India in Expo2020

India will have one of the largest pavilions at Expo 2020. With 100,000 square feet of space, India will showcase the overall state of the country along with Make in India, Digital India, Skill India and Start-Up India Campaigns. The opening ceremony of the Expo will be held on October 1, 2021, and the Expo will last until March 31, 2022. A total of 190 countries will participate in the Expo2020, Dubai.

Al Nahda Pond Park of Dubai – Amazing ‘family friendly’ park in Dubai

Dubai city of UAE is the most happening and popular city of UAE and entire Middle East that welcomes tourists throughout the year, from different parts across the world. One of the picturesque, family-friendly park which is most suitable for ‘family picnic’ and to spend leisure time while holidaying in Dubai is Al Nahda Pond Park, a massive & beautiful man-made attraction of Dubai. From the main city centre of Dubai, you shall reach Al Nahda Pond Park by travelling 20 kilometre towards north, following the directions. Al Nahda Pond Park in Dubai is a park surrounding a man-made pond and there is a bunch of attractions to enjoy along with family and friends, especially when you’ve kids with you on your ‘Dubai holidays’. With jogging track, cycling track, neatly lined up gazebos for rest and dining purposes, playground with various courts suitable for both adults & kids, giant inflatable castles & ‘mini-caterpillar’ (or airplane) ride for kids & toddlers, a fountain, beautiful walkway around the park, and little shops to get refreshments, the Al Nahda Pond Park in Dubai is one of the important parks in Dubai set in urban ambience and been a favorite for both tourists and locals of Dubai. If you want to spend some leisure time with family/friends without any hustle-bustle & surrounded by peaceful and lively ambience, then you should definitely visit Al Nahda Pond Park in Dubai.

SEGA Republic of Dubai – Right place for kids and teens to enjoy in Dubai

Dubai, the beautiful and modern city of United Arab Emirates welcomes tourists throughout the year, since, it’s well known for the charismatic holidaying ambience it carries & been a greater combination of both natural and man-made attractions to visit and enjoy with family/friends. One of the exquisite attraction for kids, teens to play, love & enjoy in Dubai is SEGA Republic, a marvelous Indoor theme park in the famous Dubai Mall of Dubai. From the main city centre of Dubai, you shall reach SEGA Republic by travelling just 2 kilometre towards Dubai Mall in Dubai Downtown, following the directions. SEGA Republic is a fantastic indoor theme park that was developed by thinking about kids and teens to enjoy their time in ‘Dubai’ and it consists of interesting games & rides, arcade & video games, sports-based games, and also tiny games suitable for toddlers and hall for parties and events and you can also find a café that serves good food and drinks for both adults and kids. If you’re holidaying in Dubai with kids/teens, you should take them to SEGA Republic, which’ll remain as, one of their best holidaying experience in Dubai.

XLine Dubai Marina – Adventurous, urban & popular zipline of Dubai

Dubai, the luxurious city of United Arab Emirates is one of the happening holiday destination packed with so many beautiful attractions to visit and enjoy fun-filled and relaxing holidays with family/friends. Ever thought of flying over the Dubai’s Downtown from the popular Dubai Marina Mall and looking at city’s sky scrappers, landscapes too close as well as from top like a super hero? Here’s a beautiful holidaying activity that you shouldn’t miss while holidaying in Dubai and it is, riding & enjoying the popular XLine Dubai Marina, a popular zipline ride of Dubai city and most loved adventure sports functioning in Dubai Marina Mall, which is located 21 kilomtere away and south to Dubai’s main city centre. XLine Dubai Marina is the world’s longest urban zipline that rides through a urban & most-developed city like Dubai and there are packages, various zipline rides available for both adults and teens & family. You can pre-book, check for prices, and packages in XLine Dubai Marina’s official website: If you’re in Dubai and enjoying your holidays, don’t miss to take a ride in XLine Dubai Marina which offers a double dose of fun and excitement with perfect safety measures in Dubai.

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church(Jebel Ali Church) of Dubai – Unique attraction to visit, admire in Dubai

Dubai, the popular city of middle east and a most important city in United Arab Emirates(UAE) welcomes tourists from various parts across the world, since, it holds almost any & all kind of attractions to make your holidaying with family/friends at the ‘best’. One of the best attraction in Dubai which portrays the rich cultural heritage and cultural integration of Dubai as well as UAE is St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church(Jebel Ali Church), a Roman Catholic church built during the year 2000 in Jebel Ali(a port town in Dubai). From the main city centre of Dubai, you shall reach Jebel Ali Church by travelling 29 kilometre towards south-west, following the directions. St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church(Jebel Ali Church) possess amazing architecture and definitely a interesting destination to look out in Dubai. The mosaic picture of St. Francis embracing Jesus from the Cross decorates the sanctuary of the Church and this is the second Church within the Emirate of Dubai, built for the Christians who work, live and also tour in Dubai city. Though, a Muslim country, the presence of Jebel Ali Church shows ‘How much Dubai loves to get along with people from other nations as well as the nations itself!’ and you can’t miss this attraction, while holidaying in Dubai.

