Elephant caves of Crete – Amazing ancient caves that offers adventure and thrill in Crete

Crete, the beautiful Greek island is one of the most loved and visited holidaying island of Greece that welcome tourists from various parts of world, throughout the year. One of the unique and popular tourists’ attraction in Crete island to visit definitely is Elephant caves which is located on north coastline of Crete. From Chania(a main town in Crete’s NW) you shall reach Elephant caves by travelling 34 kilometre towards east, following the directions. Elephant caves, also called as ‘Caves of Elephants’ are sub-marine caves which was home to a group of rare elephants that lived in Vamos, thousands of years ago. Now, Elephant caves in Crete have been a favorite spot for diving, scuba diving and snorkeling; if you’re a adventure seeker/nature admirer/loves to dive then you shouldn’t miss Elephant caves in Crete. There are a lot guided tours in Crete to get you to ‘Elephant caves’ to admire it’s breathtaking views of caves and guide you with diving & snorkeling organized by many tour agencies in Crete, Greece. Elephant caves do possess amazing ancient history which’ll definitely take you in surprise when you go on ‘guided tours’ and it’s one among the ‘most interesting attraction’ which you can’t miss when holidaying in Crete.

Phaistos Minoan Palace of Crete – Ruins of 4000 years old palace from ancient Crete

Crete, a beautiful island in Greece is the largest island as well as the most popular holidaying Greek island across the world and that’s why people love to spend their holidays with family/friends in Crete. There are many beautiful, natural and historical attractions found in Crete and one of the popular and historically rich destination which you can’t miss is Phaistos Minoan Palace, the ruins of a Bronze Age archaeological site located near south-coastline of Crete, Greece. From Crete’s main town you shall reach Phaistos Minoan Palace by travelling 59 kilometre towards south, following the directions. Being the oldest of archaeological ruins, a visit to Phaistos Minoan Palace will be more enjoyable, if you take guided tours. Because, when you’re at Phaistos Minoan Palace do remember that you’re standing at a landmark which was started settlements during 6000 BC and the ruins of Minoan Palace you see were built during 2000 BC in ancient Crete, Greek island. If you visit Phaistos Minoan Palace, it’s like getting ‘time travelled’ for a while to 4000 years back ‘then’ palace and that’s why, it’s been one of the favorite and popular historical landmark for both tourists and locals in Crete.

Botanical Park & Gardens Of Crete – Unique attraction to visit near Chania, Crete

Crete, the iconic Greek island which is the most popular and largest island in Greece possess a lot of attractions to visit and let you enjoy amazing holidaying with your family/friends. One of the popular and beautiful attraction to visit in Crete along with family, kids (or) group of friends (or) as couple is Botanical Park & Gardens Of Crete, located in west of Crete island. From Chania town(a main town in western Crete) you shall reach Botanical Park & Gardens Of Crete by travelling 19 kilometre towards south, following the directions. Botanical Park & Gardens Of Crete was born from the ashes of dismal fires that caused during the year 2003 and you’ll get to know more when you reach the park. With full of fruit trees from all over the world, herbs, medicinal and ornamental plants which is totally different from each other, and also the Crete’s land formation & Crete region’s microclimate converts Botanical Park & Gardens Of Crete into a paradise for hundreds of plants and animals. There are many beautiful and colorful flowering plants which adds rich aroma into the ambience and also there is a beautiful Garden restaurant which serve delicious food, beverages and snacks until evening 6pm to sit back and relax during your visit to Botanical Park & Gardens Of Crete.

