Tuscany Villa Holiday

If you’re looking for a breathtaking and relaxing Italian getaway, look no further than a Tuscany villa holiday. With rolling hills, vineyards, and olive groves as far as the eye can see, Tuscany is the perfect place to soak up the Mediterranean sun and culture. A villa holiday in Tuscany means you’ll have your own private oasis, complete with a pool, garden, and terrace—perfect for enjoying a glass of Chianti and some fresh pasta al dente. So what are you waiting for? Book your Tuscany villa holiday today.

Villa in Tuscany

If you’re looking for a breathtaking and luxurious Italian getaway, consider staying in a villa in Tuscany. With rolling hills, olive groves, and vineyards dotting the landscape, Tuscany is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the stunning scenery. Plus, there are plenty of villas to choose from, each with its own personality and charm. Whether you’re looking for a quiet and secluded retreat or a villa with all the amenities, Tuscany has something to offer everyone.

San Miniato al Monte(St. Minias on the Mountain) of Tuscany – Amazing medieval century basilica in Tuscany’s capital

Tuscany, the charming country-side region of Central Italy is a well-known holiday region in the ‘world of tourism’ with plenty of attractions, rich historical architectures & landmarks which attracts tourists from various parts across the world. A picturesque as well as historical attraction that can’t be missed when holidaying in Tuscany is Abbazia di San Miniato al Monte(St. Minias on the Mountain), a basilica located over a hill top, which is one among the highest points in Florence(capital of Tuscany). From Florence’s centre you shall reach San Miniato al Monte by travelling 5 kilometre towards east, following the directions. San Miniato al Monte in Tuscany is one of the perfect example for Romanesque structures in Tuscany, and it comprises of a Roman Catholic church adjoined with Olivetan monastery together. With rich interior and architectural works, the San Miniato al Monte church was built between 11th and 13th century over a 8th century chapel which was already there in Florence. The adjoined monastery is home to many monks and they prepare & preserve famous liqueurs, honey and herbal teas, and they are sold from a shop next to the church. To admire the ‘real’ beauty and rich heritage & history about San Miniato al Monte, do take guided tours which will definitely enhance your experience of visiting this 800+ years old Romanesque landmark/architecture, when holidaying in Florence, Tuscany.

Parco delle Cascine(Cascine Park) of Tuscany – Massive, lush green space in Tuscany’s capital

Tuscany, the beautiful region in central Italy is one of the most loved and visited holidaying destination representing countryside of Italy with many beautiful attractions to visit and enjoy along with family/friends. One of the scenic and popular family-friendly destination(park) to visit in Tuscany is Parco delle Cascine(Cascine Park), a massive 395 acre verdurous green space and a monumental and historical park located on the north bank of Arno river in Florence(capital of Tuscany). From Florence’s centre you shall reach Parco delle Cascine(Cascine Park) by travelling 4.2 kilometre towards north-west, following the directions. The construction of Cascine Park began during 1563(16th century) and got completed during 18th century. Do you know? Parco delle Cascine(Cascine Park) is the largest green space as well as largest public park in Florence, Tuscany. Parco delle Cascine(Cascine Park) is filled with many verdurous boulevards, gardens, rich & rare flora accompanied by good qoutient of fauna, expansive meadows, walking paths & trails, rich aroma in air, sports facilities, venue for events, tranquil ambience due to vast size and nature’s dominance and a play area for kids. Being a rich historical landmark as well as a best recreation destination in Florence to visit, enjoy, click pictures on your ‘Tuscany holidays’, you can’t miss Parco delle Cascine(Cascine Park) in Florence, Tuscany.

