Granada Beach Camping

If you’re looking to go on a relaxing getaway, then you should consider going camping. Luckily, there are many different places that you can choose from when you go camping. One of those places is Granada Beach, it’s a wonderful choice for those looking to enjoy their vacation at the beach. it’s always a good beach for camping. The best times to go are any time after 6 am, before 2 pm and after 5 pm.

Granada Vacation Rentals

However, if you’ve made traditional holiday accommodation your number one choice before and the reasons that led to your decision are still applicable, why not give it a second chance? Stay with a rental villa in Granada, book a stunning apartment and enjoy unforgettable holidays with your friends and family. As you can see, there are many advantages to an offbeat choice of accommodation, which makes it worth considering.

Granada Skiing

There are many resorts for skiing in Granada, from the beginner-friendly Sierra Nevada to the steeps of La Rhune. Depending on your level of skiing, you will find a resort that suits you. The Sierra Nevada offers the most beginner-friendly slopes. If you are an intermediate-level skier, La Rhune is the place for you. If you are an expert skier, head to La Rhune. La Rhune has some of the steepest slopes in Europe, and is the place for expert skiers.

Granada Vacation Home

“Find your perfect Granada Vacation Home” Beautiful downtown Granada Spain is a perfect spot for a short break or a romantic getaway. Here one can find restaurants, coffee shops, and shopping. After a day of exploring this historic city, why not head back to your vacation rental to relax? You will find a large selection of homes to choose from. There are a few options to choose from depending on your preference. A vacation rental with a private pool, golf next door, amazing mountain views, the simple life with a private suite, or a two bedroom rental with a private courtyard. Granada has a little something for everyone.

Granada Day Trips

Granada is the capital of the province of Granada, located in Andalusia, Spain. This rich historical city offers many varieties of day trips. One of the most popular day trips is Albaicin, an old Muslim quarter filled with rickety houses, narrow stairways, and steep alleyways. The city is small enough to walk around the whole area in a couple hours, but be prepared to climb lots of stairs! Another popular Granada day trip is the Alhambra, the famous historic fortress with scenic gardens. The Alhambra was built by Christian King Samuel in 12th century and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Granada Holiday Accommodation

If you’re looking to take your vacation in Granada Spain, you may be wondering what accommodations will best fit your traveling needs and your budget. Luckily, there are several options available to you when it comes to finding the perfect place to stay during your trip. There are even apartment-style accommodations where you’ll have access to full kitchens and multiple bedrooms, making it possible for everyone in your group to sleep comfortably and prepare their own meals during their stay.

Palacio de Dar al-Horra of Granada – Moorish architecture with amazing history in Granada

Granada, the exquisite country-side region of Spain, excels as ‘one of the popular holiday city in Spain’ with rich history, cultural heritage, medieval towns & attractions, picturesque destinations and many more attractions that let tourists to enjoy their holidays ‘fullest’. One of the beautiful & historical architecture to visit in Granada is Palacio de Dar al-Horra, a former 15th-century Nasrid palace in Albaicín, Granada, Spain. From the main city centre of Granada, you shall reach Palacio de Dar al-Horra, by travelling 4.2 kilometre, following the directions. Palacio de Dar al-Horra is a two-story building and it’s one of the modern resemblance of Nasrid & Moorish architecture which looks beautiful with a rectangular courtyard and small pool. Palacio de Dar al-Horra dates to early 15th century and now Granada was then capital of last Muslim Emirate on Iberian Peninsula, under Nasrid dynasty. Reading about this palace may sound ‘usual’ but when you’re Granada, people of Granada and tourists who visited before would definitely suggest this palace, because, it carries so much elegance and history on it and do take guided tours to know it better, when in Granada.

Alvaro Suite live concert in Granada – Enjoy live rock music on June 19(Saturday) at Granada city

Granada in Spain is one of the beautiful-most ‘country side’ tourists’ attraction (or) holidaying city with so many attractions to visit and enjoy a spectacular holidays with family/friends. Granada offers a lot of entertainment, fun and happy vibes when you’re holidaying in Granada and here’s one such beautiful ‘rock music event’ that takes place on June 19,2021(Saturday) in Granada. Here’s a chance for you to attend a energetic live rock music event/concert of popular Alvaro Suite in Granada city of Spain on June 19,2021(Saturday) at BAR PATAPALO(Pata Polo) and it’s located only a kilometre away from Granada’s city centre. You can find more details, tickets price and availability at If you’re a fan of rock music (or) even, if you don’t, do consider attending ‘Alvaro Suite live concert in Granada’ to enjoy and experience the vibrant ambience of rock music concert, and to make your Saturday(June 19,2021) more fun and ‘worthy’, while holidaying in Granada.

Abadía del Sacromonte(Sacromonte Abbey) in Granada – 17th century abbey in Mount Valparaiso, Granada

Granada, the lush green city of Spain set near the Sierra Nevada’s foothills is filled with naturally scenic views and attractions and historically rich architectures, landmarks and viewpoints which will interest you with good holidaying experience with family/friends. One of the beautiful and historical attraction to visit in Granada is Abadía del Sacromonte, popularly called as ‘Sacromonte Abbey’ is a 17th century abbey which is tranquil and beautifully set on Mount Valparaiso which is located 7 kilometre away and east to Granada’s main city centre. With interesting & unique underground chapels, caves and offering guided tours for visitors and also spectacular panoramic views of Granada city, the Abadía del Sacromonte is one of the popular tourists’ attraction which you can’t miss while holidaying in Granada. More than a abbey, Abadía del Sacromonte is more of a historical museum in Spain which depicts rich cultural and historical values about Granada city, Spain. Do visit Sacromonte Abbey, which is one of the perfect ‘family friendly’ destination and a destination which makes your ‘sightseeing’ complete in Granada.

Plaza Isabel La Catolica of Granada – Amazing square with urban look in Granada

Granada, a beautiful lush green region set in the foothills of Sierra Nevada mountains is a pleasant holiday destination with lot of historical architectures, landmarks, picturesque viewpoints and many other attractions that attracts & welcomes tourists from various parts across the world. One such beautiful attraction (or) a historical landmark(which is now a ‘urban’ square) to visit is Plaza Isabel La Catolica, a square in the ‘heart of Granada city’ built during 1892 with a bronze statue of Queen Isabella with Christopher Columbus. From Granada’s main city centre, Plaza Isabel La Catolica is located only 2 kilometre away and can be easily accessed, following the directions and that’s why, both locals and tourists say, “Plaza Isabel La Catolica is at Granada’s heart!”. Plaza Isabel La Catolica looks so picturesque and urban with beautiful building surrounding, impressive fountain, statue in the centre, and you must know that, the popular attraction of Granada ‘Royal Chapel of Granada’ is located at walkable distance from here which altogether makes Plaza Isabel La Catolica, an iconic attraction in Granada which represents the ‘urban looks with medieval architecture’ and you shouldn’t miss visiting, admiring and clicking pictures here, while holidaying in Granada.