THE COMMONS of Bangkok – Shopping mall with too impressive architecture in Bangkok

Bangkok, the stunning capital city of Thailand is one of the most loved and visited holidaying city in Thailand possessing rich cultural heritage, history, tradition, climate and at the same time, a fabulous set of attractions that let people to enjoy ‘holiday vibes’ during all day & night. One of the unique attraction and lively destination to visit in Bangkok is THE COMMONS, a contemporary shopping complex/shopping mall of Bangkok, Thailand. From the main city centre of Bangkok city, you can reach THE COMMONS by travelling 12 kilometre towards east, following the directions. THE COMMONS is loved by both tourists and locals of Bangkok; for not only bringing out and testing your shopping skills but also for being impressive contemporary style of architecture with a great concept of using different products to built stairs, roofs, with artful outdoor spaces and ultimately, ‘most picturesque, modern and unique’. Of course, you’ve a great diverse of food via restaurants, cafés and eateries: they bring various types of world’s cuisines and mainly Thai cuisines under one roof. You must have self control to stop yourself shopping, because, you can find all kinds of shops here and that’s why, you can’t stop getting attracted which leads to shopping and the unique artisanal products and markets, that sell exclusively Bangkok and Thai made products. There is a lot of entertainment available for both adults and kids and don’t return without clicking beautiful pictures with impressive backdrop of Bangkok’s THE COMMONS. Do visit this beautiful, family-friendly destination and shop & eat & admire a lot, while holidaying in Bangkok.

Queen Sirikit Park in Bangkok – Urban park with lush green ambience in Bangkok

Bangkok, the extra-ordinary capital city of Thailand possess all kind of attractions which are culturally rich, historically rich destinations, theme parks, museums, viewpoints and a vibrant nightlife which let you enjoy ‘wholesome holidaying in Bangkok city’. One of the beautiful and popular public park to visit in Bangkok along with family/friends is Queen Sirikit Park, a picturesque botanical garden which was established in 1992 and was named after Queen of Thailand-Sirikit on her 60th birthday. Queen Sirikit Park in Bangkok is filled with many fountains, ponds with appealing pink colored lotus flowers, more than 200 species of waterlilies, verdurous lawn spaces, palm trees, flowering plants forming gardens with many butterflies, palm trees and wide variety of coconut cultivars, a great variety of bamboo cultivars, and wide range of rare plants as well as plants related to Thailand. Do visit Queen Sirikit Park, which is a picturesque atmosphere to spend leisure time, enjoy the scenery and click pictures along with family/friends, while holidaying in Bangkok.

Onyx Bangkok – Best pub to enjoy a young, lively, colorful party night in Bangkok

Bangkok, the incredibly beautiful city as well as the capital city of Thailand, is one of popular tourist attraction which is culturally, traditionally, historically rich and also possess modern times attractions, fun-filled holidaying activities which altogether let you enjoy a fabulous holidaying in Bangkok city, Thailand. Bangkok city possess amazing nightlife which have been the key factor of many young and fun-loving people to visit Bangkok city. One iconic pub of Bangkok that, you should never miss to visit is Onyx Bangkok, a giant pub that can hold up to nearly 2500 visitors at a time and it’s located 10 kilometre away and east to the main city centre of Bangkok. Onyx Bangkok is such a iconic nightclub/pub in Bangkok city that possess an energetic and electrifying ambience with DJs blasting music, splashing colorful lights, confetti bombs, interesting laser shows using latest technology, dance floor, huge screens and of course, a lot of drinks and multi-cuisines. There are many types of packages in Onyx Bangkok and there are Premium and VIP packages for which you’ll provided a private balcony, direct view to DJ booth and private services. Onyx Bangkok opens it doors at 9 PM and doesn’t close until it’s 2 AM and do enjoy the pub and experience the ‘wild party’ atmosphere, when you’re in Bangkok.

