If there is anything made up of roses, the Carnival considers it!

The ‘Rose Carnival’ that happens in Costa Brava remains in the hearts of the fun throwers for it’s piled up roses and elegant shows. The four days of the holidays are spent on the shores to adore the nightmares that come into reality. The well-dressed partying girls are experts in cheering up the guests and the shows eat their time sooner. It is for sure that there are ways to taste the local food items and traditional wines during this event.

A large romantic garden with sea views is waiting for tourists!

Family trips to Spain become more interesting due to its scenic sightseeing spots. Costa Brava, Spain’s romantic garden invites guests to get the stunning experience on viewing the fresh green trees and bushes. The disciplined trimming of the bushes is the highlight of the ‘Santa Clotilde Gardens’. The narrow pathways with bordered greeneries make the visitors enjoy walk and snack switching while enjoying the sea views in casual mode. Children can learn about the benefits and the history of the plantation here.

Take your Golf breaks in Platja de Pals, Costa Brava!

Costa Brava Golf

The Golf course not only admires the natives but also the international tourists for appreciable standards. Landing in Costa Brava, Spain would take you for the fabulous Golf tour to Platja de Pals. The Golf course looks pretty and good to spend some relaxing timein this well-maintained greenery while making appropriate goals. Guests having plans to practise it daily can get into the home-type villas located nearby the course.

Snack, Fun and Play! Marvellous beach to enjoy in Costa Brava!

Costa Brava

The dense trees around and seawater in the middle is the scenic view of the bay from its top. Seafood restaurants in Aigua Blava bay engage people in getting nice eateries while enjoying the beach space. Motorboat tours and sailing are common in this spot thus create a new experience among tourists. If tourists would like to rest nearby, the old town has well-maintained staying options and rentals for them as well.

An interesting archaeological museum lies in the lake, Costa Brava

An interesting archaeological museum that holds the historical ruins belongs to the Lake of Banyoles. The lake is the largest natural lake in Catalonia and is it grabs tourist attention for its scenic beauty and lively attractions. The closest holiday accommodation to this particular attraction is the Girona holiday homes. The trip to Costa Brava would make more glories if the rental stay is convenient and having access to transportation. 

The region has dry rocks and almost no trees, still attracts tourists!

The vast sea views from the rocky hill top make human eyes full of blue of course there is a great stun awaiting at this point. Cap de Creus, the easternmost point of Catalonia grabs people from all the direction to adore its scenic beauty. It is a widespread peninsula to be explored in legs but there is no way to snack on bars thus pack and come. If the trip ends in a day, then give priority to this place than other sightseeing options of Costa Brava.