Platja de Cantal Roig(Cantal Roig beach) of Calpe – Blue flagged beach in Calpe

Calpe, the amazing coastal town of Spain which possess magical Mediterranean coast, extra-ordinary beaches and holiday attractions through which Calpe welcomes tourists throughout the year. One of the beautiful and prestigious ‘blue flagged’ beach in Calpe which you shall quickly access and enjoy ‘beach day’ with family/friends during ‘Calpe holidays’ is Platja de Cantal Roig(Cantal Roig beach), a small sandy beach surrounded by rocks(partially) and been set in ‘semi-urban & lively’ ambience in Calpe. From the main centre Calpe you shall reach Platja de Cantal Roig by travelling/walking for 650 metre towards south-east, following the directions. Though, small in size, the Cantal Roig Beach will let you enjoy amazing ‘beach day’ with crystalline waters favoring good swimming conditions to all ages and the sandy beach let you enjoy ‘sun bath’ and there is a long & lively chain of local cuisines seafront restaurants which makes your ‘beach day’ complete with swimming, relaxing and tasting delicious Spanish cuisines. Tourists amenities in Cantal Roig Beach will excite, amaze and make you realize ‘Why it was awarded as ‘blue flag’ beach in Calpe?’, because you’ve showers, toilets, foot wash, seafront walkways that are clean & tidy, lifeguard services, beach bars and lot of seafront holiday villas and holiday rentals with full-fledged services and hospitality. Additionally, Cantal Roig Beach is also popular to enjoy snorkeling and it’s undeniably ‘one of the favorite’ beach for both tourists & locals and perfectly suitable for both adult and kids to spend ‘beach day’, while holidaying in Calpe.

Virgen de las Nieves Parish(Our Lady of the Snow Parish) of Calpe – Beautiful, hill-top church in Calpe

Calpe, a mesmerizing coastal town in Spain with spectacular beaches and attractions attracts tourists worldwide, throughout the year. One of the popular and beautiful church to visit in Calpe is Parroquia Virgen De Las Nieves(Virgen de las Nieves Parish), a exquisite Parish located on a hill which overlooks Calpe’s old town. From Calpe’s main centre, you shall reach Virgen de las Nieves Parish by travelling just 600 metre, following the directions. Being set on hill summit which overlooks ‘Old town’ of Calpe and possessing impressive architectural works, frescoes (i.e.) amazingly painted watercolour on wet plaster on a wall or ceiling, stained glass windows and eye-catching façade with mosaic arts and works, the Parroquia Virgen De Las Nieves in Calpe is definitely a calm and picturesque destination of Calpe. Do visit Virgen de las Nieves Parish of Calpe which is also called as ‘Our Lady of the Snow Parish’ and definitely deserves to be visited while holidaying in Calpe.

Cala Pinets, Benissa of Calpe – A hidden gem on Calpe’s coastline

Calpe, the exquisite holiday town located in Spain’s coastline possess amazing attractions and a natural resort town ambience, that attracts people from various parts across the world to spend their holidays in Calpe with family/friends. One of the most-unique, picturesque, and a feel good tourists’ attraction, as well as nature’s gift in Calpe to visit and enjoy is Cala Pinets, Benissa, a extra-ordinary cala/cove of Calpe, Spain. From Calpe town’s centre, you shall get to Cala Pinets, Benissa by travelling 7 kilometre towards north-east direction on Calpe’s coastline, following the directions. Cala Pinets, Benissa is a small cove with turquoise crystalline water, rocky shore surrounded by rock cliffs and for getting to the shoreline you need to walk down rock paths which descends from top to Cala Pinets’ shore, and thus, it’s a cove with ‘unspoilt nature’, tranquil ambience and limited amenities. Cala Pinets, Benissa is strictly for people who loves nature, adventure, peaceful ambience and who doesn’t wants a beach day surrounded by mass numbers but with dominating scenery. Despite not possessing a fine sandy beach, Cala Pinets, Benissa favor good swimming conditions, warm climate, soft rock(natural sunbed) to sunbath, and let you enjoy snorkeling because of crystalline waters. You have only one bar with restaurant nearby and you better backpack needs, before arriving at this secluded beauty of Calpe. If you want to soak in the ‘beauty of nature’ without any artificial/man-made atmosphere, the don’t miss Cala Pinets, Benissa of Calpe.

