Playa del Saladar of Alicante – A popular naturist beach in Alicante, Spain

Alicante, the beautiful port city of Spain possess an extra-ordinary coastline and attractions that keeps every tourists and their family/friends engaged throughout their ‘Alicante Holidays’. If you’re looking for a naturist/nudist beach in Alicante and you’re comfortable with ‘clothing optional’ beach but also seek for the availability of tourists’ amenities nearby, then you should definitely visit Playa del Saladar, a popular naturist beach in Alicante, Spain. From Alicante’s main city centre you shall reach Playa del Saladar by travelling 15 kilometre towards south-east coastline, following the directions. With deep-blue pristine waters, lengthy & comfortable sandy shore which is spacious enough for visitors’ umbrellas and sunbeds, the Playa del Saladar in Alicante favor good swimming and sunbath conditions. Playa del Saladar in Alicante is safe and that’s why, it’s been one among the few safe and clean naturists/nudists beach in Alicante. The wide sandy beach of Playa del Saladar is it’s biggest advantage which let people to stay away at fair distant from others who visits the beach in Alicante and also there are perfect amenities such as cafés, restaurants, beach bars, shops lining at seafront promenade and there’s no kind of ‘discomfort’ caused to people arriving here. Being beautiful, wide enough and possessing amenities, the Playa del Saladar is definitely a unique as well as, a safe nudist beach which you can’t miss while holidaying in Alicante.

Lucentum in Alicante – Ancient site from 3rd Century BC and a popular historical landmark in Alicante

Alicante, the exquisite coastal town of Spain is a part of Spain’s popular Costa Blanca, that consists a magical strip of coastline with so many holidaying attractions filled all over the region. A historically rich destination(ancient ruins) to visit in Alicante is Lucentum, a Roman city found during the end of 3rd century BC in Alicante. From the main city’s centre of Alicante, you shall reach Lucentum by travelling 6.5 kilometre towards east, following the directions. Lucentum is a 7.4 acres vast spread archaeological site in Alicante with iconic ancient architectures and ruins such as: the remains of the fortifying wall (including the foundations of the pre-Roman defensive towers), the forum, part of the Muslim necropolis, the baths, and a multitude of houses. Though, Alicante is modern & vibrant city as we see today, a visit to Lucentum will let you understand, “How and when Alicante started to form as city and been evolving with time through all these centuries from long back!”. Do take guided tours to know more about this most ancient site/archaeological site with ancient ruins and rich history about Alicante, when you’re holidaying in Alicante.

Playa de Agua Amarga(Agua Amarga beach) in Alicante – Urban beach with tourists’ facilities in Alicante

Alicante, a spectacular Spanish port city is one of the happening holiday destination of Spain which consists of fantastic attractions and as well as amazing holiday villas with full-fledged services where you and your family/friends stay happily and enjoy the holidays in Alicante. One of the beautiful beach to visit in Alicante is Playa de Agua Amarga located in Agua Amarga, Spain. From Alicante’s main city centre, you shall reach Agua Amarga beach by travelling 17 kilometre towards south-east coastline, following the directions. Agua Amarga beach is small but definitely a good ‘urban beach’ with crystalline waters, fine sandy shore and you find all kinds of services: bars and restaurants on the beach, ice cream kiosks and accommodation here, when you visit this beach in Alicante. Being covered by rock cliffs on the side, Agua Amarga beach appears more picturesque and the shallow waters, makes it a ‘beach for all ages’ in Alicante.

