Antalya Bazaar

Antalya bazaar is a set of markets in the city of Antalya, Turkey. Visitors come to Antalya bazaar to enjoy colorful clothing, beautiful souvenirs, handmade treasures, and the many other things that you can find here. The bazaar is open every day, with different items on sale depending on the day of the week. Sundays are the best day to come to the bazaar, as there are more stands with leather goods, music, clothing, and other handcrafted items. Though Antalya’s tourism is quite popular, many locals still shop at the bazaar. Antalya bazaar is an excellent place to find precious souvenirs and handmade treasures.

Classic Antalya

Antalya, Turkey’s main holiday getaway resort in the Mediterranean district, is an attractive town with palm-lined streets, an award-winning marina on the Mediterranean. In the picturesque old quarter, Kaleici, toned wandering roads and traditional timber homes, very classic town walls. Recently, many foreigners have bought house in and round Antalya for their holidays well liked area especially for the European and Russian nationals.A visit to Antalya would not be perfect without going to one of the gorgeous Mediterranean beaches. Just east of the spectacular Waterfalls, Lara beach offers a place to unwind as well as experience the stunning sun and surf.

Sefa Hamam Antalya Kaleici – Luxurious and sophisticated ‘Turkish bath’ in Antalya

Antalya of Turkey is undeniably popular holiday destination that welcomes tourists throughout the year because of it’s natural ‘resort town’ ambience, soothing coastline and holiday attractions that let people to soak in happiness with family/friends. One of the beautiful thing to experience while holidaying in Turkey is ‘Hammam’ or ‘Hamam’, a traditional and healthy method of steam bath associated with Roman thermae & rich cultural heritage of Turkey, and they’re also termed as ‘spa’ & ‘Turkish bath’ across many parts of the world. Being in a Turkish town like Antalya and not experiencing ‘Turkish bath’ makes your holiday ‘incomplete’ and one such beautiful destination to take ‘hamam’ in Antalya is Sefa Hamam Antalya Kaleici, a luxurious and sophisticated ‘Turkish bath’ with massages & spa services. From Antalya’s main city centre you shall reach Sefa Hamam Antalya Kaleici by travelling just 3 kilometre towards south, following the directions. Sefa Hamam Antalya Kaleici provides authentic ‘Turkish bath’ and massaging n clean ambience which is healthy to both mind and body and you’ll be provided delicious Turkish tea, coffee and fruits as well, that makes you feel that you’re living in ‘olden times’ for a while, when you’re holidaying in Antalya.

Kent Meydani Konyaaltı of Antalya – Exquisite seaside park surrounded by ‘plaza’ ambience in Antalya

Antalya, the perfect coastal town with natural resort town ambience in Turkey possess a comfortable coastline with sizzling attractions that welcomes and spreads joy to tourists, throughout the year. One of the most picturesque and relaxing park of Antalya, which is also it’s popular tourists’ attraction is Kent Meydani Konyaaltı, a lush green filled sea-side park surrounded by ‘plaza kind-of ambience’ in Antalya, Turkey. From the main city centre of Antalya, you shall reach Kent Meydani Konyaaltı by travelling 9 kilometre towards west on Antalya’s coastline, following the directions. Kent Meydani Konyaaltı is a amazing park set in seafront with lush green space and urban level development in the surroundings. Kent Meydani Konyaaltı possess a great range of variety of shops, restaurants, cafés where you can shop and enjoy dining, relaxing while catching spectacular seafront views with so much liveliness. Kent Meydani Konyaaltı in Antalya is one of the best place to enjoy leisure walks accompanied by sea breeze and you can also find a beautiful beach near by, which entirely happens to be a ‘perfect family friendly’ destination in Antalya.

Aktur Park in Antalya – Perfect amusement for family & kids in Antalya, Turkey

Antalya, a beautiful city in Turkey is a happening holiday city of Turkey, since it possess amazing coastline and attractions that let people to enjoy holidays with family/friends. A popular and perfect ‘family friendly’ destination(amusement park) to visit and enjoy in Antalya is Aktur Park, a massive amusement for all(especially kids & teens!) in Antalya. From Antlaya’s main city centre, you shall reach Aktur Park by travelling nearly 7 kilometre towards west, following the directions. Aktur Park is a fantastic amusement park which is combined of three main zones and they are: family unit, child unit and adults units. There are a lot of games, exciting rides, satisfying pool and water games, amusing games in Aktur Park and you they’re differentiated into three units, which let you play together as family/group, fun rides & simple games for children, as well as thrilling rides for adults. Aktur Park consists of Ferris wheel, Rio Rapidos (water attraction), roller coaster, SBF, Tornado, carting and many more and there is also a café and restaurant inside to sit and relax after playing along with family & kids. If you’re in Antalya with your family & kids, then you shouldn’t miss ‘Aktur Park’ in Antalya.

