Vintage British Style Cottages in Ooty, India

Ooty is one of the main summer holiday destination in South India. Ooty is very popular among tourists. Every year thousands of visitors come here to enjoy the cold weather during the summer months of April and May. It is a hill station with loads of nature’s beauty. Breath taking mountain train journey, lovely lake, amazing gardens, rare wildlife, fresh fruits and fun filled activities are the main reasons for people coming here to enjoy their holidays.Also the famous yearly events like Ooty flower show, horse racing, boat race, fruit show, dog show and vegetable show are always admired by the visitors and they come in numbers to these events.

Country Tavern Ooty

Before the Indian independence, Ooty is home for many British officers and their families. Even the Ooty is originally discovered by British man John Sullivan. When the British left India their homes are become summer holiday┬áhomes for rich Indians.Today these British style Ooty Cottages are available for holiday renting. The houses are majestic and stunning even for today’s standards. The rooms and gardens were beautiful and nicely built to observe cold. These cottages are now luxury accommodations and provide comfortable accommodation for tourists. Booking a British style Cottages in Ooty and spending your holiday there feel like royal. There are several cottages are available to book online as well.