Watch live rock music on-stage by Hellvetics in Alicante – “Metal Fun Band” performs live this Saturday(June 5,2021)

Hellvetics Live Concert-Alicante

Alicante of Spain is an amazing portal city located along the coastline of popular Costa Blanca of Spain, which is one of the picturesque, soothing and perfect holidaying city with beaches, viewpoints, and many more attractions. If you’re in Alicante this weekend, you have a opportunity to take yourselves to a live rock band performance on-stage and enjoy the ‘happy vibes’ that music gives, along with family/friends. On 6pm of June 5, 2021(Saturday), there is going to be a Hellvetics live in concert at Alicante, a live on-stage performance by ‘Hellvetics’ band with a tagline “Metal Fun Band”, Babel Live Stage, Calle del Comercio, Alicante. Though, Hellvetics was formed during 2018, the band was formed by people who have a huge experience about rock music and on-stage shows, which assures a ‘sure shot’ authentic rock music concert when you attend the Hellvetics concert in Alicante. You can get the tickets and know about the prices for concert at From Alicante’s main city centre, you shall reach Calle del Comercio by travelling 3.5 kilometre and it’s a easily accessible urban destination in Alicante.

Playa de la Albufereta(La Albufereta beach) in Alicante – Family-friendly beach with picturesque views in Alicante

Alicante, the amazing port city located in Spain’s Costa Blanca is naturally gifted with a spectacular coastline accompanied by interesting attractions, picturesque ambience and rich climate, which let people to enjoy their holidays with family/friends. A beautiful beach in Alicante to visit and enjoy a ‘beach day’ is Playa de la Albufereta(La Albufereta beach), a small but good quality beach which is located 5.2 kilometre away from the main city centre of Alicante. With turquoise crystalline waters and mixture of sand pebbles in the shore, along with palm trees and also surrounded by residential areas which makes it look ‘hidden’; Playa de la Albufereta is a beautiful beach which is loved and visited by both locals and tourists of Alicante. There are showers, toilets, lifeguard service available at Playa de la Albufereta, along with cafés, restaurants, bars and it’s definitely a ‘family-friendly’ beach suitable for all ages set in a calm ambience. People who arrives at Playa de la Albufereta in Alicante can enjoy a lot of swimming, sunbathing and snorkeling and take leisure walks and also fishing accompanied by beautiful climate, while holidaying in Alicante.

Sail to Tabarca from Alicante – Best holidaying experience/activity in Alicante

Alicante city of Spain is marvel among the many coastal cities of Spain, since, it possess ‘beauty & peace’ naturally, and thus, it’s loved and visited by many tourists throughout the year, who flew to Alicante from various locations across the world. A unique, popular and best of holidaying experience in Alicante is sailing to ‘Tabarca island’, a beautiful islet and natural marine reserve which is located in Mediterranean and can be reached by sailing for an hour(or less), since, it’s located 11 nautical mile offshore from Alicante, Spain. There are many ferries, boats, catamarans which take off from Port of Alicante, Santa Pola, Benidorm and Torreveija daily on regular intervals and you can hop into them, sail to this beautiful gem of Spain called Tabarca. When you’re in Tabarca, you can enjoy a day of your ‘Alicante holidays’ peacefully and joyfully, as you have amazing coves, calas, small beaches with turquoise crystalline water & the main Tabarca beach and traces of old town with cobbled streets, traditional homes shows the historical value of Tabarca and a fishing port which proves Tabarca is a fishing islet with inhabitation over a long time in Spain and you’ve restaurants, eateries which serves the authentic Spanish cuisines to make your visit to Tabarca, ‘delight’. There are several agencies which take you on ‘organized tours to Tabarca island’ while you holiday in Spain and you can find them in Internet (or) seek advice from holiday villas you’re staying, since, they’ll guide you with the best, when you’re in Alicante. There are many beautiful holiday villas in Alicante with round the clock services and comforting you with privacy, and to enjoy ‘The Best’ you’ve amazing holiday villas in Alicante with private pool, which let you enjoy enhanced, luxurious, hustle-free holidaying in Alicante.

