Golf Holiday in Benalmadena

You can appreciate the holiday of your life, when you decide to reserve your apartment break in the lavish town of Benalmadena. This town has a thing for everybody in the family from horse riding and mountain biking, to trekking and angling. The variety of possibilities available will permit everyone to love their visit.Benalmadena is a great location for golfers who desire an apartment holiday or a golf villa rental deal to make use of the golfing and restaurants offered in town. Or if golf is not your cup of tea, there are a awesome many other pursuits to consume your time, from horse back riding to sunbathing that you can appreciate from your base in one of the Benalmadena apartments to rent.

Benalmadena Rental Accommodation

For a fascinating day, sun bathing and pleasant holiday, Benalmadena offers the visitors a extravagant apartment holiday in the Costa del Sol. Benalmadena is a short 19 kms from the Malaga Airport so in the case you may be able to book a cheaper flight down to Malaga you will be dipping in the sun within 15 minutes after leaving from the airport.This is an exceptional place for choosing a fancy villa for rental in Spain or a holiday apartment retreat to rent in Spanish style. Those who are on vacation with their kids will especially enjoy the amusement parks, the aquatic centers and the newly refurbished marina area. Then, when you have had as much enjoyment as you can potentially take you can get back to stretch out and unwind in your lavish rental accommodation.

“Benalmádena adds 3 more ‘blue flag’ beaches and extends lifeguard services” says Benalmádena’s Mayor Víctor Navas

Benalmádena, a beautiful coastal town located in Spain’s Costa del Sol is one of the unique holiday town in Spain which is capable enough to offer ‘most enjoyable’ holidaying experience to everyone who visits along with friends/family. Since, summer is ‘On’ in Benalmádena and re-opening the gates of tourism after vaccination process, the officials of Benalmádena gladly said,”Benalmádena gets ready for summer and along with previous ‘Blue flagged beaches’, now 3 new ‘blue flags’ are flying in Benalmádena!”. Benalmádena’s Mayor Víctor Navas, headed for Malapesquera beach in order to present the lifeguard service for this summer and along with that, he hoisted 3 blue flags to fly along the coastline of Benalmadena this year. Benalmádena’s Mayor Víctor Navas also added that, there will be 41 lifeguards available this summer 2021 to work from the corresponding watchtowers distributed along the Benalmadena’s coastline and they’ll be fully prepared to face & react to any type of situation. Mayor Víctor Navas also highlighted that, Benalmádena’s Govt. took an opportunity to raise three new ‘blue flags’ at three beaches, because of their cleanliness, perfect standard of services and quality along with picturesque views. Both the civilians and officials of Benalmádena are glad about the addition of 3 new ‘blue flagged beaches’ and lifeguard services, which will definitely enhance the experience of holidaying, to every tourists who arrive in Benalmádena.

Playa de la Viborilla(La Viborilla Beach) in Benalmádena – Secluded beach with ‘unspoilt’ ambience in Benalmádena

Benalmádena, the amazing coastal town of Spain consists of many attractions & beaches and a beautiful beach in Benalmádena which you can visit, enjoy a ‘beach day’ is Playa de la Viborilla which is located nearly 6 kilometre away and south to the main town’s centre. Playa de la Viborilla(La Viborilla Beach) in Benalmádena is a small beach which is surrounded by rocky cliffs, coves that forms a ‘tranquil ambience’ and doesn’t receives tourists/visitors in large numbers like other beaches of Benalmádena. La Viborilla Beach possess a mixture of rugged and fine shore but pristine waters, and the palm groves surrounding adds more beauty to beach and there is a restaurant serving delicious Spanish cuisine, local-made dishes and beach bar to enjoy drinks during your ‘beach day’ here. Other than these facilities for food and drinks, you won’t find any tourists’ amenities nearby and better backpack your necessities, if you plan to visit La Viborilla Beach of Benalmádena. If you’re ready to spend a amenities less ‘beach day’ with family & kids (or) you’re admirer of nature, adventure (or) looking for a peaceful beach with unspoilt nature, then you shall definitely visit La Viborilla Beach in Benalmádena.

TECHH2O BOATPARTY on June 13, 2021 in Benalmádena, Spain

Benalmádena, the exquisite coastal town located in Spain’s Costa del Sol which is one of the favorite tourists’ attraction of Spain possess mesmerizing coastline, attractions, warm climate and holiday villas providing excellent services & amenities are available across the city. Have you ever been on a boat party in Benalmádena which is al about fun, wild party vibes, a delicious course of snacks and lunch/dinner, partying in the middle surrounded by turquoise water all the side and much more (or) you’re a fan of ‘boat party’? Then, here’s a chance for you to get into such a vibrant boat party in Benalmádena, called ‘TECHH2O BOATPARTY’, a 4 hour boat party which takes place on June 13,2021(Sunday) and departing from Calle La Fragata, Benalmádena, Spain at 4pm and comeback at 8pm. From the main town’s centre of Benalmádena, you shall reach departing point ‘Calle La Fragata’ by travelling less than a kilometre, since, it’ll be easy to access to & fro your destination in Benalmádena. To enquiry about tickets, availability, schedule and timing about TECHH2O BOATPARTY, you can contact their Official Instagram page: If you’re in Benalmádena, this boat party is one of the best way to make your Sunday more joyful, when in Benalmádena.

