from Greece. There are a variety of homes to choose from, including villas, studios, and apartments. Each of these properties is furnished with modern décor and amenities. Guests can relax in the living room or spend leisure time in the outdoor lounge sharing traditional drinks and snacks. Rhodes Holiday Homes also offers excursions to the surrounding islands and the city center of Rhodes.

Rhodes Vacation Rentals

There are many tourist attractions around so you should never be at a loss of activities to do in Rhodes. If you are searching for an stylish but reasonably priced place to stay you should choose the holiday rentals Rhodes. There are numerous places to pick from when it involves Rhodes vacation rentals.Each of these Rhodes vacation rentals have something special to offer whether it be the vistas, the space, old-fashioned charm, contemporary looks, or the pleasure it can give you. The price differs when it comes to the holiday rentals based on the place you decide along with how many bedrooms you will require.Some of the Rhodes vacation rentals are only offered during certain times of the year or book very quickly so it would be wise to make plans well in advance for any that you are keen.

Rhodes Self-Catering Villas

Each of these Rhodes villas has something unique to offer, whether it’s the scenery, atmosphere, traditional charm, modern look, or relaxation it can offer. Vacation rental prices in Greece depend on the location you choose and the number of bedrooms you need.If you like water, you can find it near the sea. Some holiday homes in Rhodes are only available at certain times of the year and can be booked quite early, so it is advisable to make advance arrangements for those interested.There are many things to do while staying in Rhodes self catering rentals. Firstly, you can try water sailing; it is a way to see a whole view of the island. This is the start of the moment of forgetting stressful work and enjoys more relaxing leisure.

Rhodes Holiday Rentals

There are many holiday accommodation choices available in in Rhodes, Greece. Whether it is a villa or an apartment,you can easily book the accommodation you want at an affordable price. Your stay in holiday accommodation in Rhodes will fit all your needs within your budget. Rhodes has a wide range of vacation rental options, from modern to traditional, so it’s easy to find any type of Rhodes vacation rental to suit your tastes and needs. There are many modern villas and apartments that offer a relaxed atmosphere and make you feel comfortable during your vacation.

Agios Nikolaos Fountoukli of Rhodes – Beautiful Byzantine chapel in Rhodes

Rhodes island of Greece is undoubtedly the most popular holidaying island of Greece which welcomes thousands and thousands of tourists from various parts across the world, throughout the year. One of the small but beautiful church to visit in Rhodes island is Agios Nikolaos Fountoukli, a Greek orthodox church which is located 38 kilometre south to Rhodes town(main town of Rhodes island). Rhodes island consists of many beautiful historical landmarks & architectures and Agios Nikolaos Fountoukli is such a notable historical chapel to visit and admire in this Greek island. Agios Nikolaos Fountoukli was built during 15th century and it’s one among the best example of Byzantine chapel in Rhodes with four-cone building architectural style & well-preserved frescoes show. Being surrounded by lush green ambience and located near Profitis Ilias(3rd highest peak of Rhodes), the Agios Nikolaos Fountoukli is beautiful to look & admire from both inside and outside & do take guided tours which is a iconic tourists’ attraction that shouldn’t be missed, when holidaying in Rhodes.

