Marbella – Beach Walks

Marbella is well-known all over the world with its golden sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Healthy activity in Marbella would be to take a stroll in its extensive beaches. Long walks at the edge of the sea is a common activity for the locals and tourists. Dawn and dusk are perhaps the best moments of the day to take a long relaxing walk, where the warm water contributes to a warm and beautiful experience.

Marbella – Alameda Park

Just a little bit south from the old town you will find the peaceful Alameda Park that feels just like a private garden. The impressive park is at your disposal to explore anytime, where at the late hours the environment is safe and lively with street musicians and restaurants. If you are with your family and friends the Alameda Park is a perfect opportunity to enjoy a late summer night.

Marbella – Beach Message

Enjoy a relaxing massage session at the beautiful beach of Marbella performed by some of the highest-ranked specialists of the city. After or before swimming or aquatic sessions you could exercise at the Marbella beach, your body could definitely enjoy a relaxing such as messaging, and whether you’re tired or not this session could calm down even further.

Marbella – Museo Ralli

Explore the mysteries of the Ralli Museum and find out the historic artifacts hidden deep within it that will definitely cause you to remember your holiday to Marbella. Enjoy the stay in its renovated insides and outsides with its 10 spacious exhibition rooms for you to discover. Storing the best collection of Latin American art, this museum definitely takes place as one of the best museums in Spain.

Marbella – Playa de la Levanté

Marbella is well-known for its magnificent beaches and a shining example is the Playa de la Levante.  Enjoy the great music while relaxing under the sunlight, stocked with exotic smoothies or shake that bars in the area serve. If you’re not looking for alcoholic drinks, this place has got you covered! You can order for yourself beverages with under the minimum amount of alcohol, just enough for you to enjoy without getting drunk.

Marbella – Enjoy a Fashionable Day on Nikki Beach

Just a few minutes away from Marbella’s center, Nikki Beach is a picturesque shoreline place to visit. Enjoy the fantastic nightlife of the beach, where one of the best daytime beach clubs in the world is located. A fashionable atmosphere for you to enjoy and many high-end attractions to get a more precise picture of the people in Nikki Beach.

Marbella – Ermita de Santiago

The Ermita de Santiago is the oldest Christian Parish Church in Marbella that you should definitely visit. The side of the church is overlooked at the Orange Square in Marbella Old Town and it is nearby a wide range of restaurants and coffee shops. Right next to the church you will find the Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of love, Mary, Charity, and San Juan Evangelista, which can be your next exploration site.

Marbella – Taste Paella

Originally from the region of Valencia, paella is one of the most iconic Spanish dishes. Roughly based on rice, saffron, meat, seafood, and vegetable, with slight variations in the recipe depending on the region of Spain, it’s prepared, you can’t leave Marbella without sampling the flavourful local dish. Head to Marbella Old Town to enjoy a great paella, available in most restaurants.

Marbella – Plaza de los Naranjos

Located in the charming old town of Marbella, The Plaza de Los Naranjos was once constructed following the Christian Reconquest of urban life who was exactly located in this area. Being the heart of the city, this beautiful place has become a wide-known tourist attraction for locals and foreigners to socialize and relax. A variety of restaurants with outdoor seating is also being represented in the area, which makes this place perfect for spending your free time.

Marbella – Castle Walls

A remarkable landmark in Marbella worth visiting is the Castle Walls. Dating from the XI to XII centuries, these castle walls could be one of the oldest historical sites in the city of Marbella. This is a really important vestige for the Muslims in the city where you can find Solano, Partada, Virgen de Los Dolores, Salinas, Molinillo, and a few more. We assure you that you can take your best photographs from there.