Gran Canaria – Visit Sioux City

Get amazed by the model on the American Old West Sioux City theme park located near San Agustin. Located in a one of a kind cactus-filled canyon, you could find a bunch of thrilling attractions in the theme park paired up with Old West-like exciting shows. You could observe scenes and entertaining duels or chases between a cowboy and American Indians that you would definitely enjoy.

Gran Canaria – Jeep Safari Adventure

Explore Gran Canaria’s great nature while riding in an opened Jeep. Discover the hidden secrets of the volcano located in the area and see things that you will always remember. Coming at an approachable price, this safari is suitable both for you and your family and it is both children and adult entertainment. You will even have the exclusive chance of driving the jeep yourself or be a passenger.

Gran Canaria – Casa-Museo de Colon

During your stay at Gran Canaria you will appreciate a visit to Casa-Museo de Colon where you can spot some of the exhibited Columbus voyages and other Canary Islands’ historical specials. There’s a whole large section based on the model galleons (‘La Nina’) located on the ground floor amongst other historical treasures this museum has. There are exhibits suitable for everyone to enjoy, and some of them might even impress children.