Massimo Theatre in Palermo-Visit the largest theatre of Italy in Palermo

Palermo, the capital of Sicily island in Italy offers a lot of rich, historical architectures and destinations to visit and enjoy holidaying in Palermo city with family and friends. One of the amazing opera house and a historical landmark you shall visit in Palermo city is the popular Massimo Theatre(Teatro Massimo) also known as Teatro Massimo Vittorio Emanuele, which is located just 2.3 kilometres away from Palermo’s city centre. Massimo Theatre(Teatro Massimo) is one of the largest in Europe continent and the only largest in Italian nation and it was opened during the year 1897. Massimo Theatre(Teatro Massimo) looks picturesque with amazing architecture it has been built by incorporating both Roman and Norman architectural style in Palermo city.

Capo Gallo Reserve in Palermo-‘Never before’ experience with nature and ancient times in Palermo, Sicily

Palermo, Sicily’s capital in Italy offers you one of the best holidaying experience with the beautiful attractions and perfect holiday villas with round the clock services to enjoy with your family and friends. If you are nature lover and would like to experience the beautiful ‘nature-dominant’ part of Palermo, then you must head towards the Capo Gallo Reserve in Palermo, which is located nearly 15 kilometres away from Palermo’s city centre. You can find the Capo Gallo Reserve near the coastline edge of Sicily which is set in the north-west to Palermo city in Sicily, Italy. Capo Gallo Reserve is packed with huge surprises and you’ll unfold them when you get there, which makes the visit to this natural reserve in Palermo, Sicily more interesting and worthy. The best thing you’ll find in Capo Gallo Reserve is the Monte Gallo(originally formed of carbonate) in Mesozoic era to middle Eocene. And, it denotes the time period between 225 million years ago to 54-33.7 million years ago ‘time period’ here. Capo Gallo Reserve is set in the edge of coastline and beautifully surrounded by rock cliffs, rich flora, interesting caves, historical spots, and amazing fauna. Visiting the Capo Gallo Reserve is one of the best experience you’ll get, while holidaying in Palermo.

Quattro Canti(Piazza Vigliena) in Palermo-Historical landmark to visit in Palermo city

Quattro Canti-Palermo
Quattro Canti(Piazza Vigliena)

Palermo, Sicily’s capital in Italy is one of the beautiful holidaying destination with a classic ‘old town’ touch, attractions and amazing holiday villas, holiday resorts which make people to visit and enjoy holiday in Palermo city with family and friends. One of the most loved and visited landmark or destination in Palermo city which you can’t skip when you’re holidaying in Palermo, Sicily is the beautiful Quattro Canti(Piazza Vigliena), which is located just 2 miles away from Palermo’s city centre. Quattro Canti(Piazza Vigliena) is one of the rock solid example of Baroque architecture in Palermo, and as we can see that it belongs to early 17th century. You can find beautiful statues, fountains, and 4 main building which forms Quattro Canti(Piazza Vigliena) and also amazing architectures in Quattro Canti(Piazza Vigliena) that represents the historical values and also the cafés, the restaurants, bars, and shops that facilitates the tourists and also the locals of Palermo.

Mondello Beach in Palermo-Best family friendly beach in Palermo, Sicily

Palermo, the beautiful capital of Sicily island, Italy is one of the relaxing holiday destination with authentic and classic ‘old town’ touch attractions and the amazing holiday villas, holiday resorts and beachfront villas with profound hospitality and round the clock services. You can find beautiful beaches in Palermo city and as well as in the Sicily island and one such beautiful beach you shall visit from Palermo city is Mondello Beach located in the north-west coastline of Sicily island. You can reach Mondello Beach by traveling 12 kilometres from Palermo’s main city centre. Mondello Beach in Palermo city is one of the most active, crowded beach with long sandy shores that are spacious enough for sunbeds, sun loungers, umbrellas of people who visits Mondello Beach. You can find a lot of cafés, beach bars, restaurants with seafront views lining and backing the Mondello Beach and there are also shops to rent umbrellas, sunbeds. Since, the water of Mondello Beach is crystalline and shallow, you can definitely take your family and kids here for a perfect beach day in Palermo, Sicily.

