Ibiza Beachfront Villas


Ibiza is one of the most famous family holiday spots in Europe for folks would like to stay in beachfront holiday villas with swimming pools. It is one of the top Spanish locations for a huge number of travellers and tourists come back here for every year.Ibiza is also identified as the White Island and it is known as the most amazing of the three Balearic islands. Ibiza beachfront villas can be a perfect alternative to hotel accommodation if you have a young family.Lots of beachfront villas have a wealth of facilities with the excellent ambiance and you can own all the luxuries of home in a great holiday setting.Many travelers go to Ibiza on vacation and stay in the ibiza beachfront villas, they make use of these to enjoy the local culture, night life and cuisine.

Self Catering Apartments Ibiza

One of the most preferred choices for tourists in Ibiza is to book a self-catering apartment. Self-catering offers you the convenience to create your own vacation away from the limitations of a hotel.Location is very significant in Ibiza and will decide the type of break you will have. If you’re searching for a vibrant party ambiance you should choose for a holiday apartment in one among Ibiza’s party resorts- San Antonio and Playa D’en Bossa are the most favored. For families, self-catering residences in the north and north-east costs of the island will definitely be more appropriate. Santa Eulalia and Es Cana are sought after resorts for travelers with families in Ibiza.Ibiza apartments actually can range from the very standard to the deluxe end of the market. Cost will be the main indicator of what you can expect in terms of amenities, furnishings and privacy.

Holiday Rentals in Ibiza

Ibiza is located in the Balearic Islands, about 100 km east of the Spanish city of Valencia. Ibiza is the perfect vacation island and if tourists want to sunbathe at a bargain price within a few hours from UK, Ibiza will win. The most popular resorts of San Antonio, Cala llonga, St Eulalia, Es Cana, Portinatx, and Cala d’en Bossaa are lively islands that attract the most visitors in summer. Ibiza offers a variety of villas and apartments with a swimming pool, ideal for couples and families on vacation. The large villa can accommodate groups of friends for chicken parties and large wedding guests.

Ibiza Beachfront Villas

Are you looking for a vacation the whole family can enjoy together? Imagine the sunny island of Ibiza. Here you can rent beautiful villas in Spain. Whether you want to rent a luxury villa in Ibiza or a beach apartment, there is something for everyone! Ibiza may seem like a “clubbing” or “party” getaway, but there is so much more to this beautiful island if you know where to look. If you have a young family,a beachfront villa can be a “home away from home” and has many advantages over a studio apartment. Many vacation rentals have a variety of amenities, including fully equipped kitchens, washers and dryers, satellite TV, internet access, DVD players, private pools, covered verandas and dining options with outdoor areas such as barbecue areas. All these services allow you to enjoy all the comforts of home in the perfect place for your vacation.

San Antonio Sunset Strip of Ibiza – Amazing seafront stretch with sunset and everything in Ibiza

Ibiza, the beautiful island of Spain surrounded by mesmerizing Mediterranean is one of the vibrant and happening holidaying island with lot of attractions to visit and enjoy along with family/friends. One of the popular tourists’ attraction and a viewpoint on where you should never miss to enjoy the spectacular seafront and sunset views in Ibiza is San Antonio Sunset Strip, a popular seafront on Ibiza’s west coastline. From Ibiza’s main town on east coastline, you shall reach San Antonio Sunset Strip by travelling 17 kilometre towards west coastline, following the directions. San Antonio Sunset Strip of Ibiza is ‘one of the most scenic spot’ and a bustling seafront stretch which is filled with excellent series of cafés, seafront bars with music(sometimes live music!) and offers ‘one of the most beautiful and dramatic sunset’ of Ibiza which is a delight to sit back & admire. Do visit San Antonio Sunset Strip in Ibiza which is safe, picturesque, easily accessible, highly popular, suitable for all ages and filled with amenities to sit back and relax while you watch the sky glittering like ‘gold’ during the evenings and do remember that, “No holiday in Ibiza is complete without visiting and clicking pictures at San Antonio Sunset Strip of Ibiza”.

