Mykonos Infinity Pool Villa

Perhaps one of the most sought-after luxury destinations in the world, Mykonos offers a little of everything a traveler could want. This Greek Island is a wonderful vacation destination in the summer and in winter, when it’s a little less busy. A popular vacation rental is the mykonos infinity pool villas, which is a romantic retreat for couples looking for a romantic getaway. These mykonos infinity pool villas come in all shapes and sizes. Once you’ve decided on a villa, you can be sure that you’ll have a luxurious stay in Greece. While you’re there, be sure to explore the island and take in all of its beauty from the famous windmills to it’s lovely beaches.

Beach Holiday in Mykonos

Mykonos is an island in Greece, southwest of Athens. It is a popular tourist destination because of its rich culture, ancient architecture, and sun-drenched beaches. One of the most famous attractions in Mykonos is the Little Venice. The area is located near Elia Beach and has a variety of cafes and restaurants. There are also quaint boats available for rent by the hour. Another popular attraction is the Church of Agios Stefanos. Built in 1839, it is home to many Byzantine treasures.

Mykonos City Centre Stay

Visiting Mykonos for an incredible vacation is my ultimate dream vacation. But until I’m able to go on my dream vacation, I have to consider my options. I have my choice of staying in the city centre of Mykonos – or on the outskirts or outskirts of the city. Staying in the city centre is the more expensive option, but this is the only one that has the immediate access to all of the sporting, shopping, dining, and tourist attractions. The outskirts are cheaper options with more privacy – but you don’t have access to all that great stuff that’s just a few minutes walk from your hotel room.

Mykonos Villa Rentals

Mykonos is one of the most interesting islands in the Mediterranean Sea. This stunning island’s capital city is called Chora and its human population rises in ten thousand people. Mykonos borders the islands of Syros and Tinos. It is one of the many first islands which launched to progress in the field of tourism and today everyone can notice an increase of tourists. Furthermore, it is one of the most popular and often visited islands in the whole world. If you want to get a full feel of this magic island, you should truly choose to rent a villa. The villas suit everybody and convient to all requirements. This means that there is a number of single bedrooms villa to large 10 bedrooms villa. All such villas have one thing in common; they offer private amenities, like pool, many comforts and wi-fi that connect to the high quality living.

Lia Beach of Mykonos – Relaxed, family friendly beach in Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, the popular holidaying island of Greece is one of the most loved and visited holiday destination that welcomes tourists throughout the year. Tourists love Mykonos, not only for containing bunch of beaches, warm climate and many more attractions but also for carrying natural ‘resort town’ ambience and the luxury holiday villas, beachfront villas in Mykonos with round the clock services, let people enjoy a ‘wholesome’ holidays with family/friends. For tourists who love to enjoy their holidaying with more privacy, there is a great range of luxury holiday villas in Mykonos with private pool found all over and they’re set in picturesque and peaceful ambience. A picturesque beach to visit and enjoy in Mykonos is Lia Beach, a naturally beautiful beach located on east coastline of Mykonos island, Greece. From Mykonos’ main town, you shall reach Lia Beach by travelling 13 kilometre towards east coastline, following the directions. With pristine waters and sandy+pebbled shoreline, the Lia Beach is one of the popular but at the same time, a relaxed beach in Mykonos. Though, a relaxed beach, there are perfect tourists amenities, shops, and beach clubs to keep your ‘enthusiasm’ high during your entire ‘beach day’ in Mykonos. Since, the waters is shallow at Lia Beach, it’s suitable for both adults and kids which is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and this beach is one of the most popular spot for scuba diving in Mykonos island. Do visit Lia Beach of Mykonos which is ‘family friendly’, possessing amenities, and relaxed ambience, while holidaying in Mykonos.

Paraga beach of Mykonos – Picturesque beach with beach clubs and tourists’ amenities in Mykonos

Mykonos island of Greece surrounded by Aegean sea is among the popular holiday islands of Greece with picturesque beaches, attractions, rich climate, rich history and a ‘vibrant’ holiday ambience that attracts tourists to make them spend their holidays happily with family/friends. Holidays are more enjoyable when you choose one among the amazing holiday villas and beachfront villas in Mykonos with full-fledged services. If you seek more privacy and specified services during ‘Mykonos holidays’, then you shall opt for the luxury holiday villas in Mykonos with private pool facilities, which are available across this Greek island with round the clock services, and set in picturesque, peaceful ambience. One of the popular beach to visit and enjoy in Mykonos is Paraga beach, a vibrant beach located on south coastal line of Mykonos island. From Mykonos’ main town, you shall reach Paraga beach by travelling 7 kilometre towards south, following the directions. With crystalline waters backed by a sandy with rocks and surrounded by rocky beds, the Paraga beach is definitely a nature’s exhibit on Mykonos. Though, small in size, the Paraga beach possess amenities like shops to rent sun beds & umbrellas, cafés and restaurants with seafront ambience. Paraga beach is also home to two best beach clubs in Mykonos called as Scorpios and SantAnna, and don’t leave the beach after the dusk, since, you enjoy a vibrant party night followed by ‘beach day’, when holidaying in Mykonos.