Sugar Shack LIVE MUSIC at Yodel Chef Calpe – Delicious Spanish cuisine with amazing Spanish live music in Calpe

Calpe(Calp), a beautiful coastal town with holiday attractions, warmth climate and amazing holdiay villas with round the clock services across the town is definitely one of the best coastal towns in Spain to spend your holiday with friends/family. A interesting event/live music show that comes up this Friday(June 11,2021) in Calpe to enjoy dining typical ‘Spanish cuisines’ while listening to Spanish music and you should defiinitely consider attending, if you’re in Calpe. Sugar Shack LIVE MUSIC is the live music event/show that takes place at popular Yodel Chef Calpe(a perfect ‘Spanish’ restaurant) on June 11,2021(Friday). Sugar Shack is a quite popular musical duo from Calpe, as well as Spain, and they play a mix of country, rock and pop classics from 50’s and they represent the best of ‘Countryside Spain music’ which we wouldn’t have experienced almost in our lifetime before, especially for the tourists who visits Calpe. From Calpe’s main city centre, you shall reach Yodel Chef Calpe by travelling just a kilometre towards north-east, following the directions. Yodel Chef Calpe serves one of the best Spanish cuisine with authenticity and while you attend ‘Sugar Shack LIVE MUSIC’ show/event, you’ve to pay only for food and drinks and the show is absolutely ‘free of cost’. Don’t worry if you miss this Friday in Calpe, since, the ‘Sugar Shack’ duo will play on every Friday evening at Yodel Chef Calpe. Do visit this restaurant on a Friday to enjoy delicious Spanish cuisine along with Spanish music, when holidaying in Calpe.

Cala Baladrar of Calpe – Naturally unspoilt and secluded cove/cala in Calpe

Calpe, the amazing coastal town which is naturally gifted with resort town ambience, beautiful Mediterranean coast, warm climate and many other attractions together proves that, Calpe is undoubtedly a spectacular holidaying coastal city in Spain. A beautiful and tranquil beach to visit in Calpe is Cala Baladrar, a pebble-filled and rustic gravel beach which is located 10 kilometre away and north-east to Calpe’s main city centre. With shallow, crystal clear water and a cliff called ”La Polida” (30 metres high), the Cala Baladrar is a ‘hidden gem’ in Calpe with unspoilt natural ambience and good swimming and diving conditions, and also a pebble shore to relax & enjoy sunbaths surrounded by rock cliffs with pine trees(which actually act like a balcony to the Mediterranean). Though picturesque, the Cala Baladrar consists only limited amenities and it’s better to backpack food, water, drinks and other basic needs(of yours) before arriving here. People who’re holidaying with family and kids shall definitely visit Cala Baladrar after backpacking and people who loves nature and tranquil ambience should definitely visit Cala Baladrar in Calpe.

Family Park in Calpe – Amazing ‘family’ park with free entry in Calpe

Calpe(Calp) of Spain is an amazing coastal town which is popular for holidaying; Calpe possess a beautiful Mediterranean coastline and a lot of attractions to visit which let you enjoy your holidays with family/friends in Calpe, Spain. A popular and beautiful ‘family friendly’ destination to visit in Calpe is ‘Family Park’, a ‘entrance free’ amusement park which is located 3 kilometre away and east to the main city centre of Calpe. With lots of games, rides, attractions to enjoy with ‘family-friendly’ ambience, the Family Park of Calpe is definitely ‘worth’ to take your family and kids to spend a beautiful evening in Calpe, Spain. The main aim of Family Park is to entertain kids, bring joy, thrill and happiness to kids and ‘Family Park’ succeeds in the task, easily. Since, Family Park in Calpe is opened only in the evenings, you’ll be able enjoy ‘family picnic’ filled with colorful lights and lively ambience. Though, you can enter ‘free’, you shall be asked to pay for rides and attractions to ride and enjoy them in Family Park of Calpe. Do visit Family Park with your family and kids, which is one of the ‘top visited’ family attraction in Calpe.

