Madeira is on UK “Green Watchlist”

Funchal. Madeira

Madeira, this beautiful Portugal island is one of the most preferred destinations for UK visitors. The sunshine, beaches and lot of fun activities makes Madeira a perfect holiday destination. It is located 3 hour flight from UK and most airlines are going there. As of today Madeira is on UK “Green Watchlist”. If you want to visit Madeira now then you need to follow “Green Watchlist” protocol that is mentioned in “” website. Follow the protocols and enjoy a safer holiday in Madeira.

Museu Quinta das Cruzes of Madeira – Interesting decorative art museum in 18th century villa in Madeira

Madeira, the amazing holiday island of Portugal surrounded by Atlantic is loved and visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year to enjoy holidays in warm, volcanic landscape island with lots of attractions and filled with lush green mountains. When you’re holidaying in iconic island like Madeira, the real pleasure isn’t about beach days and nightlife but also about visiting and admiring the unique, historical and at the same time interesting destinations of Madeira and Museu Quinta das Cruzes is one such attraction(museum) of Madeira. From Funchal(Madeira’s capital) you shall reach Museu Quinta das Cruzes by travelling just 3 kilometre towards south, following the directions. Museu Quinta das Cruzes in Madeira is a picturesque decorative art museum which consists of art works, arts, statues, ceramics, jewelry, antiques which are & more than 500 years old and the museum itself is set in a 18th century villa with rich architectural works. Museu Quinta das Cruzes isn’t a ‘decorative art museum’ with lots of arts and antiques but also the beautiful portrayal Madeira and Funchal’s rich history and cultural heritage. Another important attraction of Museu Quinta das Cruzes is verdurous and amazing gardens surrounding the villa with rich colors because of flowering plants, natural shade by trees and providing a peaceful ‘picnic’ ambience to spend leisure time with family and kids after visiting the museum. When you’re in Funchal or anywhere in Madeira, do visit Museu Quinta das Cruzes to know some interesting history and look at interesting collections and enjoy being at a beautiful villa and garden of Madeira.

Parque Florestal das Queimadas(Queimadas Forest Park) in Madeira – Verdurous park with popular Levada Walk of Madeira

Madeira island of Portugal is well-known for the amazing coastline and massive verdurous landscapes and gardens and one such interesting destination(park) that exhibit the lush green quality of Madeira island is Parque Florestal das Queimadas(Queimadas Forest Park), a National park in Madeira, Portugal. Queimadas Forest Park is located on north-east of the island and from Funchal(Madeira’s capital), you shall reach the park by travelling 45 kilometre, following the directions. You shall reach Queimadas Forest Park by taking the popular Levadas walks(Madeira’s special) and they kick start with few refreshments. Caldeirão Verde Levada Walk(PR 9 – Levada do Caldeirão Verde) is the trail to Queimadas Forest Park and it possess such a rich flora and fauna to admire and you’ll find Caminha para Todos(a water channel here) while you take ‘Levada walk’ of Queimadas Forest Park, which gives the best pleasure, peace to mind and soul, through the unspoilt natural beauty it have and you can’t miss experiencing this, when in Madeira. With a café to sit back, enjoy and packed with enormous natural beauty and waterfall, a visit to Queimadas Forest Park gets fulfilled by visiting the picnic park and shelter house of Queimadas(a old house with beautiful thatched roof). Visiting Queimadas Forest Park will definitely give joy and relaxation, keeping yourselves away from city’s noise, crowded beaches and a moment to get close to nature and feel good-energy, while holidaying in Madeira.

