Parc d’Elx of Benidorm – Urban, seafront park with excellent surroundings to walk & enjoy in Spain’s Benidorm

Benidorm, the exquisite resort town in Spain with marvelous coastline and attractions is one among the popular holiday town in Spain that welcomes tourists from various parts across the world. One of the most picturesque, unique & urban ambience possessing destination(park) in Benidorm to visit is Parc d’Elx, a lively park which is located 3.5 kilometre away from Benidorm’s main city centre. With a beautiful harbour nearby, spectacular seafront views, a fountain, relaxing walking paths, broadwalks with ‘typical’ park benches and peaceful ambience surrounded by palm trees, the Parc d’Elx in Benidorm is one of the most relaxing park to take family and kids, to spend some leisure time. Parc d’Elx is loved by both tourists and locals of Benidorm, because of the liveliness and urban atmosphere it carries; Parc d’Elx is surrounded by beautiful bars, cafés, restaurants, a medieval market, pubs, and a lot of shops to enjoy ‘Spanish’ in every bit. Do feed the pigeons and doves that keep on coming around Parc d’Elx and it’s one of the pleasant activity and the park is definitely a enjoyable destination that you can’t miss while holidaying in Benidorm.

Platja de La Cala de Finestrat, a spectacular beach/bay in Benidorm – Have a enjoyable beach day at Spain’s Benidorm

Benidorm, the sizzling seaside town of Spain is a well-known holidaying city/town located in Spain’s popular Costa Blanca, that welcome tourists from different countries of the world(Especially from Europe and United Kingdom regions) throughout the year. One of the beautiful and urban level developed beach in Benidorm to visit and enjoy is Platja de La Cala de Finestrat, a spectacular beach which is located 10 kilometre away and west to Benidorm’s main city centre. Platja de La Cala de Finestrat in Benidorm is more like a beautiful cove which is surrounded by rocks and appears secluded than a beach, but, the aspect of ‘being a protected bay/cove’ is the big hit among both tourists and locals of Benidorm to love and visit this public beach along with family/friends. With turquoise crystalline water, rock-pebbled shoreline, the Platja de La Cala de Finestrat is such a unique beach with good swimming conditions and rich, warm climate possessing beach to visit in Benidorm. There is a great series of seafront restaurants, cafes, eateries, shops and bars to relax and vibe during your beach day at Platja de La Cala de Finestrat, and don’t miss the popular tiki bars, which is a special attraction in this beach at Benidorm, Spain. If you’re looking for a vibrant beach with uniqueness and satisfaction, then you shall definitely head towards Platja de La Cala de Finestrat, when in Benidorm.

Watch Pablo Bloom Live at Brew Rock of Benidorm – Live music at Irish Pub on June 10,2021 in Benidorm

Benidorm, the extra-ordinary holidaying town with picturesque, historical, and popular attractions which let you enjoy your holidays in Benidorm with family/friends. If you’re a fan of Live music shows and if you would love to watch them while sipping your drink on a classy Irish Pub when in Benidorm, then you must head towards ‘Brew Rock Irish Pub’ in Benidorm, this Thursday(June 10,2021). Because, ‘Brew Rock’ is hosting a live music show of popular showman ‘Pablo Bloom’ on June 10, 2021 in the pub, starting from 6pm-8pm at free of cost(for the show). You’ll be charged for the drinks, cocktails, food, desserts and more but not for ‘Pablo Bloom Live at Brew Rock’ and to make your reservation you shall reach Brew Rock Pub’s Facebook With live music, great course of menu with drinks and food served in Irish style makes the pub, a favorite for both tourists, locals and you shall reach Brew Rock Pub by travelling 8-9 kilometre towards north-east, following the directions. If you’re in Benidorm this week, do grab a drink along with live music of popular Pablo Bloom on Thursday(June 10, 2021) in Spain’s Benidorm.