Al Montazah Parks in Dubai – Water park which is perfect for family and suitable for all ages in Dubai

Dubai, the luxurious city of UAE is one of the most popular and visited tourists’ attraction in UAE, as well as in Middle East which welcomes tourists from various parts across the world, throughout the year. A popular, family friendly destination(park) which gives amusement to people who visits is Al Montazah Parks, a massive & well-maintained water park in Dubai, UAE. From Dubai’s main city centre you shall reach Al Montazah Parks by travelling 26 kilometre towards Sharjah in north, following the directions. Al Montazah Parks is filled with many amusing rides, water slides, swimming pools, wave pools, dry games, rides and a iconic Ferris wheel to admire the park from top and enjoy bird’s views and there is a café to sit back and relax, while visiting the park in Dubai. You can pre-book and check about the prices, rides of Al Montazah Parks in their official website: Do visit Al Montazah Parks of Sharjah, UAE which offers a best family outing and also being suitable for both kids & adults, while holidaying in Dubai.

Al Qudra Lakes of Dubai city – Exquisite, tranquil and unique destination to go on picnic in Dubai

Dubai, the posh city of United Arab Emirates(UAE) will let you enjoy a delighted holidaying, since, you’ve both natural and man-made attractions to visit and the wide range of luxury holiday villas in Dubai will provide you and your family/friends profound hospitality and services with utmost privacy. One of the beautiful and most-popular attraction in Dubai city with ‘family-friendly’ ambience, picturesque views and well-suitable to go on ‘family picnic’ is Al Qudra Lakes, an exquisite desert oasis which is located about 50 kilometre away and south to Dubai’s main city centre. Being set in tranquil ambience, Al Qudra Lakes are the artificial lakes which you won’t find ‘artificial at all’ when you visit the amazing tourists’ attraction in Dubai. The motive of Al Qudra Lakes is to develop eco-tourism, where many beautiful birds and wild animals live under natural habitat and the tourists’ can watch them and enjoy the unique experience of ‘bird watching’ as well as ‘wildlife watching’ near and around Al Qudra Lakes of Dubai. Flamingos are found in majority, which makes the destination appear more charming by spreading the color of ‘pink’ over ‘coffee brown’ desert with little greenery(bushes, trees) and ‘turquoise blue’ Al Qudra Lakes and also there are many water birds here. Family picnic, tenting(for a while) and BBQ is the favorite activity for tourists who visits Al Qudra Lakes in Dubai city. Do prefer travelling by 4×4 as tracks are off-road and bring your own food, drinks while you visit Al Qudra Lakes in Dubai. Don’t leave Al Qudra Lakes before watching the night sky, which is one of the clear and beautiful sky watching experience you can get while holidaying in Dubai.

Get ready to laugh with Adnan Nalwala in Dubai city!

Dubai-Adnan Nalwala

Dubai city of United Arab Emirates is jewel of the Middle East, which have developed and grown well as ‘centre of attraction’ that welcomes and facilitates tourists from various parts across the world. Can you imagine of person who is combined with skills to run business and at the same time make you laugh at loud via jokes, stand-ups and entertainment shows? UAE’s popular Adnan Nalwala is the one, who does it both and yes! he is an entrepreneur and entertainer who is well-known in Dubai city and also in Middle East, as he have performed more than 500 gigs and counting. If you were in Dubai during June 2021, you shall grab the opportunity of listening and laughing at his jokes, hilarious stories and much more; Adnan Nalwala will grace the stage with a complete and latest solo show called ‘If You Say So’, at the Theatre by Queen Elizabeth 2 on 4 June, 2021. Since, he lived across 7 countries across the world, he can easily connect with you via his tales, jokes and turning the social subjects of present times into humorous stories which’ll definitely put broad smiles on everyone’s face. Watching a Adnan Nalwala show will definitely set your mood up and joyous, while holidaying in Dubai.

Dubai Ice Rink in The Dubai Mall – Fun, family-attraction to enjoy in Dubai, UAE

Dubai, a popular developing holiday destination in UAE consists a lot attractions to visit and enjoy holidaying with family/friends. In Dubai city you can find amazing holiday resorts, holiday villas in Dubai to enjoy a perfect holiday with your family & friends in Dubai. One of the popular, family-friendly destination in Dubai to visit, enjoy and experience when you’re holidaying in Dubai is popular Dubai Ice Rink, a massive ice skating rink in Dubai city, UAE. From Dubai’s main city centre, you can reach Dubai Ice Rink by travelling 1.2 kilometre, since, Dubai Ice Rink is located inside the most famous The Dubai Mall of UAE. Do skate and play various games in Dubai Ice Rink, as they provide proper safety measures and affordable pricing for everyone to enjoy their time with real snow, during their holidaying in Dubai. When you visit Dubai Mall, do walk to Dubai Ice Rink to have some good time with your family/friends, when you’re in amazing Dubai.

Mushrif Park of Dubai – Amazing family-friendly park with play area and BBQ services in Dubai

Dubai city is undoubtedly one of the most-loved holiday destination in UAE as well as in Middle East with bunch of holidaying activities and attractions to enjoy and Dubai is filled with spectacular holiday resorts, holiday villas that let you enjoy perfect holidaying along with your family/friends in Dubai. One of the popular public park and a family-friendly destination of Dubai which you can’t miss when you’re holidaying in Dubai is Mushrif Park of Dubai. From the main city centre of Dubai, you shall reach Mushrif Park by travelling 22 kilometre towards east, following the directions. Being opened during 1980s, the Mushrif Park of Dubai is spread vast for about 5.25 sq.kms (i.e,) Mushrif Park is a massive 1300 acre of family-oriented park with green spaces, verdurous ambience, gardens with rich colors & aroma, play area for kids, representing 13 traditional models of houses across the world, track for cycling, entertainment zone with electronic games, football grounds, theatre, swimming pool, and amazing barbeque services. Mushrif Park is one of the best place which is family-friendly, kid-friendly and a pleasant destination, which can’t be missed while holidaying in Dubai.