Manchester – Central Library

The Manchester Central Library is an excellent place to visit while in the city. Back in 2010, the library was closed due to refurbishment. It was reopened in 2014 and now the incredible piece of architecture is a must-see. Whether you are looking to spend some quiet hours in Manchester or you are there to explore, you can’t go wrong with a major attraction like the Central Library.

Tenerife – Malizia Show at Piramide de Arona

The Malizia Show at Piramide de Arona is a breathtaking live performance that is suitable for both adults and children. Many families trip to Tenerife with the intention to watch a live performance while there. You don’t need to speak Spanish in order to understand and enjoy the show. The visual interpretation of the story is enough to provide the full sense and humor. Make sure to add the Live Show at Piramide de Arona to your things-to-do list while in Tenerife.

Benalmádena – Kite Surfing

For the ones of you looking for a real adventure, we recommend a unique experience including Kite Surfing down to Tarifa on the Atlantic Coast. The drive is approximately 2 hours from Benalmadena, where the Taarifa is known as the Kite Surf Capital of Europe. You have the opportunity to rent the required equipment for the activity and also get lessons to experience this exhilarating sport.

Rome – Galleria Borghese

A really important art museum in Rome, worth visiting would be the Galleria Borghese. Located in the Borghese Villa Complex is now open for public visits and contains a myriad of fine sculptures, paintings, and curious antiques. The impressive building has many stone statues and decorations from an impressive architecture approach, which is worth visiting on its own.

Benidorm – Aqualandia

The oldest water park in Benidorm, Aqualandia is right next door to Mundomar opened in 1958. It continues to grow ever since, enticing families from all over the world to visit on their trip to Benidorm. The water park is full of water slides, pools, required equipment, lifeguards, and safety measures. Do not miss to participate in a wide-range of water activities in Aqualandia.

Ayia Napa – Thalassa Museum

Despite the lively environment, the city has its one quiet place, and one of them worth visiting is the Thalassa Museum. Opened back in 2005 the museum claims to be of the major attractions in the Mediterranean devoted to the sea. The museum contains more than 7,000 years of human maritime history from the Neolithic Age and Bronze Age to the classical period.

Alicante – Postiguet Beach

If you are in Alicante you don’t need to travel far to find a serviceable beach. Right next to the old town is located the Postiguet Beach with golden sands and clear water. You’ve also got breathtaking views of the dominant walls of Santa Barbara. It could get a little crowded during the summer season but it is an excellent opportunity for the nearby beach.

Salou – Salou’s Fountains

Salou’s Fountains are one of the most popular attractions in Salou. It all started with Font Luminosa, built-in 1973 by Carles Buigas. The same man is responsible for the world-famous fountain in Montjuïc. It is a spectacular show during the night, with the light contributing to the overall visual experience. If you are in Salou during the summer, you can’t miss to enjoy them.

Bali – Tanjung Benoa

If you enjoy water sports, the Tanjung Benoa in Bali is the place you should go to. One of the most exciting water activities there is strapping on a water jetpack, which will let you up in the air up to a height of ten meters above the water. The experience is not recommended for everybody but if you are enthusiasts feel free to try and keep your balance. The session lasts about 20 minutes and it is a great way to explore the beauty of Bali.

Marbella – Alameda Park

Just a little bit south from the old town you will find the peaceful Alameda Park that feels just like a private garden. The impressive park is at your disposal to explore anytime, where at the late hours the environment is safe and lively with street musicians and restaurants. If you are with your family and friends the Alameda Park is a perfect opportunity to enjoy a late summer night.