Visit Triennale di Milano-A museum to honor Milan’s arts and designs

Milan, Italy’s fashion capital is definitely a good holiday destination with many interesting attractions & holiday villas that offers utmost privacy and hospitality and also let you enjoy great holidaying in Milan city of Italy. One of the interesting tourist spot(actually, an design & art museum) to visit in Italy is the Triennale di Milano located in the popular Parco Sempione of Milan city. You can reach the Triennale di Milano by travelling less than 3 kilometres from Milan city’s centre. The Triennale di Milano museum was established during the year 1923 to honor the Italy’s passion and contribution towards the fields of arts, architectures, and designs and also a huge collection of Modern arts from 20th century can be spotted and admired inside Triennale di Milano museum in Milan.

Basilica San Lorenzo Maggiore in Milan-A 4th century Roman Catholic church in Milan

Milan, the beautiful Italy city which is considered as Italy’s ‘fashion capital’ is one of the best holidaying destination with lots of attractions and luxurious holiday villas and resorts with utmost privacy and profound hospitality. When you’re in Milan, one of the most historical and beautiful architecture you must visit is the Basilica San Lorenzo Maggiore, a 4th century church located near Milan city’s heart. You can reach the Basilica San Lorenzo Maggiore in Milan by just travelling 3 kilometres following the directions from Milan’s city centre. Basilica San Lorenzo Maggiore, the Roman Catholic church was consecrated during the year 402 and the present look, we see today was completed during the 18th century. Basilica San Lorenzo Maggiore looks beautiful with detailed architectures in both interior and exterior and taking a ‘guided tour’ will enhance your experience of visiting this oldest church of Milan. Do visit the Basilica San Lorenzo Maggiore to get stunned by the way it stands still after these much centuries, when you’re holidaying in Milan.

Branca Tower in Milan-Capture the panoramic views of Milan city

Milan, the beautiful city of Italy is one of the best holiday destination, as the city of Milan amazes you with lots of attractions to visit with your family and friends and consists luxurious holiday villas and resorts with utmost privacy and profound hospitality. One mesmerizing viewpoint you shall not miss to visit and experience in Milan city is the popular Torre Branca (“Branca Tower”), a steel tower located in the Parco Sempione(Sempione Park) in Italy. Branca Tower rises high for about nearly 109 metres and it was opened during the year 1933 in Milan city. You can enjoy exquisite panoramic views of Milan city from Branca Tower and you can’t miss this experience when you’re holidaying in Milan.

Shop at Via della Spiga of Milan-Beautiful pedestrian street for luxury shopping


Milan, the fashion capital of Italy is one of the best holidaying destination to visit with your family and friends. The Milan city amazes you with bunch of attractions and luxurious holiday villas, holiday resorts with profound hospitality & round the clock services. If you’re a shopaholic, fashion admirer (or) you want to explore, ‘Why Milan is Italy’s fashion capital?’ then you must visit the amazing Via della Spiga, posh shopping but pedestrian street in city of Milan. You can reach the Via della Spiga street by traveling nearly 2.3 kilometres from Milan’s main city centre. You can find many luxurious stores for fashion, clothes, jewellery, luxury hotels, cafés, and many gift shops, retail stores. The Via della Spiga is a part of the luxurious & vibrant Quadrilatero della Moda(an exclusive shopping, fashion zone in Milan which comprises few streets together Via Monte Napoleone, Via Sant’Andrea, CorsoVenezia and Via Manzoni). The main beauty of these streets is that; they’re mostly pedestrian so, you’ve to be ready to carry your bags after shopping here in the city of Milan.

Corso Como in Milan-‘Typical’ street of Milan

Milan, the beautiful city in Italy is one of the best holidaying destination with lots of attractions and luxurious holiday villas and resorts with utmost privacy and profound hospitality. One of the best way to spend a glam and glittering evening & night when you’re in Milan is visiting the popular Corso Como street in Milan city. You can find the beautiful Corso Como street filled with cafés, restaurants, bars, pubs luxury hotels, fountains, metro station and a lot of pedestrians(mostly locals of Milan and tourists partially). You can reach Corso Como street by traveling 3.6 kilometres towards north from the Milan’s main city centre. Nights at Corso Como street are joyful with lights, illuminations, music, drinks till late night. Do enjoy the lively vibes of Corso Como street and feel the ‘typical’ Milan when you’re holidaying in Milan.

Sforza Castle (Castello Sforzesco) in Milan-Portal to Milan’s past!

Milan, the alluring fashionable & beautiful city in Italy have attractions of both extremes to take the people who visit Milan with surprises. You can find attractions which are classic, old and at the same time you can also find attractions which are modern, new in the city of Milan, Italy. One such iconic destination which you can’t miss in Milan city is the popular Sforzesco Castle, a 15th century castle located in the majestic & massive Sempione Park of Milan, Italy. You can reach the Sforza Castle (Castello Sforzesco) by traveling just 2 kilometres from Milan’s city centre. Sforza Castle (Castello Sforzesco) is nothing but the residence of rulers of Milan, known as the Sforzas during olden times. Sforza Castle (Castello Sforzesco) is now the home of many special museums of Milan city which boasts the rich culture, arts, history of old Milan: In simple, Sforza Castle (Castello Sforzesco)’s museums are the portal to look back and admire at Milan’s past. The water fountains you spot outside of the Sforza Castle (Castello Sforzesco) is the best place to click your pictures for your ‘Milan holiday’, since they look so exquisite and royal. Do visit Sforza Castle (Castello Sforzesco), because, you can never miss to enjoy & admire this antiqueness of Milan, when you’re holidaying in Milan.