Hike to Mount Benacantil in Alicante – Mount with beautiful views of Mediterranean and Alicante city

Alicante on Spain’s Costa Blanca is one of the best holidaying destination filled with amazing attractions and can also find good holiday villas in Alicante with spectacular views of Mediterranean coast of Spain. One of the best holidaying experience for people who loves adventure, hiking, to admire natural beauty of Alicante and at the same time interested in taking a look at Alicante’s historical landmark/architecture, while holidaying in Alicante is walking the trails to Mount Benacantil, a beautiful urban mount located in ‘heart of Alicante city’ in Spain. From Alicante’s main city centre, you shall reach Mount Benacantil’s foot by travelling 2.2 kilometre towards east, following the directions. Being filled with pine trees, bushes, a pleasant aroma of the rich flora it possess with few rocks on path, Mount Benacantil is definitely a naturally ‘unspoilt’ destination to visit and enjoy the beautiful views of Alicante city and also the Mediterranean sea. On the top summit of Mount Benacantil, you’ll find Castle of Santa Barbara, a popular medieval century castle of Alicante. Mount Benacantil is well known for the formations of rocks on it’s south-west slope, called la cara del moro “the moor’s face. If you’re looking for adventure, toast of hiking, along with a visit to ancient architecture in Alicante which is safe, popular and family-friendly, then walk the trail of Mount Benacantil, while holidaying in Alicante.

Port of Alicante – Walk, eat, sail at the lively port of Alicante

Alicante on Spain’s Costa Blanca consists great range of holiday villas, beachfront villas with spectacular views of Mediterranean coast of Spain which makes it a good holidaying destination in Spain. A beautiful, lively destination to visit and take leisure walks and spend some time ‘worth’ while holidaying in Alicante is visiting the beautiful Port of Alicante, which is located 2 kilometre away and south to Alicante’s main city centre. Port of Alicante is the typical seaport of Alicante, Spain where you can boats, ferries, marines, yachts, cargos which are used on the Mediterranean sea for both commercial and passenger traffic that carries both in & out Alicante. You’ve beautiful seafront restaurants, bars, cafés to sit back and relax, where they serve authentic Spanish cuisines and other multi cuisines, and don’t miss the beautiful sunsets you can grab at Port of Alicante. A simple but great place to take broad walks, and do a little shopping in the shops that stretch over the promenade of Port of Alicante and you can also go on little boat & ferry tours, as they’re operated specially for tourists who visits Port of Alicante, while holidaying in Alicante.

Mercat Central d’Alacant(The Central Market of Alicante) – Lively destination to visit in Alicante

Alicante on Spain’s Costa Blanca is a happening holiday destination which is filled with amazing attractions and you can also find spectacular holiday villas in Alicante with picturesque ambience and round the clock services. If you wish to see and experience the lively side of Alicante surrounded by locals and local-made products and Alicante-styled dishes, then you should visit Mercat Central d’Alacant(The Central Market of Alicante). From the main city centre of Alicante you shall reach the Mercat Central d’Alacant by travelling less than 1 kilometre, since, the market is located at the ‘heart of Alicante city’. With authentic atmosphere and being set in a beautiful building from 1921, in Mercat Central d’Alacant you can spot the stalls for fruits, vegetables, fresh meat & seafood, oils, artisan beers, fresh sushi, spices, sweets, cheese, bread, and many more. You’ll also find food stalls that serve authentic Spanish dishes and especially, the Alicante based food, snacks and dishes. You also have restaurant with bar to sit back and relax after visiting and enjoying the colors of Mercat Central d’Alacant. People holidaying in Alicante should definitely visit and feel the liveliness and colors of Mercat Central d’Alacant, since, it’s one of the popular and authentic destination to visit, enjoy in Alicante.

Platja de Mutxavista in Alicante – Perfect beach in Alicante

Alicante consists many beautiful beaches to visit and enjoy and the one you shall visit is the Platja de Mutxavista which is located nearly 11 kilometre away and north-east to Alicante’s main city centre. With clean waters & lengthy, wide white sandy beach, the Platja de Mutxavista looks so ‘lively & beautiful’ and also backed by beautiful promenade filled with every tourists’ amenities like cafés, restaurants and other facilities. If you walk along the beach of Platja de Mutxavista, it eventually connects with another popular beach of Alicante called Playa San Juan. Since, the waves are moderate and waters are shallow, the Platja de Mutxavista is suitable to kids also, and for adults it’s definitely a good beach to swim, sunbath & enjoy a relaxed beach day in Alicante.