Costa Dorada Holidays

Costa Dorada holidays Along the coast of Andalusia, Costa Dorada is a popular destination for those looking for a relaxing holiday. Whether you’re looking to lie out on the beach and soak up the sun, or if you’re looking to explore the region and enjoy a variety of activities, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Costa Dorada. The region’s white sandy beaches, coupled with its unique cultural diversity, make Costa Dorada an unbeatable destination for those looking for a holiday destination. The Andalusian people are known for their hospitality and warmth, and as such, travelers can explore the region without feeling as though they are outsiders.

Costa Dorada Beach Villas

Costa Dorada beach villas are several benefits, one of which is the opportunity to have the ocean at your doorstep. Having the ocean so close allows you to spend every minute of your vacation appreciating its beauty. Costa Dorada Beach villas also give you the opportunity to enjoy privacy that you may not be able to get in a hotel room. Villas are able to accommodate large families, because of their spaciousness. Costa Dorada Beach villas are also rare, because of how secluded they are. The beach may be quiet and empty, because of how secluded it is. The price of Costa Dorada beach villas is also worth it.

Costa Dorada Coastal Resort

If you are seeking for a awesome Spanish holiday then the Costa Dorada makes an ideal option with loads to enjoy and see.Costa Dorada has been evolved as a tourist getaway and as such numerous hotels have been developed to serve for tourists from various countries. The most sought after resorts of La Pineda, Cambrils and Salou all have an large quantity of hotels all within reach of the water and amusement parks.The most suitable airport for the Costa Dorada is Barcelona with a extensive volume of daily charter and scheduled flights.

Castell Monestir de Sant Miquel d’Escornalbou of Costa Dorada – 12th century castle-style monastery in Spain

Costa Dorada, a amazing coastal region of Spain with magical strip of Mediterranean coastline and beautiful attractions, rich climate that let tourists to enjoy holidays happily, arriving from different nations across the world. A unique & popular destination(monastery) to visit during ‘Costa Dorada Holidays’ is Castell Monestir de Sant Miquel(Castell Monestir de Sant Miquel d’Escornalbou), a castle-style monastery with spectacular views in Costa Dorada, Spain. From the main centre of Costa Dorada, you shall reach Castell Monestir de Sant Miquel(Castell Monestir de Sant Miquel d’Escornalbou) by travelling 48 kilometre towards north-east, following the directions. Being located at mountain-top, a visit to Castell Monestir de Sant Miquel will ask for a little hike/walk of trails surrounded by lush green ambience, the monastery of Sant Miquel was founded during the year 1153 with Romanesque architectural style of church and chapter house, & there are archeological traces that they were built over ruins of a fortress from the 3rd century, over a mountain top which is about 700 metre high. Now, when you visit Castell Monestir de Sant Miquel you can enjoy peaceful ambience of monastery, spectacular panoramic views from hill-top, beautiful gardens, 12th century architectures and a preserved rich collection of engravings, ceramics, furniture and pieces. Do take guided tours to know more about rich history & cultural heritage of this 12th century monastery, while holidaying in Costa Dorada.

Platja de la Llosa of Costa Dorada – Perfect ‘family-friendly’ beach in Costa Dorada

Costa Dorada, the magical Mediterranean coastline of Spain is one of the most loved and visited holidaying region in Spain with natural resort town ambience and family-friendly destinations, as well as fun-filled holidaying activities, that let you enjoy great holidaying with family/friends. A popular and perfect beach in the coastline of Costa Dorada, which you can’t miss to visit along with family and kids is Platja de la Llosa, a brown-sandy & urban family-friendly beach. From Costa Dorada’s centre, you shall reach Platja de la Llosa by travelling 37 kilometre towards north-east coastline, following the directions and though, it feels little far away, it’s definitely a ‘worthy shot’ and that’s why people touring in Costa Dorada travel here to spend beach day along with family/friends. With urban development, pristine water, brown sandy shore(which is partially filled with grass), Platja de la Llosa is one of picturesque beach with perfect swimming conditions as well as spacious shore to accommodate sun beds, umbrellas, deck chairs of peole who vists here. You can enjoy a lot of swimming, snorkeling and sunbath at Platja de la Llosa and there is also amazing series of seafront restaurants, cafés, beach bars, and Bistro near by. Platja de la Llosa is acknowledged widely as ‘family-friendly’ beach of Costa Dorada because of the presence of showers, toilets, shops to rent sunbeds & umbrellas, play area for both kids and adults, and also the availability of lifeguard services. Do visit Platja de la Llosa, to spend a joy-filled and comfortable beach day surrounded by many tourists from various parts across the world which makes the beach more vibrant and lively, while holidaying in Costa Dorada.

Ecoherbes Park near Costa Dorada of Spain – Botanical garden with rare plants from worldwide in Costa Dorada

Costa Dorada, a popular Mediterranean coastline of Spain with sizzling attractions and picturesque views, which let you enjoy great holidaying with family/friends. A simple, popular, picturesque, family-friendly destination to visit and spend leisure time while holidaying in Costa Dorada(Costa Daurada) is Jardín Botánico Medicinal – Ecoherbes Park, a botanical garden of medicinal plants and an area declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in Spain. From Costa Dorada’s main centre, you can reach Jardín Botánico Medicinal – Ecoherbes Park by travelling 16 kilometre towards south, following the directions. With rich and colorful flora, the medicinal herbs and plants provide a warmth around whole Jardín Botánico Medicinal – Ecoherbes Park and to make it more ‘worth’ you can take guided tours inside the park to know more about the plants and their rich qualities. Jardín Botánico Medicinal – Ecoherbes Park is spread about 2 hectare and houses more than 400 species of medicinal, aromatic and culinary plants from different parts of the world. Do visit Botanical garden Ecoherbes Park, which is definitely a unique and popular destination which is definitely ‘worth’ to visit, while holidaying in Costa Dorada.