Canelobre Caves of Benidorm – 8th century caves to visit in Benidorm, Alicante

Benidorm, a natural seafront resort town located in Alicante, Spain is a spectacular holiday destination which is filled with many beautiful beaches, tourists’ attractions and there are holiday villas in Benidorm with round the clock services which let you enjoy holidays with friends/family. A unique and interesting destination which is beautiful, mythical as well as historical belonging to 8th century AD in Alicante is the popular Canelobre Caves located in Busot town of Alicante. From Benidorm town of Spain, you shall reach Canelobre Caves by travelling nearly 48 kilometre, following directions. Though, it takes 50 minute drive to reach Canelobre Caves from Benidorm, you can’t miss this unique attraction when you’re either in Benidorm (or) Alicante’s main city in Spain. Canelobre Caves are karst caves; the Karst caves are the caves formed by rocky limestone. Do take guided tours to enjoy these Canelobre Caves to ‘fullest’ and no holidaying in Benidorm is ‘complete’ without visiting this popular tourists’ attraction in Spain’s Benidorm.

Racó del Conill beach in Benidorm – Naturally unspoilt nudist beach in Benidorm

Benidorm of Spain possess so many attractions to visit and there are many beautiful beaches of different types in the coastline of Benidorm to spend a spectacular beach holiday with family/friends. A popular beach in Benidorm to visit and enjoy is Racó del Conill, a naturist/nudist beach of Benidorm. From the main city centre of Benidorm you can reach Racó del Conill beach by travelling 12 kilometre towards south coastline, following the directions. With warm, turquoise, pristine waters, a pebbled beach surrounded by rock cliffs; Racó del Conill is a beautiful gem which is tranquil, secluded and beautiful found on the Benidorm’s coastline. Due to it’s unspoilt nature, picturesque views and tranquility, the Racó del Conill beach became one among the nudists beaches in Benidorm and it also welcomes gay visitors during summer months of the year. Though a picturesque beach, Racó del Conill lacks basic tourists’ amenities, for which you’ll need to backpack food, drinks and basic needs on a ‘beach day’ in Benidorm. If you’re not comfortable with people walking, sunbathing and swimming naked around you, better skip Racó del Conill, but if you love nature and ready to visit a naturist beach, do visit Racó del Conill in Benidorm.

Playa del Torres of Benidorm – Naturally unspoilt beach with low-key amenities in Benidorm, Spain

Benidorm of Spain is a beautiful and soothing natural resort town and also a part of Spain’s popular Costa Blanca, that consists of amazing coastline, nourishing climate & many other attractions which attracts tourists across the world to fly to Benidorm, Spain throughout the year. One of the beautiful beach to visit and enjoy ‘beach day’ in Benidorm is Playa del Torres, a sandy pebbled beach in secluded ambience in Benidorm, Spain. From the main city centre of Benidorm, you can reach Playa del Torres by travelling 12 kilometre toward south-west coastline of Benidorm, following the directions. With shallow crystalline waters surrounded by hills and mostly unspoilt natural ambience; Playa del Torres is absolutely for people who loves to spend a ‘beach day’ in Benidorm with a less-crowded and nature-dominant ambience and for those who loves nature. More than a beach, Playa del Torres is more like a ‘secluded bay’ which possess calmness and picturesque views and also low-key seafront eateries for the comfort of people who visits. Due to Playa del Torres’ secluded ambience, there is only less availability of amenities near and it’s better for your and your people to backpack food and drinks, and umbrellas for shade and sunbath, while visiting this beach in Benidorm. If you’re looking for a ‘naturally unspoilt’ beach day in Benidorm, then you should definitely head to Playa del Torres of Benidorm, Spain.