Elafonisi lagoon in Crete – Never miss this exotic beauty in Crete island

Crete island is one among the many beautiful Greek islands that receives tourists from different parts of the world and considered as a most loved and visited holiday destination/island in Greece. There are many beautiful beaches, amazing viewpoints, historical architectures & landmarks and many other attractions in Crete island to visit and enjoy a splendid holidaying with family/friends. One of the popular and exotic tourists’ attraction of Crete island to visit is Elafonisi lagoon, a secluded beach with turquoise crystalline waters and pink sandy shore located in the south west-most coastline of Crete island. From Chania town(a main town in western Crete) you can reach Elafonisi lagoon in south-west by travelling 73 kilometre, following the directions. Though, it takes a 1 & 1/2 hour drive from Chania, both the locals and people who’ve spent their holidays in Crete island suggests that, “Elafonisi lagoon is one of the most beautiful and unique attraction of Crete, which you shouldn’t miss while holidaying in Crete of Greece”. Elafonisi actually a island which is located very close to south-most-west coastline of Crete island and it’s separated by a deep-blue lagoon with shallow waters, sand bar that sub-merge ‘Off & On’ and Elafonisi is marked as a natural reserve which is a habitat of numerous of rare plant species and also marine animals and birds as well as migratory birds. Though, many tourists reach out to Elafonisi lagoon now, there are shop to rent sunbeds and umbrellas, 2 tiny beach bars, toilets and even lifeguards available during season and if it’s off-season you better arrive after backpacking food, water, drinks and other basic necessities. Be careful that you don’t litter so that, the natural beauty of Elafonisi lagoon isn’t disturbed after your visit here. You can enjoy a lot of swimming and kitesurfing in Elafonisi lagoon and it’s definitely a ‘family-friendly’ attraction that shouldn’t be missed, while holidaying in Crete.

Damnoni beach in Crete’s south coastline – Amazing beach with amenities in Crete

Crete island of Greece is one of the most loved and visited holidaying island of Greece which is naturally beautiful and possess a lot of attractions to visit and enjoy along with family/friends. One among the many beaches of Crete island to visit and adore is Damnoni beach, a picturesque and organized beach with turquoise crystalline waters and fine sandy shore located near Plakias town in the south coastline of Crete island. From the main town’s centre of Crete you can reach Damnoni beach by travelling 88 kilometre towards south, following the directions whereas from Rethymno(Rethimno), a main coastal town in north coastline of Crete island, the Damnoni beach can be reached by travelling 34 kilometre towards southern coastline of Crete. Damnoni beach is a long, sandy beach with waters that favor amazing swimming conditions for people of all ages. And, this beach is backed by few good taverns and restaurants with typical Greek cuisines to eat & enjoy and there are also shops to rent sun beds, sun loungers and umbrellas, as there is a lot of room to sunbath and relax in the shore of Damnoni beach in Crete. There are also basic amenities like showers and toilets available near Damnoni beach for the comfort of tourists and families who visit the beach. If you’re looking for a beach with picturesque views, family-friendly, tidy and safe, then you shall definitely spend a ‘beach day’ at Damnoni beach of Crete.

Agia Triada Tzagaroli Monastery(Agia Triada Monastery) near Chania town in Crete – Beautiful monastery to visit and authentic wine to taste in Crete island, Greece

Crete, the beautiful island of Greece is a amazing holidaying destination with packed attractions to visit and you can find best holiday villas in Crete, beachfront villas and also a wide range of holiday villas in Crete with private pool, which let you enjoy a spectacular holiday with privacy, comfort and surrounded by your people, while holidaying in Crete island. There are numerous luxury villas in Crete with private pool which provide high-quality round the clock services, picturesque views and luxurious ambience and you can choose them according to your budget and preferences for ‘Crete holidays’. One of the popular, beautiful as well as historical landmark in Crete island and shouldn’t be missed when you’re holidaying in Crete island is the amazing Agia Triada Tzagaroli Monastery(Agia Triada Monastery) and also known as Monastery of Agia Triada Tsangarolon, a 17th century Greek Orthodox church (or) Greek Orthodox monastery located near Chania(a main town in north-western part of Crete island). From the main city centre of Chania, you shall reach Agia Triada Tzagaroli Monastery by travelling 17 kilometre, following the directions. The name of ‘Agia Triada Tzagaroli Monastery’ means ‘Holy Trinity’ and it was built during 17th century and the best example of Byzantine architectural till date in Crete. You’ve a main church, a library, and a museum inside Agia Triada Monastery of Crete and the architectural works of the main church will definitely make you admire it’s beauty and elegance, when you visit this monastery in the island of Crete in Greece. The monks in Agia Triada Monastery prepare, sell wine and olive oil inside and you can taste authentic, traditionally prepared wine by monks, when you visit Agia Triada Monastery of Crete.

