Golfing in Marbella

Marbella provides an incredible golfing experience for any level of golfer. It has been voted the number one golf destination in the world by the World Golf Rankings for many years in a row. It has been called the “golf capital” of the world, and there are golf courses for beginners, intermediates, and professionals alike. There are a wide variety of terrain and difficulty levels to suit every golfing ability. The Cascais resort has a course that is designed by Jack Nicklaus and is considered by many to be the best in the area.

Puerto Banus Villas

Puerto Banus is a tourist destination in the Region of Andalusia, Spain. In this region, you will find a variety of activities and attractions. One popular attraction is the luxury villas. These luxury destination homes are located in the resort town of Puerto Banus. In this town, you will find numerous activities from swimming and golfing to bingo and water sports. Puerto Banus and the region of Andalusia also offers a great deal of culture. There are numerous parks and monuments to visit, including the Lagoons of Mar Menor and the Alcazaba monument. Puerto Banus, Spain offers luxury villas and countless activities.

Explore Marbella

Marbella is a coastal municipality and city in southern Spain. Marbella is a popular tourist destination and has a culture of beaches, nightlife, shopping, and golf courses. Located on the Costa del Sol, it is a 30-minute drive from Gibraltar and close to the airports of Malaga and Gibraltar. The city is also a cultural and commercial centre, just 15 minutes from the cultural town of Estepona. Marbella has many tourist attractions. The most famous is the Auditorio de Marbella, located just outside the city centre. The auditorium features a blend of modern architecture with a touch of traditional Marbella. It also offers a wide range of cultural activities to the visitors.

Marbella Beachfront Accommodation

Marbella has hundreds of thousands of tourists who come back each year to have great time. The glamorous and spectacular location of Marbella causes it most appropriate to enjoy the Spanish coast. Marbella is like the paradise that can make it a great getaway location. However to make the most of it you will definitely need the right kind of accommodation to make your vacation a success.So before you opt a rental in Marbella you should have an upfront strategy of what you wish to see and what you really want to do as long as you holiday there. So if you want to settle on the beach by day and hit the street by the evening, then countless beachfront holiday accommodations are readily available to pick from. And if you wish little bit of all, try to choose an apartment which is centrally placed and has a car parking.

Holiday Accommodation Marbella

Marbella rental ranges from apartment rentals and resorts to private Marbella rentals. Some of the places to stay are so awesome that you probably not have dreamed that it exist in Marbella. You can rent villas, apartments, townhouse, marina homes and golf rental as holiday accommodation. Whether you desire to pick one of this vacation outlets for short or long terms it is available in Marbella.Marbella Lodgings that are centrally located are very useful for transportation. If you do not posses cars you need not panic as there are a lot of public transports readily available. But if you are searching for a calm break far away from the present blare you can find holiday home away from the central locations.

Holiday Accommodation Marbella

Accommodation in Marbella ranges from apartments to hotels and rental houses. Some properties have apartments, villas, townhouses and golf courses. The central location of Marbella Accommodation makes it convenient enough. Public transportation is available, which makes it very suitable for tourism. However, accommodation away from the center can also be provided, so if you want to stay away from the crowds, Marbella also has an option. Although it is a bit far from Marbella, it is a 10-minute drive from Puerto Banus. You can also find accommodation in Montevideo, San Pedro de Alcantara and Bahia de Marbella.

Represa Park of Marbella – Tourists’ attraction which is open 24 hours in Marbella

Marbella, the amazing coastal city with natural ‘resort’ ambience located on Spain’s popular Costa del Sol consists of a bunch of attractions to visit, admire and enjoy holidays with family/friends. One of the beautiful, lush green space located in Marbella’s heart and possess a calm ambience, though surrounded by ‘urban side’ of Marbella is Represa Park, also called as ‘Arroyo de la Represa Park’ which was built during the year 1993. From main city centre of Marbella, you shall reach Represa Park by walking nearly 350 metre towards North, following the directions. With two artificial lakes, a kids’ playground, various courts for sports for teens & adults, and a foremost attraction-Bonsai museum and the entire park being surrounded by pine trees, consists of walking trails, natural shades for family picnic and much more, the Represa Park is definitely a proper tourists’ attraction of Marbella. Due to the presence of lakes, trees and gardens: the Represa Park supports a wide range of flora, along with birds(water birds too!), fishes, and turtles which adds so much liveliness. If you’re looking for a hangout surrounded by birds, lush green ambience then you can visit Represa Park anytime, since, the park is open 24 hours in the city of Marbella.