Cala Gració of Ibiza – Small but beautiful gem on Ibiza’s west coastline

Ibiza, the extra-ordinary holiday island of Spain surrounded by mesmerizing Mediterranean possess picturesque attractions, vibrant nightlife and interesting holidaying activity which let tourists to enjoy their holidays with pleasure accompanied by family/friends. One of the small yet beautiful beach to visit in Ibiza is Cala Gració, a natural gem found on west coastline of Ibiza island. From Ibiza’s main town on east coast, you shall reach Cala Gració by travelling 19 kilometre towards west coastline, following the directions. Though small, Cala Gració of Ibiza consists of many good factors which will make your ‘beach day’ worthy, when you visit here. With deep-blue crystalline waters producing gentle waves and being shallow is the foremost reason for both kids and adults to swim a lot and enjoy in Cala Gració and a little sandy beach surrounded by rock cliffs and also extending as rocky coastline, naturally makes it secluded and unique in Ibiza. Not only swimming, Cala Gració favor a lot of water sport activities to involve and enjoy & being accessible to disabled makes it ‘favorite’ for both tourists and people of Ibiza. Cala Gració is definitely ‘family friendly’ and the availability of few seafront café, restaurants and beach bar promises a relaxing ‘beach day’ to you and your people, while holidaying in Ibiza.

Cala Saladeta of Ibiza – Gift of nature on Ibiza island’s west coastline

Ibiza, a spectacular holidaying island of Spain surrounded mesmerizing Mediterranean possess amazing beaches & calas, excellent climate, picturesque ambience and vibrant nightlife that let you enjoy holidays with family/friends. One of the popular beach(cala) to visit and enjoy in Ibiza is Cala Saladeta, a popular tourists’ attraction on Ibiza’s west coastline. From Ibiza’s main town, you shall reach Cala Saladeta by travelling 23 kilometre towards north-west, following the directions. With deep-blue pristine waters and comfortably stretching white sandy beach surrounded by rock cliffs, the Cala Saladeta is one of the picturesque and natural gem you shall found on Ibiza’s coastline and in which you’ll experience a perfect ‘Ibiza beach day’. Due to it’s small size and secluded cove-like ambience, Cala Saladeta possess secluded ambience and which is ideal for people who loves to escape large crowded beaches in Ibiza. You can find only one (or) two restaurants & café near Cala Saladeta and won’t find any more amenities than this, so, better arrive after backpacking your necessities. Though, secluded and lacks amenities, Cala Saladeta is still family-friendly and even it’s tranquility contributes more towards ‘mere-private beach day’ in Ibiza island. Don’t miss the sunsets at Cala Saladeta, which is one of the most picturesque sunsets in Ibiza. If you’re looking for a naturally unspoilt cala to swim and sunbath surrounded by less-crowd and if it’s okay that the cala lacks in tourists’ amenities, then you shouldn’t miss experiencing a beach day at Cala Saladeta of Ibiza.

Candypants Ibiza’s Dinner Disco party starting from June 12,2021(Saturday) – Late night disco party on every Saturday in Ibiza