Aqua Creta Limnoupolis in Crete island – Amazing water park with amenities in Crete

Choosing the luxurious villas in Crete with private pool is wise and advisable because, villas with private pool offers best & specified hospitality, full-fledged facilities, amenities only to you & your family/friends and no one other than staffs will come to your room, pool to clean and full-fill your needs where you’re relaxing during your holidaying in Crete. There are villas in Crete with private pool which are available with round the clock services, possessing picturesque views and luxurious ambience and you can choose them according to your budget and preferences for ‘Crete holidays’. A beautiful, family friendly destination to visit and enjoy in Crete island is Limnoupolis, a water theme park with slides & eateries located in north-west most part in Crete island. From Heraklion(Crete’s capital) you shall reach Limnoupolis by travelling 140 kilometre towards west, whereas, from Rethymno(a main town in north Crete), Limnoupolis shall be reached by travelling 65 kilometre towards west. Limnoupolis is popular name said to address the water park in Crete, while the original name of the theme park (or) water park is Aqua Creta Limnoupolis. There are many water games, dry games, rides, interactive games for kids, water slides, water rides, swimming pool, wave pool and many more attractions, which is suitable for both kids & adults, present in Limnoupolis and there’s also cafés and restaurants to sit back, relax, dine and enjoy the theme park day in between your holidaying in Crete. Do visit Limnoupolis, which is one of the best family friendly destination, and no matter you’re with family (or) friends, you shall definitely visit and enjoy this one, while holidaying in Crete.

Agiofaraggo Beach in Crete – Beach for adventure lovers & naturists in Crete

To make sure your holiday with family (or) friends (or) as a couple is ‘Perfect!’ in Crete island of Greece, do choose holiday villas in Crete with private pool, where there is specific round the clock services and your privacy won’t be interfered during entire holidaying in Crete. A beautiful, secluded and naturally unspoilt beach located on the south coastline of Crete island and shall be visited for a adventure ‘beach day’ in Crete along with little hiking/trekking/sailing is the Agiofaraggo Beach which is located 70 away & south to Crete’s main town. Agiofaraggo Beach of Crete near the coastal village ‘Kali Limenes’ can be reached by two different ways: 1) you shall ride/sail in a boat from Kali Limenes, 2) by walking along the gorge in Kali Limenes which leads to Agiofaraggo Beach of Crete. Definitely not suitable for family and kids, as there are no tourist facilities and to afford one you need to come back to Kali Limenes village. But, people who love adventure, young may definitely visit Agiofaraggo Beach, since, it provides an amazing holidaying experience in Crete. Though not official, Agiofaraggo Beach supports nudism and it’s one among the few clothing optional beaches in Crete.

Minoan Palace of Knossos of Crete – Most ancient architecture to visit in Crete island

Crete, the island of Greece consists many historical landmarks, architectures to visit and admire; sightseeing in Crete is always interesting and a popular historical architecture you can’t miss when you’re holidaying in Crete is ‘Minoan Palace of Knossos’ located near Heraklion(Capital of Crete island). From Heraklion you shall reach Minoan Palace of Knossos by travelling 5 kilometre following the directions. Minoan Palace of Knossos is the main architecture and an archaeological site from Bronze age, which represents the modern port city on north-central coastline of Crete island. According the archaeological found the first settlement at region of Minoan Palace of Knossos dates to about 7000 BC, whereas the first palace dates to 1900 BC. If you’re interested in visiting historical landmarks and architectures, then you shouldn’t miss Minoan Palace of Knossos in Crete. No matter you aren’t interesting in visiting ancient architectures, visiting Minoan Palace of Knossos is a major sightseeing in Crete and do take guided tours to enjoy your visit more and make it memorable, when you’re holidaying in Crete.

Watercity of Crete – Amazing water park in Crete

Crete, the beautiful Greek island is one enjoyable holidaying destination with bunch of attractions and the amazing holiday villas in Crete will let you to have comfortable stay & enjoy a great holidaying with family & friends. Off many ‘family-friendly’ destinations of Crete you shall visit the Watercity, a massive amusement park and themed waterpark located 14 kilometre away from Heraklion(Crete’s capital). You’ve plenty of attractions such as wave pool, Tarzan’s game, pools and slides for children, body slide cyclone, hydro tubes & free fall, lazy river, crazy river and many more games suitable for people of all ages. And, the spectacular Jacuzzi, Whirlpool where you can relax alone (or) with your family & friends in the middle surrounded by palm trees which makes the ambience more picturesque. You also have good facilities for food, drinks, showers and cloak room available in Watercity theme park to make your visit more comfortable. Watercity of Crete is definitely a good place to hangout with friends & also a ‘family day out’ destination to take family & kids, while holidaying in Crete.