Parque Warner Madrid – Never miss this best ‘family-friendly’ theme park in Madrid

Madrid, Spain’s exquisite capital is filled with attractions to visit and you can also find amazing holiday resorts, villas in Madrid to stay and enjoy a great holidaying with family and friends. One of the Madrid’s special, which you can’t miss when you’re holidaying in Madrid city is the popular Parque Warner Madrid, a massive theme park (or) an amusement park of Madrid with movie themes inside (or) can be said as the park of ‘Warner Bros. Movie World Madrid’. From the main city centre of Madrid you can reach the ‘Parque Warner Madrid’ by travelling 27 kilometre towards south-east, following the directions. With many roller coasters, dry games, interactive shows, musical shows, the Parque Warner Madrid offers a lot and there are also rides & games in the names of world famous characters such as Batman, Superman, and also you can notice that, the amusement park have the themes and appearances based on Looney tunes, Hanna Barbera, Scooby-Doo and many DC Comics characters. It will be really a pleasure for parents to watch their kids enjoying at Cartoon Village, a popular attraction of Parque Warner Madrid. There are also cafés and restaurants to sit back, relax and there is something beautiful for both kids and adults to enjoy when they visit Parque Warner Madrid.

Bath City Farm in Bath – Dip into bucolic ambience for a while in Bath city

Bath, the beautiful city in England with a classic touch all over the city and you also have amazing attractions & holiday villas in Bath city to enjoy good holidaying with friends and family. A beautiful, peaceful, and a ‘family friendly’ destination which takes you close to the spectacular country side of Bath city and also offers a wonderful experience while holidaying in Bath city is visiting the popular Bath City Farm. From the main city centre of Bath city you shall reach the Bath City Farm by travelling 3 mile towards east, following the directions. Bath City Farm of Bath city is a massive 37-acre farm that consists of chickens, pigs, goats, beautiful trails to walk accompanied by lush green landscape and also a café to relax & refresh and above all the Bath City Farm is completely bucolic, which will be loved by both kids & adults, when they visit. Though an off beat activity from regular holidaying activities, you can’t miss the moment of experiencing the beautiful countryside life for a while, when you’re holidaying in Bath city.

Santa Maria del Carmine Church of Milan city – Amazing 15th century church in Milan

Milan, Italy’s beautiful city and also the ‘fashion capital’ is one goof holidaying destination with bunch of attractions to visit, admire and by staying at the luxurious holiday villas in Milan and enjoy happy-filled holidays in Milan. When you’re in Milan you’ve got a handful of beautiful & historical landmarks to visit and cherish the ‘sightseeing tours’ in Milan and a destination(chapel) that shall top the ‘must to visit in Milan’ list is the Santa Maria del Carmine Church which is located just 1.3 kilometre away from the city centre of Milan. We can also say that, Santa Maria del Carmine Church is located at ‘heart of Milan city’ and was built during the year 1446(15th century) over a convent with an annexed church built by Carmelites during 13th century. With majestic nave and two aisles, the Santa Maria del Carmine Church is also a picturesque medieval historical destination of Milan, and shall be definitely visited & taken pictures, while holidaying in Milan.

Visit Park Federico García Lorca in Granada – Interesting museum with beautiful park in Granada

Granada, a beautiful city of Andalusia, Spain which is set beautifully in the foot of Sierra Nevada hills possess sizzling attractions and the amazing holiday villas in Granada will let you enjoy fantastic holidaying with friends and family. One of the simple but beautiful destination to visit in Granada, when you’re holidaying in Granada is Federico García Lorca, a park & a natural space located 3.5 kilometre away from Granada’s main city centre. Park Federico García Lorca was named after Federico García Lorca, a famous Spanish poet lived between 19th- early 20th century and the park is also called as the Huerta de San Vicente in Granada. Surrounded by a verdurous ambience and palm trees, the Park Federico García Lorca is a beautiful destination and you can also find a museum dedicated to Federico García Lorca and where he actually lived for a while. Do take guided tours to enjoy the visit completely and visiting Park Federico García Lorca will definitely be a ‘day well spent’, when you’re holidaying in Granada.

Vasco da Gama Tower(Torre Vasco da Gama) of Lisbon – Most popular viewpoint of Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal’s capital have bunch of attractions to visit and you can also find amazing holiday villas in Lisbon with full-fledged services to enjoy holidays with your family and friends in Lisbon. One of the popular & beautiful viewpoint to visit in Lisbon city of Portugal is Torre Vasco da Gama, a free-standing vertical tower and a skyscrapper located on the north bank of the Tagus river of Lisbon. Vasco da Gama Tower(Torre Vasco da Gama) was built during the year 1998 and it’s about 476 feet high above the sea level. From Lisbon’s city centre you shall reach the Vasco da Gama Tower by travelling nearly 10 kilometre towards north, following the directions. Vasco da Gama Tower is the tallest structure/architecture/building of Lisbon and consists of viewing platform that offers spectacular panoramic views of Lisbon city, Tagus river of Lisbon and also a restaurant that provides stunning dining experience. Holidaying in Lisbon city of Portugal is never ‘complete’ until you visit the Vasco da Gama Tower of Lisbon.

