Lake Como Golf

One of the most famous and spectacular places to golf is Lake Como. This golf course is loved by golfers and locals alike for its beauty and challenging, yet fair course. The scenery is spectacular and the fairways are plush green. If you’re looking for a golf course that will challenge your skills, then head to Lake Como.Lake Como Golf is a challenge for golfers of all levels. Located at the edge of the lake, each course has a different course layout, challenge, and feel. The courses, which can be played by all levels of golfers at a number of different times, are often ranked as some of the top courses in the world.

Is Lake Como Vacation Expensive ?

Lake Como is a beautiful piece of paradise in Northern Italy, but is it expensive? Well, that depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for five-star hotels, wealthy people, and socialites, then yes it is expensive! But if you are looking to have a peaceful, serene vacation in an untouched paradise with breathtaking views of the mountains, then it’s not too bad. All that being said, Lake Como can be expensive if you are looking to go into the city. If you are looking to stay where the locals stay then you can have a low-cost vacation in Lake Como.

Best Time to Visit Lake Como

The best time to travel to Lake Como is between the end of March and October, that is, just before the start of the season. As a typical vacation destination, most villas, restaurants, and most entertainment facilities are closed from November to March. However, if you want to explore something great, it might be better to climb, hike and run during this time of the year. In the summer months, visitors prefer water skiing, cycling, sailing, hiking or windsurfing or just sunbathing with many holiday-makers around the lake on vacation at Lake Como. Although Lake Como is not far from the Swiss border, the weather is still warm and sunny.