Benidorm – Aqualandia

The oldest water park in Benidorm, Aqualandia is right next door to Mundomar opened in 1958. It continues to grow ever since, enticing families from all over the world to visit on their trip to Benidorm. The water park is full of water slides, pools, required equipment, lifeguards, and safety measures. Do not miss to participate in a wide-range of water activities in Aqualandia.

Benidorm – Aqualandia

We all know summer days in Benidorm can be way too hot, and a great place to beat the heat is Aqualandia. Designed with dozens of pools and different sized slides, you could always keep up the adrenaline at this park. If beaches just can’t provide the adrenaline, hit the greatest of all parks in Benidorm and enjoy some extra water fun under the sun.

Benidorm – Cala de Finestrat

Enjoy the picturesque view of one of Benidorm’s greatest landmarks for tourists to explore. Many families choose to visit this breathtaking place and relax while watching the amazing sea colors and sun-brightened sands. A great plus is that you will be able to enjoy a hike to Torre Aguillon hill and enjoy the view on a further level.

Benidorm – Playa de Poniente

Benidorm’s greatest glory is definitely its beaches, as a lot of tourists go there to have a day of relaxation under the sun. Starring two beaches, which spread the entire historic town and in fact both are pristine and well equipped. While Playa de Levante sees more action and fun, Playa de Poniente is more chilled and suited for relaxation, but the choice is up to you.

Benidorm – Explore the Old Town

One of Benidorm’s must-visit places is definitely the city’s old town. The Spanish flavored destination will make you more familiar with the Spanish culture and offer you a bunch of activities throughout the town. You can visit cozy bars to a fancy restaurant located in the area and have unforgettable experiences with family and friends while learning about Benidorm’s old traditions.

Benidorm – Tossal de la Cala

In Benidorm, you can climb to the top of Tossal de la Cala. In the city, the giant rock formation is pretty much impossible to miss and it is laying right at the end of the beach. Once on the top, you will be able to choose from a variety of one-night apartments where the views from the top are stunning, covering the whole city. The recommendation here is to book a night beforehand and after a long day on the beach to get up there for a good night’s rest.

Benidorm – Old Town Spain

You can embrace your visitation to Benidorm by visiting some of the old Spanish towns located in the city. The town represents Spain’s old culture and it is completely different from nowadays buildings, bars, restaurants and pretty much anything you can think of. It is a great opportunity to dive into Spain’s old culture, history, and style of building that was practiced long ago.

Benidorm – Aqualandia

One of Costa Blanca’s largest and most popular water parks is exactly Aqualandia. Renowned for its thrilling rides and attractions suited for all ages, this park made many people’s visit to Benidorm memorable. It takes about 20 min from Benidorm to get to the place or if the cab isn’t your choice you can reach it by a few stops with a bus. The perfect place to have great fun and spend some quality time with your family located under the sun. 

Benidorm – Terra Mitica

An attraction inspired by the great ancient civilizations would be the theme park of Terra Mitica. There are three main areas, Greece, Egypt, and Rome, connected with a roller coaster delivering an amazing show. It is suitable for adults but unfortunately, the roller coaster does not allow children under the age of 10 due to the heights it reaches. The ticket prices are low enough for you to spend a whole day in the theme park and keep yourself entertained.

Benidorm – Balcon del Mediterraneo

Explore a stone garden with chessboard tiles and while balustrades on the headland between Levant and Poniente. If you are in Benidorm during the summer, don’t miss to discover Balcon del Mediterraneo, which was once a site of Benidorm’s castle. Both sides of the bacon are delivering impressive sea sights that you can enjoy along with your family and friends.