Palermo Holiday Apartments

Palermo, the capital of Sicily is the largest city on the island. It is also one of Italy’s new “important” cities. There are many things to do in Palermo, but there are also many places to stay. For those looking for a more relaxing time on the island, there are many apartment rentals available. There are many apartment rentals on the coast of Palermo, on the seaside promenade, on the plains of Palermo, or there are apartments on the mountainside.For those who are looking for a more luxurious experience there are villas, beach villas, and hotels.

Palermo Town Homes

The Palermo town homes are elegant, modern and energy-efficient. They are perfect for those who want to be close to the action within the city of Palermo—where there are so many restaurants, shops, and other conveniences. You can really feel the luxury of the Palermo town homes, with the great amenities including a heated lap pool with a fire pit area, a screened-in porch, and a two-story living room. This complex has the perfect balance of being close-knit without being too crowded. With everything you need right in your backyard, the Palermo town homes are for those who want it all.

Palermo Attractions

Italy, as many tourists find out, has much to endorse to it. Of the numerous cities and towns that you can embark into you will discover the city of Palermo to be a most fascinating place to visit. In this city you will uncover a place where the tradition, history, engineering and even the art of cuisine has played its part in the progress of Palermo.Although Palermo is a large in size, many of the tourist attractions that you will find here are found around the heart of the city that makes traveling from one attraction to another very convenient. To make your trip to this city more exciting you might plan to make a list of the countless sights that you wish to discover each day you are in Palermo.

Parco Uditore of Palermo – Picturesque ‘family friendly’ Italian park in Palermo

Palermo, a classic beauty of Sicily in Italy is one of the most visited and cherished holidaying city in Sicily with so many attractions put together and make the tourists to enjoy peaceful and fun-filled holiday with family/friends. One of the pleasant tourists’ attraction and absolutely a family-friendly destination to visit in Palermo is Parco Uditore(Auditor park), a lush green space which is located just less than 6 kilometre away and north-west to Palermo’s main city centre. Parco Uditore was found in Palermo city since 18th century and it has managed to evolve with time and renovated several times to be a pleasant attraction and that’s why, the park is favorite for both locals and tourists of Palermo. Parco Uditore covers larger area with lush green ambience, pathways, typical park shades, benches, play area for kids and adults and it is also used a ‘event space’ on various occasions of events and happenings in Palermo city. Parco Uditore, possess rich flora and carries rich aroma due to the presence of numerous flowering plants and forming impressive garden atmosphere and the well-maintained cleanliness is another reason for people to love this park in Palermo. If you’re with family & kids, then do visit Parco Uditore, to spend leisure time with family, for your kids to enjoy the play area and as couples to take leisure walks and click beautiful pictures, while holidaying in Palermo.

Villa Airoldi Golf Club in Palermo, Sicily – Posh and perfect gold club in Palermo city

Palermo, the beautiful city as well as the capital of Sicily island, Italy is one of the classic cities across the world, which possess attractions related to both medieval times and modern times and that’s why, people love to enjoy their holidays in Palermo with family/friends. If you’re a ‘golf lover’ and wish to play some golf in a highly picturesque ambience while holidaying in Palermo, then you shall definitely visit the popular and posh Villa Airoldi Golf Club, a ‘perfect’ Golf club which is located 4 kilometre away and north to Palermo’s main city centre. Villa Airoldi Golf Club is built/created inside Favorita Park, which happens to be the largest green space of Palermo city, keeping in mind to assure full respect to nature and of historical value of the gardens. Villa Airoldi Golf Club is not only about golf, but a perfect leisure and luxurious family picnic and social events offering brunch, cocktails at sunset, concerts, dances, theatrical events and exhibitions. Villa Airoldi Golf Club is popular among both tourists and locals of Palermo and it’s better for you to pre-book before your arrival in their official website: Villa Airoldi Golf Club is a paradise for ‘golf lovers’ with different features: Driving range, putting green, pitching green, chipping green, and bunkers test. If you’re looking for a good golf club along with picturesque views and peaceful ambience(which is away from busy city ambience), then do visit and enjoy a day at Villa Airoldi Golf Club, while holidaying in Palermo.

Villa Sperlinga of Palermo – 17th century garden with attractions nearer in the city of Palermo

Palermo, the beautiful capital of Italy’s Sicily island possess warm climate and classic attractions which make people to visit Palermo to spend their holidays with family/friends. One of the beautiful garden and a park set in a lively ambience in Palermo city of Sicily and popular among both tourists and locals due to presence of food stalls, many shops selling local-made products, fruits, vegetables, meat and the main highlight is presence of wide range of bars, pubs near by the park/garden and it is Palermo’s Villa Sperlinga, a 17th century built municipal garden in the city of Palermo. During the year 1667, Villa Sperlinga was built and owned by Giovanni Stefano Oneto, Duke of Sperlinga. From Palermo’s city centre, you shall reach Villa Sperlinga by travelling 4 kilometre towards north, following the directions. Villa Sperlinga is picturesque and feel-good destination, as it possess a lush green ambience filled with flowering plants, gardens, rich aroma, play area for children, fountains and a 17th century architectural style and near by streets with food stalls, bars and pubs to enjoy your evening at Palermo, after visiting the Villa Sperlinga in Plaermo.

