Salou Holiday Rentals

Book holiday villas in Salou for the awesome beach vacation. Located on the Costa Dorada in the region of Catalonia, take pleasure in all that this town is offering, from family-friendly beaches to a busy promenade. Find the appropriate holiday apartment in Salou with excellent availability and better prices. Book exclusively with residence owners and start organizing your vacation to Salou. Whether you are after a sea-view apartment, a theme park holiday, or as simple as finding where to stay, get motivated for your perfect holiday rental. Whether that is nearby or just even further away from the activity. It’s all up to you.Enjoy the stunning high quality apartments located in the town centre of Salou, ideal if you choose not to rent a car but like to be near all city’s conveniences.

Salou’s Theme Parks

Thanks to its wonderful Mediterranean climate, Salou’s beautiful scenery draws many people to its beaches. Like any other city in Costa Dorada, Salou is very hot during the day and cool at night. Most of these ideal climates are due to the Spanish hills and craggy mountains, enriching the urban landscape. Despite all the beautiful scenery, many visitors to Salou prefer to enjoy one of the Salou’s famous theme parks. Unlike other theme park destinations, Salou has some great man-made attractions. They are not as beautiful as the Spanish coast and mountains, but they are works of art in their own right.

Salou Vacation Rentals

Salou is located in the beautiful Costa Dorada region of Catalonia and is a popular holiday destination for British tourists. This lively destination is packed with first-class clubs and bars, and offers a variety of outdoor sports. However, Salou is also a great choice for family vacations, as it still has many quiet places. As the area has warm summers throughout the year and mild winters, it is possible to spend a holiday in Salou all year round. Finding a deal for vacation rentals in Salou is not difficult. Most vacation rentals include airport shuttle services, security, swimming pools, city tours, and free passes to discos, bars and clubs. Salou is considered a party city in Catalonia, so the holiday home does give guests the opportunity to enjoy Salou on their own pace.

PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park of Salou – Amusing waterpark in Salou

Salou, the beautiful coastal town which is a part of Spain’s Costa Dorada possess naturally gifted coastline, attractions and a magical ‘resort town’ ambience which let people to soak in happiness to enjoy their holidays happily and peacefully. If you’re in Salou with family & kids and looking for a simple ‘day out’ (or) a ‘family picnic’, then you shall head towards the popular PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park, a waterpark located in the massive PortAventura World of Salou. From Salou town’s centre you shall reach PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park by travelling 6.5 kilometre towards north-east, following the directions. PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park will assure a well-spent ‘family picnic’ when visited, because of the family-friendly ambience and attractions that’ll excite kids and teens, definitely. PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park is a well built water park with wave pools, swimming pools, lazy river, water rides, lots of slides which are exciting, colorful and available in various types and indoor games(for kids) and also play area for kids available; PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park is suitable for both adults and kids. There is also showers, toilets, changing rooms, caféteria available inside for the comfort of people who visits PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park and don’t miss this one, when you’re in Salou.

Platja Els pilons(Salou Beach) – Perfect beach in the heart of Salou city

Salou town located in Spain’s popular Costa Dorada region is one of the naturally gifted resort town with spectacular attractions, rich climate and mesmerizing coastline that let you enjoy holidaying with family/friends. One of the most popular beach and first as well as perfect choice to spend beach day in Salou is Platja Els pilons, popularly called as ‘Salou Beach’ which is located just 1.3 kilometre away and east to Salou’s city centre. Platja Els pilons(Salou Beach) is a foremost attraction and favorite beach in Salou for both tourists and locals of Salou town in Spain, because of the natural beauty and perfect amenities it posses. Salou Beach is a lengthy golden beach with deep-blue, pristine waters(shallow too!) and favors good swimming conditions for people of all ages and spacious enough to hold a place/room for every visitors and their family/friends who arrive here in Salou. Platja Els pilons(Salou Beach) is beautifully backed by seafront promenade which is filled with cafés, restaurants, beach bars, shops to rent umbrellas, sunbeds and good level of tourists’ facilities to make your visit comfortable and enjoyable. Don’t miss Platja Els pilons(Salou Beach) , since, it’s perfect family-friendly beach with picturesque views as well as urban level development and located in Salou city’s heart, while holidaying in Salou.

City Hall Salou -NightClub- Enjoy ‘party night’ in Salou, Spain

Salou, the amazing resort town in Spain is one of the best and most visited holiday destination in Spain with full of attractions & holiday activities, which let you enjoy your holidays with family/friends. A popular, young and vibrant destination(night club) to visit in Salou to experience, the charming nightlife at Salou is City Hall Salou -NightClub-, a night/disco club in Salou. From the main city centre of Salou, you shall reach City Hall Salou -NightClub- by travelling just 2 kilometre toward east, since, the night club is one of the main attraction in Salou town’s heart. With vibrant ambience, dance floors, DJs, friendly service at your table, the City Hall Salou -NightClub- is definitely a notable night club in Salou which also serves a wide & best range of drinks, cocktails and much more, to add more ‘joy’ to your ‘party night’ in Salou, Spain. Since, it’s easily accessible and provides the ‘best’ range of drinks and services, people who visits Salou, doesn’t tend to miss City Hall Salou -NightClub- in Salou.