Castillo Sohail(Sohail Castle) of Marbella – 10th century castle with spectacular seafront views in Marbella, Spain

Marbella, the beautiful coastal city of Spain is one of the popular and natural resort town that possess attractions and rich climate, that let tourists from various parts to arrive here with family/friends for holidays. A popular and rich historical landmark/architecture to visit in Marbella is Castillo Sohail(Sohail Castle), a 10th century castle built during the year 956 over hill top to strengthen coastal defenses by Abd-ar-Rahman III in Marbella. From the main city centre of Marbella, you shall reach Castillo Sohail(Sohail Castle) by travelling 26 kilometre over the east coastline, following the directions. During 2000, Fuengirola town of Spain renovated the ruins of the Sohail castle & emerged it as ‘tourist attraction’ and also a functioning space for concerts and other festivals, events in Marbella and Fuengirola. With spectacular seafront view, rich past century architecture and hill-top ambience with ruins, castle walls, the Castillo Sohail(Sohail Castle) is definitely a interesting & unique destination to visit, spend time, enjoy and click iconic pictures of ‘Marbella holidays’. Do visit Castillo Sohail(Sohail Castle), along with family/friends, without visiting which your sightseeing tour isn’t ‘complete’, while holidaying in Marbella.

World Gin Day 2021 in Marbella – ‘Keep your Gin up!’ this weekend in Marbella, Spain

Marbella, the amazing coastal town located in Spain’s popular Costa del Sol is a natural resort region with beautiful attractions to visit and enjoy a spectacular ‘beach holiday’ along with family/friends. If you’re in Marbella this weekend and you’re an adult who likes Gin, then here’s a chance for you to celebrate ‘World Gin Day 2021-Keep your Gin up!’ a party/event on Marbella’s La Sala, Puerto Banus, a spectacular Spanish restaurant and club in Marbella of Spain. From Marbella’s main centre, you shall reach La Sala, Puerto Banus by travelling 10 kilometre, following the directions. To lighten your spirits for this weekend on this Saturday(June 12, 2021) and also in-order to celebrate ‘World Gin Day’ which falls on second Saturday of June month every year. You can taste spectacular ranges of Gin and rich, delicious cocktails at La Sala, Puerto Banus starting from 10:00 AM TO 10:30 PM on Saturday(June 12, 2021) and enjoy ‘World Gin Day’ in Marbella.

Amazing Sundays-a vibrant beach party event in Marbella – Join the beach party event at Nikki Beach of Marbella this Sunday(June 6,2021)

Marbella, a coastal town of Spain is a natural resort town and also a part of Spain’s favorite Costa del Sol possess spectacular attractions, beaches and warm climate which makes it a lovable holiday destination(city) in Spain. One of the best holidaying activity you shouldn’t miss, when in Marbella is the vibrant beach parties and here’s a ‘Marbella Beach Party’ event that takes place this weekend and you may not miss, if you’re in Marbella this weekend. On June 6, 2021(Sunday), Amazing Sundays-a vibrant beach party event, happens at popular Nikki Beach, a beach club and a restaurant which is located 11 kilometre east and away from Marbella’s main city centre. Amazing Sundays in Nikki Beach of Marbella is a ‘afternoon beach party event’ that will start from 1pm and ends at 7pm and you shall enjoy it with cocktails and Champagne, curated dining, DJs playing vibrant music, and entertainment by Nikki Beach tribe and barefoot chic vibes completely captivating the Sunday noon’s atmosphere. You can make you reservations at, the event’s official website. If you’re going to be in Marbella city this weekend and you want to make it more enjoyable, then do participate in the ‘Amazing Sundays’ event at Nikki Beach of Marbella.