Funchal Seaside Villas

Funchal is a small resort town on the western coast of Portugal. It’s located along the stunning western coast. This is the perfect place to rent a seaside villa. Renting a villa in this area will make your travel a lot easier and more fun. The funchal seaside villas are a welcome respite to those looking for an inexpensive and relaxing vacation. The funchal villas are located a moderate distance from the city center and its many attractions. These villas are great for vacationers who want to get away from the city and get in touch with nature.

Funchal Self Catering

Funchal Self-Catering is a cheaper way to visit Portugal’s most popular tourist attraction Funchal is one of Portugal’s most popular tourist destinations with plenty of restaurants, souvenir shops and of course sun. It is most well know for its beach and sailing, with the popular “Aeroporto do Funchal” airport nearby. However, most tourists who visit Funchal usually stay there with an organized package, due to the prices of accommodation. To make things easier for yourself, self-catering accommodation is available for you to enjoy Funchal at an affordable price.

Funchal Beach Villas

It is time to get out of the smoggy city and find some sunny beachfront town. Funchal is an ideal town for those looking for a nice beach holiday. It offers many different quaint villas nearby the shoreline. The nearby restaurants offer delicious lamb dishes to enjoy. There are also nearby waterfalls to take in. Lastly, there are nearby parks nearby the locals go to enjoy the day. Funchal is the perfect town for locals and visitors alike to take in the sun, learn about the culture, and enjoy some tasty food.

Panoramic Park in Funchal, Madeira – Beautiful place to take family and kids in Madeira

Madeira island is known for it’s amazing beaches, historical landmarks and especially gardens & museums. One such beautiful garden you shall visit when you’re in Madeira and when you’re near Funchal(Madeira’s capital) is the popular Panoramic Park, a garden in Funchal. You can reach the Panoramic Park by travelling nearly 7 kilometres towards southern coastline of Madeira island from Funchal, Madeira’s capital. The Panoramic Park, also called the Panoramic Garden was opened during the year 2005 by covering a huge area of around 5, 400 sq.m. There are 12 mini golf courses, play area for kids and a viewing point from where you can enjoy the spectacular views of Madeira island and the ocean are spotted inside the Panoramic Park in Madeira. The Panoramic Park is one of the best place to take your family and especially kids, when you’re holidaying in Madeira.

Pocas do Gomes in Madeira-Natural pool with direct sea access in Madeira

Madeira, the beautiful island of Portugal welcomes tourists throughout the year with amazing attractions and you can also find amazing holiday villas, holiday resorts and beachfront villas in Madeira to enjoy great holidaying. There are natural pools found in Madeira and they shall be definitely visited while holidaying in Madeira island. One such beautiful natural pool which is located in Madeira’s south-most coastline and also nearly 9 kilometres away from Funchal(Madeira’s capital) is the Pocas do Gomes in Madeira. Though, Pocas do Gomes is smaller in size on comapring to Porto Moniz natural pools of Madeira, the Pocas do Gomes do consists the basic tourists’ facilities nearby such as showers, cafés, restaurants, changing rooms and toilets. Pocas do Gomes(Doca do Cavacas) have natural pools and also a direct sea access to Praia Formosa beach of Madeira via tunnel, which is one of the fantastic experience you can get while holidaying in Madeira.

Sip a coffee at luxurious Belmon Reid’s Palace in Funchal, Madeira

Madeira, the beautiful island of Portugal is filled with beautiful attractions to visit and enjoy the ‘best holidays’ with your family and friends. There are many beautiful, posh, luxurious hotels filled in Madeira with rich ambience and great services, and one such luxury hotel you’ll find in Madeira is the popular Reid’s Palace, A Belmond Hotel, also called as Belmon Reid’s Palace located just 5 kilometres away from Funchal(Madeira’s capital). From the Madeira’s main town you can reach Belmon Reid’s Palace by travelling narly 19 kilometres towards south coastline of Madeira island. Belmon Reid’s Palace belongs to 19th century and functioning majestically till today in Funchal, Madeira. Being very famous, a stay in Belmon Reid’s Palace may feel little pricey but you shall definitely visit the hotel for lunch, coffee (or) dinner to feel the royal rich aura that surrounds the palace(hotel) and there are many cuisines available at Belmon Reid’s Palace, Funchal, Madeira.

