Hike to Lattari Mountains Regional Park in Amalfi Coast-Strictly for nature/adventure lovers in Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast is the popular coastline of Italy packed with beautiful attractions, beachfront villas and resorts which makes ‘Amalfi Coast’ a good holiday destination to visit and enjoy. One best activity you can indulge(if you love hiking/nature/adventure/cycling) when you’re in Amalfi Coast is hiking (or) cycling to popular and verdurous Lattari Mountains Regional Park which is located just few metres away from Amalfi Coast and right behind the Amalfi town in Italy. If you decide to either hike (or) cycle to Lattari Mountains Regional Park, there are touring agencies available in Amalfi to help you experience the thrill and joy with complete safety while holidaying in Amalfi Coast. Once you reach the top of Lattari Mountains Regional Park, you can enjoy the dramatic and panoramic views of Amalfi Coast which will remains as the ‘best memory’ forever of your holidays in Amalfi Coast.

Maria Grande in Amalfi Coast-Best and main beach in Amalfi Coast

Marina Grande-Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast, the spectacular coastline in Italy is a natural beauty that lies on Italy’s south coastline that possess picturesque attractions, natural beach resort ambience and amazing holiday villas to enjoy holidaying with family and friends. One of the best and first beach you’ll get to visit in Amalfi coast is the Marina Grande, the amazing beach found right near to Amalfi town in Amalfi Coast. With turquoise crystalline water and glittering shoreline with enough space for visitors’ umbrellas and sunbeds, Marina Grande is one of the perfect beaches, you can go in Amalfi Coast. You can find all the possible tourist amenities filled nearby without any short fall and the only drawback is that, Marina Grande gets crowded easily due to it’s location and being a perfect urban beach in Amalfi Coast.

Amalfi Town of Amalfi Coast-Best way to kick start your holiday in Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast-Amalfi Town

Amalfi Coast, the amazing coastline of Italy located in southern region Amalfi is an natural beauty that have scenic attractions and natural beach resort ambience, which let you enjoy a great holidaying with family and friends. One of the beautiful coastal town which is filled with colored houses, shops, Italian cafés and restaurants nearby the Amalfi coastline is the amazing Amalfi town. Since, when you’re holidaying in Amalfi Coast it literally means that you’re in Amalfi town and we shout out this article to remind you that you shouldn’t miss admiring and enjoy the ambience of this beautiful Amalfi town when you’re in ‘Amalfi Coast Holiday’. You can reach Amalfi town’s centre by just walking few minutes towards terrestrial from Amalfi Coast in Italy. Do visit the Piazza del Duomo cathedral in Amalfi town which is one of the beautiful cathderal with stiped stonework appeal and amazing architecture. Visiting the Amalfi town is the best way ever to kick start your holidaying in Amalfi Coast.

Acquedotto medievale in Amalfi Coast-Amazing medieval aqueduct in Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast, the extra-ordinary coastline in Amalfi, Italy is absolutely an alluring holiday destination with amazing beaches with beachfront villas and many other attractions, which offers a great holiday with family and friends. One of the unique and picturesque destination to visit when you’re in Amalfi Coast is the popular Acquedotto medievale, a historical landmark in Salerno which is located 23 kilometes west to the Amalfi Coast. Acquedotto medievale(Medieval aqueduct) is an impressive aqueduct built during the 13th century in Salerno, Italy. Though there isn’t much to watch, you shall visit Acquedotto medievale(Medieval aqueduct) near Amalfi Coast, if you need to admire a beautiful architecture from Roman Era, and if you’re interested in admiring the historic landmarks with your eyes and touching them with your hands. Acquedotto medievale(Medieval aqueduct) is definitely a good, historical landmark to visit, when you’re in Amalfi Coast.

Salerno Cathedral in Amalfi Coast-Majestic ancient cathedral to visit in Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast in Italy is the popular coastline filled with extremely beautiful attractions, beaches, beachfront villas and beachfront resorts which makes ‘Amalfi Coast’ to be visited by thousands of tourists from various parts across the world. One of the beautiful attraction you can visit with your family and friends in Amalfi Coast is the popular & old Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Angels cathedral, which is also known as Saint Matthew cathedral and as Saint Gregory the Great, in the history and by the people. The cathedral is also popularly known among both the tourists & locals as Salerno Cathedral, since it’s located in the Salerno city which is located nearly 25 kilometres in the west of Amalfi Coast’s centre. Salerno Cathedral is considered as the best example of Romanesque architectural style till date and it was completed during the year 1085. Later, Salerno Cathedral seen many changes and alterations which you can get to know by taking the ‘guided tours’ available. With large bells, small arcades, wall paintings, statues, crosses, hall, and marble decorations, Salerno Cathedral is definitely a majestic ancient architecture which is picturesque and interesting destination to visit in Amalfi Coast.

Path of Gods in Amalfi Coast-Adventure lovers should never miss this trail in Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast, the dreamy coastline of Amalfi in Italy is absolutely an natural treasure that lies on Italy’s southern coast and offers picturesque destinations and natural beach resort ambience to spend a great holidaying with family and friends. One such beautiful destination to look, hike and experience when you’re in Amalfi Coast is the scenic Path of Gods(‘Sentiero degli Dei’ in Italian), a mesmerizing cliff trail above Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Path of Gods(Sentiero degli Dei) is one of the most applauded and hiked trail by many tourists in Amalfi Coast, because of the picturesque views, amazing seafront ambience, fresh and calm ambience that take you close to nature and provides immense peace to mind and soul. The important section of Path of Gods(Sentiero degli Dei) hiking starts from Bomerano(in Agrelo) and ends in Nocelle village, which consists about 6.5 kilometres . If you love new adventures, nature and hiking then do backpack your needful things and walk this beautiful trail and you’ll definitely exclaim that it was given the right name, when you finish trail during your holidaying in Amalfi Coast.