Museum Siam of Bangkok city – Interesting museum about Thai history in Bangkok

Bangkok city of Thailand is a ‘happening holiday destination’ and also Thailand’s capital city which attracts tourists from various parts across the world throughout the year. Bangkok city consists of many interesting destinations to visit and enjoy and one such destination(museum) is Museum Siam, a popular museum about Thailand’s history in Bangkok. You can reach Museum Siam from Bangkok’s city centre by travelling 2 kilometre towards south, following the directions. Museum Siam functions to tell people about Thai’s national identity and Thailand’s history to both Thai people and it’s tourists. Museum Siam is big with nice building and verdurous ambience and also possess many interesting rooms which contain and display different themes such as ‘Bangkok’, ‘Thailand Today’, ‘Thai Village life’, ‘Thailand and the world’, ‘Suvarnabhumi’, ‘Buddhism’, ‘Siam’ and there are many more rooms with such interesting themes. When you’re holidaying in Bangkok city you shall definitely visit Museum Siam, since, it’s popular, family friendly and suitable for people of all ages, while holidaying in Bangkok.

Siam Amazing Park of Bangkok – Definitely, an amazing amusement park in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand’s beautiful capital is packed with alluring attractions and you can also amazing holiday villas in Bangkok that let people to enjoy a fantastic holidaying with family & friends. One of the best and popular family-friendly destination in Bangkok and shall be definitely while holidaying in Bangkok is Siam Amazing Park, a amusement park combined with a water park in Bangkok. From Bangkok’s main city centre, you can reach Siam Amazing Park by travelling 33 kilometre towards east, following the directions. Being widespread around 100 acres and opened during the year 1980, Siam Amazing Park is one among the large, oldest amusement and water park in entire south-east Asia and tends to entertain people & provide the same amusement and thrill, till date. Siam Amazing Park in Bangkok is really amazing by the massive amusement park being divided into five world(zones) with different themes. Siam Amazing Park possess lot of attractions, dry games, exciting rides, along with water games, swimming pools, water slides, and many adventurous and interactive games which will excite both kids and adults. You also have caféteria, food court to sit back and relax during your visit to Siam Amazing Park, along with family/friends, while holidaying in Bangkok.

Visit Wat Suthat Thepwararam(Wat Suthat), a popular Buddhist temple in Bangkok with Bangkok’s popular Giant Swing

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand is consists a lot of attractions to visit such as; temples, museums, viewpoints, cultural shows, theme parks, zoos and many more attractions. You can enjoy these by the accommodating yourselves in the holiday villas in Bangkok, that let people to enjoy a fantastic holidaying with family & friends by providing utmost privacy, round the clock service and set in peaceful, picturesque ambience. Though, Bangkok is filled with many fun-filled, vibing holidaying experience and activities, visiting the beautiful temples of Bangkok definitely gives a different pleasure to mind and soul and you shouldn’t miss visiting some of them, when you’re holidaying in Bangkok. Such a beautiful temple of Bangkok which you should visit, admire and enjoy the ambience when you’re in Bangkok is Wat Suthat Thepwararam(Wat Suthat), a popular Buddhist temple located at the ‘heart of Bangkok city’. The construction of Wat Suthat Thepwararam took place from 1807-1847/48 and was built by King Rama I, which makes it as a one among the ten Royal temples in Bangkok city. When you visit Wat Suthat Thepwararam during morning, you can admire the rich colors, artworks, traditional architectural works of the Buddhist temple and when you visit Wat Suthat Thepwararam during evening, it’s even more beautiful by being illuminated and makes it appears like a shining shrine surrounded by the darkness of night sky. A popular tourist attraction which you shouldn’t miss when you visit Wat Suthat Thepwararam is the Giant Swing, which is located in front of Wat Suthat temple in Bangkok and it was constructed during the year 1784, (i.e.,) even before the construction of Wat Suthat in Bangkok.