Mercado dos Lavradores(Farmers’ market) in Funchal, Madeira

Madeira, the beautiful island of Portugal is filled with beautiful attractions and amazing holiday villas with full-fledged services and picturesque views that let you enjoy a good holidaying with your family and friends in Madeira. If you’re interested to look out for Madeira as it is; filled with locals of Madeira and food, meat, fruits, flowers, shops originated from Madeira, then you must visit the popular Mercado dos Lavradores, located less than 5 kilometres away from Funchal(Madeira’s capital). Since, the Mercado dos Lavradores is filled with local products of Madeira’s farmers and soil, it’s fondly called as Farmers’ market. Mercado dos Lavradores(Farmers’ market) looks beautiful and antique with buildings that belong to 1940 which are interconnected by passages and staircases. When you wish the liveliness of Madeira, you shall definitely visit the Mercado dos Lavradores in Funchal, Madeira.

Blandy’s Wine Lodge in Funchal, Madeira-The best wine tours and tasting located in the heart of Funchal(Madeira’s capital)

Madeira, an amazing Portuguese island have bunch of attractions and amazing holiday villas which offers great privacy and picturesque views to make your holiday in Madeira with your family and friends as ‘the best’. As we all know, wines from Madeira island have attained a special place in the hearts of people across the world and your holidaying in Madeira won’t get full-filled without having any ‘wine tasting tours’ in Madeira. One such traditional wine tasting tour you can take in Madeira is visiting the popular Blandy’s Wine Lodge, located in Funchal(Madeira’s capital). Blandy’s Wine Lodge is one of the oldest winery lodge in Madeira which is nearly 200 years old now. You can pre-book your arrival to Blandy’s Wine Lodge and choose the ‘tasting tour’ as per your schedule and interests. Blandy’s Wine Lodge offers tastings, museum, winery production in barrels, wine shop and a traditional 1811 Bistro & wine bar inside. Since, the Blandy’s Wine Lodge is set in a 17th century building, it feels more picturesque and antique to be in Blandy’s Wine Lodge in Madeira. Do enjoy the best wines of Madeira & Portuguese and taste them along with a wide selection of petiscos (Portuguese’s traditional tapas) which will definitely be one ‘best experience’ of your holidaying in Madeira.

Visit the beautiful Zona Vieja(Zona Velha) in Funchal, Madeira

Madeira, the beautiful Portugal island welcomes thousand of tourists throughout the year with all the attractions and the amazing holiday rentals it possess. When you’re in Madeira island you can enjoy the beautiful, rich cultural & historical vibes of Madeira via forts, monuments and old towns. One such ‘old town’ part of Funchal-Madeira’s capital, to visit is the Zona Vieja(Zona Velha), a historical landmark in Madeira. You can reach beautiful Zona Vieja(Zona Velha) in Funchal by traveling just 4 kilometres from the Funchal’s city centre. Zona Vieja(Zona Velha) is well contructed old town that offers antique and picturesque views with narrow cobbled streets filled with Portugeuse and multi-cuisine restaurants, cafés, bars and traditional old merchant houses representing the old architecture style of Madeira island. Zona Vieja(Zona Velha) is definitely a colorful, lively destination to visit, when you’re in Madeira.

Alagoa(Praia da Alagoa) in Madeira-Secluded and beautiful beach in Madeira

Madeira, the beautiful island of Portugal is one of the dream holidaying destination to many tourists, travelers across the world and especially for the people of Europe and United Kingdom. You can find many beautiful destinations to visit and amazing holiday villas in Madeira to enjoy a good holidaying with your family and friends in Madeira island. There are many beautiful beaches with dramatic views in Madeira island and one such beautiful beach located in the north-eastern most coastline of Madeira island is the Alagoa(Praia da Alagoa) beach. You can reach the Alagoa(Praia da Alagoa) beach by traveling nearly 33 kilometres towards the north-east coastline from Funchal-Madeira’s capital. Alagoa(Praia da Alagoa) beach is a small beach that looks so beautiful with sea water & black sandy shore overlooked by green lush mountain. You can easily access Alagoa(Praia da Alagoa) beach with good parking and have amenities like solarium, showers, changing rooms, toilets, shops to rent umbrellas & sun loungers, and alluring beachfront views from the restaurants, cafés, beach bars lined at the border of the beach. Alagoa(Praia da Alagoa) beach will definitely make a good ‘beach day’ with less crowd when you holiday in Madeira.