Cala Penya Tallada in Salou – Serene, natural beauty of Salou, Spain

Salou, the beautiful and natural resort town which lies on the coastline of Spain’s popular Costa Dorada possess exquisite climate, beaches, and many other attractions which let you enjoy your holidays filled with peace, joy and excitement. A popular tourist attraction and a beautiful beach which is more of ‘naturally unspoilt’ cove with rock cliffs surrounding and sandy shore which shouldn’t be missed while holidaying in Salou is Cala Penya Tallada, a secluded & natural beauty of Salou. From Salou’s main city centre, you shall reach Cala Penya Tallada by travelling 5.3 kilometre towards east, following the directions. Being surrounded by pine trees, rock cliffs and possessing pristine, calm waters, golden sandy shore with rocks, the Cala Penya Tallada is such a ‘unspoilt natural beauty’ to visit and enjoy while holidaying in Salou. Due to it’s tranquility, Cala Penya Tallada lack any kind of tourists’/visitors’ amenities such as café, restaurant, showers, toilets, etc., which means that, you must backpack food, water, drinks and other needs if you’re going to arrive here, for a beach day in Salou. Though, lacks in amenities, people who would love to spend their beach day with good swimming conditions, sunbath and calm-less crowded ambience, do prefer Cala Penya Tallada in Salou. You can also prefer Cala Penya Tallada with your family, even though it lacks amenities, because, it favor a beach day which appears more private and less-crowded, when in Salou.

Parc Municipal Salou(Salou Municipal Park) – Family friendly park with picturesque views in Salou

Salou, the absolutely natural resort town located in Spain and also a part of Spain’s popular Costa Dorada possess a lot of attractions to visit and enjoy a perfect ‘coastal town holiday’ with family/friends. A simple yet beautiful and iconic destination of Salou city to visit is Parc Municipal Salou, a family-friendly park with a lot to offer and a favorite spot for both locals and tourists of Salou in Spain. You can reach to Parc Municipal Salou(Salou Municipal Park) by travelling 2.2 kilometre towards south-east coastline of Salou, from the main city centre. With trails that run around the park offering sea front views, play area for kids, amazing gardens, a waterfall located at top of a peak and a pond with habitat which adds more beauty to the park, and also the verdurous ambience filled with trees, providing free Wifi; Salou Municipal Park is definitely something you need to visit and enjoy on a evening, when you’re in Salou city. Do visit Salou Municipal Park which is ‘family friendly’ and shouldn’t be missed, while holidaying in Salou.

Font Cibernètica Salou of Salou – Popular destination to visit, admire and enjoy in Salou

Salou, the amazing coastal town of Spain which lies along the popular Costa Dorada(Costa Daurada) possess mesmerizing coastline filled with beaches and many other attractions which let you enjoy joy-filled holidaying with family/friends. A popular and picturesque destination which is filled with liveliness and spills joy all over in Salou and shall be definitely visited is Font Cibernètica Salou, a fountain and popular viewpoint in Salou. From Salou’s main city centre, you can reach Font Cibernètica Salou by walking just less than 400 metre, since, the fountain is located in ‘heart of Salou city’ and it’s only a kilometre away from another popular fountain of Salou called ‘Font Lluminosa’ in Salou. With picturesque architecture, the Font Cibernètica Salou looks so beautiful with fountain with statues, surrounded by an artificial lake and a bridge that runs over it. Font Cibernètica Salou is located in urban circumference of Salou and thus, possess a wide series of shops, cafés, restaurants, bars, night clubs and entertainment factors which attracts tourists’ of Salou to walk, eat, shop, drink and enjoy their visit to Salou for holidays. Do visit Font Cibernètica Salou during evenings, when the waters splash from fountains that makes it ‘dancing fountain’ accompanied by beautiful colors, lights and music, and also watch & enjoy laser shows which makes your ‘sightseeing in Salou’, absolutely worth and enjoyable, while holidaying in Salou.

Playa de Ponent of Salou – Urban beach with perfect promenade and sandy shore in Salou

Salou, a natural resort town with amazing coastline and beautifully set in north-east of Costa Dorada in Spain. Salou is packed with lot of attractions to visit and you can also find amazing holiday villas in Salou which will let you enjoy your holidays with utmost privacy and hospitality surrounded by your family and friends. A popular, urban-based, family-friendly beach in Salou which you shouldn’t miss, when you’re holidaying in Salou is Playa de Ponent, a beautiful beach which is located less than 1 kilometre away and west to Salou’s main city centre. Playa de Ponent is loved by both tourists and locals of Salou, because, it’s clean, picturesque, possess enough space of sandy shore for sunbeds, umbrellas, play area for kids and adults(to play volley ball, foot ball and more!) and there is also lifeguards available at the beach. There is also amenities like restaurants, cafés, beach bars, and shops to rent umbrellas, sunbeds available at the promenade of Playa de Ponent in Salou. If you’re looking for urban ambience beach day in Salou with moderate crowd and amenities available ‘perfectly’, then you shall definitely visit Playa de Ponent in Salou.