Antalya – Tünektepe

Located on the west side of Antalya, the Tunek Tepe represents a huge hull that offers fascinating views, directed at Antalya.. You could easily get to the summit by using the designed cable cars and as soon as you reach the top you could either have a fancy night of relaxation at the high-rated restaurants located on the summit or get familiar with Antalya’s nightlife by visiting a club.

Antalya – Duden Waterfalls Tour

A great way to appreciate Antalya’s nature is to visit the breathtaking Duden waterfalls. The approx.  30 meters high nature’s creations, gush the water down with extreme force making the view even more magnificent. The budget-friendly price of the tickets will convince you, even more, to have a little family trip during your visitation to Antalya.

Antalya – Manavgat Market Turkey

It’s worth the day trip to Manavgat during your Antalya visitation in order to discover the attractive bazaar and great history it wields. There you can buy for yourself homemade food, souvenirs, and other Turkey-related trappings and fixings. Not only it’s fun to buy all these items but near the place is also located a famous landmark – The Manavgat Waterfalls, where you will love the beauty of the flowering forest and enjoy your stay at its max.