Corfu Cruise

A Corfu cruise can offer so many wonderful opportunities to see the beautiful places that come to mind when you think of the word “Greece”. From the charming village of Nafpaktos to the picturesque town of Parga, Corfu Island offers its visitors the opportunity to see both the beautiful coastlines and the picturesque villages that make this island so special. What’s not to love? -Cruising off the northwest coast of Greece -A unique experience -Daytime or Night Time Cruises -Sit back and relax -Live Music -Selection of Greek Dishes.

Holiday Villas in Corfu

In Corfu, you will find a wide range of villas to choose from. Whether you want to rent a villa for a few days or weeks at a time, or invest in one for your own personal use, luxury villas Corfu provides a wide variety of choices you can take advantage of. With the beaches of the Mediterranean, Mediterranean cuisine, and luxurious villas, Corfu is the perfect island for anyone looking for a vacation.

Corfu Holiday Villas

The resort city of Corfu is well-known for its sunny climate and well-equipped villas. With a well-developed tourism sector, the city has a variety of accommodation options for guests of all budgets. Cheap properties are plentiful in Greece, but there are a number of high quality villas for those who want to really let loose.Villas in Corfu are more spacious than hotels and family homes. This is much more economical than staying in a hotel, especially when looking at the prices for accommodation in resorts. It also allows families to enjoy their time together without having to go out to eat every night.

Enchanting Holiday in Corfu

This is the destination that is adorable for thousands of folks, searching for the calm stay in the hands of pure beauty. So, then make an effort to this Island if you are arranging a family journey or perhaps a enchanting holiday. Pebble beaches will definitely enchant you with its elegance; turquoise waves will kindle you with its calmness; and groves that are olive and its beauty. Overall, you will find the harmony everywhere in this Corfu island- from cliffs to woods and sea caverns to shingled beaches, and from harbors to villa rentals.These holiday rentals are designed to last the excitement plus the serenity on the top with full convenience. Each villa is divided from the other and situated near the shores. So, the coastline could be enjoyed by you right from your rented villa. You may want to gaze in the beauty that is scenic from the window of the villa as you can get the surrounding of olive trees everywhere.

Perfect Holiday in Corfu

Most of the villa rental on the Corfu island is situated near the busier tourist spots like Sidhari and Kassiopi. Anybody visiting these areas will have all they might want in a vacation. Clearly if your idea of lavishness is sitting by the pool and bathing up the golden sunshine, then this is the destination for you. Corfu’s weather conditions is awesome in the summer months: hot, indeed, but you’re never afar from a mild and nourishing sea breeze. For some folk that’s the quality of a holiday – comfort and relaxation. Others still, like to go outside and over, either to mingle and socialize with other tourists, or find an remote spot where they can break free from the world at large. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it on the welcoming isle. If you have the opportunity to rent a car for a couple of days during your holiday in Corfu, then you’re certainly in for a treat. Corfu has got it all; from the ancient capital of Corfu Town, or the busy resorts of Benitses and Sidhari, to the calm and peaceful southern villages of Asprokavos and Pelephori, Corfu definitely has definitely something for everyone.

Corfu Holiday Cottages

A holiday cottage in Corfu offers you with the opportunity to look at what this island that is in the Ionian Sea has to provide. Of all the Islands to be located here off the Greek coast this is the 2nd biggest and is one of the most eco-friendly as well. On it, there springs up a little over 3 million olive trees and the oil from the island is one of the primary exports. However, vacation is also significant to the island and countless individuals descend to it in order to devote time on some of the most gorgeous beaches to be encountered in this portion of the planet. Yet for those who do desire a little thrill during their trip the island perfectly has loads of things to do and also offer awesome nightlife as well. There are a wide range of holiday villas in Corfu which you can lease direct from the owner which will be less expensive than using a agent. Also take a look at these vacation cottages in other locations which you can pick from.

Saint Gordios beach of Corfu – Perfect beach in Corfu’s west coastline

Corfu, a Greek island surrounded by Ionian sea and possess a lot of picturesque landscapes, beaches, rich cultural heritage & history and naturally carries a ‘holiday island’ vibe is one of the favorite Greek island to spend vacation with family/friends for many across the world. One of the beautiful beach with perfect views and amenities to enjoy ‘beach day’ with your people in Corfu is Saint Gordios beach, a relaxed rocky cove sandy beach located on west coastline of Corfu island. Saint Gordios beach is beautiful golden sandy beach with deep-blue crystalline waters favoring good swimming conditions and being surrounded by ‘picturesque’ Greek countryside with trees and flora makes the visit to this Corfu beach ‘worthy’. Saint Gordios beach is absolutely ‘family friendly’ with perfect tourists’ amenities lining near by, such as: shops to rent umbrellas & sunbeds, restaurants, cafés, beach bars and other facilities. Being shallow waters present at Saint Gordios beach, it’s suitable for both kids and adults, thus, the Saint Gordios beach is favorite for both tourists and locals of Corfu for being so ‘family friendly’ and don’t leave before watching sunsets, because, the sunsets at Saint Gordios beach is one among the best sunsets you could watch in Corfu.

