Begur Costa Brava

Begur, in the heart of Costa Brava, Spain is a unique municipality for the lover of nature, an ideal destination for those seeking a calm, mystic and unchanged place, with a wide variety of natural scenery, and a diverse and vast wildlife.The heart of this region is the Costabrava Mountains, which are pierced by the deep valleys of the Ter, Llobregat and the Francolí.

Costa Brava Luxury Villas

Looking for a stunning private villa with a hidden gem of a pool? Look no further than the Costa Brava luxury villas. Located near the Mediterranean, Costa Brava offers a variety of accommodations for all your needs. The villas are exquisite and have been praised for their unparalleled service. The villas offer a wide range of amenities to meet your needs.Costa Brava is one of the most stunning luxury accommodation in the world -The property offers luxury villas with hidden gems in the form of pools, spa, and more.

Costa Brava Beaches

Costa Brava beaches are some of the best beaches in the world. Of course, this is a matter of opinion, but let’s look at some statistics to give an unbiased opinion. Costa Brava beaches have a large variety of different beach types meaning that everyone will be able to find a place that they enjoy. The beaches vary from relaxing and intense meaning that there will be a place for everyone. The great thing about Costa Brava beaches is that they are very close to the beautiful city of Barcelona, which means that the city is only a short distance away. If you’re looking for nice Costa Brava beaches, just head north along the coast. Along the way, you’ll find amazing scenery.

Costa Brava Tourist Towns

Costa Brava Tourist Towns One can never get enough of the beautiful coastline of Costa Brava, in northeastern Spain. However, in order to make the most out of your vacation in this region, it’s important to know the different towns in the area. First, you will find important tourist towns like Tossa de Mar, which is known for its beautiful Gothic church. Calella, also near Tossa de Mar, provides a stunning landscape of the coast, with great views of the Mediterranean Sea. Another important tourist destination is the town of L’Escala. This town is known for four impressive beaches.

The Beautiful Empuriabrava

Empuriabrava is a small beach resort town on the Costa Brava of Spain. It is located about 120 km northwest of Barcelona and 140km south of France. The best way to get to Empuriabrava is by taking a bus from the Barcelona airport as the distance is about 3 hours on the highway. The beach is a beautiful pebble-white color and is one of the most popular beaches in Spain. Before going to Empuriabrava, be sure to pack a swimsuit, a towel, a bottle of water, a camera, a sun hat, sunglasses, a light jacket, a bottle of sunscreen, and some euros for food and drinks.

Visit Costa Brava

Costa Brava is a location of Spain very sought after with European travelers. This location of Spain has numerous holiday villas to rent as self catering rental. Families like to stay in holiday rentals in Costa Brava and utilize them as a starting point to enjoy this region. There are many beaches, water parks and fascinating sites to uncover when on holiday here. The Costa Brava is also known for the exciting nightlife that visitors can enjoy here. As well as the diverse night life, families on vacation here can also enjoy the vast selection of food and shopping in the Costa Brava. The place has countless restaurants and stores.

If there is anything made up of roses, the Carnival considers it!

The ‘Rose Carnival’ that happens in Costa Brava remains in the hearts of the fun throwers for it’s piled up roses and elegant shows. The four days of the holidays are spent on the shores to adore the nightmares that come into reality. The well-dressed partying girls are experts in cheering up the guests and the shows eat their time sooner. It is for sure that there are ways to taste the local food items and traditional wines during this event.

A large romantic garden with sea views is waiting for tourists!

Family trips to Spain become more interesting due to its scenic sightseeing spots. Costa Brava, Spain’s romantic garden invites guests to get the stunning experience on viewing the fresh green trees and bushes. The disciplined trimming of the bushes is the highlight of the ‘Santa Clotilde Gardens’. The narrow pathways with bordered greeneries make the visitors enjoy walk and snack switching while enjoying the sea views in casual mode. Children can learn about the benefits and the history of the plantation here.

Take your Golf breaks in Platja de Pals, Costa Brava!

Costa Brava Golf

The Golf course not only admires the natives but also the international tourists for appreciable standards. Landing in Costa Brava, Spain would take you for the fabulous Golf tour to Platja de Pals. The Golf course looks pretty and good to spend some relaxing timein this well-maintained greenery while making appropriate goals. Guests having plans to practise it daily can get into the home-type villas located nearby the course.

Snack, Fun and Play! Marvellous beach to enjoy in Costa Brava!

Costa Brava

The dense trees around and seawater in the middle is the scenic view of the bay from its top. Seafood restaurants in Aigua Blava bay engage people in getting nice eateries while enjoying the beach space. Motorboat tours and sailing are common in this spot thus create a new experience among tourists. If tourists would like to rest nearby, the old town has well-maintained staying options and rentals for them as well.