Froggyland of Goa – Beautiful family-friendly waterpark in Goa

Goa, the beautiful & natural resort state of India is one of the most loved and visited holiday destination in India which welcomes tourists, throughout the year. If you’re holidaying with family & kids in Goa and looking for much more amusement, then you shall visit Froggyland, a popular water park located in south Goa. From Panjim(Panaji)-Goa’s capital, you shall reach Froggyland by travelling 29 kilometre towards south, following the directions. Froggyland is one of the ‘best suitable’ family-friendly destination that offers excitement and amusement you expect when you’re in a vacation. Though, Froggyland is similar like any other waterparks, the colorful and many number of slides, play area for kids, water rides/games for both adults & kids, excellent swimming pools for both adults & kids and man-made river along makes it ‘worthy’ waterpark in Goa. Froggyland is maintained clean & tidy and offers tourists’ amenities, nice set of café & restaurant inside, for the comfort of people who visits this waterpark in Goa. If you’re tired of Goa beaches, clubs and viewpoints, you shall definitely visit Froggyland and if you’re with family & kids, then you shouldn’t miss this waterpark in Goa.

Soro – The village pub, a perfect ‘retro’ space with live music in Goa – Amazing pub with relaxed vibes and fusion dishes and drinks in Goa

Goa, the most happening and vibrant resort state in India is filled with so many attractions and welcomes tourists from various parts across the world, throughout the year. Goa is known for the vibrant nightlife it possess which is the main attraction for both tourists and Indians to fly and let them enjoy their holidays in Goa with family/friends. There are vibrant-wild pubs in Goa and also relaxed pubs in Goa and if you’re looking for such a relaxed vibe, then you should visit and enjoy a night at Soro – The village pub, a perfect ‘retro’ space with live music and soothing ambience. From Panaji(Panjim)-Goa’s capital, you shall reach Soro – The village pub by travelling 19 kilometre towards north, following the directions. Soro – The village pub will let you enjoy experience the typical ‘Goan bar set inside Retro pub’ with unique and rustic interiors and Soro also offers the best kind of fusion drinks, fusion dishes which will let you explore the new-taste in Goa and the dancing floor and live music adds so much to your night in Goa. The doors of Soro – The village pub opens during 6pm in the evening and never closes until it’s early morning 2am, which means you shall enjoy and party starting from dusk to late-night, when you’re holidaying in Goa.

Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary in Goa – Huge bird sanctuary set inside beautiful mangrove forests in Goa, India

Goa, the famous holidaying state in India with natural resort ambience, amazing coastline, rich climate and a bunch of holiday attractions and activities, which welcomes tourists from various parts across the world, throughout the year. One of the popular family-friendly attraction and suitable for all ages to visit and enjoy while holidaying in Goa is Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, a 440 acres massive lush green nature reserve with mangrove forest located on the banks of Mandovi River, Goa. From Panjim(Panaji), Goa’s capital you can reach Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary by travelling 6.7 kilometre towards east, following the directions. With verdurous, fresh atmosphere possessing rich flora and houses rich fauna (i.e.) different types of bird species which are found in India as well as migratory birds, different types of parrots which are colorful and adds more beauty to the bird sanctuary in Goa. You can also enjoy walks in-between the mangrove forests of Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary and it’s a popular destination which is suitable for kids, teens and adults in Goa, and can keep you away from busy beaches, nightclubs, popular viewpoints, for a while, while holidaying in Goa.

Love Passion Karma(LPK) Waterfront Club in Goa – Exotic nightclub to visit and part at nights in Goa

Goa, the most famous resort state of India is naturally gifted with amazing coastline, vibrant nightlife and attractions which favor all possibilities to let you enjoy a great holidaying with family/friends. One of the many best things that possess is the vibrant nightlife with parties, music, drinks and energy spilled all over & definitely, one of the best place to experience it is ‘LPK Waterfront Club’, a rock carving themed riverfront nightclub located in Nerul of Goa. From Panjim(Panaji)-Goa’s capital you can reach LPK Waterfront Club in Nerul by travelling 10 kilometre towards north-west, following the directions. Love Passion Karma(LPK) Waterfront Club – The name indicates the wildness and uniqueness of the night club in Goa. Being situated in waterfront ambience, and possessing exotic architectural design in both exterior & interior, and serving its delicious food and drinks, this amazing nightclub in Goa is open 24 hours in Goa. With live DJ music, fantastic range of cuisines, cocktails and drinks, you shall enjoy a wild nightclub party at LPK Club, while holidaying in Goa.

