Menorca Boat Hire

One of the many beautiful things about Menorca is the amount of things to do on the island. Boat hire is one of the activities that is available, and it is one of the more pleasant activities offered. Whether you are interested in sailing or fishing, boat hire is available for you. Boat hire offers many opportunities for exploration, and ensures you do not miss any of the beautiful scenery Menorca has to offer. Boat rental prices vary depending on the type of boat you are renting and for how long you rent it. Additionally, boat hire is a great adventure for all different types of sailing enthusiasts. Whether you are an experienced sailor or someone who has not yet experienced sailing before.

Menorca Villa Holidays

Traveling to Menorca, Spain might be one of the most spectacular experiences in life. The coastline is untouched, the water is clear, and the European sensations are enough to take your breath away. This is why vacation rentals are popular in this area of Spain. There are so many different things to explore when you rent a villa in Menorca. One of the most popular activities is snorkeling. There are so many different species of fish in the Mediterranean Sea, you will have an amazing adventure discovering the underwater world. If you are more interested in land adventures, you can explore any of the beaches on the island, take a hike through the mountainous terrain, or just go for a scenic drive around.

Villa Rentals Menorca

It is assumed the Menorca has the the majority of beaches in the Balearic Islands, although it is a small island than its neighbour Majorca. When compared to the other Balearic Islands, Menorca provides a more comfortable and quiet holiday destination and with its nice scenery and pleasant beaches it makes for a great holiday in Menorca.When reserving your holiday there are tons of holiday rentals in Menorca to choose. You can go with apartments, but villas in Menorca appear to be the most well-known option for families searching to reserve a family or beach vacation in Menorca. The range of villas in Menorca is massive and the bigger the party size the more cheaper the pricing will become.

Illa de l’Aire islet & lighthouse of Menorca – Unique viewpoint/attraction in Menorca

Menorca island of Spain is one of the beautiful holiday island surrounded by Mediterranean and it welcomes tourists from different nations, throughout the year. One of the unique and interesting destination to visit in Menorca is Illa de l’Aire islet and lighthouse which is located on the south-east coast of Menorca island and can be reached only by boats which departs from Punta Prima of Sant Lluis(a main town in Menorca’s south-east). Illa de l’Aire islet is spread for about 34 hectares and the islet’s highest elevation above sea level is 15 metre (i.e.) 49 feet until Illa de l’Aire lighthouse was built. The lighthouse was built during 1860(19th century) and it’s active till date & also stands majestically for about 125 feet high. Illa de l’Aire lighthouse is a cylindrical tower and it’s power source is ‘solar power’, which is a great example of engineering being portrayed in uninhabited islet of Menorca. You can enjoy the views, calm ambience, take pictures, stare at Menorca’s coast from here and can spot some rare flora and fauna. Do take some food and drinks with you to stay there for while and come back to Menorca’s coast. Though, Illa de l’Aire islet and lighthouse is a simple destination to visit, the to & fro boat trip and peaceful atmosphere makes it a different type of attraction, which you can’t miss while holidaying in Menorca.

Santa Maria de Maó(Iglesia de Santa Maria) of Menorca – A medieval church with both visual and musical treat in Menorca

Menorca, the beautiful Balearic island of Spain surrounded by Mediterranean is one of the popular holidaying island with all sorts of attractions and amenities being available to welcome tourists along with their family/friends, throughout the year. One of the popular, beautiful and medieval built church with neoclassical architectural style in Mahon(Menorca’s capital) is Santa Maria de Maó(Santa Maria church) which is located at the ‘heart of Mahon town’ in Menorca. From the main town’s centre, you shall reach Santa Maria de Maó(Iglesia de Santa Maria) by travelling 16 kilometre towards south-east, following the directions. Though, started construction during 14th century, the church was built completely during 18th century with rich interior and exterior architectural works, a sad and unique statue of Mary, and a divine, calm ambience to look around and spend your time in Menorca. The most fascinating and best part of Santa Maria de Maó, which attracts tourists’ frequently is the unbelievable big-sized organ, built with four keyboards with 3600 sound tubes of which 197 are made of wood, whilst the rest are made of metal. It was built between 1807 and 1810 by the Swiss manufacturer Juan Kyburz and was gifted to Santa Maria de Maó. The even more beautiful part is, the organ is played daily except Sundays and it’s one of the most spectacular attraction and reason for people to visit Iglesia de Santa Maria in Mahon, Menorca. Do visit Iglesia de Santa Maria your family & kids (or) friends and do hear, enjoy and experience the ‘simple and best musical concert’ of the big organ in the church, while holidaying in Menorca.

Cala Alcaufar in Menorca – Sheltered cove with family-friendly quality in Menorca

Menorca, the popular holiday island of Spain is one among it’s Balearic islands which welcomes tourists from all over the world, being filled with beaches, historical landmarks & architectures, spectacular viewpoints and many other attractions as well as holidaying activities which let you have a fantastic vacation with your family/friends. A small but beautiful bay of Menorca island to visit and enjoy is Cala Alcaufar, a sheltered bay located in south-east coastline of Menorca. From Menorca’s main city centre, you can reach Cala Alcaufar by travelling 25 kilometre towards south-east, whereas from Mahón(Menorca’s capital) you can reach by travelling 10 kilometre, following the directions. With shallow waters suitable for both kids and adults, consisting of a white sandy (small) bay which have space for towels of visitors and a bar, restaurant to sit back and relax nearby: Cala Alcaufar is a small but unique, ‘family-friendly’ cove in Menorca. Cala Alcaufar is less-crowded and carries a calm ambience which is different for it being located in a region with ‘urban’ development and if you need more solitude, walk 250 metres and you’ll reach more calm and more tranquil Caló Roig near Cala Alcaufar in Menorca. Do visit Cala Alcaufar with your family and kids: though less amenities, the kids will love shallow waters and you’ll get to relax under a peaceful ambience, while holidaying in Menorca.

