Mykonos – Discover the Windmills in Chora

As one of the most recognized and famous landmarks in Mykonos, the Windmills in Chora definitely take place which makes them some of your must-visit locations during your stay in Mykonos. Centuries ago they were used to refine grain using the windy weather on the island. Explore the old architecture and technology of this ancient windmill and discover the secrets of the island Chora.

Mykonos – Platis Gialos

A magnificent beach for you to relax at is certainly the Platis Gialos. located just 5km southeast of the Chora, in other words, the Mykonos Town,  the things that make this beach one of the best beaches located in Mykonos is the east of access.The delicious food you can stock yourself with just a few steps from the main parts of the beach is one of the main things people visit on that beach.

Mykonos – Funky Kitchen

The fancy kitchen called “Funky Kitchen” located near the center of Mykonos offers exotic meals which can be enjoyed in the fresh atmosphere of the place. You choose between a variety of food paired up with Mediterranean flavors and prepared following french techniques by skilled foreign chiefs. Dishes such as octopus carpaccio with pink peppercorns, seared tuna with smoky baba ganoush, grilled fish in beurre blanc sauce might make you visit the restaurant multiple times.

Mykonos Magic Holidays

Mykonos is an attractive island in Greece with a name for glamour and fame with party-goers.The lure of the island was previously its cosmopolitan lifestyle, with its luxurious resorts and lively night life, but now it is a lot more than that.Mykonos grew to become among the most popular island holiday getaway spots in Greece. It is as paradise for beach buffs and water sports lovers. Along its mile-long seashores, you will notice an excellent promenade of high end resorts. These are sprawled through the region, stretching out Greek hospitality from among its community along with foreign visitors. These accommodations are also artwork, from their structures to the schematic styles of their windows, which flawlessly shape island’s charming scenery and seascapes. The top notch services of the Mykonos expensive accommodations been able to continuously boost the reputation of Mykonos as one the world’s top holiday makers.

Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is a well-known stunning island with compact whitewashed homes with their glowing blue doorways, and classic Cycladic wind turbines. Tourism is the primary revenue stream on the island.Every year Mykonos is toured by a large number of visitors from all over the world. Many celebs have picked this island a frequent place for their Greece luxurious vacations. Mykonos’ beaches are popular all across the globe, providing a variety of enjoyment.On your breaks in Greece you never ever feel lacking in holiday accommodations to stay. You will discover holiday villas and apartments for many choices to make your stay on your Greece holidays cozy and reasonable.The gorgeous Mykonos Island in Greece is the location for you if you are among the rowdy night life buffs; the streets are chalked with pubs and clubs providing terrific drink bargains to attract you in to their club, performing R&B along with rave and hip hop. In addition there are gay bars if that is you choice. With lots of Greek tavernas and pubs in the area, you will be certain to discover the perfect nightlife enjoyment to satisfy you.

Enchanting scenes of white stone homes set against clearer blue waters definitely attract and catch the imagination, and you will find none as stunning as on the Island of Mykonos, Greece.