Kapari Beach of Mykonos – A hidden treasure of Mykonos island

Mykonos, the beautiful island of Greece surrounded by Aegean possess many beautiful attractions to visit and enjoy along with family/friends. A beautiful beach on Mykonos’ south-west coastline which is considered as ‘hidden gem’ and shall be definitely visited if you’re looking for naturally unspoilt beach is Kapari Beach, a picturesque and peaceful beach. From Mykonos’ main town, you shall reach Kapari Beach by travelling 5.6 kilometre towards south-west, following the directions. Though a beautiful beach, Kapari Beach is strictly for people who loves and admires nature, and doesn’t bother about lack of tourists’ amenities nearby and ready to backpack things before arriving here and also for those who prefer a less-crowded secluded ambience to enjoy beach day in Mykonos island. With turquoise crystalline waters and beautifully stretching white sandy beach, the Kapari Beach is one of the best beach to enjoy a lot of swimming and sunbath with relaxed-vibes offered in a calm, tranquil ambience and being surrounded by rock cliffs & appearing like secluded bay. One of the popular church in Mykonos island called ‘Agios Ioannis’ is located near Kapari Beach and do visit the chapel after enjoying your beach time. Due to tranquility, Kapari Beach is unofficially a nudist/naturist beach of Mykonos island and it’s totally safe to get along with nature for-a-while and don’t miss the sunsets here, since, they’re one among the few most-beautiful sunsets in Mykonos.

Agios Stefanos beach in Mykonos island – Urban beach with ‘perfect’ facilities and ambience in Mykonos

Mykonos of Greece is one of the popular holidaying island surrounded by Aegean sea, featuring beautiful attractions, warmth climate and there are spectacular luxury holiday villas in Mykonos with full-fledged services which let you enjoy holidays with comfort and privacy. If you prefer more privacy and specified services, then you’ve spectacular holiday villas with private pool in Mykonos, which offer specified hospitality to you and your family/friends. One of the most popular beach to visit in Mykonos island is Agios Stefanos Beach, a urban beach which is located less than 5 kilometre away and north-west to Mykonos town(capital of Mykonos island). Though Agios Stefanos beach possess a small sandy shore, it’s a family friendly beach in Mykonos and visited in large numbers, because of good tourists’ facilities available near by and also favoring appreciable swimming conditions which is suitable for both kids and adults. There are shops to rent umbrellas and sunbed, which is much needed here due to lack of proper natural shade to rest, but there is a proper series of seafront cafés and restaurants to sit back, relax and dine during your Agios Stefanos beach in Mykonos. In Agios Stefanos beach you can enjoy a lot of swimming, sunbathing and some interesting water sports to keep your holiday vibes at best on your ‘beach day’, while holidaying in Mykonos.

Psarou beach of Mykonos – Most popular beach in Mykonos & a favorite one for celebrities across the world

Mykonos, a popular Greek island surrounded by Aegean is a picturesque holiday island of Greece that consists of vast and various types of attractions such as: warm climate, beaches and more which makes Mykonos island to attract tourists across the world to enjoy holidays with family/friends. A beautiful beach in Mykonos island to visit and enjoy ‘beach day’ is Psarou beach, a scenic beach with amenities and a popular choice of beach among VIPs and celebrities across the world, when they arrive in Mykonos island. From the main city centre of Mykonos, you can reach Psarou beach by travelling 4.3 kilometre towards south coastline, following the directions. Psarou beach is preferred and popular by both locals and tourists of Mykonos island, because, Psarou beach possess turquoise crystalline waters and well-organized beach with amenities in Mykonos, Greece. Psarou beach favor good swimming conditions, sandy shore for sunbath, exciting water sport activities with lifeguard services, and there are sunbeds for which you’ve to reserve, due the popularity of the beach, and you’ve great course of cafés, restaurants, beach clubs, bars and shops available near by. As much as good to swim during day, you can enjoy best and wild beach parties at Psarou beach of Mykonos island during night. You can find great range of hotels, holiday villas near Psarou beach of Mykonos island. Do visit Psarou beach, which is the most popular and dreamy beach that can’t be missed, while holidaying in Mykonos.

Fokos Beach of Mykonos island – Selcuded but unique beauty in Mykonos’ northern coastline

Mykonos, the beautiful Greek island surrounded by Aegean is one of the popular, picturesque holidaying island of Greece which attracts tourists from various parts across the world with warm climate, beaches and many more attractions to enjoy holidays in Mykonos with family/friends. A secluded but beautiful beach in Mykonos for nature-admirers and adventure-seekers to visit and enjoy a ‘beach day’ is Fokos Beach, a hidden beach in north coastline of Mykonos island. From Mykonos town in western coastline of the island, you can reach Fokos Beach by travelling 13 kilometre towards north-east, following the directions. With lengthy and wide fine sandy shore backed by rock cliffs touched by most-crystalline waters, and a couple of taverns & restaurants functioning near by, less-crowded ambience; Fokos Beach is a picturesque and at the same time, ‘free from crowds’ type of beach in Mykonos island. Do you know? Due to it’s tranquility, Fokos Beach is one of the nudists/naturists beach in Mykonos island and also a popular spot for ‘horseback riding’ in Mykonos. Though, taverns, restaurants are available at Fokos Beach, it lacks of consisting amenities like showers, toilets, shops that rent umbrella & sunbeds, so in order to enjoy your day at Fokos Beach of Mykonos you’ll need to backpack food, drinks and basic needs which you shall carry like umbrellas, towels for shades and sunbathing. However, a day at Fokos Beach is definitely a unique and best way to get the essence of beauty of Mykonos beaches, while holidaying in Mykonos.