London is still the world’s most suitable city for university students

The QS Best Student Cities ranking shows the most suitable city destinations for international students based on a wide range of indicators. According to this year’s results, London is still the world’s most suitable city for university students, followed by Munich, Tokyo, Seoul, Berlin, Melbourne, Zurich, Sydney, and Paris, Montreal and Boston tied for ninth. Despite the poor affordability score, this has been the third consecutive year due to the existence of world-leading institutions such as Imperial College and King’s College, and received high marks for its openness to international students and graduate career opportunities. The results are based on its own rankings and a survey of 85,000 current and future students from all over the world.

St James’s Park of London – Early 17th century park at ‘the heart of London city’

St James Park-London

London city, the most famous and adorable city of United Kingdom across the world welcomes tourists throughout the year, from various parts of the world with amazing attractions, popular viewpoints and rich history & cultural heritage. One of the most popular destination/attraction of London city which is picturesque and family friendly is St James’s Park, a 57 acre park located at the very ‘heart of London city’; In fact, St James’s Park is the verdurous heart of London city. Yes, from London city centre(geographically) you can step into St James’s Park by walking less than a hundred metre. St James’s Park is a pleasant, verdurous space with rich flora, rich aroma surrounding peaceful, lively & picturesque ambience in middle of London city which is free and open for all from early morning to midnight. St James’s Park in London is surrounded by many popular landmarks of London city such as Buckingham Palace, the Mall, Horse Guards, Birdcage Walk, Clarence House and Whitehall. Being established during the year 1603, St James’s Park is one of the beautiful as well as historical destination(public park) in London, United Kingdom and that’s why, it’s always tops in the list of ‘Must to visit places in London’. St James’s Park consists of lake with two islands, a fountain, beautiful flower gardens, walking trails/paths, play area for kids, and Blue Bridge from where you can enjoy the famous tree-framed view of Buckingham Palace. If you’re holidaying in London, do take your family & kids (or) spouse (or) friends to spend some leisure time and click beautiful pictures to boast about ‘London Holidays’ at St James’s Park of London.

Visit the charming Carnaby Street of London city – Popular 17th century shopping street in London

Carnaby Street-London
Carnaby Street

London, the extra-ordinary city of United Kingdom which is too famous across the world and well-known for the beautiful attractions and rich atmosphere it possess, welcomes tourists, throughout the year. If you’re a shopaholic and need to explore the lively shopping street of London, then you should walk to Carnaby Street, a popular pedestrianised shopping street in London’s heart. Yes! From the main city centre of London, you shall reach Carnaby Street by walking less than a mile, towards north. Carnaby Street is the home to lifestyle retailers, fashion related products such as clothings and others, a hub of International cosmetics brands and products, and independent fashion boutiques. Carnaby Street got it’s name from Karnaby House which was built during 1683 and probably Carnaby Street was laid out between 1685 or 1686 in the city of London and you can find the traces of ‘old town’ touch in the ambience. Not only a shopping street but Carnaby Street is also a example of rich cultural heritage of London city, since, it have evolved with changes from 17th century to present times. There are also a great range about more than 60 restaurants, cafes, bars and English pubs can be found serving more than 30 different cuisines from around the world at Carnaby Street to sit back, relax, dine after your shopping in London city. Carnaby is also known for holding fantastic shopping events, live music shows and one-off pop-up shops and don’t miss visiting, shopping, dining and enjoying at 17th century street, while holidaying in London, United Kingdom.

Sea Life London Aquarium – Massive aquarium and popular tourists’ attraction in London

London, the spectacular capital city of United Kingdom which is also the most famous city across the world, consists of a great range of attractions which attracts tourists to spend holidays with family/friends. One of the exciting and popular family friendly attraction to visit in London is SEA LIFE Centre London Aquarium(Sea Life London Aquarium), a massive Oceanic exhibits suitable for all ages in London city. From London city’s main centre you can reach Sea Life London Aquarium by travelling 1.3 mile towards south bank of the River Thames, following the directions. With 500 of marine species, the Sea Life London Aquarium is such a beautiful aquarium with unique attractions such as underwater tunnel, a Pacific ocean tank, Shark walk, a Penguin exhibit, and many zones which will attract and bring enthusiasm to everyone who visits the aquarium in London and you can’t miss it, when you’re with your family & kids. Do visit Sea Life London Aquarium, which is definitely one of the popular attraction that takes you close underwater world and the aquarium hosts about one million visitors each year in the city of London, United Kingdom.

Princess Diana Memorial Fountain in London city – A memorial fountain for the famous Princess in history at Hyde Park of London

London city-the most famous city in United Kingdom is a favorite holidaying destination for many people across the world, since, the London city consists of many unique attractions packed together and let you enjoy great holidaying with family, kids (or) friends. A popular, modern history architectural attraction (or) a historical landmark to visit in London city is Princess Diana Memorial Fountain, a memorial dedicated to world famous Diana, Princess of Wales and the fountain is located near the most popular Hyde Park’s southwest corner in London and opened by Her Majesty The Queen on 6th July 2004. You can reach Princess Diana Memorial Fountain by travelling 2.3 mile in the west, from the main city centre of London, United Kingdom. The memorial fountain is designed in a way of reflecting Diana’s life and there are bridges, on which you shall walk to go near ‘heart of the fountain’. Princess Diana Memorial Fountain isn’t a regular fountain architecture but possess a great architectural value which contains 545 pieces of Cornish granite and each shaped by the latest automated machinery and pieces put together using traditional skills. People who’re visiting shall feel free to sit on the edge of the Memorial and refresh your feet but shouldn’t walk on the Memorial. Being set in a lush green ambience with walking trails and the fame which sustained around Princess Diana, the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain is definitely an important landmark which you can’t miss, while holidaying in London.