Paralia Mpataria, a marvelous beach on Corfu’s coastline – Beautiful beach in Corfu suitable for all ages

Corfu, the beautiful island of Greece consists of perfect holiday attractions which let you enjoy ‘fantastic’ holidaying with family/friends surrounded by picturesque ambience and rich climate. One of the most picturesque beach which is more like a secluded cove (or) bay in Corfu and shall be definitely visited is Paralia Mpataria, a marvelous beach located on the north-east-most coastline of Corfu island. From Corfu’s main town you shall reach Paralia Mpataria by travelling 36 kilometre towards north-eastern tip, following the directions. With blue-green waters which is also warm, gentle waves, rich climate, fresh aroma in air, backed by white sandy shore and surrounded by rock cliffs with flora, the Paralia Mpataria is definitely a picturesque & secluded cove than a beach in Corfu. Paralia Mpataria is one of the best destination to enjoy a lot of swimming, snorkeling and sunbath at ‘natural scenery’ ambience in Corfu and there are cafés near Paralia Mpataria with good services. Though, Paralia Mpataria possess limited amenities people in Corfu definitely visit here to enjoy the unspoilt nature with limited crowd in a peaceful surrounding with family & kids (or) spouse (or) friends, while holidaying in Corfu.

Kavos Booze Cruise 2021-Corfu’s Official Boat Party – Exquisite Boat Party in Corfu

Corfu of Greece is one of the best holidaying island which is naturally gifted with wholesome of holiday attractions, picturesque destinations, and rich climate which let you and your family/friends enjoy ‘Corfu Holidays’ comfortably and happily. If you’re in Corfu island this weekend, here’s an tip for you about the vibrant boat party that takes place in Corfu’s coastline on June-5, 2021 and that will make your weekend in Corfu more cheering and vibing. Kavos Booze Cruise 2021-Corfu’s Official Boat Party is a 6 hours boat party which will take place on June 5-2021(Saturday) from 12pm-6pm and you can grab your tickets and check timings for this adult boat party at Kavos Booze Cruise 2021 departs from Kavos Jetty (Harbour) which is located in Corfu’s south-east and about 47 kilometre away from Corfu’s main town. Justifying the name, ‘Kavos Booze Cruise 2021’ consists of a fully stocked bar (drinks start from just 2 euro) and the boat turns into a ‘Floating Club’ with a top of the range sound system so the DJ can blast out few summer tunes. Kavos Booze Cruise 2021 stops at private beach of Kalamas where you can enjoy a lot of swimming and on the shore, you shall enjoy freshly prepared BBQ that serves Chicken or Pork, Greek salad, Tzatziki, bread and local wine & soft drinks included. And as a ultimatum, the Kavos Booze Cruise 2021’s boat party ends by sailing to the famous caves of Corfu. If you’re looking for real excitement and enjoyment and a ‘vibrant weekend’, do get along into Kavos Booze Cruise 2021 in Corfu.

Boschetto Garden in Corfu – Picturesque public park to visit in Corfu

Corfu, the beautiful Greek island surrounded by Ionian sea is one of the popular holidaying island with so many tourists’ attractions, providing profound hospitality in holiday villas that people to enjoy their holidays with family/friends. A simple yet beautiful destination(park) to visit in Corfu when you’re near (or) in Corfu Town is Boschetto Garden, a shaded & calm ambience which is located 3 kilometre away from Corfu Town’s main centre. Boschetto Garden is also called as ‘Durrell Garden’ by both locals and tourists of Corfu island. From Boschetto Garden you can enjoy great views of Old Fortress and the park itself is filled with flowers, gardens, lush green lawn which represents Italian Renaissance garden in Corfu(a Greek island!). There are also statues along the Boschetto Garden of writers and philhellenes who lived on the Corfu island. And, the large and impressive fountain in the centre makes the Boschetto Garden more picturesque and also adds ‘richness’ to the appearance of the park/garden in Corfu. Do visit Boschetto Garden, along with your family and kids (or) with friends (or) as a couple to feel the ‘beauty in simplicity’, while holidaying in Corfu.