Plan your visit to the picturesque Cefalù town near Palermo in Sicily

Palermo, Sicily’s capital in Italy is a good holiday destination with beautiful attractions and amazing holiday villas, holiday resorts and beachfront villas which let you enjoy a great holidaying with family and friends in Palermo. When you’re in Palermo, you shall definitely make a visit to a beautiful and picturesque small sea-side town called as ‘Cefalù’ located on north coastline of Sicily island. From Palermo city, you must drive for an hour towards the north-most east coastline of Palermo to reach the Cefalù town, which is definitely a worthy visit while holidaying in Palermo, Sicily. The Cefalù town holds a scenic beauty you get to see in postcards and Internet often and the seafront views with old town backdrop will spread peace into your mind and add happiness to your holidaying in Palermo. Do visit the Cefalù Cathedral, which is a proud UNESCO World Heritage Site in Sicily island. There are many shops, cafés, restaurants with seafront views lined in the cobbled streets and that’s where you shall click the iconic pictures of your ‘holiday trip’ in Palermo, Sicily.

Mondello Beach in Palermo-Best family friendly beach in Palermo, Sicily

Palermo, the beautiful capital of Sicily island, Italy is one of the relaxing holiday destination with authentic and classic ‘old town’ touch attractions and the amazing holiday villas, holiday resorts and beachfront villas with profound hospitality and round the clock services. You can find beautiful beaches in Palermo city and as well as in the Sicily island and one such beautiful beach you shall visit from Palermo city is Mondello Beach located in the north-west coastline of Sicily island. You can reach Mondello Beach by traveling 12 kilometres from Palermo’s main city centre. Mondello Beach in Palermo city is one of the most active, crowded beach with long sandy shores that are spacious enough for sunbeds, sun loungers, umbrellas of people who visits Mondello Beach. You can find a lot of cafés, beach bars, restaurants with seafront views lining and backing the Mondello Beach and there are also shops to rent umbrellas, sunbeds. Since, the water of Mondello Beach is crystalline and shallow, you can definitely take your family and kids here for a perfect beach day in Palermo, Sicily.

Do visit the royal Norman Palace(Palazzo dei Normanni) in Palermo, Sicily

Palermo, the classic old town capital of Italy’s Sicily offers a lot to watch and admire that effortlessly portals you to the olden times through the rich, historical architectures and cultural history shown by the Palermo city. One such interesting ‘Old Town’ architecture to look through while holidaying in Palermo city is the famous Norman Palace(Palazzo dei Normanni) , a Royal Palace of Palermo with immaculate architecture and also an prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Site in Palermo, Sicily. Since, it’s located in the heart of Palermo city you can reach the beautiful Norman Palace by traveling just 1.5 kilometres from Palermo’s city centre. The archaeological evidences found in the Norman Palace(Palazzo dei Normanni) shows that the building was constructed during 9th century and was developed as a palace when Norman captured Italy’s Sicily during 1072. Norman Palace(Palazzo dei Normanni) is now the house of Sicily’s regional assembly, as Palermo city is the capital. You can know more when you take guided tours available at the entrance of Norman Palace(Palazzo dei Normanni) in Palermo, Sicily, Italy.

Palermo city in Sicily, Italy

Palermo city

Palermo city is the capital of Italy’s sizzling beauty the Sicily island which have beautiful destinations to visit and enjoy a perfect holiday. Palermo city is well known for the rich culture, historical ambience and architectures which is over 2,700 years old and found & felt across the entire Sicily island and of course, much in it’s capital-Palermo city. The beauty of Palermo city in Sicily is very underrated but you can’t stop you from admiring the historic architectures, enjoying the authentic Sicilian cuisine with a touch of ‘Old Town’ look wherever you wander across this Sicily capital. Though Palermo city isn’t much of beach destination you can’t deny that being a good and interesting holiday destination with beautiful attractions and relaxing ambience. To enjoy Palermo city holiday properly you shall find the best friendly-servicing holiday resorts, holiday villas in Palermo city with picturesque & peaceful ambience. Holiday villas in Palermo city offer round the clock services, utmost privacy, guidance to your family & friends during your holidaying in Sicily’s capital city Palermo.

Palermo culinary fare a tourist spot in Sicily


Palermo, Sicily’s capital as well as largest city, is a food heaven if a person is exciting enough. Sicilian nourishment is the response to the mixing of numerous traditions that permeated the small island throughout its
extended colorful past–Greek, Roman, Arab, Spanish as well as French. The food preparation is therefore not effortless, merging different components and spices with seafood that is definitely abundant in the island. Once we were seated on the rooftop, we were not presented menus however were as a substitute offered, on big trays, a clean catch of lobsters along with a massive Asian sea bass. And the outcome is a varied culinary fare that a
person cannot get tired of having a getaway vacation.