Tenerife – Malizia Show at Piramide de Arona

The Malizia Show at Piramide de Arona is a breathtaking live performance that is suitable for both adults and children. Many families trip to Tenerife with the intention to watch a live performance while there. You don’t need to speak Spanish in order to understand and enjoy the show. The visual interpretation of the story is enough to provide the full sense and humor. Make sure to add the Live Show at Piramide de Arona to your things-to-do list while in Tenerife.

Tenerife – Anaga Rural Park

If you’re looking to explore the natural side of Tenerife, a perfect place to achieve that is the Anaga Rural Park. Perfect and suitable for hiking, the park could be accessed with a car or reached on foot. The routes include the Path of the Senses or the fascinating Route of the Traditions. Whichever option you choose to go through, you will definitely remain amazed and form a memorable experience.

Tenerife – Siam Park in Costa Adeje

As one of the biggest waterparks in Tenerife, Siam Park definitely takes place in the list. Located about 20 minutes away with a vehicle from the Tenerife center, for a budget-friendly ticket you will be able to enjoy a day amongst the water and under the sun. Offering quite a bunch of levels of waterslides, children would also be entertained during your relaxation.

Tenerife – Trip to La Gomera

Enjoy your full-day guided adventure to the location in Tenerife La Gomera. Discover wild landscapes and unique flora on the islands of the magnificent La Gomera and enjoy views of unspoiled nature you will never get the chance of seeing elsewhere. Benefit from the lunch in the Mirador de Abrante which is a special offer to the ticket, which is greatly approachable.

Tenerife – Guided Hike to Mount Teide Summit

If you’re seeking great adventure during your stay in Tenerife, you should definitely sign up for a secured, guided tour to Mount Teide Summit with a return cable car ride. Explore the beauty of both nature in the city and Tenerife itself from the top of Tenerife’s most breathtaking mountains. Grab your hiking suit and prepare for one of the greatest adventures you will ever have.

Tenerife – Puerto de la Cruz

If you want to see something different besides your hotel on your trip to Tenerife you can make your way to the Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife’s north end. The site was a huge investment in the last few years and now it is open for public visits where you will find many restaurants and coffee shops at your disposal. The little nature park allows you to sit and take a break afterward you can head to visit the fishing harbor.

Tenerife – Santa Cruz De Tenerife

One of Tenerife’s highest-rated hotels is exactly the Santa Cruz De Tenerife. With the rate of 5 stars, it both meets luxury and the highest form of comfort you could get in a hotel. Throughout the years, this hotel has played host to many celebrities with contemporary and elegant rooms. You get a chance to relax at its pool, spa, or even gardens, and if you’re wondering where to stay during your visitation in Tenerife, this might be your best choice.

Tenerife – Hiking in Tenerife’s Great Outdoors

If there’s anything Tenerife is greatly known for, it is for the great outdoors it has. Purchase now a ticket for a full guided walk and hiking all over Tenerife’s forests and hills. The trip is customized depending on the personal needs of the hikers, from a stroll along leisurely trails to negotiating challenging ancient volcanoes and lava flows.

Tenerife – The Museum of Nature and Man

The Museum of Nature and Man contains many important artifacts related to the Canary Islands’ history. The museum is well-known all over the world and many tourists come to Tenerife specifically to see the masterpiece. Inside you will discover the largest existing collection of the Guanche aboriginal culture of Tenerife, before the European conquerors’ arrival.

Tenerife – Tenerife Auditorium

You have the opportunity to join the Tenerife Auditorium, which often hosts talks, exhibitions, and musical events. The high-profile architectural style of the auditorium attracts diverse crowds from tourists from all over the world to admire the shape and explore some old Spanish artifacts. While inside you can enjoy a great view from the balcony and make sure to bring a camera with you.