Mandomata Beach of Rhodes – Popular naturist beach on Rhodes’ east coast

Rhodes, the extra-ordinary holiday island of Greece has a never-ending charm that attracts people to soak in pleasure, relax and enjoy their holidays with family/friends in this Greek island which is also popular & largest among popular Dodecanese islands of Greece. One of the best way to enjoy Rhodes at fullest is choosing the holiday villas, beachfront villas in Rhodes to stay during holidays, since, they’re affordable, luxurious, set in picturesque ambience, provide round the clock services and can guide you during your entire ‘Rhodes Holidays’. People who prefer more privacy with family/friends and luxurious services can choose the villas in Rhodes with private pool, which’ll never interrupt your privacy during your stay at any cause and can use the pool anytime and enjoy more specified services than other villas in Rhodes. One of the beautiful, naturist/nudist beach in Rhodes with tourists’ amenities and shall be enjoyed a ‘beach day’ is Mandomata Beach, a popular and safe naturist beach on the east coastline of Rhodes island. From Rhodes town(capital of Rhodes) you shall reach Mandomata Beach by travelling 14 kilometre on the east coast, following the directions. With deep-blue pristine waters, pebble+sandy coastline being surrounded by rock cliffs and hills, the Mandomata Beach of Rhodes is more like a secluded bay than a beach and it’s picturesque as well as peaceful ambience is one of the foremost reason for both locals and tourists of Rhodes to love and visit this beach again & again. Mandomata Beach possess shallow waters and gentle waves which favor ‘perfect’ swimming conditions and snorkeling is one of the favorite activity of this beach in Rhodes. Though, a naturist beach, you won’t feel any lack of tourists’ amenities in Mandomata Beach, because, the beach possess a excellent range of series of cafés, restaurants, taverns serving delicious food & drinks and there is also beach bars to sit back and rejoice your ‘beach day’ in Rhodes. There are also showers, toilets and shops to rent sun beds and umbrellas for the convenience of visitors who arrive here. If you’re a naturist (or) a nature admirer (or) also looking for a beautiful beach with moderate crowd and good conditions and tourists’ amenities, then you shouldn’t miss Mandomata Beach of Rhodes.

Colossus of Rhodes – One among the seven wonders of ancient world, located in Rhodes

Rhodes, the exquisite Greek island possess a lot of attractions and extra-ordinary ‘holiday’ ambience that draws tourists from various parts across the world and let them enjoy amazing holidays with family/friends. One of the most iconic and historical landmark of Rhodes which you shall definitely visit is Colossus of Rhodes, a statue of the Greek sun-god Helios which was sculpted and erected by Chares of Lindos during 282 BC in Rhodes’ north-most tip coastline. From the main centre of Rhodes town(capital of Rhodes island) you shall reach ‘Colossus of Rhodes’ by travelling 3.5 kilometre towards northern tip, following the directions. Do you know? Being constructed during 282 BC and about 108 feet high, the ‘Colossus of Rhodes’ is one among the Seven Wonders of Ancient World for possessing rich architectural and historical values and also been standing strong and majestic during all these centuries though it faced a collapse during 226 BC. If you’re in Rhodes island (or) Rhodes town do visit ‘Colossus of Rhodes’, admire and click pictures at this iconic historical as well as popular tourists’ spot. Because, your holidaying in Rhodes is definitely ‘incomplete’ without a visit to ruins of ‘Colossus of Rhodes’.

Castle of Asklipio (Asklepieion), a medieval fort from 15th century in Rhodes

Rhodes island of Greece is spectacular holidaying Greek island surrounded by Aegean sea and possess a lot of attractions to visit and enjoy holidays; Rhodes will give joy to people of all ages and offers it’s best to every tourists who steps in, from various nations across the world. If you’re bored out of beaches and wish to explore popular, historical landmarks in Rhodes then you shall visit Castle of Asklipio (Asklepieion), a medieval fort built during 15th century in Rhodes. From Rhodes town(capital of Rhodes) you shall reach Castle of Asklepieion by travelling 60 kilometre towards south, following the directions. With stone-built castle, two massive towers, Castle of Asklepieion was built during Byzantine period(during the time of the Knights) and was more like a defense tower to protect surrounding villages during medieval centuries. Nothing to look more than castle ruins, but the verdurous and picturesque surrounding and the overlooking Rhodes’ villages in south and offering spectacular panoramic views of them, makes the visit to Castle of Asklipio ‘worthwhile’, when in Rhodes. If you want to look a medieval built castle and spend some time in a peaceful ambience which keeps you away from ‘busy reality’, then do visit this castle in Rhodes.