las Americas Villas

Do you want to escape to the beautiful island of Tenerife and enjoy the winter sun? Why not try to book a villa in Playa de las Americas, this is a specially designed resort that is perfect for a sunny winter villa holiday in Spain. This is an elegant resort with charming promenades and super beaches. Playa de las Americas is one of the most lively resorts on the island, with a great selection of villas for you to spend an unforgettable winter vacation.Most nightlife is concentrated in a small area in the center of the resort. In addition to selected restaurants, you can also find many famous fast food restaurants near the beaches. There are many nightclubs for all tastes, and many bars offer excellent live music performances.

Palmetum of Tenerife – Massive botanical garden with palms and sea views in Tenerife

Tenerife, the extra-ordinary and largest island of Spain surrounded by sea and possessing volcanic landscapes is a favorite holiday island for many tourists across the world. One of the most popular destination(botanical garden) with uniqueness and beauty in Tenerife is Palmetum, a massive 120.000 m² botanical garden which is mostly dedicated to Palms and surrounded by other types of flora, set nearer to Tenerife’s north-east coastline. From Tenerife’s main town, you shall reach Palmetum by travelling 73 kilometre towards north-east, following the directions. If you’re in Santa Cruz de Tenerife(capital of Tenerife) you shall reach Palmetum by travelling just less than 2 kilometre, since, the botanical garden is one of the foremost attraction in Tenerife’s capital. People of Tenerife always address ‘Palmetum’ as ‘Palmetum of Santa Cruz de Tenerife’ and it’s set on a artificial hill overlooking the sea from Santa Cruz de Tenerife’s coastline. Palmetum consists of a large collection of about 600 species of palms and also a large system of waterfalls, streams and ponds, a museum dedicated to palms, a display shade house. If you’re holidaying in Tenerife, and looking for a popular as well as perfect ‘family friendly’ destination, then you shouldn’t miss Palmetum in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Go on ‘Safari Kayak with marine life’ in Tenerife on June 27, 2021 – Don’t miss the Sunday fun in Tenerife


Tenerife, the beautiful Spanish island is the largest among popular Canary islands of Spain and the enormous size of the island eventually results in consisting enormous of attractions, beaches, holiday activities and interests and drawing enormous tourists from various parts of world, towards Tenerife to enjoy holidays. If you’re looking for a wholesome adventure with safety as well as a holidaying activity that focuses on Tenerife’s natural beauty and set up, then you should read/know about amazing ‘Safari Kayak with marine life’, an amazing holiday event that takes place on June 27,2021(Sunday) at Tenerife’s south-west coastal line. Safari Kayak with marine life is beautiful marine safari which is exactly like ‘wildlife safari’ that let you explore the life, habitat and atmosphere under highly ‘unadulterated’ ambience. Tenerife’s ‘Safari Kayak with marine life’ on June 27,2021 is a 3 hour marine safari that takes you close to marine life and surroundings of Tenerife by watching dolphins, turtles, visiting marine caves, snorkeling, scuba diving; Safari Kayak with marine life starts from Los Cristianos beach located in Tenerife’s south-west coastline at 9:30 am in morning & the kayaking takes you through Tenerife’s popular cliff of Guaza(a protected natural reserve), then safari ends at 12:30 by returning back to Tenerife’s coastline. You’ll be stopped to get bath and enjoy a while in beautiful secluded beach in-between the kayaking and spend a while in cliff of Guaza, a immense natural marine beauty of Tenerife. You’ll be provided proper guidance to make your ‘Safari Kayak with marine life’ and you can check about availability, prices and schedules at If you’re going to be in Tenerife on last weekend of June 2021 and you’re a admirer of adventure & unique holidaying activity, then you should definitely go on ‘Safari Kayak with marine life’ in Tenerife.

Parque Taoro(Taora Park) in Tenerife – Popular park terraced in hilltop with café in Tenerife

Tenerife, the beautiful as well as the largest island among the Canary islands of Spain is one of the popular holidaying island suitable for people of all ages with picturesque destinations, fun-filled holidaying activities and rich climate throughout the year. One of the most picturesque and unique attraction which you can visit and enjoy in Tenerife is Parque Taoro, a popular terraced park overlooking sea in Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife, Spain. From the main town’s centre of Tenerife island, you shall reach Parque Taoro(Taora Park) by travelling 40 kilometre towards north(coastline of Tenerife), by following the directions. Parque Taoro(Taora Park) in Tenerife is a popular tourists spot which gives pleasure to people of all ages and it’s open all 24 hours to make sure you can hit at this lush green picturesque park anytime along with your family & kids (or) spouse (or) friends (or) with whom you’re holidaying in Tenerife and wish to visit Parque Taoro(Taora Park) along. Being surrounded by palm trees, various shrubs, the waterfalls, and the most fascinating part is a hilltop café/restaurant which let you enjoy the views of sea & city from rock cliffs: the Parque Taoro(Taora Park) consists all this and that’s why, it’s one among the top favorite attractions in Tenerife island and never miss it, while holidaying in Tenerife.

