Terrazza dell’Infinito(Terrace of Infinity) of Amalfi Coast – Most popular viewpoint in Amalfi Coast, Italy

Amalfi Coast of Italy is one of the most loved, natural ‘resort’ ambience, holiday destination in Italy with a magical strip of coastline, rich climate, picturesque atmosphere and many holiday attractions that let people to enjoy beautiful holidaying with family/friends. A popular & picturesque tourists’ attraction of Amalfi Coast set in lush green ambience is Terrazza dell’Infinito(Terrace of Infinity) located in Villa Cimbrone of Amalfi Coast. From the main centre of Amalfi, you shall reach Terrace of Infinity by travelling just 3.2 kilometre towards NE, following the directions. Villa Cimbrone of Amalfi Coast is a beautiful villa set in hill-top with expansive gardens, rich architecture, offering dramatic views and it’s origin dates back to 11th century. Terrazza dell’Infinito(Terrace of Infinity) is found in Villa Cimbrone which is lined by series of marble floors, impressive statues and a magnificent views of Mediterranean and Amalfi coast stretching in foot. Holidaying in Amalfi Coast is incomplete without visiting, admiring the views and taking ‘Iconic Amalfi Holiday’ pictures at Terrazza dell’Infinito(Terrace of Infinity) and it’s one of the most popular ‘family friendly’ attraction and favorite for both locals and tourists of Amalfi Coast.

Amalfi Coast’s Marina di Praia – Beautiful beach with tourists’ amenities in Amalfi

Amalfi Coast of Italy is one of the most loved and beautiful tourists’ attraction in Amalfi Italy, which consists a magical strip of coastline and many attractions, and thus, welcomes tourists throughout the year. A beautiful beach to visit and enjoy the picturesque views and perfect ‘beach day’ in Amalfi Coast is Marina di Praia, a naturally gifted beach which is located just 8 kilometre south-west to Amalfi Coast’s main city centre. Being surrounded and located between rock ridges, Marina di Praia is more like a secluded cove than a beach in Amalfi Coast and do possess pristine waters and comfortable shore. You can find Torre a Mare, a Saracen tower from the Middle ages which makes the ambience more picturesque. Though, a secluded beach, Marina di Praia consists of basic tourists’ amenities such as good range of restaurants, then shops to rent sunbeds and parking facilities for the convenience of visitors arriving here. You can also rent boats and go on ferry rides sightseeing the beauty of Amalfi coastline and it’s seafront nature. Do visit Marina di Praia which is comfort, accessible and definitely ‘worth’, while holidaying in Amalfi Coast, Italy.

La Trinità della Cava from 11th century in Amalfi Coast – Amazing medieval century in Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast, a popular tourists’ attraction in Italy which is naturally gifted with amazing coastline and many peaceful, picturesque, unique attractions which attracts tourists to spend their holidays with family/friends. A historically rich and impressive architecture as well as a picturesque destination to visit in Amalfi Coast is La Trinità della Cava, a Benedictine territorial abbey with cathedral and located 26 kilometre away and east to the main city centre of Amalfi Coast in Amalfi, Italy. What makes ‘La Trinità della Cava’ more picturesque is that, it stands in a gorge of Finestre Hills and was founded during the year 1011 and the Catholic Church was established during the year 1394. La Trinità della Cava is also called as ‘Badia di Cava’ by both locals and tourists of Amalfi Coast and the cathedral here is ‘Cathedral of Holy Trinity’. Being surrounded by amazing scenery, peaceful atmosphere, possessing incredible architectural works using rocks & marbles, the Badia di Cava, is one of the best preserved past century attraction which you shouldn’t miss visiting, while holidaying in Amalfi Coast.