Vucciria(La Vucciria) ancient open-air market in Palermo

Palermo-the capital of Italy’s Sicily island offers you beautiful attractions to visit and enjoy perfect holidaying with your family and friends. Off many beautiful and classic attractions in Palermo city, you shall firstly visit the Vucciria, a popular, old, open-air market in Sicily’s Palermo. From the main city centre of Palermo, you can reach the Vucciria market just by walking few hundred metres, since it’s located at the heart of the Palermo city. People of Palermo, also call the Vucciria market as ‘La Vucciria’ and preserved because, it’s the ancient market founded in Palermo, Sicily before 700 years at least. You can find plenty of shops for food, clothings, handcrafts, arts & crafts, gifts, meat, snacks, local cuisine stalls, local made products which means the products, food at the Vucciria market represents the traditional and authentic touch of Italy’s Sicily and Palermo from cuisines to crafts. Being filled with locals and some tourists, Vucciria market is one of the best place to walk, admire, taste and buy things which are completely Sicilian and Italian in Palermo city.

Do visit the royal Norman Palace(Palazzo dei Normanni) in Palermo, Sicily

Palermo, the classic old town capital of Italy’s Sicily offers a lot to watch and admire that effortlessly portals you to the olden times through the rich, historical architectures and cultural history shown by the Palermo city. One such interesting ‘Old Town’ architecture to look through while holidaying in Palermo city is the famous Norman Palace(Palazzo dei Normanni) , a Royal Palace of Palermo with immaculate architecture and also an prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Site in Palermo, Sicily. Since, it’s located in the heart of Palermo city you can reach the beautiful Norman Palace by traveling just 1.5 kilometres from Palermo’s city centre. The archaeological evidences found in the Norman Palace(Palazzo dei Normanni) shows that the building was constructed during 9th century and was developed as a palace when Norman captured Italy’s Sicily during 1072. Norman Palace(Palazzo dei Normanni) is now the house of Sicily’s regional assembly, as Palermo city is the capital. You can know more when you take guided tours available at the entrance of Norman Palace(Palazzo dei Normanni) in Palermo, Sicily, Italy.

Monreale cathedral in Palermo city-Visit the cathedral of 13th century in Palermo

Monreale Cathedral

Palermo, the amazing capital of the Italy’s Sicily island is one of the good holidaying destination with a touch of ‘old town’ which makes ‘Palermo’ as a classic destination to visit and enjoy with family and friends. One of the beautiful start to your ‘Palermo holiday’ to know about the rich cultural history of Palermo city and it’s amazing architecture skills that adds beauty to the city is the popular Cattedrale di Monreale(Monreale Cathedral), ancient century built during the 13th century. The Cattedrale di Monreale is located in Monreale town and can be reached by traveling 9 kilometres towards east from main city’s centre of Palermo in Sicily. You’ll be impressed by the rich impact of Norman, Arab, Byzantine, Baroque and Renaissance architecture style, when you visit the Cattedrale di Monreale in Palermo. The wall paintings, the interior of the church and the garden will make you ‘awestruck’ with it’s picturesque appeal. You can take pictures on permitted levels in Cattedrale di Monreale and can relax at the cafés and restaurants operating near the Cattedrale di Monreale in Palermo.

Palermo city in Sicily, Italy

Palermo city

Palermo city is the capital of Italy’s sizzling beauty the Sicily island which have beautiful destinations to visit and enjoy a perfect holiday. Palermo city is well known for the rich culture, historical ambience and architectures which is over 2,700 years old and found & felt across the entire Sicily island and of course, much in it’s capital-Palermo city. The beauty of Palermo city in Sicily is very underrated but you can’t stop you from admiring the historic architectures, enjoying the authentic Sicilian cuisine with a touch of ‘Old Town’ look wherever you wander across this Sicily capital. Though Palermo city isn’t much of beach destination you can’t deny that being a good and interesting holiday destination with beautiful attractions and relaxing ambience. To enjoy Palermo city holiday properly you shall find the best friendly-servicing holiday resorts, holiday villas in Palermo city with picturesque & peaceful ambience. Holiday villas in Palermo city offer round the clock services, utmost privacy, guidance to your family & friends during your holidaying in Sicily’s capital city Palermo.