Alcudia Holiday Activities

If you are looking for a great family trip, come to Alcudia! A popular destination on the Spanish Mediterranean island of Mallorca, there are plenty of family-friendly activities and vacation villas. Imagine warm, shallow water in a beautiful shore that is safer for kids. Seven Mile Beach has a gentle slope overlooking the beautiful white sand and the sea. Alternatively, you can lie on the beach and sunbathe. Various water sports such as fishing, diving, surfing, kayaking and water skiing also available. Sail to a nearby island in a glass bottom boat or catamaran and enjoy warm sun and great holiday atmosphere that will be memorable.

The Irish Tavern of Alcudia – Iconic Irish pub to visit and enjoy drinks and food in Alcudia, Spain

Alcudia, a beautiful holidaying city of Majorca(Mallarco) island of Spain attracts tourists throughout the year with picturesque and natural ‘resort town’ ambience which gives the much needed peace, joy and relaxation craved during holidays. One of the popular and authentic tavern to visit, enjoy during ‘Alcudia holidays’ is The Irish Tavern, a iconic Irish pub in Alcudia of Majorca island of Spain. From Alcudia’s main city centre, you shall reach The Irish Tavern by travelling 2 kilometre towards south-coastline, following the directions. With beautiful ‘old town’ pub look accompanied with authentic ‘Irish’ pub ambience and sea-breeze, ‘The Irish Tavern’ is one of the classic pub that serves drinks(both alcoholic & non-alcoholic) and delicious dishes made with traditional authentic Spanish and Irish cuisines, makes this tavern a favorite classic Irish pub and a popular attraction for both tourists & locals of Alcudia. The Irish Tavern is one of the best place in Alcudia to meet the authentic taste of drinks and food & to spend leisure time along with family/friends during the holidays in Alcudia.

Alcudia’s Cala Pi de la Posada – Hidden gem on Majorca’s coastline

Alcudia, the beautiful town in Spain’s Majorca(Mallorca) is one of the popular holidaying destination that satisfies and spreads joy to everyone who visits to enjoy their holidays with family/friends. One of the most tranquil and a hidden gem on Majorca’s coastline & located near Alcudia is Cala Pi de la Posada, a unspoilt natural cove in Majorca’s east most coastline. From Alcudia’s main town centre you shall reach Cala Pi de la Posada by travelling 18 kilometre towards north-east coastline of Marjorca island, following the directions. Cala Pi de la Posada is picturesque; possess gentle, deep-blue waters, a mixture of sandy and pebbled shore surrounded by rocks and rock cliffs providing secluded ambience and natural shades for people who arrives here to enjoy beach day in Alcudia. You can enjoy a lot of swimming and a bit of snorkeling in Cala Pi de la Posada and there are very limited amenities like shops to rent umbrellas & sunbeds as well as restaurant and parking. Though, it’s a tranquil beach/cove, the Cala Pi de la Posada is suitable for family and a must visit beach for people who loves nature and natural scenery, while holidaying in Alcudia.

Platja des Coll Baix of Alcudia – Secluded beauty and strictly for adventure and nature lovers in Alcudia, Spain

Alcudia, an exquisite town located in Majorca(Mallorca) island of Spain is filled with so many attractions and it’s capable enough to spread joy and happiness to people/tourists who’re arriving with family/friends to spend their holidays in Alcudia. One of the hidden gem of Alcudia as well as Majorca island which is half-suitable for family and kids, but a wonderful choice for people who loves adventure and nature, while holidaying in Alcudia is Platja des Coll Baix, a secluded pebble beach (or) a cove in Alcudia’s coastline. From Alcudia’s main city centre, you can reach the path to Platja des Coll Baix by travelling 8 kilometre towards east, and then you can either hike(which takes 30 minutes) and walk down steeps to the beach (or) sail on boats to get here. Since, the access isn’t easy, Platja des Coll Baix is more private and less-crowded beach but possess deep-blue pristine waters with pebble-filled shore. Due to it’s unspoilt ambience, Platja des Coll Baix lacks any kind of tourists’ amenities and you should be carrying/backpacking food, water, drinks and other needs of yours, before arriving here in Alcudia. If you decide to hike, do wear proper shoes, since, the path can be difficult sometimes. If you wished to enjoy a beach day in Alcudia which is completely surrounded by nature, picturesque views and less-crowd, then you should definitely backpack and get yourselves to Platja des Coll Baix of Alcudia.

