Enjoy learning professional SCUBA diving in Protaras!

Curiosity knocks many minds to know what is inside the deep blue sea. Scuba Diving gives an enthralling and adventurous experience on a huge water scape where your buoyancy matters a lot. The Scuba Diving Centre belongs to Protaras town area gathers huge crowd to learn and practice itin the nearby sites like the Nissi beach while getting enough courage to go deeperinside. People those who think ‘Taking risks is like Eating rusks’, then Scuba is not a big deal to them.

Tourists love to have casual walks along the walking streets, Protaras!

Walking in Protaras make the guests experience a lot of local glories like tasting the street foods, enjoying the calm breeze and visiting the native petty shops. The ‘Protaras Coastal Promenade’ platforms get more than thousands of visitors in a day to enjoy the beach breeze. The ambience suits well for singers, musicians and nature lovers to enjoy their own company in their virtual world.Several coffee shops and snack points situated nearby refresh the guests.

Try out your favourite water-sport at Kannos beach, Protaras!

Protaras beach Cyprus

If the sandy shore has got your footprints, then cross it to reach the blue scape that invites you before. Kannos,Protaras is a kind of warm and calm beach and trying out the favourite water-sport becomes a hobby for many people. Tourists claim that they perform private sailing, water surfing and etc on the beach. Regarding the staying options around the spot, the guests can enjoy luxury coated rentals with family while visiting Protaras. 

Little stone Church and its panoramic views in Protaras

Protaras church

The spot is a charming little point where there is an option to worship and to get the shower of blessings of the lord. Profitisllias is a stone built Church located in the hill top is strange and well-built with minimalistic looks. Tourists can also view the spectacular sea water from the silhouette of the Church. The spot has exceptional looks and it remains photogenic thus tourists’ preference becomes higher.

‘Fig’ is good for health and ‘Fig Tree Bay’ is good for tourism!


If your mind insists on why to have a boring tour on visiting the ancient buildings instead just try out something new, then have some adventurous water sports in Fig Tree Bay, Protaras. Your simple swimming strokes would make you reach the small island, where snorkelling opportunities are there. Tourists would find some cheap rentals around the destination therefore, they can make a revisit to the spot for the interesting water sports.