Cascate del Mulino of Tuscany, Italy – Natural hot springs arising from waterfalls in Saturnia, Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany, the beautiful country-side holidaying destination with verdurous ambience and at the same time possessing ‘urban development’, which is actually a vast part of central Italy welcome tourists throughout the year. A popular tourists’ attraction with uniqueness and exhibiting natural beauty in Tuscany is Cascate del Mulino, Italy’s most popular hot springs/thermal baths located in Saturnia, a main town in southern part of Tuscany, Italy. Cascate del Mulino is natural hot springs formed by sulphuric waters rising from the ground at 37.5°C which eventually creates warm thermal pools for bathing and gives a unique experience for people who visits them in Saturnia, Italy. Cascate del Mulino is applauded, one of the best & natural free spas in Tuscany and these natural hot springs/thermal pools/natural baths originate from the waterfalls of the Mulino di Saturnia. There is a presence of particular element named ‘Thermal Plankton’, which causes beneficial effects on your skin, as well as on the digestive, circulatory, motor and metabolic systems: Cascate del Mulino is a natural heal, since, it is ‘super mineralised’ and thus, it’s acknowledged as a healthy spa which is available ‘FREE’ to us by Mother Nature in Tuscany, Italy. Cascate del Mulino and the waterfalls is open all 24 hours a day and there is no entry fee to any of visitors/tourists who arrive here and there is a bar, parking facilities at waterfalls of the mill. Being surrounded by arresting natural beauty, Cascate del Mulino is definitely ‘One of the most unique attraction in Italy’ and you can’t miss to visit and experience the ‘gift of nature’, while holidaying in Tuscany.

The Boboli Gardens, a 16th century park in Florence, Tuscany – Amazing open-air museum with family-friendly ambience in Tuscany

Tuscany, the amazing region located in Central Italy possess many spectacular attractions which let you enjoy your holidays at ‘fullest’ surrounded by amazing country-side ambience with urban level development that favor all tourists’ facilities to you and your family/friends. A foremost attraction of Tuscany with rich history and amazing views and shouldn’t be missed while holidaying in Tuscany is The Boboli Gardens, a 16th century built park located in Florence(capital of Tuscany). From the main city centre of Florence, you can reach The Boboli Gardens by travelling less than 2 kilometre, since, the park is built at ‘heart of Florence city’ in Tuscany. The Boboli Gardens was built during 1550(16th century), but was opened to public only during 1766 in Florence, Tuscany. The Boboli Gardens was built as ‘pleasure garden’ and it stands still, as one of the best example of Italian Garden and also acts as an open-air museum. Boboli Gardens is filled with statues of various styles and periods, ancient and Renaissance and also large fountains and caves, and that’s why it is considered a open-air museum in Florence, Tuscany. Boboli Gardens is divided into different zones such as: Amphitheatre, Viottolone, Giardino del Cavaliere, and Kaffeehaus(verdurous gardens). Do take guided tours available at the entrance to know more about Boboli Gardens and don’t miss such ‘unique and family-friendly attraction’ of Florence, while holidaying in Tuscany.

Gianna Nannini concert in Florence, Tuscany – Here’s a tip to let you enjoy this weekend in Tuscany!

Gianna Nannini Music Concert-Florence

Tuscany of central Italy is one of the beautiful holiday destination in Italy which consists of both urban & country side attractions, historical landmarks, viewpoints, monuments, beaches and many attractions to visit and enjoy a great holidaying with family and friends. If you’re in Florence (or) in Tuscany for this weekend of May 2021, you have a chance to go in for a musical concert of Italy’s popular Gianna Nannini which is going to be held at Artemio Franchi Stadium in Tuscany’s Florence on May 29,2021. Do you know? Artemio Franchi Stadium is just 5 kilometre away from Florence(Tuscany’s capital), which means you can reach and get back safe and easy, when you attend Gianna Nannini concert in Florence. All the COVID-19 safety guidelines would be followed during Gianna Nannini concert and you should follow them for the safe and wellness of both you, as well as others in the music concert. Don’t miss Gianna Nannini concert in Florence, whether you’re fan of ‘Gianna Nannini’ (or) not, because, after all the negativity that surrounded us in the name ‘COVID-19’, it’ll be relief and a sign of spreading positivity to the world, that we’ll fight this pandemic and raise stronger, again. You can check about availability, prices and buy tickets in Internet for Gianna Nannini concert in Florence, Tuscany.