Party at Thicc London: Supper Club in London city on May 30,2021

Thicc London-Dice

London city of United Kingdom offers many interesting events to join, enjoy and feel the authentic ‘vibes’ of London city. One such popular event of London city to attend and enjoy the night this weekend accompanied with drinks, dinner and DJing is Thicc London’s Supper Club, a 18+ event that consists of two-course dinner and an hour of bubbles along with games and entertainment shows with all COVID-19 safety measures to follow. Thicc London’s Supper Club event takes place during 30 May,2021 in London’s Colours Hoxton, which is located 3 mile away and east to London’s city centre. With extra-ordinary thicc, juicy food provided by ‘The Orange Buffalo’, drinks and great choice of menus(vegan option available) with desserts, music, DJs and lot more; Thicc London’s Supper Club is one best way to spend your evening in London this weekend and you can grab your tickets in Internet. If you’re an adult and gonna be in London this weekend, you shall definitely consider attending Thicc London’s Supper Club, to enjoy a ‘fun filled’ party with dinner in London.

The Dungeons London of London city, United Kingdom – Popular family-friendly attraction in London

London of United Kingdom is undoubtedly one of the most popular, most visited city in United Kingdom as well as European region, and it’s not only because: London is United Kingdom’s capital but a lovable and naturally elegant city with lots of historical and culturally rich landmarks, chapels, architectures, theme parks, museums and many more family-friendly and at the same time, vibing attractions are filled across in the city. A popular and interesting attraction among families, kids and young people in London is The Dungeons London, a interesting indoor shows and amusements presented with a unique macabre historical events in a gallows humour way that uses live actors, special effects and rides in London. From London’s city centre, you shall reach The Dungeons London by travelling less than 1.5 mile, since, it’s location is a great advantage for tourists to visit easily and enjoy, while holidaying in London. The Dungeons London was opened during 1974 and still the shows are running perfect and remains a favorite tourists’ attraction in London. With 19 shows, good actors, and rides, The Dungeons London will portal you through 1000 years of London’s history through theatrical sets with special effects. To make your holidaying more ‘private & comfort’ there are spectacular holiday apartments in London with round the clock services and if you’re comfort with cooking on own then you have holiday apartments in London with self catering and these holiday apartments in London also enable you for both short stay and long stay, so you can enjoy your holidaying to ‘fullest’ in London.

Madame Tussauds London – Most popular destination to visit in London, United Kingdom

Madame Tussauds London
Hulk in Madame Tussauds London

London, the most famous city & the capital of United Kingdom is filled with attractions to visit, enjoy and you can also find amazing holiday apartments in London with round clock services, picturesque ambience, specific hospitality which will let you enjoy great holidaying with your family/friends. One of the most popular attraction on London and which you shouldn’t miss definitely, when you’re holidaying in London, United Kingdom is Madame Tussauds London, a world-famous wax museum in London. From London’s main city centre, you can reach Madame Tussauds London by travelling 2.4 mile towards north, following the directions. Madame Tussauds London was opened during the year 1884 and have been a ‘top tourist attraction since then and till now in London city, as they have been upgrading themselves over decades and centuries to give joy to people who visits the museum. You can look, stand nearby and take pictures with wax statues(replicas made with accurate measurements!) of popular celebrities, sports persons, famous personalities across the world and also popular fictional characters. Visiting Madame Tussauds London will definitely top the list of ‘things to do in London’, since, it’s very popular and suitable for all ages & no holidaying in London is ‘complete’, until you visit Madame Tussauds London.

Visit the London Zoo in London – Amazing, oldest zoo to visit in London city, United Kingdom

London, the capital of United Kingdom is filled with attractions and you can also find amazing holiday apartments in London with round clock services, specific hospitality which will let you enjoy holidaying with your family/friends. A most popular destination in London, without visiting which your holidaying in London is incomplete and a destination that’s suitable for people of all ages and most importantly ‘family-friendly’ in London city is the ZSL London Zoo (or) popularly London Zoo, the world’s oldest scientific zoo which was opened during the year 1828, and however, opened to public during 1847 in London. From the main city centre of London, you shall reach the ZSL London Zoo by travelling 2.8 miles and you can definitely spend hours here. You can spot more than 670 different species of animals and more than 19,200 animals in ZSL London Zoo, which happens to be one of the largest collection in United Kingdom. You’ve Lions zone, Tigers zone, Gorilla Kingdom, African zone, Penguins zone, a zone for reptiles, butterflies, individual zone for birds, aquarium and many more inside ZSL London Zoo and it’s also called as Regent’s Zoo in London. Do visit ZSL London Zoo, which is always in the list of ‘must visit places in London’, while holidaying in London.

Visit the amazing art gallery of London – The National Gallery in London

London, a most famous city across the world & capital of United Kingdom is packed with attractions and you can also find spectacular holiday resorts, villas in London, which will let you enjoy great holidaying in London. One of the most popular destination in London which is located at the ‘heart of London city’ and should be definitely visited, when you’re holidaying in London is ‘The National Gallery‘ of London, United Kingdom. From London city’s centre, you shall reach ‘The National Gallery’ by just walking for less than 300 metre, following the signs. The National Gallery was established during the year 1824(early 19th century) and you can spot, admire around more than 2,300 paintings which dates back from mid-13th century to 19th century. You may (or) may not be enthusiast about paintings & arts, but do visit The National Gallery of London which will definitely cultivate interest and make you admire the beautiful & classic paintings from past centuries and also, it’ll be always in the list of ‘Must to visit places in London’ and you shouldn’t miss, when you’re holidaying in London.