Calpe – Natural Park of Penyal d’Ifac

As a must-visit place during your visitation to Calpe definitely takes place the natural park Penyal d’ifac as the 322 m altitude which makes this Park the highest point in town. This place has been once used as of high importance in the town’s defense strategy against the enemies. They used the rock to perform the lookout so they can spot any incoming enemies over the land or sea.

Calpe – Traditional Spanish Villages

Learn more about the Spanish culture by visiting some of Calpe’s traditional villages. Enjoy the relaxation or venture to pretty mountain towns located in Finestrat or relish the stunning views this great village has from a railway. Enjoy the approachable ticket prices and benefit from the discounts the hosts have to offer. To toast the day, you could have a glass of wine with a fresh tasty appetizer as a guest.

Calpe – Climb the the Peñon De Ifach

A way to enjoy Calpe’s beauty is to climb one of its magnificent mountains
located within the Natural Park of Penal d’Arc. The massive crag protrudes about 332 meters above the normal sea level and it’s one of the largest mountains in all Spain. You will be able to climb up the rock throughout a tunnel that leads to a narrow walkway, but if this two-hour hike doesn’t sound enjoyable, you could just explore the park and take selfies.

Majestic Penon de Ifach of Calpe


Being located on a crucial position in Costa Blanca, the famous resort town Calpe is a jewel that adds indefinite beauty to the coastal lines. Calpe is one of the oldest natural resort that have an long and interesting history from the old times to now. Beaches in Calpe are top-notch with great ambiance and Penon de Ifah, the mammoth rock is an added attraction. The climate here is pleasant throughout the year and it can be enjoyed during any month of the year due to its geographical positioning. Calpe’s fauna and flora is a gift of the nature in abundance. No matter how much effort is involved, man-made beauty cannot outrage the nature’s beauty any day. Penon de Ifach in Calpe is one such natural beauty among the bunch of nature’s wonders on the Costa Blanca’s province that stands firm for 1000 feet high. The entire Penon de Ifach is reserved as an natural habitat for different bird species like marin ravens, falcons, flamingos and wide variety of birds. Looking at this Penon de Ifach will be one of the breath taking sight you’ll get during your Calpe visit. Beaches of Calpe also allow scuba diving which is one of the best water sport activity that could be cherished for long.

Captivating Calpe!


Calpe is a beautiful town which is a crown to Costa Blanca’s beauty, which is the popular beach destination lying in the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Calpe is fondly called the tiny town filled with artistic locations with little streets, variety of restaurants and bars. Calpe portrays a perfect blend of modern days touching the essence of the ancient days. You can see authentic ancient fishing villages over the circumference and modern buildings inside the town. Calpe has one of the beautiful beaches which are white sandy beaches touched by sizzling sea water all the time. Water in Calpe is so fresh and the beach is approximately 1.400 metres length. Cantal Roig beach is another beauty which is full quipped with restrooms, walkways, lifeguard service, foot showers and deckchairs. Beaches in Calpe also have children’s park where you can take your children and so they enjoy their kind of holidaying. If you want to add a pinch of bird watching in your beach vacation, then you must visit the natural salt lake Salinas which is a home to Flamingos and Herons. You may or may not be an water sports enthusiast but you can definitely enjoy acitivities in Calpe which include sailing at the yacht harbour, scuba diving and snorkeling. Calpe is perfect destination for a peaceful beach vacation.

Enjoy the divine shrine in ‘ParroquiaNuestra’ in Calpe trip!

Despite the ordinary façade of its outdoors, the church is welcoming once entered and is a good example of Calpe’s historical glory. ParroquiaNuestra has an array of wooden tables to sit and adore the divinity and it is very private on week days thus great time can be spent here as the spot is located nearer to villas in Calpe. Tourists feel happy if they get well-furnished villas located closer to the church.

An old salt work spot enclaves biological and cultural values in Calpe!

If you want to spare some time in the Calpe town centre after your shopping, then try to visit the salt work functioned at Roman times. The ‘Las Salinas de Calpe’has become a huge biological reserve now protecting 173 floral species and is the home for many wild birds as well. The ‘Parque Natural Park’ is the landmark of the spot which is located next to it. The salt work has many snacking points around for the refreshment of the visitors.

A brief tour about the Salt Mines in Calpe!

Calpe’s salt mine has become one of the significant tourist attractions in Calpe. Walk tour is the best way to go nearer to the salt heaps maintained in the mines. Tourists get engaged well while listening to the guest lecture given at the salt process area. Children find the visit as very useful as they get a clear picture in live on what they have read. Eatery shops around make tourists feel relaxed to have some snack time in between the visit. 

Another striking spot along the Mediterranean coastline in Calpe!


The reason for being one of the excellent attractions of Calpe is for the cinematic views of this natural park. Parque Natural Penyal de Ifac is a massive outcrop that highs about 332 m, emerged from the sea and settled by its debris. It is the house for rare plants, endemic wildlife and also the nesting place for sea birds. Villas overlooking the PenyalIfac are surrounded by lush greenery and are the hidden gems for tourists’ accommodation around the spot.

One must ask the inert why it goes for something new!

calpe beach

There is a beach in Calpe but is not a usual one to find out the stretch of sand and rocks. ‘Cala Calpe’ is a lovely beach with crystal clear water exists in a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Sun does well here to make people get more tan as preferred thus the place can be chosen for long-term sunbathe. Boat tours, swimming practice, Kids play are some of the engaging aspects of this cosmo beach. Luxury villas here provide living spaces for tourists with high-class features.