Portofino Wedding

The city of Portofino is an amazing destination for a wedding with its quaint cottages, spectacular views, and its renowned high-end food. It is said that the sixteenth-century castle in Portofino provides the perfect backdrop for a wedding celebration with its medieval architecture and its breathtaking views.Located just 20 minutes from the regional capital of Genoa, Portofino is a dream-like destination for a wedding in Italy. The city is simply breathtaking, with it’s famous stone churches set in a Mediterranean setting.

Portofino Nightlife

For tourists in Portofino, they are most likely to visit the bars at the Marina Grande. But there are other hotspots in the city that visitors might be interested in visiting. There are the late night clubs that are open until 6am, which are scattered throughout the city. Another popular spot is the Pizzeria Vico, where one can enjoy a late night pizza after a night of partying. The people in Portofino know how to party and you will find that the nightlife is one of the best you will find in Italy.

Portofino Vacation

Portofino is one of Italy’s most beautiful and enchanting vacation destinations. It’s close enough to the big city, but just far enough away to feel like you’re on an entirely different continent, and close enough to the water to be constantly surrounded by nature and natural beauty.If you’re looking for a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, then Portofino just might be the vacation spot you’ve been searching for. The small Italian village on the Gulf of Genoa remains largely untouched by tourism, giving visitors an authentic experience of the country’s culture and attractions while allowing them to enjoy a quiet getaway from the stresses of everyday life.