Travel to Jamaica

Jamaica, a jewel of the Caribbean, awaits you for a vacation experience unlike any other. With miles of beaches, friendly locals, and lush natural beauty, this slice of paradise will have you counting the days until your next vacation there. The first place you will want to explore in Jamaica is the capital city, Kingston. Just a short drive from the airport, this buzzing city offers a wide range of experiences. Dine on Jamaican cuisine, take in the bustling market life in the Vieux Carré, and visit the world-famous Bob Marley Museum for a dose of Jamaican culture. If you prefer to relax during your vacation, head to either Negril or Ocho Rios.

Jamaica Holiday

Jamaica is one of the most beautiful and scenic islands in the Caribbean. It is an island filled with rugged mountains, soft sandy beaches and warm clear waters. You can experience all these in Jamaica, which is why it is ranked among the top tourist destinations in the world. Jamaica is a diverse country with very diverse wildlife and available vacation facilities. There are several modes of transportation available for tourists. Rental cars, buses and taxis are a commonly used form of transportation in Jamaica.