‘Amalfi Positano Ultra Trail’ in Amalfi Coast – Great running event along the paths and trails of Amalfi Coast, Italy

Amalfi Coast in Italy is one of the most popular tourist attraction with amazing coastline and a natural resort region which welcomes and facilitates tourists from various parts across the world, and that’s why ‘Amalfi coast is one among the most loved and visited holidaying town in Italy’. One of the best way to explore and enjoy Amalfi coast is to run/walk or hike the trails of Amalfi Coast and here’s a exciting opportunity for you to run, admire and enjoy the trails of Amalfi Coast via ‘Amalfi Positano Ultra Trail’, a great and popular running event which starts and finishes at Arena San Matteo and takes place on May 28, 2021. ‘Amalfi Positano Ultra Trail’ in a beautiful way takes you along beautiful & natural ambience of Amalfi’s foot paths, mule tracks and also on the staircases on top of the Amalfi coast. ‘Amalfi Positano Ultra Trail’ includes 3 distances: 55 km, 37 km and 16.5 km and also the 37 km and 55 km will run by the sea in the beautiful scenery of Fiordo di Furore. The 55 km gets you in between the trails close to blue sea and sky of Amalfi Coast and 37 km takes you on the paths of Lattari mountains and the 16.5 km over the popular Trail of Gods(Sentiro degli Dei). There will be refreshment stations with food and water along the way of ‘Amalfi Positano Ultra Trail’ and a ‘Pasta party’ in the finish. One of the best way to explore the beauty of Amalfi Coast is walking the trails and people who loves trails, adventure and nature shall definitely participate in this running event, when you’re in Amalfi Coast.

Mulino Porta Castello in Amalfi Coast – Picturesque destination with different tone in Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast is the popular coastline of Italy packed with beautiful attractions, and the amazing holiday resorts & villas and beachfront villas in Amalfi Coast make it a good holiday destination in Italy. A beautiful and historical landmark to visit, hike and feel adventurous in Amalfi Coast and can be definitely spend a day while holidaying in Amalfi Coast is Mulino Porta Castello, a abandoned grain mills from 17th century near Amalfi. From Amalfi Coast’s centre, you can reach Mulino Porta Castello by travelling 30 kilometre, following the directions. Though an abandoned site, the site looks unique and beautiful with lush green ambience covering the rustic surroundings, which ends up in adding different look and tone to this destination. Reaching Mulino Porta Castello includes walking trails and a little hiking, which will let you admire rich floral ambience Gragnano, a hill town/village near Amalfi Coast of Italy, where Mulino Porta Castello is located. Visiting Mulino Porta Castello is different kind of sightseeing, and exploring Amalfi, and don’t miss this unique experience when you’re holidaying in Amalfi Coast.

Walk the beautiful streets & coast of Sorrento in Amalfi Coast

Sorrento-Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast consists amazing holiday resorts, holiday villas and beachfront villas which make it a good holiday destination in Italy. One of the holidaying activity in Amalfi Coast which is ‘off from beaches’ but definitely beautiful and can’t be missed, when you’re holidaying in Amalfi Coast is visiting, walking, admiring the beauty of Sorrento town of Amalfi, Italy. Sorrento town of Amalfi is well known for the beautiful scenery it possess, and the colorful houses, buildings and streets of the town and also the coastal walks with splendid views. When you’re in Sorrento, do visit the beautiful cathedral of Sorrento which was built during`11th century and also visit the two beautiful ports filled with sailing & fishing boats and also series of parks with seafront views and ‘family-friendly’ ambience. Do visit the Correale Museum and the Museo della Tarsia Lignea, which displays artefacts from past & old centuries. The cobbled streets filled with food stalls, cafés, local-made shops and gift shops will get you close to the rich cultural & traditional side of Sorrento town. From Amalfi Coast you can reach the Sorrento town by either taking the roadways (or) sailing the ferries which consumes less time than roadway, comparatively. Both the type of transport offers beautiful sightseeing experience, when you’re holidaying in Amalfi Coast.