Church of the Gesù in Palermo, Sicily – Beautiful Baroque-styled church in Palermo

Palermo, the beautiful capital of Sicily island of Italy possess many beautiful attractions to visit, enjoy and the popular Chiesa del Gesù(Church of the Gesù), a iconic Baroque church is a destination, which you can’t miss while holidaying in Palermo. Church of the Gesù is located at the ‘heart of Palermo city’! Yes, from Palermo’s main city centre, you can reach ‘Church of the Gesù of Palermo’ by walking few hundreds of metre, following the directions. Chiesa del Gesù is also known as ‘Church of Saint Mary of Gesu (chiesa di Santa Maria di Gesù) and also as ‘Casa Professa’ popularly by both tourists and locals of Palermo city, Sicily, Italy. With amazing ‘Sicilian Baroque’ style of architecture, exquisite interior and exterior works, and rich ambience, the Chiesa del Gesù was built during the year 1636 in Palermo, Italy. Do take guided tours to know about the rich history about ‘Chiesa del Gesù’ in Palermo, which will enhance your visit ‘worth’, while holidaying in Palermo.

Castello della Zisa of Palermo – 12th century Arabic architectural beauty in Palermo, Sicily

Zisa, Palermo

Palermo, a good holiday destination in Sicily, Italy and also it’s capital city which possess a classic ‘old town’ touch all over along with impressive attractions and you can also find amazing holiday villas, holiday apartments and beachfront villas in Palermo with round the clock services and they’ll let you enjoy a great holidaying with family/friends. One of the popular and historical landmark/architecture of Palermo and a UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sicily, that shall be definitely visited while holidaying in Palermo is Castello della Zisa, a 12th century castle/architecture that shows high traces, influences of Arabic culture & style of architecture in Palermo. Castello della Zisa is popularly addressed as ‘Zisa’ by both locals and tourists of Palermo city and Zisa is in the list of UNESCO Arab-Norman Palermo and the Cathedral Churches of Cefalù and Monreale World Heritage Site. The construction of Castello della Zisa was begun during 12th century by Sicily’s King William and was completed by his Willian II. Do take guided tours at the entrance, to know more architectural details and historical details of Castello della Zisa, which’ll definitely make you realize that your visit to the castle is absolutely ‘worth’, while holidaying in Palermo.

Villa Giulia in Palermo – Picturesque & first public park opened during 18th century in Palermo

Palermo, Sicily’s capital in Italy is a good holiday destination with beautiful attractions and you can also find amazing holiday villas, holiday resorts & beachfront villas in Palermo which let you enjoy a great holidaying with family, friends. One of the picturesque and family-friendly park you shall visit in Palermo of Sicily is Villa Giulia(Villa del Popolo) and also known as Villa Flor in Palermo. Villa Giulia of Palermo was built during the year 1778(18th century) and enlarged during the year 1866(19th century). Do yo know? Villa Giulia is the first public park of Palermo and thus, located at the ‘heart of Palermo city’ and just 1.5 kilometre away from Palermo’s city centre. The interesting part of Villa Giulia is dodecahedron fountain, featuring a statue of a dodecahedral marble clock and it was created by mathematician Lorenzo Federici. Each face of the dodecahedron features a sundial and a picture in front of the sundial will remain your ‘Iconic Palermo moment’. Also, don’t miss admiring the beauty of Fontana del Genio a Villa Giulia(Genio di Villa Giulia) which shows the Genius of Palermo, and also now the emblem of the city. Villa Giulia of Palermo is picturesque with sculptures, green spaces, trails to walk, colorful garden with various types of flowers and possess peaceful ambience to spend some leisure time, when you’re holidaying in Palermo.

Piazza Marina in Palermo – Beautiful and picturesque square in Palermo city

Palermo, Sicily’s capital in Italy have beautiful attractions and you can also find amazing holiday villas, resorts & beachfront villas in Palermo which will let you enjoy a great holidaying in Palermo with family and friends. A simple but lively destination of Palermo which is a main square of Palermo to visit when you’re holidaying in Palermo is the Piazza Marina, a beautiful plaza filled with trees and picturesque views. You can’t miss Piazza Marina in Palermo, because, it’s located at ‘heart of Palermo city’ and can be reached by walking few hundred metres for few minutes following the directions. Piazza Marina possess a verdurous ambience, by the presence of beautiful garden called Garibaldi Garden(19th century) and it’s also famous for the presence of biggest ever Australian banyan tree of the entire European region. You can find beautiful cafés, restaurants and shall click your ‘iconic Palermo moment’ when you visit the Piazza Marina while holidaying in Palermo.