Indonesian Govt. planning to re-open Bali on July


Bali, the beautiful Indonesian island which is filled with attractions and excitement is one of the most loved and visited island (i.e.) acknowledged in the world of tourism, since, the holidaying experience that Bali gives is ‘worth, fun and suitable for all ages’. Happy times and holiday times are back! Yes, the Govt. of Indonesia is planning and discussing with officials and considers to re-open the gates of Bali in July 2021. Since, we all know that, we’ve been facing a global pandemic from 2020 and now, the countries around the world have successfully started producing vaccines and taking necessary measures to vaccine every people in the country. Bali island is one of the most prime factor that drives the ‘Tourism of Indonesia’ and the Department of Tourism and officials are looking keen at the efforts made by Thailand to welcome tourists back to Phuket as well as the efforts made by Maldives, since middle of 2020. Meanwhile, Govt. of Indonesia and officials of Bali have said, “Bali should administer around 6 million vaccine doses by July this year. Around 50% of the vaccine distribution has been achieved on the island”. And also, Bali officials are speeding up vaccinations and looking forward that airlines in neighbouring ASEAN countries’ and European countries will be willing to open services next month to Indonesia and Bali. It is also said that, the preparations to re-open Bali’s tourism and gates have began with strict health & safety measures.

Dreamland Beach in Bali island – Amazing beach to visit and enjoy for all ages in Bali

Bali, the beautiful Indonesian island is one of the most-happening holiday island in ‘Tourism world’ which welcomes tourists(family and honeymoon couples mostly!) from different parts of world, throughout the year. One of the most beautiful hidden beach with romantic ambience and impressive natural scenery along with perfect tourists’ amenities in Bali island is Dreamland Beach, a beach possessing rugged, primordial charm in Bali. From Depansar(Bali’s capital) you shall reach Dreamland Beach by travelling 28 kilometre towards south-most-west coastline of Bali. Yes! Dreamland Beach is located on the Bukit peninsula which is gifted with ‘unspoilt nature’ and amazing strip of coastline. Dreamland Beach is now called as New Kuta Beach by both tourists and locals of Bali, Indonesia. Intially, Dreamland Beach was free to public and due to over-crowd, the Bali made entrance fee for both locals and tourists and do trust,”It’s definitely worth it!”. With deep-blue pristine waters and beautifully stretching white sandy shore, the Dreamland beach offers picturesque views and peaceful atmosphere to sooth mind which is much needed during holidays. The shorebreaks are the only backdrop (or) demerit of Dreamland Beach, but leaving it behind, it’s a paradise for people who loves swimming, surfing and sunbath. You can rent decks and parasols at Dreamland Beach and there are also amazing range of world class eateries, restaurants, spa services, pubs and cafes to relax and enjoy the day. Do visit Dreamland Beach to enjoy the most perfect beach day, when you’re holidaying in Bali.

Green Bowl Beach in Bali island – Hidden gem of Bali

Bali, the extra-ordinary holidaying island of Indonesia is filled with beauty all over which welcomes tourists from various parts across the world, throughout the year. One of the most beautiful, unspoilt, popular and secluded beach of Bali island is Green Bowl Beach, a hidden beauty which is more like a ‘bay’ in Bali island. Green Bowl Beach is located on the extreme southern of Bali island and from Denpasar(Bali’s capital) you shall reach it, by travelling 25 kilometres towards south, following the directions. Green Bowl Beach is absolutely a wonderful choice for people who loves nature and adventure to reach and enjoy a ‘beach day’ while holidaying in Bali island. Green Bowl Beach possess turquoise waters, bristly white sand shore which is surrounded by rock cliffs which is being a habitat for birds, monkeys and colourful butterflies & also the presence of humongous limestone caves enclosing rock shrines at the back of the beach. When you reach covered verdurous cliffy top you’ll have to descend nearly 330 steps down a rocky terrain to reach this beach in Bali’s south. Green Bowl Beach is one of the best place to enjoy a lot of swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing and surfing, and sunsets at Green Bowl Beach is one of the most beautiful sunsets you can watch in Bali. Since, a tranquil beach there are no amenities available nearby and you need to backpack food, water and drinks, before you arrive here in Bali.

