Lisbon Private Tour

Are you visiting Lisbon and looking for a great alternative to a sightseeing tour? Then A Lisbon Private Tour may be just for you! Whether you want a tour of the city, a wine tasting, or a cooking class, we have you covered! If you’re interested in viewing the sights of Lisbon, we can tailor a tour to suit your interests. While most tours will cover the touristy points of interest, we can also focus on what you want to see. You can choose from a traditional tour and explore the most famous landmarks and most interesting parts of the city including the most popular markets and most intriguing districts.

Why is Lisbon so popular?

One of the reasons why Lisbon is a popular tourist destination is because of the beautiful weather. People love to go to Lisbon during the summer to take advantage of the gorgeous weather. Another reason why people love going to Lisbon is because it is such a welcoming and friendly city. The people who live in Lisbon are incredible and they do such a great job of making visitors feel at home. Another reason why people love going to Lisbon is because of the nostalgic feeling that it has. Lisbon has such a unique history and people love seeing all of the historical landmarks and museums.

Lisbon City Breaks

Lisbon is a beautiful Portuguese city, full of culture and amazing views. There are many places to explore in Lisbon, and it is a city that never gets old. One of the main attractions in the city is the castle up on a hill. It is a great piece of history and it overlooks the entire city. The views from the castle are breathtaking and it is hard to even describe them. It is one of the most amazing views I have ever seen. I would recommend anyone visiting Lisbon to go up to the castle and explore it. It is not overly crowded like most tourist attractions, which makes it very nice.

Lisbon Accommodation

Lisbon is also a happening holiday spot as it boasts a lively and blooming culture, which lures tourists all round the year. Lisbon enjoys a Subtropical – Mediterranean weather, which signifies comfortable winters and sunny summers causing the general temperatures suitable for visiting at any time of the year. On the other hand, it is recommended for visitors to carry an umbrella and a coat at all times.If you want to appreciate this journey of yours, plan to organize your holiday accommodation in one of the best Lisbon apartments even before you get here. If you decide to stay in or near the city centre, you will be right in the middle of things and the excellent transport system will guarantee that you can get to all the places of interest.By deciding to stay in apartment in Lisbon city centre, you will be making sure easy reach to all spots of interest as well as top accommodations in Lisbon.

Basílica da Estrela(Estrela Basilica) of Lisbon – Amazing 18th century church with rich architecture in Lisbon

Lisbon, the fantastic Portuguese city isn’t only Portugal’s capital but a major holiday attraction for many tourists from various parts of the world to arrive and enjoy ‘happy-filled’ holidays with Lisbon’s bunch of holiday factors and attractions, throughout the year. One of the beautiful and iconic Roman Catholic church to visit and admire in Lisbon is Basílica da Estrela(Estrela Basilica) and also addressed as ‘Royal Basilica and Convent of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus’ of Lisbon, Portugal. From the main city centre of Lisbon, you shall reach Royal Basilica and Convent of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus by travelling just 3 kilometre, following the directions. Basílica da Estrela(Estrela Basilica) is a 18th century church built in Lisbon located in a hill with giant dome, a mixture of late baroque and neoclassical architecture, impressive façade, bell towers, and statues of saints, this is one of the most beautiful architecture in Lisbon and the use of grey, pink and yellow marble on the interior works, makes it more picturesque and unique in Lisbon, Portugal. Queen Maria I’s tomb and the popular nativity scene made by sculptor Joaquim Machado de Castro, are two major attractions for tourists to visit Basílica da Estrela(Estrela Basilica) and do take guided tours to enjoy your visit with more knowledge about the rich history, cultural heritage and architectural values, while holidaying in Lisbon.

KidZania of Lisbon – Unique attraction exclusively for kids in Lisbon

Lisbon, the beautiful capital of Portugal with exquisite climate and attractions is one of the most popular holidaying city in Portugal and tourists fly with family/friends to spend their holidays, throughout the year. One of the beautiful attraction for kids an family to visit and enjoy the amusement in Lisbon is KidZania, a popular children amusement centre/park in Portugal’s Lisbon. From the main city centre of Lisbon you shall KidZania by travelling 15.5 kilometre towards north, following the directions. You can call ‘KidZania’ as one of the exclusive destination for kids in Lisbon, because if consists of complete ‘Replica’ of entire city and let kids to enjoy and live inside this ‘little city’ in the way the wish to. There are a lot of activities such as: Desserts and cookery classes for kids, Acting school, an airplane replica, auto repair shop, automobile circuit, bank, beauty parlor/saloon, biscuits factory, climbing, construction, court, disco, hospital, soccer stadium, Qafé bar, video game centre and much more attractions replicated in miniature form. Everything is played and functioned entirely with kids, so, kids can play a lot and be an adult and learn things beautifully in a ‘playful’ way. There is a café and parents room for family to relax and you can enjoy watching your kids living their day at this ‘miniature-replica’ city and ‘KidZania’ is definitely a unique attraction for kids, which you can’t miss while holidaying in Lisbon, Portugal.

