Plaza Larga in Granada-Beautiful way to spend your evening in Granada

Granada, a beautiful city in Andalusia located in Spain’s south is packed with various attractions put together under verdurous ambience which assures a great holidaying with your family and friends. When you’re in Granada do visit the popular Plaza Larga, a lively plaza filled with traditional Spanish restaurants, cafés and a lively market with food stalls, vegetables, fruits run & sell by locals of Granada. You can reach Plaza Larga by travelling just 3.5 kilometres from Granada’s main city centre. Plaza Larga must be definitely visited on a pretty evening while holidaying in Granada to enjoy the dinner and shopping with lights and liveliness of Spain’s Granada.

Mirador San Nicolás in Granada-Catch the world’s best sunset at Spain’s Granada

Mirador San Nicolás-Granada
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Granada, the naturally verdurous city in Andalusia, Spain that has been set in the foothills of pleasant Seirra Nevada mountains makes it a warm holiday destination in Spain where you can enjoy holidays with family and friends. One of the most loved viewpoint in Granada which you can’t and shouldn’t skip when you’re holidaying in Granada is the popular Mirador San Nicolás(Calle Mirador de San Nicolás). You can reach the Mirador San Nicolás by travelling less than 4 kilometres following the navigations from Granada’s city centre. If you would walk/climb the hill to reach the viewpoint, it would be a beautiful experience with Albayzin streets with cobbled path surrounded by white washed houses, tapas bars, cafés and restaurants with alluring ambience. You have some restaurants set in the terrace of Mirador San Nicolás which are slight pricey but the sunsets you’ll watch while eating the delicious cuisine will stay in your heart forever. However, there are also restaurants and cafés at average prices and don’t get down from Mirador San Nicolás without watching the sunsets, which is one of the best sunsets in the world and you can get that in Granada, Spain.

Calle Elvira in Granada-Lively alley with Tapas and music in Granada

Calle Elvira
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Granada, the beautiful city of Andalusia, Spain which is set in the foothills of Sierra Nevada is definitely a romantic holiday destination to visit and enjoy in Spain. One of the beautiful and lively destination to visit when you wish to spend your day relaxed in Granada city with tapas bars and Spanish cuisines in Granada is the popular Calle Elvira, a alley filled with traditional tapas bars, cafés, restaurants and shops for traditional and cultural clothes, food stalls, gifts, arts, handicrafts which are completely Spanish in all aspects. You can reach Calle Elvira by just walking a few hundred metres from Granada’s main city centre. Calle Elvira looks so beautiful with lovely music played by locals of Granada in the pathways of narrow streets. One of the best way to experience the beautiful side of Granada is visiting the lively Calle Elvira, when you’re holidaying in Granada.

Amazing Andalusian Arab Baths in Granada-Hammam Al Ándalus in Granada

Granada, the beautiful city is a good holiday destination in Andalusia, Spain, as you’ll find amazing attractions and exquisite holiday villas, holiday resorts in Granada with luxurious ambience and round the clock services. One of the luxurious and relaxing activity you shall do to relax your mind and body when you’re in Granada is visiting the Hammam Al Ándalus, place to enjoy traditional Turkish baths and get spa services. When you’re at Granada’s city centre, you don’t have to take your vehicle at all and can reach Hammam Al Ándalus by walking just 600 metres towards east following signs. You can enjoy traditional turkish baths, Andalusian Arab Baths, and spa services which includes herbal and ayurvedic therapies, and you can also prebook your visit to Hammam Al Ándalus in Granada.

Puerta Elvira(Gate of Elvira) in Granada-The main gate of Granada city

Granada, the beautiful city in Spain’s Andalusia which lies in the foothills of magical Seirra Nevada mountains is absolutely Spain’s dream holiday destination where you can enjoy holidaying with family and friends. One of the historical landmark which was once the main gate to Granada city in medieval times and you must visit when you’re in Granada is the Puerta Elvira (Gate of Elvira). You can reach this historical landmark by traveling just 1.2 kilometres towards north of the city from Granada’s main city centre. Puerta Elvira (Gate of Elvira) in Granada is the finest example of Arabic architecture and you must definitely visit, take pictures and relax yourselves in the cafés, restaurants nearby the landmark, while holidaying in Granada.