Gitgit Waterfall in Bali island – Most beautiful waterfall to visit in Bali

Bali island of Indonesia is one of the most loved and visited island of Indonesia that attracts family & kids, honeymoon couples and also group of friends, as there are attractions suitable for everyone in Bali and there are holiday villas in Bali with full-fledged services, making your holidays more comfortable and enjoyable. When you’re tired of beaches and parties in Bali island and wish to experience Bali’s rich floral part along with adventure and unspoilt nature, then you shall prefer to visit Gitgit Waterfall in Bali island. From Bali’s main town you can reach Gitgit Waterfall by travelling 34 kilometre towards northern direction, following the navigations. With lush green ambience contributed by tropical trees & various types of trees, a waterfall with 40 metre height, the Gitgit Waterfall is the biggest as well as most popular waterfall and a tourists’ attraction in Bali island. Since, it’s located on a Bali’s country-side village named ‘Gitgit’, the waterfall found here is called after the name of it’s location in Bali. Do you know? Reaching to Gitgit Waterfall calls for a little hiking/walking the trails, and the waterfall is found at high land which is about 300 metres above the sea level. With a mesmerizing lush green ambience, naturally formed pools, birds chipping in fresh air, the Gitgit Waterfall is dreamy destination to spend a day in Bali island and there are also facilities like parking area, restaurant and art shop nearby. Do visit, Gitgit Waterfall which is one of the ‘perfect’ picturesque and popular destination which you shouldn’t miss, while holidaying in Bali.

Kuta beach in Bali island – Perfect ‘urban’ beach in Bali

Bali, the beautiful island of Indonesia is filled with exquisite attractions which let you enjoy and experience a ‘great holidaying’ in Bali with family/friends. One of the popular beach in Bali to visit and enjoy a perfect beach day with a lot of swimming and water sport activities is Kuta Beach, a beach located in south-west coastline of Bali island. From Denpasar(Bali’s capital), you can reach Kuta Beach by travelling 10 kilometre towards south-west coastline, following the directions. Kuta Beach is a most famous white sandy beach of Bali’s south-west that possess pristine waters and picturesque views to enjoy, while holidaying in Bali. The coastline of Kuta beach in Bali is about 5 kilometre length, and it’ll easily top list of ‘best coasts in Bali’ which offers a lot of swimming, surfing, sunbath and watching sunsets which happens to be ‘one of the best sunset in Bali island’. There is a good count of cafés, seafront restaurants and shops that are available right and close to Kuta beach for the comfort of tourists who visits the beach in Bali. Do visit Kuta beach which is one of the long, urban-developed beach with all amenities, family-friendly ambience, a safe beach to visit and enjoy, while holidaying in Bali.

Besakih Temple in Bali – Do visit the ‘mother temple’ on the slopes of active volcano in Bali island

Besakih Temple-Bali island
Besakih Temple in Bali

Bali, a most loved and popular tourist island of Indonesia is packed with exquisite attractions and there are amazing holiday villas in Bali that will let you enjoy spectacular holidaying with family and friends. Bali is well-known for exquisite beaches and temples, volcanoes & volcanic landscapes and other attractions which is filled across the island; there are many beaches that you need to definitely swim, enjoy and there are temples which are extremely beautiful with rich history, culture and architecture to visit and admire, when you’re in Bali island. One such beautiful temple, that you shall visit during ‘Bali holidays’ is Besakih Temple, a typical pura(Balinese Hindu Temple) which is located 55 kilometre away and north-east tom Denpasar(Bali’s capital). Being located on the slopes of Mount Agung(an active volcano in Bali), makes Besakih Temple a unique and picturesque temple, which have been a place of worship, since the year 1284(13th century) in Bali. Based on archaeological evidences on the stone bases of Balinese temples found near Agung, dates back to at least 2000 years. Do you know? Besakih Temple is referred as Bali’s ‘mother temple’ with grand complex of at least 86 clan temples and shrines on the south-western slopes of Mount Agung. Do visit Besakih Temple(Pura Besakih) of Bali island, to admire the elegance of Balinese temples, while holidaying in Bali.