Enjoy the best of Amalfi Coast by choosing the holiday luxury villas in Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast
Representational image

Amalfi Coast, the exciting coastal beauty of Amalfi in Italy welcome tourists from different parts across the world with the most scenic beauty, picturesque views, warmth, and delicious cuisines it possess. Amalfi Coast tourists also strongly suggest that, the best way to enjoy the ‘Amalfi Coast holiday’ is to choose the beautiful beachfront villas in Amalfi Coast which offers both privacy and pleasure to enjoy great holidaying with family and friends. You can find beautiful beachfront villas, beachfront resorts, luxury villas with private beach and holiday villas with private swimming pools in Amalfi Coast with variable costs, since you can choose ‘What suits you?’. People choose holiday villas because, they make your holiday in Amalfi Coast to be more peaceful and exquisite as you’ll be treated and served the best with utmost privacy and picturesque ambience. The incredible 50 kilometres stretch of Amalfi Coast consists of varying holiday villas that fits both aspects of being luxury, posh, sophisticated and also economy, good services providing holiday villas; where both simple and luxury villas possess soothing seafront views. Choosing the best luxury villa in Amalfi Coast gives you the incredible experience of enjoying the beautiful Mediterranean front views, private swimming pool that posses panoramic views, flora of Amalfi Coast, amazing sunsets and sunrise with delicious cuisines and full-fledged services. When you choose Amalfi Coast you can tap your shoulder that, you’ve chosen the beautiful place for holidaying; When you choose the holiday luxury villas in Amalfi Coast you can be sure that your holiday is going to be ‘HAPPIEST’ in Amalfi Coast!

Minerva’s Garden in Amalfi Coast-Destination to take family and kids in Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast, the undeniable coastal beauty of Amalfi in Italy have been applauded as one of the best beach holidaying destination with dramatic views and perfect amenities and “It always lives up to the word!” said by many tourists. One beautiful destination which can easily sooth your mind and soul in Amalfi Coast but not a beach is the popular The Garden of Minerva, a 18th century garden in Amalfi’s old town Salerno. Since, Salerno is an old town and the Minerva’s Garden is nearly two centuries old, you can find the beautiful touch of antiqueness & classic everywhere around the garden. You can reach the Minerva’s Garden by traveling 25 kilometres on the west coastline from centre of Amalfi Coast in Italy. You’ll be amazed by the ancestor’s knowledge towards plant families and their way of classification. Minerva’s Garden look so beautiful with lush green flora and smiling flowers and the natural scent it carries in air. Do visit Minerva’s Garden which is definitely a good destination to take your family and kids along, eventually admiring the coastline of Amalfi Coast.

Arienzo beach in Amalfi Coast-Beach with natural beauty & beachfront villas in Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast – a dreamy, lengthy, sizzling coastline that stretches for about 50 kilometre in Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula which is one of the most loved holiday destination by many tourists across the world. The best way to enjoy your holiday in Amalfi Coast is definitely choosing the perfect beachfront villas in Amalfi coast which suits your purposes and budget. Because, you can find amazing beachfront resorts, beachfront villas in Amalfi Coast with picturesque views, privacy, hospitality and round the clock services. Amalfi Coast have many beautiful beaches and one such beautiful serene beach to visit and enjoy is the Arienzo beach which is located 15 kilometres away in the west coastline from the centre of Amalfi Coast in Italy. The Arienzo beach in Amalfi Coast is half public and half private(denotes the presence of beachfront villas with private beach). You can reach the Arienzo beach in Amalfi Coast by sailing from the nearby coastal towns or you shall walk down the long staircase with 300 steps to step in the seashore of this beautiful bay of Amalfi Coast. You have amenities like cafés, restaurants, umbrellas, sun shades nearby the Arienzo beach in Amalfi Coast, but we can’t that, choosing the beachfront villas near Arienzo beach in Amalfi Coast is the most exciting way to enjoy your holiday in Italy’s Amalfi Coast since they offer incredible services, multi cuisines, entertainments, guidance, privacy during your ‘Amalfi Coast trip’.

Monte Faito of Amalfi

Amalfi coast-Monte Faito

Amalfi coast is Italy’s very own and sizzling beach destination that marks an important place in the world of tourism and visited by many tourists throughout the year. The beautiful coastal lines on the Sorrentine Penninsula rolls itself majestically for about 50 kms with rugged seashore, small fishing villages and sheer cliffs makes it unique. Amalfi coast owns unique and naturally occurred attractions and Monte Faito will definitely top the list. Monte Faito is the mesmerizing mountain with rich flora and fauna, awesome climate and dramatic view located on the regions of Amalfi Coast. The Monte Faito is totally made up of limestone rocks and most of the past will be facing th sea making it more dramatic. Hiking and camping are the main activities done here and you’ll definitely love it. The uphill walks and camps will replenish your mind and soul. You can also enjoy great cuisines on the Monte Faito as there is great chain of restaurants and cafes with private swimming pools that lets both adults and kids to enjoy vacation with privacy. You can also enjoy thrilling cable car rides in air that stretches for about few kilometres.