Shamrock Irish Pub Alcudia – Feel & Taste Irish in Spanish island

Shamrock Irish Pub Alcudia

Alcudia, a main town in spectacular Majorca(Mallorca) island of Spain welcomes tourists from various parts across the world, throughout the year. One of the good destination(pub) to visit and enjoy your evening/night at Alcudia town is Shamrock Irish Pub Alcudia, a authentic and popular Irish pub of Alcudia. From the main centre of Alcudia’s town, you can reach Shamrock Irish Pub Alcudia by travelling just 2 kilometre, following the directions. is favorite for both tourists and locals of Alcudia, since, the pub and ambience is ideal which let you feel at home and serves exquisite drinks of Ireland and also delicious Irish styled cuisines and ‘To feel Irish in a Spanish island’ is what makes the pub unique and beautiful in Alcudia. With live music, table football, darts, amazing cocktails, a balcony to relax and vibe, Shamrock Irish Pub Alcudia is definitely a famous tourists’ attraction that you shouldn’t miss in Alcudia.

Platja Es Morer Vermell of Alcudia – Secluded but spectacular beach to visit in Alcudia

Alcudia city is undoubtedly a fantastic holidaying city located in Majorca island of Spain with interesting attractions and perfect luxury holiday villas with round the clcok services and that’s why people fly to Alcudia with family/friends to enjoy their holidays. A beautiful, naturally unspoilt beach which is located just 1.5 kilometre away and north to Alcudia’s main city centre & shall be definitely visited while holidaying in Alcudia city is Platja Es Morer Vermell, a secluded beach which appears like a secluded bay. Platja Es Morer Vermell is surrounded by lush green ambience which is caused by lot of trees and offers spectacular views to Tramuntana mountains on the peninsula of Formentor. With turquoise crystalline shallow waters and white sandy shore, the Platja Es Morer Vermell of Alcudia is definitely family-friendly. suitable for all ages but it lacks tourists’ amenities. Since, Platja Es Morer Vermell is a tranquil beach, you shall arrive after backpacking food, water, drinks, umbrellas, towels, and your other basic needs, but you can find a mini-market Petit Mercat where you can get drinks and snacks, and you have to walk nearly 150 metre from the beach. Though, lacks tourists’ facilities, people love to visit Platja Es Morer Vermell, because of the unspoilt nature, less-crowded, picturesque and calm ambience it possess and that’s why! We recommend you not to miss this, when in Alcudia.

Playa de Muro beach in Alcudia – Blue-flagged beach in Alcudia

Alcudia, the amazing holidaying city and a major town in Spain’s Majorca island possess a lot of attractions, luxury holiday villas and that’s why people love to spend their holidays in Alcudia with family/friends. A beautiful beach to visit and enjoy in Alcudia is Platja de Muro, a perfect ‘Blue Flagged’ beach of Mallorca(Majorca) island which is located just 6.5 kilometre away and south to Alcudia’s main city centre. Platja de Muro is very long(6 kilometre approx), fine white sandy(some parts have ‘gold sand’) beach with calm, turquoise, pristine and shallow waters with lots of cafés, seafront restaurants, bars, beach clubs and sunbeds, sun loungers & parasols available for rent near by and also showers, lifeguard services, and toilets for the comfort of tourists, families and kids who visits the beach, thus people call ‘Playa de Muro beach’ as perfect beach for families in Alcudia, as well as Majorca(Mallorca). You can enjoy a lot of watersport activities like diving, scuba diving, hiking, jet-skiing, parasailing in Platja de Muro in Alcudia. Platja de Muro is very long and it’s divided in to four sectors and each sector have own beautiful attractions nearby and also make it as ‘beautiful beach day’ for you and your bunch, while holidaying in Alcudia.