Arechi Castle in Salerno near Amalfi Coast – Medieval castle with hill-top views and beautiful restaurant in Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast’s beautiful and historical landmark, medieval architecture(a castle) to visit, when you’re holidaying in Amalfi Coast is the Castello di Arechi(Arechi Castle) located in Salerno of Italy. From Amalfi’s main city centre you can reach the Castello di Arechi by travelling 25 kilometre in the east over the coastline of Italy. Being built on hillside which is about 300 metres high above sea level, the Castello di Arechi(Arechi Castle) was originally built during 8th century by the Lombard duke of Benevento, Arechi II and was later modified during 16th century by Normans and Aragonese. Interestingly, along with castle to admire you have a museum to visit and a beautiful hillside restaurants with spectacular hill-top views and delicious cuisine is found at Arechi Castle. Do take guided tours to know the rich history of Arechi Castle and do take pictures & admire the beauty of medieval built architecture and it’s richness and elegance, when you’re holidaying in Amalfi Coast.

‘Music on the Rocks’ club in Positano – Unique night club set inside caves in Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast’s unique ‘cave clubbing’! You’ve got a beautiful club in Positano near Amalfi, in which there is a night club that was constructed by carving out of rocks of the cliffside village and that’s a unique night club called ‘Music on the Rocks‘ in Positano, Amalfi. You can reach Positano from Amalfi Coast through hiring a taxi easily and that takes less than 30 minutes and if you wish your visit to Positano shall be more exciting, then you shall hop in ferry that departs from Amalfi coast and it takes less than 15 minutes to get down in Positano. You may (or) may not be a person who loves parties, but when you’re in Amalfi Coast you can’t miss this beautiful ‘Music on the Rocks’ club, since, it’s very unique and can’t experience elsewhere but in Amalfi. You’ll find this night club is ‘surreal’ when you look & realize that the stylish interior works was set inside caves and rock cliffs along with seafron views and blasting music and neon lights, adds so much to your party night at Music on the Rocks. You can also enjoy a great course of drinks, beverages and multi-cuisines, desserts here at Music on the Rocks of Positano, Amalfi which is open from 11:30pm to 4am daily. If you’re with your friends (or) if you’re young couples, do visit Music On The Rocks in Positano, when you’re holidaying in Amalfi Coast.

Santa Croce beach in Amalfi Coast – Secluded beach to sail then swim in Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast have beautiful beaches, some of which can be reached only by boats (or) ferries but assures a great ‘beach day’, while holidaying in Amalfi Coast. Santa Croce beach in Amalfi Coast is such a naturally unspoilt, tranquil beach which looks like a cove surrounded by rock cliffs and can be reached by boats, ferries, private boats, shuttle leaving from Amalfi Port. You can spot the historical ruins & remains of Chapel of Santa Croce near beach, and that’s how people of Amalfi Coast named this beach as ‘Santa Croce beach’. Being reached by boat and feels a little farer from ‘real world’, Santa Croce beach is a mere-fantasy to sail and swim and spend a ‘beach day’ on your ‘Amalfi holidays’ and at the same time you have basic and good tourists amenities like bathhouse, a couple of restaurants, toilet facilities are available along with spectacular views and verdurous ambience. You can also prefer Duoglio beach, another beautiful beach located near Santa Croce beach in Amalfi Coast.

Fornillo beach in Amalfi Coast – Urban beach with tourists’ amenities in Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast, the amazing coastline of Amalfi, Italy is a natural treasure that lies on Italy’s southern coast and offers picturesque destinations and natural beach resort ambience to spend a great holidaying with family and friends. As, the name depicts, the Amalfi Coast consists of many beautiful beaches and one such beach you shall definitely visit when you’re holidaying in Amalfi Coast is the Fornillo beach, a beautiful beach located in Positano, amazing coastal village near Amalfi Coast in Italy. Fornillo beach is such a beautiful, urban beach in Amalfi Coast with picturesque views, tourists’ amenities, shallow & crystalline waters and amazing Italian cafés and restaurants backing the border of the beach. By reaching the Positano village after a ferry ride, a visit to Fornillo beach will become one of the best holidaying experience in Amalfi Coast.