Hvar Attractions

Hvar Attractions Many are interested in what Hvar has to offer because it’s an island, has amazing food, has incredible beaches, has two different climates, and is protected by UNESCO. Some of the attractions Hvar has to offer are the beaches. The beaches are protected by UNESCO because Hvar has the cleanest water in Croatia. Hvar’s beaches have many attractions because you have the long beaches with cabanas, the bars, the restaurants, and the boat tours. Another attraction Hvar has to offer are the towns. The towns are separated by hills which creates different climates on the island.

Hvar Activities

The island of Hvar is the largest Croatian island and one of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic. This island has plenty for everyone to do, but what are the most popular things to do while visiting this island? There are many restaurants where visitors can enjoy traditional cuisine or other international cuisine. Most tourists also enjoy taking a swim in the crystal-clear sea or trying their luck at the nearby casino. That’s not all! Visitors can also take trips to nearby islands, explore picturesque villages, or enjoy the seafood. For sports enthusiasts, Hvar island offers a few things as well! Inland, there is good hiking and biking, as well as an annual mountain bike race.

Hvar Island

The city of Hvar is the largest city on the island of Hvar and one of the most visited tourist destinations in Dalmatia. The city is set in the picturesque nature on the southwestern side of the island. Hotels and apartments have a variety of quality facilities. There are many sports and recreational opportunities. Hvar Island has a crystal blue sea with rocky and small pebble beaches, outside the city and is the most beautiful sea in the Pakleni Islands, which is connected to the city by regular boat service.