Ride the BTS Skytrain in Bangkok city – Beautiful way of sightseeing the city-side of Bangkok

Skytrain during night

Bangkok, Thailand’s beautiful city and also the capital is a fantastic holidaying destination with many attractions along with amazing holidays villas in Bangkok, which makes your holiday in Bangkok as ‘Best’. Though, you may feel as ‘off beat’ holidaying activity in Bangkok, this is one of the beautiful way of sightseeing the beautiful capital of Thailand-the Bangkok city and it’s nothing but riding in the popular BTS Skytrain, a elevated transit system of Bangkok city. BTS Skytrain is operated in Silom line running from west to south of the city connecting National stadium in Siam shopping area with Bang Wa in Thonburi, and also the Sukhumvit line running from north to east between Ma Chit of Bangkok city.. While travelling in BTS Skytrain you’ll get the opportunity to admire the beautiful cityscapes of Bangkok city along with few important destinations and also the beauty of Chao Phraya river on which banks most of the beauty of Bangkok resides. Riding the BTS Skytrain is one of the beautiful sightseeing of Bangkok city and also cheap & faster transportation you should experience, while holidaying in Bangkok.

Bang Khun Phrom Palace of Bangkok – Beautiful royal palace with riverfront views in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand’s beautiful capital is packed with alluring attractions and you can also amazing holiday villas in Bangkok that let people to enjoy a fantastic holidaying with family & friends. One of the beautiful and royal destination to visit in Bangkok city is the Bang Khun Phrom Palace which is located just 1.5 kilometre away from Bangkok’s main city centre. Being located on the east bank of the Chao Phraya River possess picturesque riverfront views and makes the palace more beautiful. By incorporating the neo-Baroque/Rococo style, the Bang Khun Phrom Palace was built during 1902 and it now serves as a museum and the palace building is a registered ancient monument of Bangkok city. Holidaying in Bangkok city is definitely ‘incomplete’ without visiting, admiring & taking pictures at Bang Khun Phrom Palace of Bangkok.

Watch the ‘Bangkok Puppet Show’ at Aksra theatre in Bangkok – Thailand’s best puppet show

Bangkok, Thailand’s beautiful city is filled with so many attractions and you can get along a perfect holiday in Bangkok by choosing the amazing holidays villas in Bangkok with round the clock services to enjoy the best holidaying in Bangkok. One of the off beat but popular holidaying activity you shall never miss when you’re in Bangkok is watching the popular Bangkok puppet show at Aksra theatre which is located 5 kilometre away and in east to Bangkok’s main city centre. Puppet shows at Aksra theatre is recognized and celebrated as ‘one of the best puppet show’ in Thailand and they perform some popular folktales of Thailand which explains the rich culture, tradition and history of Thai in a simple & beautiful way. With amazing synchronization of sound, light, dance and live orchestra music, the puppeteers bring life to puppets, when you watch the show at the theatre. Don’t forget to admire the beauty of Aksra theatre that possess, amazing architecture in ceiling, interior works, sandstone sculptures, wooden carvings and paintings of Thai characters told in folktales. The Puppet Show at Aksra theatre take place from Thursday to Sunday(7pm-9pm) of every week and there is good count of cafés and Thai-restaurants to relax and dine after watching the show in the theatre. Don’t miss visiting the Puppet show at Askra theatre, which is definitely one of the ‘must to do’ thing, when you’re holidaying in Bangkok.

Bangkok’s Chatuchak Park – Visit this oldest public park in Bangkok

If you’re looking for a destination that possess calm ambience along with picturesque views in Bangkok city, then you should visit the Bangkok’s Chatuchak Park, a public park located 12 kilometre away from Bangkok’s main city. Being built during the year 1980 the Chatuchak Park is one of the oldest and famous public park of Bangkok city with vast gardens, verdurous ambience, variety of flower gardens, walking trails, clock tower, sculptures and an artificial lake that runs across entire park with tiny beautiful bridges to walk over and enjoy the visit to Bangkok’s popular public park. You have good count of cafés and restaurants near by Chatuchak Park and the park is definitely a good spot for relaxation, to take pictures and kids love being here. Do make your visit to Chatuchak Park, when you wish to spend some leisure time in calm ambience when you’re holidaying in Bangkok.