Parque de la Batería(Battery Park) of Benalmádena – Amazing urban park to visit in Spain’s Benalmádena

Spain’s Benalmádena is a naturally gifted coastal town, as well as a ‘resort town’ located in south of Costa del Sol which welcomes tourists from various parts across the world, throughout the year. One of the interesting and iconic destination(park) to visit in Benalmadena is Parque de la Batería(Battery Park), a verdurous & charming urban park located 2.6 kilometre north and away from the main city centre of Benalmadena, Spain. Parque de la Batería(Battery Park) would be the largest green space you can found inside and outside Benalmadena according to present times and that is why, it’s loved by both tourists and locals of Benalmadena. With vast lawn space bordered by trees, sculptures, a huge lake, paths for cycling, running/walking, and also a captivating children’s park, a café, toilets, climbing frames, swings and the most iconic feature a tower which is 15 metre high and possess a spiral staircase that leads to top which offers some spectacular views of Benalmadena town. Though artificial, the lake in Parque de la Batería(Battery Park) is huge and let you enjoy paddling and boating, which is a ‘must to do’ activity, while you visit the park in Benalmadena.

Holiday World Beach Club of Benalmádena, Spain – Best family-friendly destination of Benalmádena

Benalmádena in Spain’s Costa del Sol is definitely an amazing holidaying destination which is so popular and definitely lives up to it’s popularity, as you’ll agree it, when you visit and enjoy your holidays in Benalmádena with your family/friends. There are spectacular holiday villas, beachfront villas in Benalmádena with full-fledged services, profound hospitality and set in picturesque ambience which gives joy to mind, while holidaying in Benalmádena. A popular, feel-good, family-friendly destination in Benalmádena to visit and enjoy during ‘Benalmádena holidays’ is Holiday World Beach Club, a waterpark in Benalmádena. From Benalmádena’s main city centre, you can reach Holiday World Beach Club by travelling 8 kilometre on south-east coastline, following the directions. With beautiful ambience overlooking sea and consists of various swimming pools which is clean, well-maintained, music playing in the air, sunbeds, lifeguard services and suitable for people of all ages; Holiday World Beach Club is most loved, visited family-friendly in Benalmádena by both the locals and tourists. There is good range of food and drinks available at Holiday World Beach Club to sit back and relax in your visit here, while holidaying in Benalmádena. If you’re looking for more privacy, luxury and comfort during ‘Benalmádena holidays’ then you must opt for the villas in Benalmádena with private pool which are available across the coastal city and providing the very best of services, to ensure you and your family/friends enjoy ‘best times in Benalmádena’.

Benalmádena’s popular Prison Island Benalmádena – Interesting destination to visit and play as ‘team’ in Benalmádena, Spain

Benalmádena, a beautiful coastal town in Spain’s Costa del Sol is popular for beautiful beaches and attractions and you can also find amazing holiday villas in Benalmádena which will let you enjoy a great holidaying with your family & friends. One of the exciting, unique holidaying experience in Benalmádena and which needs you to arrive as a team(with family/friends) in Benalmádena is Prison Island Benalmádena, a popular amusement centre with bunch of puzzle games, adventure-filled tasks suitable for all ages to play and enjoy in Benalmádena. From the main city centre of Benalmádena, you can reach Prison Island Benalmádena by travelling just 1 kilometre, following the directions, since, it’s located in ‘heart of Benalmádena city’ and near popular Puerto Marina of Benalmádena. The concept of Prison Island Benalmádena is based on a successful TV show called ‘Fort Boyard’ which demands team-work to solve challenges in prisons/cells and gain points to win, while time been running. Since, Prison Island Benalmádena is closed temporarily for COVID-19 restrictions, people of Benalmádena are expecting that, they’ll soon re-open with proper COVID-19 safety measures, as Prison Island Benalmádena is a popular & interesting attraction of Benalmádena. Do visit Prison Island Benalmádena, since, it’s a group activity, it’ll be more fun and entertaining, when you do it with your people, while holidaying in Benalmádena.

Sant Ana beach of Benalmádena, Spain – One of the best urban beach with luxury holiday villas in Benalmádena

Benalmádena, a beautiful coastal town in Spain’s popular and most visited beach and should be definitely visited is Playa de Santa Ana(Sant Ana beach), which is located just 2.5 kilometre away and south to Benalmadena’s main city centre. Being located close to main city centre, Sant Ana beach is one of the beaches in Benalmadena which possess urban-level development in and around the beach and people of all ages can enjoy a lot of swimming in Sant Ana beach due to presence of shallow, crystalline and calm waters and it’s also beautifully backed by fine sandy shore with promenade that consists tourists’ amenities. Not only a ‘beach day’, Playa de Santa Ana will be suitable for entire beach holidaying due to the presence of luxury hotels, holiday apartments, luxury holiday villas with round the clock services and amazing hospitality near by. Some of the best holiday villas in Benalmadena are found near Sant Ana beach with picturesque ambience, full-fledged services to enjoy great beach holidays at Benalmadena, Spain.

Playa de Carvajal(Carvajal beach) of Benalmádena – Blue flagged beach in Benalmádena

Benalmádena, a beautiful coastal town in Spain’s Costa del Sol is popular for beautiful beaches and attractions and those amazing holiday villas in Benalmádena makes it a good ‘beach holidaying destination’ in Spain where you can enjoy a lot with your family & friends. A beach in Benalmádena to be visited and enjoyed a good ‘beach day’ is Playa de Carvajal(Carvajal beach), a picturesque beach with prestigious ‘blue flag’ in Benalmádena. From the main city cente of Benalmádena, you shall reach the Playa de Carvajal by travelling 9 kilometre in south-west direction, over the coastline of Spain. Playa de Carvajal is a urban beach of Benalmádena with easy access and tourists’ amenities available near by and at the same time ‘family friendly’ beach. There is also availability of lifeguards at Playa de Carvajal of Benalmádena to ensure both the safety and enjoyment of tourists who visits this beach during their ‘Benalmádena holidays’. If you’re looking for beach day with urban ambience and all amenities nearby, then you must head to Playa de Carvajal, while holidaying in Benalmádena.