Palácio do Deão, a Portuguese beauty in Goa – Family-friendly destination & ‘worth’ getaway from beaches in Goa

Goa, the incredibly beautiful coastal region and a natural resort state of India which attracts tourists from various parts across the world as well as, Indians due to amazing features it have and the capability to ‘fulfil’ your expectations for a perfect beach holiday. Despite of Goa, being located in India it possess high influence of Portuguese style in architectures, cuisines and cities, because of the historical path and it’s such a enjoyable fact about Goa. One such beautiful landmark (or) tourists’ attraction that represent ‘Portuguese style’ in a spectacular way and to visit and enjoy while holidaying in Goa is Palácio do Deão, a Portuguese Heritage building with gardens and a restaurant. From Panaji(Panjim)-Goa’s capital, you shall reach Palácio do Deão by travelling 49 kilometre towards south, following the directions. Both tourists(who visited Goa already) and locals of Goa, consider Palácio do Deão, not only as a Portuguese-styled beauty but a nice getaway from busy beaches of Goa. Palácio do Deão is beautiful blend of Portuguese and Hindu architecture in Goa and it was built during 1787 by a Portuguese noble man and he was the Dean of the Church, as well as the Founder of Quepem town in Goa, India. Along with the mansion in Palácio do Deão, the spectacular 2 acres of lush tropical gardens and Portuguese restaurant are the best part and the ‘driving factor’ for both tourists and locals to here, when in Goa. Tour the mansion, dine at restaurant and then do walk and admire the beauty of gardens and click your ‘Iconic Goa Holiday Pictures’ when you visit Palácio do Deão in Goa.

Harvalem Waterfalls(Arvalem Waterfalls) of Goa – Amazing ‘family-friendly’ picnic spot in Goa

Goa, the ultimate holidaying destination and natural resort town in India’s west coastline is gifted with rich flora, warm climate, popular viewpoints, historical architectures, holidaying activities, amazing nightlife and most importantly lots and lots of spectacular beaches, where you can vibe and enjoy ‘Goa Holidays’ at the fullest with family and friends. A popular and family-friendly destination in Goa where you can go on for a family picnic and enjoy the day is Harvalem Waterfalls(Arvalem Waterfalls), a tourists’ attraction in Sanquelim of Goa. From Panjim(Panaji)-Goa’s capital, you can reach Harvalem Waterfalls by travelling 31 kilometre towards east, following the directions to Sanquelim. Goa isn’t only about beaches and when you’re off from ‘beach day’ in Goa, you shall definitely visit Harvalem Waterfalls, which is totally ‘worth’ because of the amazing waterfalls set in serene, scenic, verdurous ambience which is both picturesque & peaceful to spend time, enjoy, click pictures along with your family, while holidaying in Goa. There are mythical caves called ‘Pandava caves’ located near Harvalem Waterfalls and also a traditional Rudreshwar temple which adds more beauty in Goa. Be careful with your steps, since, the rocks and cliffs could be slippery sometimes. You’ve good course of restaurants and bar available near Harvalem Waterfalls, which makes people feel more comfort and agree ‘Harvalem Waterfalls’ as, one of the favorite spot for both tourists and locals of Goa.