Cala del Mallorquí of Calpe – Beautiful virgin beach of Calpe

Calpe, the beautiful coastal town of Spain is filled with so many attractions and numerous beaches that belongs to various types and thus, Calpe is one of ideal destination to enjoy a perfect ‘beach holidaying’ with family/friends. If you’re looking for a secluded, virgin beach to visit in Calpe, and if you’re a nature lover, adventure seeker who’s holidaying in Calpe, you shall definitely visit Cala del Mallorquí, a natural & beautiful cove located 5 kilometre away and north-east to Calpe’s main city centre. Being surrounded by rock cliffs, picturesque landscapes, accessible via stairs that run down to cove from cliffs; Cala del Mallorquí is definitely a adventure to pick, while holidaying in Calpe and you’ve good swimming conditions here with calm, pristine waters and rocky shore with pebbles, making it more secluded but unique experience in Calpe. You can also enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving and a relaxing fishing in Cala del Mallorquí of Calpe and the one thing you’ve to do is: when you visit Cala del Mallorquí you shall backpack food, drinks and other necessities, since, it’s tranquil and lacks tourists’ amenities. You can skip a visit, only when you’ve kids under 10 because of tranquil ambience, or else, Cala del Mallorquí is definitely a nature’s gift to visit and enjoy in Calpe.

Cala del Penyal(Cove del Penyal) of Calpe – One of the best, nature-dominant, naturist cove in Calpe

Calpe, a beautiful coastal town of Alicante in Spain which also happens to be a part of Costa Blanca is a popular beach holiday destination with Mediterranean coast and attractions. You can find great course of holiday villas in Calpe with full-fledged services and there are also holiday villas in Calpe with private pool which provide complete privacy, profound hospitality to you and your family/friends during entire holidaying in Calpe. One of the wild and adventurous beach/cove/cala of Calpe which you should definitely visit if you’re an adventure seeker (or) nature admirer (or) looking for a tranquil beach day in Calpe is Cala del Penyal(Cove del Penyal), a small natural cove of Calpe, Spain. From Calpe’s main city centre, you can reach Cala del Penyal by travelling 3.2 kilometre towards east & south, following the directions. Being surrounded by rock cliffs, possessing moderate waves and secluded ambience; Cala del Penyal is definitely for people who would love to spend a beach day with less-crowd and tranquility in Calpe. Due to it’s tranquility, Cala del Penyal allows you to follow nudism (or) it can be said that,”Cala del Penyal is a naturist cala of Calpe”. You can enjoy lot of swimming, diving, and scuba diving and fishing at Cala del Penyal but at the same time, it lack tourists’ amenities and it’s one of the ‘virgin beach’ of Calpe. Do backpack food and drinks, if you’re about to visit Cala del Penyal and spend a while, and get ready to experience a beach day that takes you close to nature with most picturesque & peaceful ambience, while holidaying in Calpe.

Platja de la Fossa(La Fossa beach) of Calpe – Perfect ‘family friendly’ beach in Calpe

Calpe’s beautiful beach with ‘family-friendly’ aspects and perfect tourists’ amenities and shall be definitely visited while holidaying in Calpe is Platja de la Fossa(La Fossa beach) which is located 3 kilometre away and east to Calpe’s main city centre. With turquoise crystalline water and fine sandy shore, Platja de la Fossa is a perfect beach in Calpe with good tourists’ amenities available at the promenade and back of the beach. Due to the urban level development and being located close to Calpe’s main town, you can find great course of holiday rentals such as holiday villas, beachfront villas, holiday serviced apartments with best quality of services, profound hospitality and picturesque ambience of Calpe(Calp) are found near La Fossa beach in Calpe, Spain. With warm weather and lively atmosphere, Platja de la Fossa is one of the perfect ‘family-friendly’ beach to take your family and kids, while holidaying in Calpe.

Cala La Manzanera of Calpe – Alluring architecture & viewpoint of Calpe

Holidaying in Calpe is even more better when you pick holiday villas in Calpe, as they provide all the facilities at affordable prices and you can also find luxurious holiday villas in Calpe with private pool facilities, which is best choice to make, when you want enjoy holidays in Calpe with privacy with your people. Calpe is popular for beautiful and amazingly built chalets across the region. Chalets are nothing but houses, villas which are built beautifully over the slopes, rock cliffs, headlands of a region and one such popular, beautiful chalet of Calpe, that you shall visit while holidaying in Calpe is Cala La Manzanera of Calpe. From the main city centre of Calp(Calpe, Alicante) you shall reach Cala La Manzanera by travelling just 2 kilometre towards south & coastal region of Calp. Cala La Manzanera (or) Cove La Manzanera is a beautiful viewpoint with spectacular seafront views and natural amphitheatre ambience and amazing architectures as chalet and were designed by architect Ricardo Bofill in Calpe. Cala La Manzanera is one of the soothing viewpoint, as well as picturesque photo spot of Calpe(Calp) where you can enjoy the views and click the best pictures of your holidaying in Calp(Calpe).