Naviglio Grande in Milan-Never miss this seven centuries old canal in Milan

Naviglio Grande
Naviglio Grande

Milan, the fashionable city of the romantic Italy is one of the best holidaying destination to visit with your family and friends as, Milan amazes you with lots of attractions and luxurious holiday villas and resorts with utmost privacy and profound hospitality. One dreamy, picturesque and typically ‘Italic’ destination to visit in Milan city of Italy is the famous Naviglio Grande, an oldest canal which is used for both irrigation & navigation and located nearly 49 kilometres away from Milan’s city centre. Naviglio Grande in Milan, Italy runs for about 23 kilometres starting from Ticino river(Tornavento) and ending in Porta Ticinese dock(locals of Milan address it as Darsena). The construction of Naviglio Grande began during the year 1177 and was completed on the year 1272, thus making it as 7 centuries old canal in Itlay and in entire United Kingdom and Europe region. You can see a lot of architectures associated with ancient and old times of Milan when you travel near/through Naviglio Grande and don’t miss visiting the iconic Basilica di San Lorenzo church near, a church that belongs to 4th century. You have lots and lots of cafés and restaurants, modern space for entertainment and refreshment near Naviglio Grande in Milan and you can also enjoy mazing nightlife at Naviglio Grande with lights, music, bars and many entertainment zones and activities. Though a little far from Milan’s city centre, don’t miss this alluring Naviglio Grande when you’re in Milan.

Milan’s beautiful Sempione park-Largest park in Milan city

Milan, the most beautiful and largest city in Italy which is fondly addressed as ‘global fashion capital’ by many people across the world is not only a fashionable city but an enjoyable city suitable for a perfect holiday. Milan have many beautiful attractions to visit and to accommodate every visitor with good hospitality there are amazing holiday villas in Milan with round the clock services and picturesque ambience. One of the best way to admire the beauty of Milan with it’s people surrounded by is the popular and largest park in Milan known as Simplon Park(Parco Sempione, Sempione Park). You can reach the Sempione Park by traveling just 2 kilometres from Milan’s city centre, since, Sempione Park is located almost at the heart of Milan city in Italy. Sempione Park is definitely special to visit in Milan because, it’s not only the largest park spread for 95 acres but also an oldest park in Milan as it was opened during the year 1888. Sempione Park looks so beautiful with trees, bushes, birds, flowers, fresh aroma in air, wide-spread green lawn where you can walk, sit back and admire the natural beauty of Milan. You shall also visit Acquario Civico Milano(third oldest aquarium in Europe) in the edge of Sempione Park in Milan. You shouldn’t miss Sforza Castle, another most popular destination of Milan which is located adjacent to the Sempione Park in Milan.

Milan- The Fashion City


The second largest city of Italy that have a lot of attractions like many other cities of Italy but no other city owns the ‘fashion’ like Milan does. Everything related to fashion is either born or approved in Milan and only then it is considered ‘success’ for the particular fashion. Milan have a great attachment to fashion, textiles from the 19th century. Milanese fashion have become a brand soon and attained popularity worldwide so easily. When you’re in Milan, you must prepare yourselves to do a wild shopping; because the variants, the models, the incredible fashion and at the same time quality is set to to high standards. The fabric wove here are naturally good and no manufactures could reach the perfection as much as Milanese manufacturers does. Milan have beautiful chain of shops, outlets, bazaars that are completely dedicated to fashion and fashion related materials. Milan is a city for people who love fashion and shopping.

Milan Cathedral

Milan Cathedral

Milan is the slice of beauty from the most beautiful pie called ‘Italy’. Yes! ‘Milan’ is one of the beautiful place to visit for your vacation located in Italy. Milan can be even called as heaven for great opera, shopping, football, restaurants, bars, and unparalleled nightlife. And noticeably, this city have the great combination of ancient architectures, historical museums, cultural attractions along with the glittering contribution it has made to the ‘fashion world’. Milan gives you the best when you visit it during the spring & autumn seasons of the year. Apart from the fascinating fashion sector, Milan does great in preserving the tradition and ancient culture by the cathedrals it have. The Duomo Cathedral in Milan, is the one you shouldn’t miss during your vacation. Duomo di Milano also known as Milan Cathedral is one of the best and all-time attraction of Milan, which is dedicated to St Mary. Do you know? It took over six centuries to complete the construction of Milan Cathedral. The construction works for the Cathedral begin during 1385 and the final design we see today was completed in 1965. Milan Cathedral in one of the largest church in the world and the only largest in Italy. Milan Cathedral have great sculptures, aroused buildings surrounded by beautiful gardening.