Ponta do Rosto in Madeira – Spectacular viewpoint with a little hiking in east coastline of Madeira island

Madeira, the beautiful Portugal island is an amazing holiday destination with subtropical climate, picturesque destinations, magical strip of coastline and a wide range of holiday villas with full-fledged services and providing profound hospitality with privacy to your family/friends. One of the popular tourists’ attraction and a exquisite viewpoint located in eastern Maderia is Ponta do Rosto, a cliff edge, a viewpoint and actually, a headland in Madeira’s coastline located near Machico(a main town in eastern Madeira). From Funchal-Madeira’s capital, you can reach Ponta do Rosto by travelling 33 kilometre in north-east direction towards east coastline of Madeira island. Ponta do Rosto is also popularly known as ‘Miradouro da Ponta do Rosto’ and once you reach the bottom, you need to hike/walk the 2.7 kilometre trail which is easy to hike/walk and surrounded by wild flowers and picturesque blue-filled seafront views of São Lorenço peninsula, Madeira. If you want, you can also drive straightaway to the viewpoint-Ponta do Rosto but, do give a try to walking the trail which is one of the best holidaying experience in Madeira. If you’re the one who loves to hike (or) loves nature (or) a adventure seeker (or) wish to explore the unspoilt natural beauty of Madeira, then you shouldn’t miss standing and staring at the sea from the spectacular Ponta do Rosto, when in Madeira.

Palácio de São Lourenço(São Lourenço Palace) of Madeira – First fortress built in Funchal, Madeira

Madeira, the beautiful Portugal island possess interesting attractions, awesome climate, peaceful ambience which let you enjoy a fantastic holidaying with family/friends in Madeira. One of the popular and interesting tourist attraction to visit in Madeira is Palácio de São Lourenço(São Lourenço Palace), a 16th century built fortress which happens to be the first fortress built in Funchal city(capital of Madeira). From Funchal you can reach Palácio de São Lourenço by travelling 3.8 kilometre towards south coastline, following the directions. Palácio de São Lourenço was built between the years 1529-1540, as requested by the people of Funchal after a boat, moored in the harbour of Funchal then. Today, São Lourenço Palace serves as a permanent exhibition related to Madeira and Funchal’s history and also the story behind development of the Fortress. There is a National Palace within the Fortress which can be visited only after requesting appointment with the office of the Prime Minister. Do visit Palácio de São Lourenço(São Lourenço Palace) which is one of the iconic architecture with rich historical values to visit, while holidaying in Madeira.

Sacred Art Museum of Funchal in Madeira – Beautiful museum for paintings set inside a palace in Madeira

Madeira, the beautiful island of Portugal welcomes tourists throughout the year with amazing attractions and the spectacular holiday rentals it possess such as the holiday villas, holiday resorts and beachfront villas in Madeira. One of the popular and unique museum of Madeira to visit and admire, when you’re holidaying in Madeira is Sacred Art Museum of Funchal, a museum located in Episcopal Palace of Funchal(Madeira’s capital). From Funchal of Madeira, you can reach Sacred Art Museum of Funchal by travelling 3.5 kilometre towards south-east, following the directions. You can spot a great, huge collection of sculptures/statues, goldsmithery, arts, paintings and paramentaria which belongs to the medieval centuries such as 15th to 19th centuries, and especially Early Netherlandish painting from the 15th and 16th centuries. You can understand about Madeira’s rich culture and history through the amazing works, you look, admire at ‘Sacred Art Museum of Funchal’ of Madeira.

Farol da Ponta do Pargo(Ponta do Pargo lighthouse) in Madeira – Beautiful viewpoint that you shouldn’t miss in Madeira

