Milan Experience

Located in the northern region of Lombardy, Italy, Milan is considered one of the most important cities in all of Italy. Not only does it have fantastic stores and restaurants, but many people know it for its superb international fairs and exhibitions. More than anything, Milan is situated in an area with so much natural beauty. The lakes, the mountains, the vineyards, the olive groves and more are all just a few hours outside of Milan. You don’t even have to go far to find beauty in Italy.

Is Milan Worth Visiting ?

The next time you are coming to Europe, make sure you make it to Milan. This great metropolis packs a lot of culture and entertainment into its streets. The city has plenty of famous attractions like the Duomo Cathedral, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, and the Stazione Centrale, which serve as cultural icons to the world. Milan is also home to some of the best opera houses, theaters, and music venues. And to top it off, Milan is also home to some of Italy’s best food. It is known around the world as the culinary capital of Italy. All this means that Milan is a city that can be a great stop for any traveler.

Xplore Milan

The vibrant, exciting, financial and business focused capital of Italy has understood the interest of a multitude of visitors from every part of the world. It is popular around the globe for its fashion and design. The holiday accommodation irrespective of location in Milan, provides fun and pleasure to your tour. Milan apartments, situated in the heart of city provide world class facilities including comforts as per the standard of 5 star luxurious apartments.These apartments have pleasant historic atmosphere with extensive amenities, which may come with bar with live music and health club.

Basilique Sant’Eustorgio of Milan – Beautiful Roman Catholic church in picturesque city park of Milan

Milan, the spectacular Italian city is one of the best holidaying city in Italy which consists of various kinds of attractions and holiday villas with round the clock services that conjointly let tourists to enjoy holidays, happily in Milan. There are many beautiful churches in Milan which are historically rich and also carries rich Italian cultural heritage which you can’t miss while holidaying in Milan. One such beautiful church to visit in Milan is Basilique Sant’Eustorgio, a massive Roman Catholic church which is located just 6 kilometre away from Milan’s main city centre. Basilique Sant’Eustorgio is built using the ‘First Romanesque’ architectural style, which clearly explains that, the church exhibits the ‘first’ stream of ‘Romanesque’ architectural style without any other influences. The process of ground breaking took place at 4th century(344 AD) and after many years of construction with few pauses and stories, the construction of ‘Basilique Sant’Eustorgio’ was completed during 16th century. The church is located inside a popular city park of Milan called as, ‘Basilicas Park’, which offers a ‘family picnic’ experience with lush green & lively ambience. Do take guided tours to Basilique Sant’Eustorgio, when you’re in Milan to know properly about the ‘history behind’ and to enjoy the visit to a popular historical landmark/architecture in Italy’s Milan.

Parco Lambro(Lambro Park) of Milan – Largest park to spend leisure time in Milan

Milan, the extra-ordinary city of Italy is such a fashionable city, which carries elegance naturally in air and entertainment all over nd that answers, ‘Why people love to spend their holidays at Milan of Italy?’. One of the beautiful and largest green space with trails, gardens and been a perfect ‘family friendly’ destination in Milan is Parco Lambro(Lambro Park), a park that was built during the year 1936 on the banks of eponymous river. From Milan’s city centre, you shall reach Parco Lambro(Lambro Park) by travelling 7 kilometre towards north-east, following the directions. Parco Lambro(Lambro Park) is the largest green space of Milan city and it takes you close to nature surrounded by verdurous trees, shrubs, green lawn, trails to walk, and also consists of five farms(which is the key factor for it’s size and popularity in Milan), ponds, flower gardens, playing area for kids and possess, spread fresh aroma in air which soothen mind while visiting this nature park in Milan. Lambro Park is one of the amazing botanical trail in Milan filled with rare trees and plants species and it’s one of the best place to picnic along with family and kids, till date and no holidaying in Milan is complete without visiting and clicking pictures at Lambro Park of Milan.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Vineyard(La Vigna di Leonardo) in Milan – Wine from a 500 years old vineyard and interesting museum in Milan, Italy

Milan city of Italy consists of amazing attractions and due to it’s connection with Leonardo da Vinci, there are many historically rich attractions related to ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ and one such attraction to definitely visit, while holidaying in Milan is Leonardo da Vinci’s Vineyard(La Vigna di Leonardo), a unique and interesting museum in Milan. From Milan city’s centre, you can reach Leonardo da Vinci’s Vineyard by travelling nearly 3 kilometre towards west, following the directions. Considered as ‘secret garden’, ‘hidden gem’ of Milan, Leonardo da Vinci’s Vineyard was vineyard gave to Leonardo da Vinci by Milan Duke Ludovico il Moro, during the year 1498 and then, it was taken care by Leonardo da Vinci himself during the years he lived in Milan, Italy. With vineyard, museum, wine from Leonardo da Vinci’s Vineyard and a museum; Leonardo da Vinci’s Vineyard is such a popular, iconic museum and a family-friendly destination suitable and interests people who loves to taste authentic wine made from a 500 years old vineyard, while holidaying in Milan.

