Rome – Galleria Borghese

A really important art museum in Rome, worth visiting would be the Galleria Borghese. Located in the Borghese Villa Complex is now open for public visits and contains a myriad of fine sculptures, paintings, and curious antiques. The impressive building has many stone statues and decorations from an impressive architecture approach, which is worth visiting on its own.

Rome – Trevi Fountain

The Trevi fountain definitely takes place as one of the most magnificent mountains you could ever see. Constructed back in 1762 by the genius Nicola Slavi, the fountain has been built to pay tribute to Oceanus, an ancient Roman god, who could be spotted at the top of the fountain riding his chariot. The simply wonderful details on the landmark make it even more exciting to explore.

Rome – Driving the City in a Retro Fiat 500

Drive around the city in the retro fiat 500, visiting locations by your choice. The local guide that could drive you around will be well acquainted with all of the fun places to visit in Rome and make this experience the best it could possibly be. For an approachable price, explore the ancient city of Rome in a stylish lovely Fiat making this experience unforgettable.

Rome – Trastevere

Located south of Vatican City, we strongly recommend visiting Trastevere, as there you will find experts and travelers. Filled with shops, restaurants, and bars, Trastevere is the home neighborhood of Santa Maria which makes it unique even more. Magnificent cobblestone streets and charming narrow roads is just a part of this neighborhood’s beauty.

Rome – Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza

If you’re looking for one of Rome’s main attractions you should absolutely visit Sant’Ivo Alla Sapienza. Both artists and architects working on this magnificent palace of culture learned mainly on the colors and visual impression. Get more familiar with Rome’s culture by visiting this breathtaking church filled with stunning daylight in a specific way. No guides included, you could just simply enter, find a place to seat and take it all in. 

Rome – Piazza Navona

One of the most famous public sites in Rome is the magnificent oval-shaped Piazza Navona. Along with the restaurants aligned with the main route, you will be able to experience a full day of exploration. Down the street, you can make your way toward the Via Della Pace which is a frequently visited church that you can’t miss. Feel free to wander around the city highlights with your family and friends.

Rome – Santa Maria della Concezione Crypts

If you’re looking for an unusual adventure during your stay in Rome, you should definitely pay the Santa Maria Della Concezione Crypts a visit. Join the other group of tourists under the streets of Rome and explore the hidden overlocked places and witness adventures other tourists rarely experience – filled with intrigue, strange and magical. Enjoy the other side of Rome while being amazed by things you never had the chance to see before.

Rome – Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Tour

Enhance your experience in Rome by traveling around the city’s landmarks in a fancy double-decker bus. You will have the chance to visit remarkable locations, such as Vatican City and the Coliseum. The ticket could include entrance to Vatican city or the coliseum for an extra price, but commonly it only involves the bus ride service. Visit the worldwide famous locations situated in Rome, traveling at the most stylish bus you have ever been on.

Kids Friendly Attractions in Rome

Rome is one of the top tourist attractions in the World. Millions travel to Rome every year to enjoy the ancient historical places. Many parents worry what is there to kids to see in Rome. Rome has some very good kids friendly attractions to spend your day out. Places like Ecplora IL Museo Dei Bambini Di Roma, Bioparco di Roma, La Casina di Raffaello, Museo Civico di Zoologia, Mouth of Truth, Teatro Mongiovino, Cinecitta World and Luneur Park are some of the popular kids friendly attractions in Rome. These places offer kids play area and other kids activities to keep the kids entertained all through the day. So go out with your kids in Rome to explore and entertained.

Rome – Spanish Steps

Climb the Spanish Steps located in the Piazza di Spagna where 135 steps were constructed in 1725 and tourists from all over the world come to conquer. At the top of the steps, you will find a large crucifix obelisk and many inscriptions carved into the stone. At the bottom of the steps, you can sit and relax in the many cafes and restaurants targeting tourists just like you!