One of the most picturesque and popular tourist destination in Madeira, and shall be visited definitely to admire and enjoy, when you’re holidaying in Madeira is Farol da Ponta do Pargo(Ponta do Pargo lighthouse), located in Ponta do Pargo, a region in west coastline of Madeira island. Farol da Ponta do Pargo was built during the year 1922 over rock cliffs of headland in western Madeira and from Funchal(Madeira’s capital) it can be reached by travelling 51 kilometre towards west, following the directions to Ponta do Pargo of Madeira. Farol da Ponta do Pargo(Ponta do Pargo lighthouse) is an active lighthouse till date in Madeira and a best viewpoint to enjoy spectacular, panoramic views of Atlantic along with calm & fresh atmosphere, the beautiful sound of waves which arise while they hit the lush green rock cliffs. If you’re planning to visit Farol da Ponta do Pargo, do visit during evenings to watch ‘one of the most beautiful sunsets of Madeira island’ along with picturesque views, unspoilt natural ambience, when you’re holidaying in Madeira. With amazing holiday rentals it possess such as the holiday villas, holiday resorts and beachfront villas in Madeira which provide full-fledged services and safeguarding your privacy during entire holidaying in Madeira.

Praia das Palmeiras(Palmeiras beach) of Madeira – Beautiful family-freindly beach in Madeira

Madeira’s perfect family-friendly beach with proper crowd which is neither highly crowded nor less-crowded, while holidaying is Praia das Palmeiras located in Santa Cruz on south-east coastline of Madeira island. From Funchal(Madeira’s capital) you shall reach Praia das Palmeiras by travelling 18 kilometre towards east coast, following the directions. Since, you’ve Madeira airport nearby, the movement of airplanes contributes to unique, beautiful ambience of Palmeiras beach. There is children’s play area near and for adults, a treasure island which can be reached by climbing, and surely it’ll provide entertainment and also a toast of hiking during beach day at Madeira. There are lifeguard services available at Praia das Palmeiras(Palmeiras beach) of Madeira. The pebbled beach of Praia das Palmeiras is open any time whereas the swimming pool region of the beach is open between 9am-7pm(for both adults & children). Palmeiras beach of Madeira also have a excellent promenade which consists, provides all possible tourists amenities for the comfort of people who visit Palmeiras beach of Madeira.

Fortress of São João Baptista do Pico of Madeira – Amazing fort to visit in Funchal, Madeira

Madeira’s beautiful destination with historical values, picturesque views to visit is Fortaleza de São João Baptista do Pico(Fortress of São João Baptista do Pico) which is located 3 kilometre away & south to centre of Funchal(Madeira’s capital). The fortress is also called as SÃO JOÃO DO PICO FORTRESS by the locals of Madeira & Funchal, as well and it was proven that the construction began during 16th century(date unknown) and completed during second half of 17th century in Madeira island. The Fortress of São João Baptista do Pico, being located at 111.5 meters above sea level gives a toast of hiking (or) walking trail while you walk from bottom to reach fortress on the top. From the Fortress of São João Baptista do Pico you shall grab the beautiful panoramic views of Funchal city and the Atlantic ocean on either sides. With little hiking and historical architecture to look and admire at, visiting the Fortress of São João Baptista do Pico is definitely ‘worthwhile’, while holidaying in Madeira.

Don’t miss the ‘Levada walks’ in Madeira – Best way to get along with Madeira’s verdurous side

One of the most beautiful holidaying activity of Madeira island and an activity that shouldn’t be missed by people who love trekking, hiking, nature and adventure is walking the Levada trails of Madeira. Levada is one of the best thing about Madeira island; Levada(Levadas) are channels built on sides of mountains, highlands, plains during medieval centuries to make sure water move around different farmlands to make Madeira prosper with rainfall they get in a year. Levadas of Madeira run for aboub 2500 kilometres and the best option to walk the trail and choosing a best path to hike/walk, when you’re holidaying in Madeira is enrolling yourselves in a guided tour to ‘Levadas of Madeira’. There are many local touring agencies in Madeira that arranges guided tours to walk the Levada and you can pick them from Internet (or) seek help from management of holiday villas in Madeira, where you’re staying at and enjoying your holidays. Walking up through Levada is a great opportunity to admire the verdurous landscapes, hillside regions along with panoramic views of ocean(based on the path you walk) and you shall not miss it, since, it’s one of the most popular activity to make yourselves feel refreshed and peaceful, while holidaying in Madeira.