Teide Cableway of Tenerife – Amazing aerial tramway ride over Spain’s highest peak Mt.Teide

Tenerife, the largest and beautiful Canary island of Spain is a ‘Evergreen Holiday Destination Island’ with mesmerizing coastline and many unique & interesting attractions, which make people to fly to Tenerife to spend their holidays happily with family/friends. One of the exciting holidaying experience you shouldn’t miss in Tenerife island is going for a ride in ‘Teide Cableway’, an aerial tramway which goes up Mt.Teide of Tenerife, Spain. Do you know? Mt. Tiede is a volcano in Tenerife island and it’s the highest peak, not only of Tenerife but of entire Spain and also the highest point above sea level in the islands of Atlantic and that’s why, people who holiday in Tenerife island never miss the opportunity to go on a ride in cable cars over Mt.Teide since, the day it opened to public during 1971. From the main town in Tenerife island, you can reach Teide Cable Car station by travelling 19 kilometre towards south, following the directions. Your aerial tramway ride at ‘Tiede Cableway’ starts at the base station at 7,730 ft (2,356 m) above sea level, and proceed towards to the top station at 11,663 ft (3,555 m) in eight minutes, which is one of the all-time favorite holidaying experience in Tenerife. Don’t miss visiting and riding ‘Teide Cableway’ which is suitable for all ages and fills with excitement to everyone who rides who arrives here, while holidaying in Tenerife.

‘Tenerife Boat Party’ – Hop in for a ‘boat party’ on 4 days from all 52 weeks of 2021 in Tenerife island

Tenerife, the beautiful Spanish island which is also the largest among Canary islands of Spain offers a lot of young and wild holidaying activities and let you experience a great holidaying in Tenerife, Spain. One of the best holiday activity, fun event and also best way to enjoy the “Spanish islands’ holidays” is going on ‘boat party’ with your people (or) as a couple, and one such popular boat party which is organized and enjoyed in Tenerife is ‘Tenerife Boat Party’, a 3 hour boat party and an amazing event which takes off from Puerto Colon, located in Tenerife’s south. The best part about ‘Tenerife Boat Party’ is, this amazing boat part is organized and done on every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of every week around the year. While you arrive at Puerto Colon to hop in for ‘Tenerife Boat Party’ you’ll be welcomed with a ‘welcome drink’ and that is where the ‘fun’ begins and then the ‘unlimited free bar’ at the boat is all yours for three hours and you also have an ‘After party’ with discounted drinks while you land at Puerto Colon, Tenerife . You also have best DJ playing at ‘Tenerife Boat Party’ to enhance your joy, enthusiasm during your time and they also listen and play to ‘on board requests’. Tenerife Boat Party (or) Tenerife 2020/2021 Wristband offers a lot of discounts and benefits(as said by the event holders) and you can also host private parties after you make ‘deal’ with Tenerife Boat Party organizers. For more details about Tenerife Boat Party you can write to If you’re in Tenerife and looking for best boat party to spread joy to your weekend, then do Tenerife Boat Party is something you can’t miss in Tenerife.

Playa el médano(El Médano Beach) of Tenerife island – Blue flagged, urban beach with ‘everything’ in Tenerife

Tenerife island of Spain is the largest among Canary islands and that eventually answers, ‘How Tenerife is packed with so many attractions?’ which can be visited and enjoyed a perfect ‘beach holidaying’ or ‘Spanish island holidaying’ along with your friends/family/spouse. Tenerife also possess amazing holiday villas, beachfront villas and there are also villas in Tenerife with private pool, which provide profound hospitality during your entire ‘Tenerife holidays’. One of the most popular beach in Tenerife with picturesque views, good swimming conditions, spacious and large enough to hold many number of visitors and their sun bed & sun loungers, family-friendly ambience, surrounded by good level of amenities along with ‘natural beauty of Tenerife’ and holds prestigious ‘Blue Flag’ award of beaches is Playa el médano(El Médano Beach), a lovable beach located in Tenerife island’s south. From Tenerife’s main city, you shall reach El Médano Beach by travelling 70 kilometre whereas, if you’re near Costa Adeje(a main town in Tenerife’s south-west) you can reach El Médano Beach by driving 24 kilometre towards south-east coastline of Tenerife, following the directions. The glimpse of majestic Montaña Roja volcanic cone from El Médano Beach, makes the destination more beautiful and lovable in Tenerife. With pristine blue waters, long fine grey sandy shore, gentle waves which is suitable for people of all ages and known for many water sport activities such as surfing, kitesurfing and more; El Médano Beach is such a top quality beach which you can’t miss to visit and enjoy in Tenerife island. El Médano Beach possess the best and great range of tourists’ amenities available in the beautiful beachfront promenade which altogether earned ‘blue flag’ award for this beach in Tenerife.