Thomas Beach of Bali island – Amazing beach with amenities in Bali

Bali’s beautiful beach of Bali island to visit while holidaying in Bali and shall be definitely visited is Thomas Beach, which is located on south-west coastline of Bali. From Denpasar(Bali’s capital) you can reach Thomas Beach by travelling 29 kilometre, towards south-west coastline of Bali, following the directions. With turquoise crystalline water and white sandy shore, Thomas Beach is one of the picturesque beach in Bali island, which is also beautifully surrounded with palm trees and possess good tourists’ amenities to enjoy a perfect ‘beach day’ in Bali. You can enjoy a lot of swimming in Thomas Beach, since the beach possess shallow waters with calm, gentle tides it’s a beach suitable for people of all ages. Do enjoy a lot of surfing in Thomas Beach, which is one of the popular & favorite water sport in Thomas Beach by the presence of wind blow, all the time. With amazing seafront restaurants, cafés, beach bars, beach clubs and night clubs filled near Thomas Beach, it’s one of the perfect beach day spend a whole night and day, when you’re holidaying in Bali.

Balangan Beach of Bali island – Exquisite beach with ‘perfect’ amenities in Bali

Bali, one of the most loved and iconic tourist destination island of Indonesia is packed with exquisite attractions and there are amazing holiday villas in Bali will let you enjoy great holiday with family and friends. There are many exquisite beaches in Bali and one among them which you shouldn’t miss when you’re holidaying in Bali is the Balangan Beach, a beautiful beach on south-west coastline of of Bali island. From Denpasar(Bali’s capital) you shall reach Balangan Beach by travelling 27 kilometre towards the south-west coastline of Bali island, following the directions. With turquoise crystalline water and white sandy beach backed by green spaces, and trees, the Balangan Beach is one of the most picturesque beach in Bali island. You can enjoy lot of swimming, sunbathing in Balangan Beach and also this Bali beach is well-known for Snorkeling, scuba diving and surfers will love Balangan than anyone else, being located in a white stone hill in Pecatu, there is breeze & blow of wind always which makes Balangan Beach a ‘favorite spot’ for surfers in Bali. Balangan Beach is beautiful tropical paradise with scenic views and also shacks, cafés, bars, restaurants, beachfront villas available for the comfort of people who visits the beach in Bali island. On the whole, Balangan Beach isn’t only a beach for beach day alone, but a beach where you can make a stay at villas & resorts nearby and shall enjoy complete ‘beach holidaying’ in Bali island, as you can visit other destinations of Bali via taxis and public transport services.

Pantai Bias Tugel(Bias Tugel Beach) in Bali island – Secluded beauty of Bali

Bali island’s Bias Tugel Beach, one among the many beautiful beaches of Bali, which shall be definitely preferred to visit and enjoy great ‘beach day’ with family/friends. From Denpasar(Bali’s capital) you shall reach the Bias Tugel Beach by travelling 45 kilometre in north-east direction, since the Bias Tugel Beach lies of the south-east coastal line of Bali island. Pantai Bias Tugel(Bias Tugel Beach) is considered a secret beach in Bali which is small, tranquil but consists of picturesque views, turquoise crystalline water and tidy white sandy beach. You can rent umbrellas, beach chairs near by Bias Tugel Beach and also have good range of café, restaurant and beach bar and also have toilet, but lacks in ‘shower’. When you’re at Bias Tugel Beach, you shall enjoy a lot of swimming, scuba-diving and snorkeling and be careful with waves sometimes! Bias Tugel Beach isn’t completely ‘family-friendly’ but for a bunch of friends and honeymoon couples who’re holidaying in Bali island, shall definitely visit Bias Tugel Beach in Bali.

Seminyak beach of Bali – Wholesome beauty of Bali island

Bali, a most loved and popular tourist island of Indonesia is packed with exquisite attractions and there are amazing holiday villas in Bali that will let you enjoy spectacular holidaying with family and friends. Bali holidays are always and mostly about the beautiful beaches and their amazing qualities and one such popular and perfect beach of Bali which you must visit when you’re in Bali is the Seminyak beach located on Bali’s southern coastline. From Denpasar(Bali’s capital) you shall reach Seminyak beach by travelling 10 kilometres in south-west direction following the navigations. With white sandy shore and pristine waters, the Seminyak beach also offers the most beautiful sunset views you can witness in Bali. People love and flock to Seminyak beach of Bali to enjoy swimming, scuba diving and sunbathing; these three are best of Seminyak beach. You can also enjoy surfing, scuba diving and horse-riding(a unique holidaying activity in beach). You can find a great range of cafés, restaurants, beach bars here and Seminyak beach of Bali also possess a vibrant nightlife with pubs, nightclubs, beach clubs and discos which keeps it door from early nights to early mornings. Do visit Seminyak beach which is suitable for people of all ages, when you’re holidaying in Bali.