S’Illot beach in Alcudia – Must visit ‘unspoilt beauty’ in Alcudia

Alcudia of Majorca island in Spain is one of popular holiday coastal town in Spain and always recognized as a ‘dream holiday destination’ and ‘perfect coastal town for holidaying in ‘world of tourism’. The amazing holiday resorts, holiday villas and beachfront villas in Alcudia to stay with comfort and privacy along with sizzling attractions to visit and enjoy in Alcudia, makes it a adorable holiday town in Spain. If you’re looking for a unspoilt natural beach that make you feel wild and adventurous, while holidaying in Alcudia, then you must definitely visit to S’Illot, a pebble and secluded beach located less than 5 kilometre away and north-east to Alcudia’s main city centre and it’s one of the beauty that lies in Victoria peninsula of Alcudia. With crystalline water touching pebble-bed, rocky coastline and surrounded by mountainous pine groves and small rocky coves, the “S’Illot beach” is definitely a hidden-gem and a beach which is more like a large cove that possess unspoilt natural beauty in Alcudia. You’ve limited amenities such as showers, toilets, couple of cafés and restaurants nearby but do backpack drinks & food, because they aren’t available sometimes, based on seasons. Along with swimming in turquoise water, you can also enjoy a lot of Snorkeling in S’Illot beach of Alcudia.

The Challenge Mallorca of Alcudia – Holidaying experience you can’t miss in Alcudia

Alcudia, a beautiful coastal town located in Majorca island of Spain have alluring attractions and you can also find amazing holiday resorts, villas in Alcudia which will let you enjoy a great holidaying with friends and family. Holidaying activities (or) experience in Alcudia includes the exploring of caves, sea caves, kayaking, snorkeling, and many and no holidaying in such a beautiful coastal town like Alcudia (or) impressive island like Mallorca is ‘incomplete’ without these. There are many tour agencies, tour operators in Alcudia to take you on guided/organized tours with your family & friends when you’re holidaying in Alcudia and the best, popular tour operator with great reviews from customer and also a promising fun-filled holiday activity in Alcudia is ‘The Challenge Mallorca‘, a multi-adventure tour organizer located just 2 kilometre away and north to Alcudia’s main town. With approximate duration of 3 hours, ‘The Challenge Mallorca’ takes you on guided tours and offers the great adventure in Alcudia through kayaking, jeeps, cliff jumping, sunken treasure, snorkel, marine caves and picnic with utmost safety and comfort, when you’re holidaying in Alcudia.

Cap de Bou beach of Alcudia – Warm waters beach day in Alcudia

If you’re looking for a secluded beach day, when you’re holidaying in Alcudia, then you shall definitely visit Platja de Can Cap de Bou of Alcudia. From Alcudia’s main city centre, you shall reach Platja de Can Cap de Bou by travelling 7 kilometre in west coastline, following the directions. With warm waters, rocky and sandy stretching beach, Platja de Can Cap de Bou being surrounded by hills and looking like a secluded bay (or) cove of Alcudia, you can’t disagree that the beach isn’t a picturesque beach of Alcudia, Spain. Though secluded and tranquil, Platja de Can Cap de Bou(Cap de Bou beach) have managed to provide the basic tourists amenities like restaurants, cafés, umbrellas & sun loungers for rent available near by. But, if there is no season, you can’t find any amenities and you must’ve arrived after back packing basic needs like food & drink, when you visit Cap de Bou beach of Alcudia, to enjoy a secluded, calm beach day in Alcudia. Alcudia in Majorca island of Spain assures to be a good holidaying destination with lots of amazing holiday resorts, holiday villas in Alcudia and beachfront villas which will let you enjoy a great holidaying with friends and family in Alcudia.