Ibiza is one among the most popular islands of Spain and it’s also one among Spain’s Balearic islands which are well-known for ‘holidaying’ by consisting a lot of attractions, beaches, viewpoints, historical architectures and landmarks and a vibrant nightlife; Ibiza is a ‘blockbuster’, in all aspects mentioned and that’s why people fly here to spend their holidays. Ibiza is best-known for the vibrant nightlife it possess and here’s a information about ‘Dinner Disco’, a late night party in Ibiza, for you to know, in-case you’re spending your weekend in Ibiza. Candypants organizes a late night party(event) Dinner Disco in STK Steakhouse, Carrer s’Illa Plana, Ibiza, on every Saturday of the week starting from this Saturday(June 12, 2021). From the main city of Ibiza, you can reach STK Steakhouse by travelling 16 kilometre towards south-east coastline of Ibiza, following the directions. Candypants Ibiza’s Dinner Disco party starts at 7pm of June 12,2021(Saturday) and ends at 2am(early morning) of June 13,2021(Saturday). You should pre-book before your arrival to disco party and you can make your reservations at bookings@candypantsglobal.com. If you’re not attending this weekend and saving it to plan on further coming ‘Saturdays’, make sure to contact www.instagram.com/candypantsibiza and confirm about the event/party in Ibiza. With vibrant lights, music, happy disco moves, delicious cuisine and wide range of drinks, Candypants Ibiza’s Dinner Disco is one of the best way to enjoy your Saturday, when in Ibiza.

Platja de ses Figueretes, a perfect tourists’ attraction in Ibiza – Urban beach near Ibiza’s main town

Ibiza of Spain is one of the most visited holidaying island among the Balearic islands of Spain surrounded by Mediterranean which is known for spectacular beaches, rich history & culture and vibrant nightlife, that attracts tourists across the world, throughout the year. A popular beach in Ibiza with urban level development, picturesque views and being located at “the heart of Ibiza’s main town” is Platja de ses Figueretes, a perfect tourists’ attraction in Ibiza. From the Ibiza’s main town, you can reach Platja de ses Figueretes by travelling less than a kilometre, following the directions. With pristine waters and a pretty lengthy sandy shore, Platja de ses Figueretes is a ‘perfect’ beach located in urban ambience and the promenade of Platja de ses Figueretes is filled with many seafront cafés, bars, restaurants, beach clubs, grocery store, hotels, souvenir stores and even travel exchange office, and various shops to meet the needs of people who visits the beach in Ibiza. Platja de ses Figueretes offers the best swimming and sunbathing, you shall experience in Ibiza and do stay up to night when the promenade with series of shops and cafés illuminate the destination with colorful lights and locals of Ibiza performing live music on the seafront street-side(sometimes!). If you’re looking for a quick accessible and urban beach to spend your ‘beach day’ in Ibiza with family/friends, then you shall definitely visit Platja de ses Figueretes in Ibiza.

Cova de Can Marçà in Ibiza – Unique and popular tourists’ attraction in Ibiza

Ibiza island of Spain surrounded by Mediterranean is well known for the exquisite beaches, amazing nightlife and many attractions, because of which people flock to enjoy a vacation with family/friends/newly wed to enjoy their honeymoon in Ibiza. Cova de Can Marçà, a natural preserve and ancient caves is definitely Ibiza’s very own attraction & a popular destination without visiting which your sightseeing in Ibiza island is ‘incomplete’. Cova de Can Marçà is located on the north-west coastline of Ibiza island and you can reach it by travelling 23 kilometre towards north, from the main city centre of Ibiza, Spain. Visiting Cova de Can Marçà is going on tours into ancient caves which was used by smugglers during past centuries with a waterfall, which is now preserved and later become ‘one of the most favorite attraction in Ibiza’ for both tourists and locals. Once you’re in Cova de Can Marca Caves(Cova de Can Marçà), you can enjoy the spectacular views of caves inside with mythical appearance which is definitely an unique holidaying experience in Ibiza and you can also enjoy the views of the bay, with the Murada and Ferradura islands in front, and you have cafeteria inside to sit back, relax and grab some snacks and hot/cool beverages and the a shop. The best part of Cova de Can Marçà is the ‘waterfall show’ which is equipped with lights, sounds and music which sounds along with the natural sounds waves of falling water inside the ancient caves in Ibiza. Do visit Cova de Can Marçà, which is a treasure of Ibiza’s tourism and a ‘perfect’ family-friendly destination which will also amaze anyone who visits, while holidaying in Ibiza.