Salou – Salou’s Fountains

Salou’s Fountains are one of the most popular attractions in Salou. It all started with Font Luminosa, built-in 1973 by Carles Buigas. The same man is responsible for the world-famous fountain in Montjuïc. It is a spectacular show during the night, with the light contributing to the overall visual experience. If you are in Salou during the summer, you can’t miss to enjoy them.

Salou – Coves of Cap de Salou

If you aren’t a big fan of the resort beaches and look for something more enticing and naturals, you should definitely pay the coves of Cap de Salou a visit. Being five in total they can all be easily accessed by car or if you’re looking for a further challenge, on foot. The natural atmosphere and the development are minimal which makes the beach perfect and enjoy Salou’s nature at its best.

Salou – Torre Vella

A great place to visit during your stay in Salou is definitely the Torre Vella. This watchtower was built about 6 centuries ago with the purpose to watch over Salou and keep it safe. Nowadays it is designed to house a few unique creations of art and open for tourist visitation and for free. Make sure to check this watchtower and see how the ancient buildings of Salou were.

Salou – Parasailing Experience in Salou

Go down the coast, parasailing a fancy looking balloon tied up to a boat, and enjoy this fantastic experience at an approachable price. The safety measures are fully taken and there is nothing for you to worry about except having fun. Live through a unique experience while seeing the city of Salou and having a holiday that you will remember forever.

Salou – Font Luminosa

The magnificent fountain of Salou is definitely worth visiting. Located at the palm-tree-lined promenade of Paseo Jaume I, the magnificent mountain’s water shifts around in a specific way, in order to create dozens of different patterns, as its biggest beauty and potential is being observed at night. The dozens of lights that are also being accompanied by fancy choreographed music make this place a worthy attraction to visit.

Salou – Tarragona

Visiting Tarragona Province you will find yourself in cava country. Around 70% of the grapes that are grown in the Tarragona D.O.  are white varieties, like Macabeo which the much-loved sparkling white wine is made of. Also, this is one of the best places to pick up a local bottle of cava and share it with your family and friends. Also do not forget to buy some award-winning olive oil while there.

Salou – PortAventura

A journey beyond your wildest dreams will start right here. Six different worlds of adventure and fun await you in PortAventura, all designed with stunning details of different themes in order to enhance your experience. Whatever it is you love to do, you’ll find the activity that matches the most your tastes. Picked with fun for families, friends, old and young alike, this park is suitable for everyone who’s just coming to have fun.

Salou – Horses Ride in Salou

A great place to come upon during your visitation in Salou is the horse rides center. Expect amazing excursion horses and visitation to a beautiful hermitage of monitoring XIII reached by jeep paired with fantastic views. The accessible tickets for you and your family will give you 3 hours of amazing ride on the most beautiful horses at the center without booking fees. Enjoy the beauty of Salou with your family while riding on the back of a magnificent animal.

Salou – Eating Out

If you want to taste local food, eating out in Salou would be one of the best decisions you will ever take. Just a few kilometers south, you will find rice fields which are a big part of the local diet. In Salou center, there are numerous restaurants and bars in which you can enjoy amazing rice dishes and impressive seafood, which is the other thing that Salou is famous for.

Salou – Capellans Beach

Located between the cape and Llevant Beach, this gorgeous little beach is the quiet part of the resort. The waters are clear and calm so you don’t need to worry if you can’t swim. On Capellans Beach you will escape the crowds and enjoy e peaceful and adventurous summer day. The beach is controlled by safeguards so it is suitable for families with children.