Praça do Império(Empire Square) in Lisbon, Portugal – City square with gardens and important monuments of Lisbon

Lisbon, the beautiful capital city of Portugal is one of the most happening holiday city with a bunch of attractions and perfect amenities such as holiday villas, holiday apartments available in Lisbon with round the clock services, let you enjoy amazing holidays with family/friends. One of popular and bustling city square in Lisbon, which you can’t miss is Praça do Império(Empire Square), a 20th century modern architected square in Lisbon. You can reach Praça do Império by travelling 11 kilometre towards east from Lisbon’s main city centre, following the directions. Praça do Império also consists of verdurous gardens with flowers, ponds, statues, paths, and it’s also called as Jardim da Praça do Império in Lisbon. Near Praça do Império you can find few important monuments and landmarks of Lisbon such as: the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos (Hieronymites Monastery) and the Belém Cultural Centre, a major exhibition and concert venue. Do visit Praça do Império, to spend leisure time in a verdurous ambience with urban surroundings, when spending holidays in Lisbon.

Tasca do Chico in Lisbon – Old fashioned restaurant with traditional Fado in Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, the exquisite capital city of Portugal which is rich in terms of historical, traditional, cultural and also in ‘urban’ level development of modern times, is definitely a holiday city of Portugal which you can’t neglect and it let you enjoy your holidays along with family/friends comfortably filled with joy. One of the beautiful attraction of Lisbon city is ‘Fado’, a Portuguese music genre which is traditionally and culturally rich and originated during 1820s from Lisbon of Portugal. How about listening to traditional music of Lisbon as well as Portugal while seated in traditional bar & restaurant with Fado musicians & singers performing live in front of you? Yes! In Lisbon, you can find a beautiful ‘Fado restaurant’ named ‘Tasca do Chico’, a classic Portuguese bar & restaurant which is located 3.5 kilometre away from the main city centre of Lisbon. Tasca do Chico was opened during the year 1993 in Lisbon, by recovering a ‘old tavern’ which is filled with ‘authentic look’ by a lot framed paintings, posters, clippings on the walls and typical ‘old fashioned’ tables and benches which on whole makes ‘Tasca do Chico’ as unique, old-fashioned bar & restaurant with wide range of Portuguese cuisines and drinks in Lisbon of Portugal. Tasca do Chico opens the doors at 7pm in the evening and closes at 2am on all days of the week expect ‘Saturdays’, because, on Saturdays the door won’t close until it’s 3am in the morning. Do visit Tasca do Chico, which is ‘one of the kind’ Fado restaurant with a bar in Lisbon and you shouldn’t miss it, when you’re holidaying in Lisbon.

Luís de Camões Square of Lisbon city – 19th century square with statues, cafés and ‘feel good’ ambience in Lisbon

Lisbon’s popular destination and a rich historical landmark destination(square) to visit is Luís de Camões Square, a 19th century(in the year 1867) built square with a monumental statue of 16th-century epic poet & writer Luis de Camões in Lisbon of Portugal. From Lisbon’s main city centre, you can reach Luís de Camões Square by travelling 3.3 kilometre towards south, following the directions. With old buildings that represent classic architectural styles and both traditional & modern cafés, restaurants lining the promenade, statues of popular and classic Portugal Authors, Poets, and two Baroque churches; Luís de Camões Square is such a lively destination with ‘Portuguese’ness filled completely around and it’s leisure to walk, click pictures, taste some traditional Portuguese refreshments along with your family/friends, while holidaying in Lisbon. Do take guided tours to know the rich historical meeting point for so long, in the city of Lisbon.

Museu de Marinha, a maritime museum in Lisbon – Unique and interesting museum to visit in Lisbon

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal is always in the list of most-loved, most-visited cities of Portugal, since, it possess a great variant of attractions to visit, enjoy and many holidaying activities that gives a great holidaying experience for you and your family/friends in Lisbon. There are amazing holiday villas in Lisbon with full-fledged services, picturesque ambience, a great range of pricing from luxury to economy levels and totally comfortable for people(especially for families who visits Lisbon). One of the interesting museum and popular destination in Portugal to visit in Lisbon is Museu de Marinha, a maritime museum dedicated completely to Lisbon’s history of navigation and the developments it made for both Lisbon and Portugal. Museu de Marinha is nothing but, Navy Museum in English and it was administered by Portuguese Navy and located in Belém of Lisbon. From Lisbon’s main city centre, you can reach Museu de Marinha by travelling 9.4 kilometre, towards south and west, following the directions. Museu de Marinha was inaugurated during 1963 with a great collection of maritime items by King Luis I which began during 1863 and along with these you can look at historical paintings, archaelogical items and models of ships, which was used since 15th century in Portugal and also a wide-range of collections of maps, royal barges and Portuguese Navy’s first aircraft, an FBA Type B flying boat which you can’t miss here. Museu de Marinha of Lisbon is definitely a interesting and unique destination to visit along with your people, while holidaying in Lisbon.