Saturday Night Market in Goa – Lively night market with upbeat shops, food stalls, bars in Goa

Goa, a stunning holiday destination in India is packed with alluring attractions and exquisite holiday villas and beachfront villas, will let you enjoy great holidaying in Goa with friends & family. One of the vibrant and lively destination in Goa to visit, enjoy, shop, and eat complete ‘Goa’ made products, materials & food while holidaying in Goa is Saturday Night Market, a popular night market of Goa. From Panaji(Panjim), Goa’s capital you can reach Saturday Night Market by travelling 16 kilometre towards north, following the directions. With upbeat chain of various stores for clothes, shoes, ornaments, handicrafts, local-made materials, products, food stalls with popular Indian and multi-cuisine dishes, live music played by locals of Goa and amazing chain of bars which are open till late-night: Saturday Night Market will be definitely in the list of ‘Places to visit in Goa’. Since, the name indicates, check your calendar to know the day is ‘Saturday’, before starting to Saturday Night Market of Goa. Do enjoy shopping, music and liveliness by visiting Saturday Night Market, which is a destination for people of all ages to enjoy, while holidaying in Goa.

Baina Beach of Goa – Tranquil beach with picturesque views and perfect amenities in Goa

A popular and beautiful beach of Goa with picturesque views, secluded & calm ambience, bunch of water sport activities and shall be definitely visited while holidaying in Goa is Baina Beach of Goa. From Panaji(Panjim) – Goa’s capital, you shall reach Baina Beach by travelling 30 kilometre towards south, following the navigations. Baina Beach is well-known for the natural beauty it possess, picturesque views it’s surrounded by and tranquil atmosphere with proper safety measures in Goa. You can enjoy underwater sea walking, kayaking, jet-skiing, parasailing, snorkeling, trip to islands near by and go for dolphin watching when you’re in Baina Beach of Goa. You have good restaurants, beach bars and beach shacks at Baina Beach, lining up at the back to facilitate each and every tourists during their holidaying in Goa. If you’re looking for a picturesque beach with less-crowded ambience but full-fledged facilities & amenities available, then you shall definitely visit Baina Beach in Goa.

Benaulim beach of Goa – A quite paradise and hidden gem of Goa

Goa’s beautiful serene beach located 38 kilometre south to Panaji(Panjim)-Goa’s capital and shall be definitely considered visited is Benaulim beach in Goa. If you’re looking for a ‘refreshing beach day’ and want to keep yourselves off from crowd, sound and want to spend a while in calm ambience with less crowd, then Benaulim beach is the one definitely. With clean waters and smooth white sandy shoreline, Benaulim beach is one of the picturesque beach of Goa and addressed as ‘Quiet Paradise of Goa’, by both locals & tourists of Goa. You can enjoy a lot of swimming, sunbath here, since, the warmth of sun is received by Benaulim beach during most of the times of the year. You can also enjoy water sports activities like parasailing, jet skiing, banana boat rides, and dolphin watching with proper safety measures and lifeguard services. You shall find good count of shacks, cafés, restaurants, beach bars near by Benaulim beach, which is why “Benaulim is a kinda hidden gem of Goa state!”. You’ll be able to watch one of the most beautiful sunsets of Goa, when you’re in Benaulim beach and the beach do possess a good nightlife with lights and music that never goes off till early morning and never miss partying here, when you visit the Benaulim beach, while holidaying in Goa.

Reis Magos Fort in Goa – Oldest Fort with picturesque views in Goa

Goa, a holiday destination of India is packed with lots of attractions and spectacular holiday villas and beachfront villas, will let you enjoy great holidaying in Goa with friends & family. A offbeat but definitely an interesting holidaying activity in Goa is visiting the popular Reis Magos Fort which was built during the year 1493 and belongs to 15th century. From Panaji(Panjim)-Goa’s capital, you shall reach the Reis Magos Fort by travelling 10 kilometre following the directions. You shall visit Reis Magos Fort in Goa for not only being a popular historical landmark & architecture, but for the beautiful way it have been preserved and the picturesque waterfront views it offers. Take guided tours to make your visit to Reis Magos Fort more interesting and don’t return before clicking pictures at the fort, since, it’s one of the beautiful viewpoint and popular landmark to visit in Goa.