Cala Almadraba (La Almadrava cove) of Benidorm – Visit to enjoy a tranquil beach day in naturally unspoilt ambience in Benidorm

Benidorm, a coastal town of Alicante, Spain is filled with beautiful attractions and you can also find amazing holiday villas in Benidorm that will let you enjoy holidays with friends & family. A beautiful, almost tranquil and naturally unspoilt cala(cove) in Benidorm which you must definitley visit, if you’re an nature admirer/adventure seeker when you’re holidaying in Benidorm is visiting the Cala Almadraba (or) Cala Almadraba (La Almadrava cove) which is located just 2.7 kilometre away and south-east direction to Benidorm’s main city centre. Being set at Sierra Helada’s foot, Cala Almadraba possess fine sandy shore of 100 metres length and Cala Almadraba have shallow crystalline waters surrounded by rock cliffs and flora contributing to peaceful ambience. Cala Almadraba is definitely one of the best place in Benidorm to enjoy a lot of swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing, while holidaying in Benidorm. Cala Almadraba lacks in consisting tourists’ amenities due to it’s tranquility, unspoilt nature and it would be better if you backpack food, drinks and your basic needs(things) when you head towards Cala Almadraba. Do you know? Due to it’s tranquility, Cala Almadraba is a ‘unofficial’ clothing optional beach in Benidorm.

Sail to beautiful Benidorm island of Benidorm – Unique holidaying experience in Benidorm

Benidorm’s beautiful & unique holidaying experience you can get is by visiting the beautiful Benidorm island, a small island and a natural reserve in Spain, surrounded by Mediterranean. You can reach Benidorm island only by boats (or) ferries and it takes less than 15 minutes and the ferries depart to Benidorm island every hour from the port in Benidorm’s old town and during summers, it departs from Levante beach of Benidorm. You’ll enjoy beautiful views of sea & Benidorm town while you sail to Benidorm island and once you get there, you can reach the highest point of the island by walking for 10-15 minutes in a slow pace. There is no human population in Benidorm island but it’s one of the popular viewpoint with picturesque views to click good, iconic pictures about your holidaying in Benidorm and if you’re lucky enough, you shall spot some animals and marine, migratory birds flying and resting around Benidorm island. Though, there is no human population, you can find a restaurant with bar to sit back and relax and enjoy a delicious lunch along with spectacular sea views and it’s one of the best way to spend your afternoon, while holidaying in Benidorm.

Cala del Mal Pas of Benidorm – Beautiful urban beach with ‘family-friendly’ ambience in Benidorm

A beautiful beach of Benidorm which shall be visited in Benidorm is Cala del Mal Pas, a little beach in Benidorm. From the main city centre of Benidorm, you shall reach Cala del Mal Pas by travelling 3.5 kilometre towards west and coast, following the directions. Cala del Mal Pas is a cove with picturesque ambience, crystalline & calm waters suitable for both kids & adults and fine golden sand shore with limited space available for the visitors of this beach in Benidorm. Though, small in size, it gets easily occupied because of it’s location and it’s a urban beach of Benidorm city. You’ve all tourists amenities available near by and you can enjoy a perfect beach day with family and friends in this beach, while holidaying in Benidorm. Only thing is, you’ll need to get there earlier to get a space for you & your people to enjoy your day at Cala del Mal Pas of Benidorm.

West Beach Promenade of Benidorm – Amazing modern architecture with beachfront views in Benidorm

Benidorm’s ‘must to visit’ destination in Benidorm without visiting which your ‘Benidorm Holidays’ is incomplete is the popular West Beach Promenade of Benidorm in Spain. From Benidorm’s main city centre you shall reach West Beach Promenade by travelling 8 kilometre towards Playa de Poniente (West Beach) of Benidorm. Being built with the design that mimics the shapes of waves & cliffs, West Beach Promenade is painted with appealing colors to give cheerful vibes to people who visits Playa de Poniente (West Beach); Since, ‘tourist attraction’ is the major idea behind this modern-promenade in Benidorm of Spain. You can find lot of amenities, cafés, restaurants, hotels, shops to shop near West Beach Promenade and it takes you to Playa de Poniente (West Beach) via sub-way beautifully, where you can enjoy your ‘beach day’ in Benidorm.