Church of Saint Fidelis(San Fedele, Milan) – 16th century church to visit, admire in Milan

Milan, Italy’s beautiful city and also the ‘fashion capital’ is one goof holidaying destination with bunch of attractions to visit, admire and by staying at the luxurious holiday villas in Milan and enjoy happy-filled holidays in Milan. A beautiful chapel with historical and rich architectural values to visit and admire when you’re holidaying in Milan of Italy is the Church of Saint Fidelis(San Fedele, Milan), a 16th century church located near Palazzo Marino of Milan, Italy. Church of Saint Fidelis(San Fedele, Milan) is built using Mannerism architectural style, which looks magnificent with single nave, tall granite columns, interesting interior works, impressive facade and wall paintings, statues both inside and outside San Fedele, Milan. Though, the San Fedele we see today was built during 16th century, it possess a history which is more old and ancient and to know that, we suggest you to take guided tours when you visit Church of Saint Fidelis, since, it’ll make the visit more interesting and enjoyable. Do visit Church of Saint Fidelis, a amazing architectural beauty with rich history and it shouldn’t be missed while holidaying in Milan.

Palazzo Marino of Milan, Italy – Amazing museum in 16th century built palace in Milan

Milan, a beautiful city of Italy which is also called ‘fashion capital of Italy’ is a spectacular holiday destination with bunch of attractions to visit and you can also find spectacular holiday villas in Milan that provides you privacy, profound hospitality at both affordable & luxurious prices. A beautiful, historical architecture to visit when you’re holidaying in Milan, Italy is the Palazzo Marino, a 16th century palace located at the ‘heart of Milan city’ and shall be reached by travelling 1.5 kilometre from Milan’s city centre. Palazzo Marino of Milan is located at the Piazza della Scala, a 16th century built pedestrian square in Milan of Italy. Palazzo Marino of Milan possess a exquisite interior and exterior architectural works and you shall take guided tours available at the entrance to grab the complete essence & authenticity of this museum in Milan.

Santa Maria del Carmine Church of Milan city – Amazing 15th century church in Milan

Milan, Italy’s beautiful city and also the ‘fashion capital’ is one goof holidaying destination with bunch of attractions to visit, admire and by staying at the luxurious holiday villas in Milan and enjoy happy-filled holidays in Milan. When you’re in Milan you’ve got a handful of beautiful & historical landmarks to visit and cherish the ‘sightseeing tours’ in Milan and a destination(chapel) that shall top the ‘must to visit in Milan’ list is the Santa Maria del Carmine Church which is located just 1.3 kilometre away from the city centre of Milan. We can also say that, Santa Maria del Carmine Church is located at ‘heart of Milan city’ and was built during the year 1446(15th century) over a convent with an annexed church built by Carmelites during 13th century. With majestic nave and two aisles, the Santa Maria del Carmine Church is also a picturesque medieval historical destination of Milan, and shall be definitely visited & taken pictures, while holidaying in Milan.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan – Oldest and popular shopping mall in Milan

Milan, a beautiful Italian city which is also called ‘fashion capital of Italy’ is a spectacular holiday destination with bunch of attractions to visit, enjoy and you can also find the best luxury holiday villas, resorts in Milan with privacy, profound hospitality and at affordable prices in Milan city. To explore the sizzling fashion and shopping gravity face of Milan and to find out “Why Milan is Italy’s fashion capital?” you must visit Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a major landmark & oldest shopping mall of Milan which was designed and built during 19th century(1861-1877). From Milan’s city centre, you shall reach Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II by walking for few hundred metres for few minutes, since, the oldest shopping mall is located at ‘heart of Milan city’. The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is a beautiful rendition of 19th-century iron-and-glass architecture that possess excellent artworks(both interiorly and exteriorly) meeting the modern cafés, restaurants, shops of present times. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is a ‘one stop’ for shopping a vast variety and vast range of fashion, fashion-related products for both women and men; such as clothing, accessories, ornaments, make over and also various other shops. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is also a very good destination in Milan for dining & relaxing, as you can find only best & popular cafés and restaurants here. No holidaying in Milan is ‘complete’ without shopping and dining at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II of Milan.