Loreta of Prague – Popular, peaceful, picturesque beauty of Prague city

Prague, Czech Republic’s capital is a beautiful holiday destination with attractions to visit and you have world-class holiday villas in Prague with affordable prices, round the clock services and facilities. A peaceful and beautiful pilgrimage you shall not miss visiting when you’re holidaying in Prague city is the Loreta, a pilgrimage with a cloister, the Santa Casa, he church of the Lord’s Birth, and a clock tower with a famous chime. Loreta was built during 1631(17th century) and the baroque facade it possess was built eventually during the beginning of 18th century. The best part of the chapel is it’s chime and peal, which is heard since August 15(1695) and consists of 30 larger & smaller bells which makes the pilgrimage more divine, classy and peaceful landmark in Prague. Do take guided tours to enjoy and derive the complete essence of this picturesque and peaceful Loreta, when you’re holidaying in Prague.

Castell de Sant Nicolau(Sant Nicolau Castle) in Ciutadella de Menorca – Popular & picturesque viewpoint of Menorca island

Menorca, the beautiful Spanish island surrounded by Mediterranean is loaded with attractions and you can also find spectacular holiday villas in Menorca which will let people to enjoy holidaying in Menorca with family and friends. There are many beautiful, historical landmarks to visit and admire the picturesque views in Menorca island and one among them is the popular Castell de Sant Nicolau(Sant Nicolau Castle), a 17th century octagonal tower which is located in Ciutadella de Menorca, a main town in western Menorca. You can reach the Sant Nicolau Castle(Castell de Sant Nicolau) by travelling just 1.5 kilometre from Ciutadella de Menorca’s city centre, whereas from Menorca’s main town you shall travel nearly 30 kilometre to reach this seafront viewpoint in Menorca island. Sant Nicolau Castle is a defense tower found at the entrance of Ciutadella de Menorca’s port and it’s well-preserved for tourists to visit and enjoy the amazing seafront views and picturesque ambience, when holidaying in Menorca.

Shop, Eat, Walk, Click at Parque Islas Canaria of Lanzarote – Spectacular seafront promenade in Lanzarote

Lanzarote, the spectacular canary island of Spain surrounded by Atlantic is filled with beautiful attractions and you can find amazing holiday villas in Lanzarote which will let you enjoy a satisfied holidaying with your family and friends. A vibrant and beautiful Lanzarote destination to visit, enjoy and relax and grab the ‘liveliness’ of Lanzarote island is visiting the Parque Islas Canaria, a popular seafront promenade located in Arrecife(Lanzarote’s capital). From the main town of Lanzarote island you shall reach Parque Islas Canaria by travelling 16 kilometre, whereas from Arrecife’s city centre you can reach it by travelling just 2.5 kilometre, following the directions. With amazing seafront views, the Parque Islas Canaria is filled with numerous shops, cafés, restaurants, bars , tapas and a public park to visit and there are wooden benches, chairs installed for the convenience of tourists who visits this seafront promenade in Lanzarote. The seafront views also makes Parque Islas Canaria as one of the beautiful photo spot for both locals and tourists of Lanzarote. Do visit Parque Islas Canaria, to explore the urban ambience, good restaurants & bars, shops of Lanzarote island, when you’re holidaying in Lanzarote.

Watch the ‘Bangkok Puppet Show’ at Aksra theatre in Bangkok – Thailand’s best puppet show

Bangkok, Thailand’s beautiful city and also the capital is a fantastic holidaying destination with many attractions along with amazing holidays villas in Bangkok, which makes your holiday in Bangkok as ‘Best’. One of the off beat but popular holidaying activity you shall never miss when you’re in Bangkok is watching the popular Bangkok puppet show at Aksra theatre which is located 5 kilometre away and in east to Bangkok’s main city centre. Puppet shows at Aksra theatre is recognized and celebrated as ‘one of the best puppet show’ in Thailand and they perform some popular folktales of Thailand which explains the rich culture, tradition and history of Thai in a simple & beautiful way. With amazing synchronization of sound, light, dance and live orchestra music, the puppeteers bring life to puppets, when you watch the show at the theatre. Don’t forget to admire the beauty of Aksra theatre that possess, amazing architecture in ceiling, interior works, sandstone sculptures, wooden carvings and paintings of Thai characters told in folktales. The Puppet Show at Aksra theatre take place from Thursday to Sunday(7pm-9pm) of every week and there is good count of cafés and Thai-restaurants to relax and dine after watching the show in the theatre. Don’t miss visiting the Puppet show at Askra theatre, which is definitely one of the ‘must to do’ thing, when you’re holidaying in Bangkok.

Hatzidakis Winery in Santorini – Simple and best wine tasting tour in Santorini

Santorini, the Greek island is packed with many attractions that boasts picturesque views and you can find good holiday villas, resorts, beachfront villas in Santorini, which let you enjoy holidaying with your family and friends. If you prefer more privacy during your holidaying then you can choose the amazing villas in Santorini with private pool which extends to serve you best hospitality with utmost privacy & comfort on your ‘Santorini trip’. The best part about ‘Santorini holidays’ is the amazing wine tasting tours you can go on, and don’t worry! Any wine tasting tour in Santorini is ‘family-friendly’ and families can definitely choose and visit one, when they’re holidaying in Santorini. When you’re in Santorini do visit the Hatzidakis Winery, which is located 7 kilometre away & south from Fira(Thera)-Santorini’s capital. Hatzidakis Winery was founded during the year 1997 and it’s open throughout the year. You can walk through beautiful vineyards, look at cave of wine, and sit, dine at the several monastery tables and benches where the guests/visitors can sit and taste 6 different wines with typical Greek standards, during your holidaying in Santorini.