Dinopark Antalya – Unique, family-friendly theme park in Antalya

Antalya, the happening holidaying city in Turkey with amazing strip of coastline, warmth climate and attractions welcome tourists throughout the year, since, Alicante let people to enjoy holidays with family/friends happily. One of the most popular theme park, a family friendly destination which attracts kids(mostly) as well as adults in Antalya is Dinopark Antalya, a Dinosaur-themed family amusement park. From the main city centre of Antalya, you shall reach Dinopark Antalya by travelling 34 kilometre towards south-east coastline, following the directions. With life-size animatronic models of various types of Dinosaurs standing all around the park, the Dinopark Antalya does justice to the theme it possess and that makes it a unique but popular tourists’ attraction in Antalya. There are many attractions in Dinopark Antalya such as: DinoPark Trail, Planetarium, 7D dinosaur movies, a petting zoo(not with dinosaurs!), fun activities(for kids mostly) like Fossil Pool, Climbing wall, Dino-Vivor, Pony rides, Workshop for children, pool games, splash pool, bumper bots and a mini gift shop to remember your day at DinoPark Antalya. If you’re holidaying with family and kids in Antalya, then you’ll definitely find it worth spending a ‘family picnic’ with lot of fun and uniqueness in DinoPark Antalya.

Park Orman Antalya – Best family friendly destination with adventure and fun in Antalya, Turkey

Antalya, the exquisite and popular Turkish city carries a natural resort ambience and also possess a beautiful stretch of coastline, & many other attractions which let people to enjoy a spectacular holidaying in Antalya with family/friends. A popular, picturesque and a proper ‘family friendly’ destination(park) with fun, adventure and relaxing in Antalya is ‘Park Orman Antalya’, a park with many fun and adventure activities in Antalya, Turkey. From Antalya’s main city centre, you shall reach Park Orman Antalya by travelling 11 kilometre towards north-west, following the directions. Park Orman Antalya offers something for people of all ages and especially kids such as; Karting, Zip-line, Horse-riding class for children at the small horse farm inside, mini roller-coaster rides for kids, a pond, a verdurous lawn space, a small mosque, mountain sled, play area for kids, adventurous tasks & many other attractions which favor a good recreation for your and your family, kids. There are also cafés to sit back & relax and toilets for the comfort of people who visits the park in Antalya. Do visit Park Orman Antalya, which is popular and perfect picnicking for family, while holidaying in Antalya.

Mermerli Plajı, a ‘complete’ Turkish beach in Antalya

Antalya of Turkey is a popular coastal town with magical strip of coastline along with beautiful attractions to visit, enjoy and can give you and your family/friends so much of ‘good memories’, which makes it a amazing ‘holidaying destination’ in Antalya. One of the beautiful beach in Antalya’s coastline which is small but favor picturesque views and good ‘beach day’ is Mermerli Plajı, a Turkish beach located in bustling city centre and should be walked down the rock-carved steps from parking to reach in Antalya. From Antalya’s main city centre, you can reach Mermerli Plajı beach by travelling less than 3.5 kilometre towards south, following the directions. Since, Mermerli Plajı beach is located next to Antalya’s Old Port, it eventually carries the ‘old town’ elegance within and also considered a ‘traditional beach’ of the Turkish city. Though small, Mermerli Plajı is ‘bustling’ with lots of cafés, restaurants/eateries which serves both authentic-traditional Turkish cuisines and also multi-cuisines, and various shops related to Turkish tradition, culture and that’s why, ‘Mermerli Plajı’ is loved by both tourists and locals of Antalya city. With a ‘old town’ back drop and rock steps leading to beach with turquoise crystalline water, Mermerli Plajı is one among the most picturesque beach surrounded by mountain cliffs, and Mermerli Plajı also offers good swimming conditions and some boat trips(as they’ll be resting and moving near by the beach). Don’t miss the sunsets at Mermerli Plajı, which adds more beauty and relaxation to your mind on your ‘beach day’ in Antalya.

Dokumapark of Antalya – Favorite park of kids and families in Antalya

Antalya of Turkey is natural resort city that welcomes tourists throughout the year with amazing coastline, interesting attractions, warm climate and to make your stay better, you can find holiday villas in Antalya with round the clock services and picturesque ambience. A beautiful and popular park in Antalya which is favorite attraction for both locals and tourists and people who tour as ‘family with kids’ is Dokumapark of Antalya, a verdurous landscape and perfect picnic area in Antalya, Turkey. From Antalya’s main city centre, you shall reach Dokumapark by travelling 6.5 kilometre, following the directions. Dokumapark is a verdurous park which is filled with rich flora, trees, lawn accompanied by flower gardens, walking trails, benches, picnic area, play area for kids, Old German train and the interesting miniature architectures of popular architectures, which is considered the best part of the park. Do visit Dokumapark, which is definitely a peaceful destination to visit and spend leisure time with family and kids and no holidaying in Antalya is ‘complete’ without clicking pictures at Dokumapark of Antalya.

Antalya Zoo in Antalya – A perfect destination with picnic area to take family, kids in Antalya

Antalya in Turkey is naturally gifted resort and coastal city which possess beautiful attractions and holiday villas that will let you enjoy your holidays in Antalya with your family and friends. One of the popular attraction and a family-friendly destination of Antalya, which you should definitely visit while holidaying in Antalya is Antalya Zoo, a 400 acre massive wildlife sanctuary with animals, birds, replies to watch and picnic areas to relax and enjoy in Antalya. From Antalya’s main city centre, you can reach Antalya Zoo by travelling 13 kilometre towards north, following the directions. Antalya Zoo was opened during the year 1989 and have been a favorite destination to visit in Antalya for both locals and tourists of Antalya. Kids will have great experience, as Antalya Zoo have friendly domestic animals as well as a play area for kids is found inside the zoo. You have a good café inside Antalya Zoo to sit back, relax and dine while visiting Antalya Zoo of Antalya, Turkey. Do visit Antalya Zoo, which is one of the family-friendly as well as popular destination, which is suitable for people of all ages, while holidaying in Antalya.