Granada Charterhouse in Granada-Beautiful monastery in Granada

Granada, a gorgeous city set in the foothills of Sierra Nevada in the popular and beautiful Andalusia region, Spain is definitely a soothing holiday destination to take your family and friends in Spain. One of the beautiful and historical landmark to look out when you’re in Granada is the popular Granada Charterhouse, a Carthusian monastery founded during the year 1506 in Granada, Spain. You can reach the Granada Charterhouse by traveling 3 kilometres towards north from Granada’s main city centre. Granada Charterhouse is one of the best told example for implementation of Spanish Baroque architecture and the Granada Charterhouse also portrays good collection of painting works by Spain’s popular Baroque painter Juan Sánchez Cotán. You can also find Chapels from previous centuries and amazing interior works, paintings inside Granada Charterhouse. You can definitely visit the Granada Charterhouse in Granada with your family, kids and friends & spend some quality time admiring the richness of Granada via the antique artworks and architecture when you’re in Granada.

Walk Carrera Del Darro in Granada- A unique & romantic walkway in Granada

Granada, the beautiful and verdurous city in Spain’s Andalusia set in the foothills of magical Seirra Nevada mountains is a dream holiday destination in Spain in which you can enjoy spectacular holidaying with family and friends. One best way to spend your evening happily in Granada with your family, friends and romantically when you’re with your spouse is the Carrera del Darro, a fantastic walkway set in the bank of River Darro in Granada. You can reach Carrera del Darro by traveling nearly 5 kilometres from the Granada’s main city centre. Carrera del Darro, walkway in Granda is special because of the old town ambience it carries and the chapel from 16th century and many buildings/architectures from 16th and 17th centuries, cobbled streets that lead to Alhambra hills, Stone-made bridges, Arab houses found across when you walk this iconic walkway in Granada. You’ll definitely feel the crave to take pictures and ‘evenings’ are the best time to visit Carrera del Darro. You can eat in the traditional cafés, restaurants found nearby, and can enjoy the colorful lights. Though sounds simple, the Carrera del Darro is considered as one of the iconic destination and romantic walkway in Granada.

Plaza de Bib-Rambla in Granada-Popular square to feel ‘Granada’!

Granada, the beautiful city of Andalusia region in Spain is one of the most loved and visited holiday destinations in Andalusia and almost in entire Spain. One of the beautiful kick start to your ‘Granada holiday’ with lots of Spain and Spanish things altogether easily is visiting the popular Plaza de Bib-Rambla square in Granada city. You can reach the Plaza de Bib-Rambla square by traveling just 8 kilometres following the sign boards from Granada’s main city centre. Plaza de Bib-Rambla square is also called by the locals as ‘Plaza de las Flores’ (‘Square of Flowers’ in English). Plaza de Bib-Rambla square was built during 16th century and looks so beautiful with Moorish architectures surrounding and a classic Gigantones Fountain which belongs to 17th century. You can find lots and lots of shops for handicrafts, gifts, fashion, Spain traditional things and also, cafés, bars, restaurants with Spanish and multi cuisines to sit back and relax while visiting Plaza de Bib-Rambla square in Granada. You can also spot many locals performing arts, singing nearby the Plaza de Bib-Rambla square which makes the square a spot with typical locals and good impact of completely being ‘Granada’.

Granda city in Spain-Enjoy your holidaying in classic Granada


Granada, a gorgeous city set in the foothills of Sierra Nevada in the popular and beautiful Andalusia region of Spain is one of the most loved and visited destinations in Spain by tourists across the world. People love Granada for the interesting influence of medieval architecture during Moorish times and thus, Granada is fondly called as ‘The Moorish Jewel’ till now. Granada city enjoys a beautiful & warm climate throughout the year by the bright sun over Granada’s sky and the city is surrounded by alluring natural landscapes almost all-over. At the same time you can see the contrasting characteristic such as the presence of historical architectures and modern buildings set next to each other in Granada city of Spain. You have beautiful beach side in Granada and also a touch of ‘old town’ inside the city which you can feel by the cobbled streets and well-built narrow buildings. You must not miss the delicious Andalusian & Spanish cuisine restaurants, cafés and hotels in Granada city and you’ll definitely love when you taste it. Do visit the beautiful tapas bars(only if you’re adult!) spread across the city which is closely related with Granada’s tradition and cultural history. Granada’s Tapas bars is very famous among the Spanish and also among the people from United Kingdom & Europe. In simple, you can definitely enjoy a great holidaying in Granada.