Mercato Centrale(Central Market) of Florence, Tuscany – Simple, bustling market to visit and feel ‘Tuscan’ in Tuscany

Tuscany of Italy is an interesting destination which consists of many historically, culturally rich architectures, landmarks of Italy along with mostly country-side ambience which is picturesque and unique to spend a ‘good holiday’ with family & friends. A lively and bustling destination to enjoy the liveliness of Tuscany and buy, taste local-made products & food is the Mercato Centrale(Central Market), a market which is located in Florence(Tuscany’s capital). From Florence’s main city centre, you can reach Mercato Centrale by travelling 3 kilometre towards north, following the directions. Though opened in 2014(in modern times), Mercato Centrale emerged to be a popular and lively attraction for tourists and a good market place where local-made products, food cuisines, leather goods, clothing and more which are related to Tuscany’s traditional, culture, authenticity somehow, sometimes, even geographically are bought and sold in Florence, Tuscany. Since, it’s a market, you won’t have much to look at, but you can feel the ‘Tuscan’ in air, while you visit Mercato Centrale(Central Market), while holidaying in Tuscany.

Piazza della Repubblica of Florence, Tuscany – Historical and beautiful square to visit in Tuscany

Piazza della Repubblica-Tuscany
Piazza della Repubblica – Florence, Tuscany

Tuscany, an amazing holiday destination of central Italy that posses a good part of Italy’s west coastline and bunch of attractions to visit, whereas you can also find amazing holiday villas in Tuscany to enjoy complete holidaying with friends and family. A popular and vibrant destination in Tuscany which you shall definitely visit and can’t miss when you’re in Tuscany (or) near Florence(capital of Tuscany) is Piazza della Repubblica, a main city square in Tuscany’s Florence was constructed during the end of 19th century. Piazza della Repubblica of Florence, Tuscany do have interesting history and you shall take guided tours to know them well to grab the complete beauty of the square via it’s history and do take pictures, since, it’s a very iconic destination in Florence as well as entire Tuscany. Piazza della Repubblica have ‘Column of Abundance’ which represent where the Roman forum stood during ancient times. With an impressive triumphal arch surrounded by beautiful, medieval century built houses, buildings, churches, historical cafés and restaurants and there is also Hard Rock Café opened near by and that shows that, there is also things that represent modern times and up-scale shops, cafés and restaurants too. Being in Piazza della Repubblica is like walking between past centuries to present times and you’ll definitely enjoy, when you’re standing in this popular square of Florence, Tuscany.

Pisa Baptistery of Tuscany – Beautiful 14th century cathedral in Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany, an amazing holiday destination of central Italy that posses a good part of Italy’s west coastline and bunch of attractions to visit, whereas you can also find amazing holiday villas in Tuscany to enjoy complete holidaying with friends and family. A beautiful and historical chapel (or) cathedral of Tuscany and shall be definitely visited, when you’re holidaying in Tuscany is Baptistery of San Giovanni(Pisa Baptistery) and also known as Pisa Baptistery of St. John, a 14th century Roman Catholic cathedral in Pisa, Tuscany. Though, the current structure (or) architecture we see as Pisa Baptistery of St. John was completed during 14th century, it was built over older baptistery and was began construction from 12th century(1152) in Pisa city of Tuscany. In simple, the Pisa Baptistery of St. John shall be addressed and identified as the chapel that is found in front of popular ‘Tower of Pisa‘ (or) ‘Leaning tower of Pisa‘. Do you know? Pisa Baptistery of St. John is the largest baptistery in Tuscany and as well as entire Italy and it’s one of the best example of transition of architectural styles from Romanesque to Gothic in Tuscany, Italy. From Florence(Tuscany’s capital) you shall reach the Pisa Baptistery of St. John by travelling 84 kilometre in west, following the directions. Visiting Pisa Baptistery of St. John will automatically include visiting ‘Pisa Tower’ which is one of the most famous viewpoint to visit in Tuscany and without visiting and clicking pictures in front of these destinations, your holidaying is ‘incomplete’ in Tuscany.