Portugal, the hottest destination of 2018

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Virtuoso Travel Week, the luxury travel network awarded Portugal as the Hottest Destination of 2018. The award was another feather to Portugal’s growing tourism sector.Its up to various reasons including its proximity from major destinations across the World, mild weather all throught he year, warm and friendly people, popular golf courses and resorts are make this destination truly a paradise for any holiday.

Silver Coast, Portugal – Unspoilt Natural Beauty

Silver Coast Portugal
Silver Coast Portugal

Spectacular beaches, trickling hills these include but just a few factors why people head to the Portugal’s western coast suitably named the Silver coast.Unspoiled and immaculate,the Silver Coast is a pleasure to look at from its historical towns, awesome architecture and beautiful coast line. With its firm laws this location is a paradise of natural splendor that attracts people to come back to its shores year after year.Known for its comfortable weather that in contrast to the southern parts of Portugal occasionally fall below 15 degrees Celsius and high temperatures are rarely above 30 degrees.The weather is good for tourists with year round sunny days and a cool wind emanating from the Atlantic.Silver Coast has a peaceful, sluggish pace of life, unspoiled golden beaches, present day facilities in a classic setting. Most of all the area is diverse providing things to do, experiences and escapades for everybody to enjoy when settling on villa.

Silver Coast holiday villa rentals offer an exquisite shelter for families, newlyweds and groups of friends alike across a number of coastal rentals, such as the main recreation location of Praia D’el Rey. The location also provides numerous spectacular gastronomic experiences, highly in line with the sea, even though there is certainly something for everyone’s taste.Silver Coast holiday rentals have grown to be something of an extravagance with spectacular five-star villas offered to rent on a weekly basis.Visitors can also get vacation deals that can make a sporting activity vacation very appealing.Golfing holidays on the west coast are now very popular, with golf playing people keen to benefit from the Mediterranean climate conditions and play on the best charming courses in Europe.