Platja Arrabassada near Costa Dorada – Perfect beach with prestigious ‘Blue Flag’ award in Spain’s Costa Dorada coastline

Costa Dorada, the magical Mediterranean coastline of Spain possess so many attractions, rich climate and a wide range of holiday villas(for more privacy, comfort & guidance) that let you spend your holidays with family/friends happily. A popular beach with so much tourists’ facilities, picturesque landscape, possessing lively, vibrant atmosphere and shall be visited while holidaying in Costa Dorada is Platja Arrabassada, amazing urban beach near Tarragona, Spain. From Costa Dorada’s main city centre, you may take a 45 minute drive(60 kilometre approx.) towards north-east, following the directions in-order to reach Platja Arrabassada on the Mediterranean coastline of Spain. With deep-blue, pristine waters which favor amazing swimming conditions and fine sandy shore which is clean, tidy and spacious enough, the Platja Arrabassada of Costa Dorada is one of the prestigious ‘Blue Flagged’ beach in Spain’s coastline. There are many cafés, restaurants, beach bars found at the promenade of Platja Arrabassada, and there are also showers, toilets, changing rooms available nearby. Not only a favorite beach for swimming and sunbath, but, Platja Arrabassada do support a lot of water sport activities which adds more joy and fun to your beach day at Costa Dorada. Though, a little far, you may visit Platja Arrabassada, for it’s ‘Blue Flag’ quality which favors a perfect ‘family-friendly’ ambience without any hustles and let you and your family/friends enjoy a ‘well and good’ beach day, while holidaying in Costa Dorada.

Platja Del Torn in Costa Dorada – Naturist beach with basic amenities and picturesque views in Costa Dorada

Costa Dorada(Costa Daurada) of Spain is undoubtedly a spectacular holidaying destination with naturally gifted Mediterranean coastline, sizzling attractions, landmarks, beautiful climate for which people flock along with family/friends to spend their holidays in Costa Dorada. A beautiful beach in Costa Dorada which is suitable for nudists/naturists and people who loves tranquility and nature is Platja Del Torn, a popular naturist beach in Mediterranean’s coastline and about 19 kilometre away and north to main city centre of Costa Dorada in Spain. Platja Del Torn is naturist beach because of the tranquility it possess, ‘Platja Del Torn’ appears more like a secluded bay than a beach surrounded by verdurous hills and rich climate in Costa Dorada. You’ve good swimming conditions here because of pristine waters and a fine sandy shore(with few pebbles) which is spacious and comfortable for every tourists who visits the beach. Though secluded, Platja Del Torn possess basic amenities such as café, showers and toilets but it’s always better to backpack food, drinks and other necessities before arrival. Platja Del Torn is clothing optional, but absolutely safe in every aspect and there are lifeguards to help you enjoy beach day, while holidaying in Costa Dorada.

Circ Romà in Tarragona, Spain – Drive from Costa Dorada to visit ‘one of the most’ ancient ruin in Spain

Costa Dorada(Costa Daurada) of Spain, a naturally gifted holidaying destination with a Mediterranean coastline and consists many attractions that requires to be a beautiful holiday coastal region to visit and enjoy holidays with family/friends. The perfect & beautiful holiday villas and beachfront villas in Costa Dorada provide you utmost comfort through round the clock services which let you enjoy holidaying without any hustle in Costa Dorada, Spain. When you’re on your ‘Off Beach day’ in Costa Dorada then you’ll a list of ancient, historical landmarks and architectures to visit and Circ Romà in Costa Dorada will definitely top the list which is a 1st century ruins of Roman circus’ chariot track and tower. From Costa Dorada’s main city centre, you can reach Circ Romà by driving for an hour over north-east coastline of Costa Dorada, Spain. When you’re in Circ Romà you must remember that, you’re in a most ancient destination of Spain that consists of ancient ruins, architectures which belongs to 1st century and it’s now more than 1900 years old and “What else can be more exciting during your holidaying?”. Do take guided tours to enjoy the ‘complete essence’ of Circ Romà, a notable ancient landmark to visit, while holidaying in Costa Dorada.

Casa Bofarull(Bofarull House) in Costa Dorada – Visit impressive modern architecture in 15th century building at Costa Dorada

Costa Dorada(Costa Daurada), a popular & picturesque holiday destination of Spain located on the mesmerizing coastline of Mediterranean consists of bunch of attractions to visit, and you can also find perfect holiday villas in Costa Dorada to enjoy holidaying with family & friends, accompanied by round the clock services & utmost privacy. One of the picturesque, historical landmark and ancient architectural ruin in Costa Dorda to visit, when you’re holidaying in Costa Dorada is Casa Bofarull(Bofarull House) which is located 63 kilometre away and north-east coastline to main city centre of Costa Daurada, Spain. Casa Bofarull(Bofarull House) is a stately home built during 15th century and was renovated during early 20th century(1913-1933). Casa Bofarull(Bofarull House) was the best example of ‘modernisme’ in Costa Daurada and it was done by Josep M. Jujol, the Catalan draughtsman, designer, painter and outstanding Modernist architect who worked with Gaudí. With attractive colors, impressive modern designs, amazing modern architecture being packed into 15th century building, Casa Bofarull(Bofarull House) is so ‘neo-classical’ and one of the picturesque destination visit and admire, while holidaying in Costa Daurada.