Tenerife Zoo(Monkey Park Tenerife) – Amazing zoo of Tenerife island which let you interact with animals

Tenerife, a beautiful and also the largest Canary islands of Spain is packed with beautiful attractions to visit, enjoy and you can also find amazing holiday villas in Tenerife with round the clock services which let you enjoy ‘complete’ holidaying in Tenerife with family/friends. If you’re looking for more privacy while holidaying in Tenerife, you can choose holiday villas in Tenerife with private pool which assures utmost privacy and provides specific hospitality during your entire holidaying in Tenerife. Choosing the villas in Tenerife with private pool is absolutely ‘wise’, because, these villas in Tenerife will enhance your holidaying and also, holiday villas in Tenerife with private pool provide so much pleasure to mind and soul by luxurious ambience it possess. One of the popular and family-friendly destination in Tenerife and it’s also suitable for people of all ages, while holidaying in Tenerife island is Tenerife Zoo Monkey Park, which is located in south of Tenerife island and can be reach by travelling 65 kilometre, following the directions from Tenerife’s main city in the island. Entertainment along with education is the motive of Tenerife Zoo Monkey Park and if you’re with your kids, then do visit this park in Tenerife. You can spot many animals from different species, spot a lots and lots of monkeys(belonging to different tribes, types, region), colorful birds(Especially, Parrots) and a great collection of small animals in Tenerife Zoo(Monkey Park Tenerife). You can interact with few of the animals(Of course, they’re tamed!) in Tenerife Zoo(Monkey Park Tenerife) and it’s the main theme of Tenerife Zoo Monkey Park which is ‘why?’ both tourists and locals of Tenerife love Tenerife Zoo(Monkey Park Tenerife).

Fañabé Beach(Fanabe beach) in Costa Adeje, Tenerife – Amazing beach in natural resort town of Tenerife

Tenerife, the largest among Canary islands of Spain is packed with beautiful attractions and you can also find amazing holiday villas, beachfront villas with round the clock services, and can also find holiday villas in Tenerife with private pool which guards your privacy, provides specific hospitality to make your holidays more comfortable & enjoyable with friends & family. Choosing the villas in Tenerife with private pool will enhance your entire holidaying in Tenerife island; your privacy won’t interrupted, a private pool denotes that most of the services you’re going to avail are available for you and your people in private capacity & there won’t be any shortage in services, and you can party, rest, swim and enjoy at the private pool anytime you need and you won’t be needed to share it someone unknown, and villas in Tenerife with private pool provide pleasure to mind and soul by luxurious ambience and personal hospitality. One of the beautiful & popular beach in Tenerife, that shall be definitely visited while holidaying in Tenerife island is Fañabé Beach(Fanabe beach) which is located in Costa Adeje, a popular resort town in Tenerife, Spain. From Tenerife’s main city centre, you shall reach the Costa Adeje by travelling 70 kilometre towards south-west coastline of Tenerife and from Costa Adeje you can reach Fañabé Beach by travelling just 1 kilometre, following the directions. Fañabé Beach is the largest and busiest beach you shall find in Costa Adeje of Tenerife island, Spain. The waters in Fañabé Beach is crystalline, calm and the sandy shore stretches at good level making room for all the visitors, who visit Fañabé Beach. With lifeguard services, tourists’ amenities & facilities available near by; Fañabé Beach(Playa Fanabe) is one of the urban-level developed beach in Costa Adeje and in the entire island of Tenerife. You shall also find world-class restaurants, cafés, beautiful seafront bars, beach clubs, beach bars and night clubs to party all night near by Fañabé Beach in Costa Adeje, Tenerife. Since, it’s a natural resort town of Tenerife, you’ll find beautiful holiday villas in Costa Adeje of Tenerife with private pool, which let you enjoy a complete holidaying in a luxurious atmosphere, with utmost privacy, specified hospitality and round clock services. Choosing the holiday villas in Tenerife with private pool is ‘one of the best way’ to enjoy your holidaying to the fullest in the Canary island of Tenerife.

Pyramids of Güímar’ in Tenerife – Visit the interesting structure with lush green ambience in Tenerife

Tenerife, the largest island among the Canary islands of Spain is a ‘perfect holiday destination’ with beautiful attractions and the spectacular holiday villas, beachfront villas in Tenerife provide round the clock services and make you enjoy your holidays at best with family & friends. You must’ve heard about ‘Pyramids of Egypt’ but have you heard about ‘Pyramids of Güímar’ in Tenerife? Yes! In Tenerife, there is a beautiful pyramid-shaped structure built using lava stones in Güímar town of Tenerife and thus, the structure is known as Pyramids of Güímar. From Tenerife’s main city centre, you need to travel an hour (i.e.) approximately 50 kilometre in east, to reach the Pyramids of Güímar in Güímar town of Tenerife. Based on the archaeological evidences, it was found that it belongs to 19th century AD and there are still researches held about this region and the structure in Tenerife. One of the picturesque and interesting destinations to visit and spend some time in calm ambience & enjoy walks in Tenerife is Pyramids of Güímar with lush green ambience, while holidaying in Tenerife.