Cova d’en Xoroi of Menorca – Unique cave bar and club with terrace and seafront in Menorca island

Menorca-Spain’s beautiful Balearic island surrounded by Mediterranean sea is filled with attractions, destinations, activities which attract tourists from different parts of the world to enjoy their holidays with family/friends. One of the amazing experience to grab in Menorca is to enjoy your drinks by enjoying music while holidaying in Menorca island. A popular destination of Menorca where you shall enjoy drinks(both alcohol and non-alcoholic) and music and that is set in a series of rock caves which are carved into cliff and facing the south-coastline of the Spanish island-Menorca is Cova d’en Xoroi, a terrace (or) cave bar & club in Menorca island. From the main city centre of Menorca, you can reach Cova d’en Xoroi by travelling 15 kilometre towards south, following the directions. Do visit during afternoon and stay till evening at Cova d’en Xoroi, to watch ‘one of the most beautiful sunsets of Menorca island’. There are also night parties at Cova d’en Xoroi with DJs playing the latest club sounds, theme based (or) theme series, and regular live music. There is also an exclusive VIP terrace at Cova d’en Xoroi that offers the most spectacular seafront views which is one of the best way of spending your evening in Menorca island, applauded by both locals and tourists of Menorca. Do visit Cova d’en Xoroi, sicne, without visiting and experience it, your holidaying is never ‘complete’ in Spain’s Menorca.

Aqua Center in Menorca – Beautiful, family-friendly waterpark in Menorca island

Menorca, the beautiful Spanish island surrounded by Mediterranean is loaded with attractions and you can also find spectacular holiday villas in Menorca which will let people to enjoy holidaying in Menorca with family and friends. One of the good family-friendly destination in Menorca to visit and enjoy with family and kids, when you’re holidaying in Menorca is Aqua Center, a popular water park in west of Menorca island. Since, Aqua Center is located in western part of Menorca, from Ciutadella de Menorca(a main city in Menorca island) you can reach the Aqua Center water park by travelling 5 kilometre towards west, following the directions. As the name indicates, the ‘Aqua Center’ of Menorca island possess many games that includes water such as wave pools, water tunnels, water slides and interactive games in water which are so refreshing and pleasant. There is also play area for kids, karting(for both adults & kids), video games’ zone( for kids and people who loves it!), a picnic area and park gardens which is suitable for all and especially, families who visit Aqua Center in Menorca. With a bar, café, and restaurant you have got the best place to sit back and relax, during their time in Menorca’s Aqua Center. There is also Jaccuzi in Aqua Center which can be said as ‘one of the best part of Aqua Center-water park’. Do visit Aqua Center, which is suitable for all and definitely a destination which gives more joy and fun, while holidaying in Menorca.

Cala en Forcat of Menorca – Small cove with huge pleasure and beauty in Menorca island

Menorca, an amazing holiday island of Spain which is surrounded by Mediterranean is filled with attractions, viewpoints, old towns, and lots of beaches, calas to visit, enjoy and you can also find spectacular holiday villas in Menorca which will let people to enjoy holidaying in Menorca with family and friends. A beautiful cala located in west coastline of Menorca island and located close to popular Ciutadella de Menorca, a main town in western part of Menorca island is Cala en Forcat, a natural beauty & actually a ‘hidden gem’ of Menorca. From Ciutadella de Menorca’s main city centre, you can reach Cala en Forcat by travelling 6.2 kilometre towards west, following the directions. Cala en Forcat is a small white sand cove surrounded by rock cliffs and possess turquoise crystalline waters which are also shallow and suitable for people of all ages and especially kids. Though, small in size, people prefer visiting Cala en Forcat, because of the picturesque ambience, available tourists’ amenities, and a great course of hotels, holiday villas, beachfront villas in Menorca is found near the coastline and surrounding region of Cala en Forcat in Menorca. If you’re in Ciutadella de Menorca and wish to spend a good beach day with swimming and sunbath, then you shall definitely head to Cala en Forcat of Menorca.

Cala Binidalí(Binidalí beach) of Menorca – Secluded, shallow water beauty of Menorca island

Menorca island of Spain is filled with lot of attractions to visit, enjoy and surrounded by beautiful Mediterranean that makes it to possess an exquisite coastline with beaches, coves and calas. You can also find full-fledged servicing holiday villas in Menorca which provide profound hospitality and privacy to let you enjoy holidaying in Menorca with family and friends. A beautiful, secluded, tranquil and small beach located in south-most west coastline of Menorca island and shall be visited while holidaying in Menorca is Cala Binidalí, a picturesque cala of Menorca. From Menorca main town’s centre, you shall reach Cala Binidalí by travelling 22 kilometre towards south-west coastline of Menorca and from Mahón(Capital of Menorca), the Cala Binidalí can be reached by travelling 10 kilometres. With little white sandy space to relax, sunbath and rest & as well as white sandy shore being touched mesmerizing turquoise crystalline water, Cala Binidalí(Binidalí beach) is a picturesque, narrow beach which is also shallow making it suitable for kids & families. Spending a beach day at Cala Binidalí is more like enjoying at a private beach of holiday villas you’re staying in, because, it’s one of the best secluded, less crowded beach in Menorca. Be ready to backpack drinks and food, before arriving at Cala Binidalí, since, there are very less amenities near & around Binidalí, due to it’s tranquility. If you’re ready to backpack, then you’ll enjoy the calmness and picturesque ambience of Cala Binidalí and enjoy a good ‘beach day’ with your family, while holidaying in Menorca.